Internship with The Reporters Inc.

The Reporters Inc. is always looking for talented, energetic, creative, inquisitive, and dedicated interns year-round! This is a truly hands-on training program where you’ll learn or improve the following skills:



Interns at The Reporters Inc. essentially take on the role of associate producers on any given assignment. We need confident self-starters extroverts who are versed in current events, are able to write well, are internet and computer savvy, and who can multi-task and deal with pressure effectively! During the course of the internship, all interns must successfully report, write and publish at least one in-depth article, to be published by The Reporters Inc.


Important Note: Interns must commit to at least three full months, and work a minimum of 16 hours a week. This is an unpaid internship.


To apply:


–published articles or blogs, etc.

–television, film or video clips (DVDs, links to YouTube/Vimeo/etc., digital files)

–Examples of nonprofit, marketing or social work


Qualified intern applicants will then be contacted and interviewed in person.


Check out the testimonials below from former Reporters Inc. interns.


Madison Maronde
Summer 2023 Intern


August 12, 2023

Dear Future Intern,


My time with The Reporters Inc. this summer was completely worth my while! I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and saw more growth in my journalism skills than I anticipated.


This internship will teach you the importance of persistence, and how to properly interview someone. You’ll also have many opportunities to learn how to better structure your writing and make it more powerful.

I appreciated the honest constructive criticism I received throughout the internship, and truly felt valued for the work I did. It is very cool to contribute to nonprofit journalism, especially The Reporters Inc. as it promotes vital social justice issues.


Take the leap with this internship. You’ll improve your journalism skills while also learning helpful life tips.


Feel free to email me with further questions about the internship!


Madison Maronde


Esperanza Lee
Spring 2021 Intern


May 21, 2021


Dear Future Intern,


If you are looking for an internship that will push you out of your comfort zone and challenge you to grow as a writer, researcher, and storyteller, The Reporters Inc. is the right place for you.


Like another intern whose testimonial is featured below, I started at The Reporters Inc. with the hope of improving my writing abilities. Soon, I also found myself growing in other ways, from crafting email introductions to navigating emotional topics during interviews. Through this internship, I was able to spotlight the issues that I care deeply about and piece together compelling stories as a result.


This testimonial would not be complete without a note about Mark [Saxenmeyer, The Reporters Inc.’s Executive Director] as well. Mark is especially generous with his time, advice, and editing suggestions. He will make sure that you are always learning and growing from this internship, and undoubtedly push you to become a better writer.


I trust that you will find interning at The Reporters Inc. a rewarding experience, just like I have. I encourage you to go for this opportunity!


Esperanza Lee


Alana Schreiber
Macalester College
Class of 2019


September 19, 2020


Dear New Intern,


Back when I was first applying to be an intern for The Reporters Inc., I stumbled across another testimonial win which a former intern stated that one of the most important things the intern brings to the table is his or her belief in the power of a good story. Those words rung true to me, and I hope they ring true with you, too. Because, at The Reporters Inc., crafting a powerful “good story” is what it’s all about.


So what is a good story? It’s not just an article that shares the fact and reaches a few people, it’s an article that you feel passionate about. At The Reporters Inc., you will have the chance to write about the issues that are most meaningful to you. As you take deep dives into big national moments, you also have the chance to find your voice and grow your identity as a reporter.


Mark is an excellent editor who wants to help you grow as a writer and researcher. As he fine-tunes your stories, he encourages you to stay true to your own journalistic voice.


So jump on in! Find your voice, tell your stories, and enjoy this exciting opportunity to flex your journalistic prowess and grow your knowledge of the media industry.


Alana Schreiber


Emily Colosimo

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Class of 2018


September 20, 2015


Dear Future Intern,


A while back I was looking for a summer internship when I came across The Reporters Inc. I read past interns’ testimonials (just like you’re probably doing now) and the word “different” continued to pop up. I found that to be interesting and decided to join the team. I soon learned that “different” is actually a great way to describe this internship!


I got an actual hands-on experience during my time with The Reporters Inc., learning what it’s like to be a part of a nonprofit organization. The Reporters is all about bringing social awareness to subjects and issues that typically go unnoticed. It was so interesting to learn about topics that people don’t generally hear about. I was able to listen to stories and meet people that I would never have been able to meet or hear if it weren’t for this internship. I was able to practice skills for my field and really expand my horizons.


This internship is also challenging. With the hands-on experience comes a lot of responsibility. The Reporters Inc. team will help you push yourself to grow, as both a student and a person. At times it can be tough but there is nothing more rewarding then overcoming a hurdle and being successful.


I loved my time with The Reporters Inc. I guarantee you will learn a lot.


I highly recommend this internship!


Good luck!


Emily Colosimo


Sophie Keane

MacAlester College Class of 2017


August 4, 2014


Dear Future Intern,


If you’re choosing to complete this internship, that means that despite all of the changes we’re seeing in news, media and reporting, you still believe in the power and importance of a good story. You’re passionate about communications and storytelling, and about social justice issues that too often don’t see the light of day in mainstream media. This experience will demonstrate your passion for these fields to future employers, and provide you with a new and more honed set of skills to take on a career in these fields.


It’s unpaid, so you won’t be able to see the numerous benefits you’ll reap from this experience on a paycheck. Instead, you’ll end up with an impressive new entry on your resume and a recommendation from an Emmy-winning veteran of television news. You’ll also receive a unique introduction to the world of journalism nonprofits.


You’ll learn and grow in an environment that frees you up to take risks and make mistakes. As you write your own stories, you’ll learn how to ask good questions and write clearly and effectively. As you communicate with potential clients, you’ll learn what makes a compelling video news story and how to market what we do to managers of other nonprofits seeking our services. As you network with board members, potential writers and tipsters, you’ll learn about what it takes to build a successful nonprofit. As you assist in the post-production of our latest documentary project, you’ll learn about the technical aspects of documentary making (including the video editing software Final Cut).


If any of the aspects of this experience I’ve described seem exciting to you (and more facets are constantly being added to the list, as this small nonprofit grows), I highly recommend this internship. It provides you with the flexibility to focus in on the skills you’re most interested in acquiring and improving.


I started the internship wanting to improve my writing skills, so I wrote an investigative news story, edited articles for publication on the website, wrote letters to board members, and wrote project proposals to potential clients. However, I also logged tape and put together a crowdfunding plan for a documentary, and expanded my social media skillset.


I loved working with The Reporters Inc. this summer; I’ve learned more lessons than I can innumerate here and had a great time. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you have in considering this opportunity.


Best of luck!

Sophie Keane



Vanessa Nyarko

University of Minnesota-Class of 2016


April 30, 2014


Dear Interested Interns,


If you’re looking for an internship that’s a great introduction to journalism, you’ve found the right one. Interning for The Reporters Inc. was one of the favorite things about my sophomore year of college. Because of it, I was ahead of the game among all my classmates in almost all of my classes. While I was learning everything journalistic at college, I was also getting firsthand experience with it at The Reporters Inc. It was a great dynamic that I’m really grateful for.


The Reporters Inc. was my first introduction to writing an article, video production and transcribing, and doing major background research. Not only did this internship serve as a great intro, it was a great platform for other internships. I got a job at my college paper because of the skills and experience I learned from The Reporters Inc. I would never trade the experience I got here for anything else.


Mark Saxenmeyer was one of the greatest bosses I’ve had so far. He’s really knowledgeable and is a pretty big deal (if you get a chance look at all the Emmys in his office). He’s always willing to share his experiences as a reporter and give advice to all his interns. He really wants to see all his interns learn and succeed in the field.


I guarantee you won’t find another boss like Mark anywhere. His wisdom is something I really will miss. I also guarantee you won’t find another great opportunity as you will with The Reporters Inc. It really introduced me to other fields in journalism, besides the traditional route of broadcast and print.



Vanessa Nyarko



Kari Iverson

University of Minnesota  Class of 2013


October 23, 2013


Dear Potential Interns,


I, like much like you, sat in front of my computer screen a few months ago searching for a summer internship. When I came across The Reporters Inc., I read the testimonials former interns had written and thought it would be a good fit for me. Still, despite every single testimonial saying this internship is different from the rest, or something along those lines, I didn’t know how different–and rewarding–it would truly be.


If you’re a go-getter, naturally motivated, and an outgoing student, interning at The Reporters Inc. is for you. When I applied it was my goal to find an internship that would look good on paper and ultimately help me find a job. However, interning with The Reporters has given me much more than a solid recommendation. I’ve learned the ins and outs of the work it takes to run a successful non-profit–from learning how to run the backend of a website, to writing monthly newsletters. I’ve improved my interviewing skills by attending shoots, and asking my own questions.


One of my favorite parts about this internship is how much The Reporters trusts its interns with responsibility. On a trip to Chicago, I met with participants in a documentary, midway through production, and updated them on the progress. I also pitched story ideas, and by the end of the internship I’d crafted a piece about my grandfather’s World War II experiences; I’m very proud to add it to my portfolio.


The Reporters Inc.’s dedication to creating projects that promote social awareness and, ultimately, change, has showed me that journalism is about so much more than the police blotter news that fills newspapers and newscasts. It’s about telling important, compelling stories and imparting that information to readers and audiences on an emotional, human level.


It’s been a wonderful experience interning at The Reporters Inc. and helping it to further develop its goals and fulfill its mission. I highly recommend it. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more.


Best of luck!

Kari Iverson


Maggie Schauer

University of Minnesota Class of 2015


August 30, 2013


Dear Future Reporters Inc. Interns:


The Reporters Inc. works to give people a voice to those that don’t typically have a voice in the media. I loved that.


During my internship, I worked on documentaries dealing with a variety of different subjects. For example, we worked on a mini-doc about the organization Students Today Leaders Forever (STLF). This documentary highlighted the lives of teens growing into leaders, and how STLF helped them learn to help in the community and “pay it forward.”


I also learned how use Final Cut, for digital video editing. I took this internship during the summer before my junior year of college and hadn’t used a program like Final Cut before. Little did I know that in my very next semester at the U of M, we’d be using it. The things I learned at The Reporters Inc. about editing were invaluable to my schoolwork and me. We used the program to create documentaries and bring them to life, which I thought was cool to see. I loved the filmmaking process and seeing the end product of our work was so rewarding. We would film, then log, and edit, edit some more, and then would put the film together.


The Reporters Inc. pushed me to work to improve my writing too. It taught me how copyediting is one of the most important processes in the news world, in order to improve your work.


The internship was like working in the real world, and it gave me the opportunity to have a mentor, and guidance throughout. The Reporters Inc. works closely with its interns to help them understand each task, each program, and each project.


If you’re thinking about taking this internship, do it!


Maggie Schauer



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