Tim Munkeby is an author, former teacher, and retired financial advisor. He’s also a Reporters Inc. Advisory Committee Member. You can read more about him on our Team page and on his web site at timmunkeby.com.

A Grand Old Party

GOP’s January 6th Revisionism Proves the Party is Over

July 2021


I am sorry.

I have to apologize to the Republican party, the GOP, the Grand Old Party.

When I first watched the videos of the January 6th fiasco at the U.S. Capitol, I thought “those people intended harm” as I saw windows smashed, and so forth.

At the time, I condemned this in my mind because, I thought, spurred on by the impeached, defeated president at the time, these people were attempting treason on his behalf.

But I now realize, thanks to some clearly astute Republicans, they were just trying to find a good spot for a picnic…and what better spot than inside our Capitol?

Now, I know they were just having a grand old party, probably singing campfire songs. We can’t believe what we see or hear on TV, or with our own eyes and ears.

The shouting that sounded like angry threats and hatred could be dubbed in. Obviously! Any violence we thought we saw was, I’ve now been told, committed by actors, played brilliantly by members of the FBI and Antifa—just like those skilled child actors pretending to be separated from their parents and sequestered at our border.

I found this out thanks to Fox News, from a pseudo-foxy blonde.

And now, I’ve learned the Capitol revelers are being victimized by our courts! For what? Having fun?

I’m actually rather surprised that Trump and the GOP are now blaming the courts. I was sure they hadn’t known that the Judicial Branch existed, which is totally understandable. The Constitution, in which the Judicial Branch is mentioned, is an old, outdated document and hard to read and comprehend. I mean why three branches of government? All we need is one!

So, I do apologize. You can’t blame some patriots for simply having a grand old party. (more…)

Surgery and Soul:

Merging the Exterior with the Interior

July 2021

Editor’s Note: These are the third and fourth installments of “The Transchick Chronicles,” an on-going series of essays written by newly-out transgender journalist Stephanie Haskins, as she chronicles her transition. Parts one and two can be found here.





I get up, I get down and I’m jumpin’ around
And the rumpus and ruckus are comfortable now
Been a hell of a ride but I’m thinking it’s time to grow
Bang! Bang! Bang!
So I got an apartment across from the park
Put quinoa in my fridge
Still I’m not feeling grown
Been a hell of a ride
But I’m thinking it’s time to go
Bang Bang Bang!
Here we go!           

–Opening lyrics from Bang!” by AJR 

That’s my personal anthem for my transition. Loud, great tune, lyrics that are dead on.


Released in 2020, the words mirror where I was most of the year. Oh, and now in 2021, too.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

My very long, short life as a transgender chick includes (so far):

New boobs.

Rather attractive and (maybe even) pretty face.

Hard body.

Older than shit.

And younger than shit.

You can bounce a quarter off my ass. Or my abs.

True that.

I’m finally starting to grow into my new persona, Stephanie.



I still start to get a little dizzy when I strap on my new wig and slip on one of my hot little sports bras and—my God!

I am this feminine, new, young, somewhat flawless woman. Even though I’m not young. Or flawless. By ANY stretch of imagination. (more…)