In keeping with our mission,The Reporters, Inc. is dedicated to promoting social awareness and encouraging social change through powerful independent documentary storytelling. The projects we undertake focus on subjects that are often ignored, overlooked, or misrepresented by other media. We then utilize innovative, creative and unexpected approaches in our storytelling styles. Below, you can read about our past, present and future.



Railing at the Rally

Joe Biden has won the election but Donald Trump isn’t going away — and his rabid supporters aren’t either. “RAILING AT THE RALLY” is a NEW DOCUMENTARY from The Reporters Inc., available for FREE viewing worldwide! It explores the world of Trumpism.


The Queens

“The Queens” is now available for streaming rentals and purchases right here on the home page of The Reporters Inc.’s website. The queens in “The Queens” never fail to mesmerize. They’re gorgeous, mysterious, and infinitely entertaining. But the secrets and the scandals inside the longest-running female impersonation club in the nation, and behind the scenes of the most prestigious female impersonation beauty pageant in the nation, are even more fascinating.



Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Some legal experts estimate as many as one out of every ten people currently behind bars in the U.S. has been wrongfully convicted. We investigate cases throughout the U.S. to explain the various ways these convictions occur, and explore ways to help bring justice to “Guilty Until Proven Innocent.”



Reaching for the Rainbow

Half a century has passed since the civil rights era began in the United States, forever changing the way black Americans live. Across the globe, in South Africa, almost two decades have passed since the end of apartheid. Yet in both countries, racism still flourishes today. How similar are the struggles for equality in both these lands? The Reporters Inc. journeys to South Africa and uncovers some troubling truths.



Experiment in Black and White

Ten Chicago-area residents are sequestered inside a home for one week, in an attempt to deal head-on with the always-controversial issue of race relations in one of the country’s most segregated cities. The results are provocative, explosive, and ultimately enlightening as the participants throw out all notions of being politically correct in order to come to a true understanding of one another.


Experiment: Gay and Straight

Following the enormous success of Experiment in Black and White, the same concept is used to bring understanding and enlightenment to issues of sexuality. Experiment: Gay and Straight sequesters five homosexual and five heterosexual Chicagoans for a week together; the resulting debates, drama, bonding, and resolution prove to be just as compelling and intriguing as the original Experiment.