Joyce Claflin and Carol Hasbrouck pose in front of Carol's Hyundai Santa Fe before loading it up and taking off on their four-month, 10,000-mile, 24-state 'Dames Gone Wild' journey.

Carol Hasbrouck’s new book chronicles the Dames’ travels and travails during their “summer service adventure.”

10,000 Miles of Miracles

How Two Middle-Aged ‘Dames Gone Wild’ Found Purpose During a Cross-Country Road Trip

May 2024


Carol Hasbrouck had just watched her marriage of 20 years collapse. Then came the trauma of almost losing her eldest son to a severe head injury, and his long rehabilitation that followed.

At 55, this St. Petersburg, Florida resident thought she’d made her quota on hard times.

But when the real estate crisis hit in the late 2000s, Carol was the sole employee laid off from the mortgage banking job she’d worked for 23 years. As a result, she struggled to pay her bills, lost all her retirement savings in bad investments, and had to file for bankruptcy.

Carol sums it up with three words: “I was devastated.”

But as these losses grew, Carol says she started to realize that a bigger issue simmered beneath the surface of her problems. Her identity and self-value had come almost exclusively from her career and the prosperous, financially independent life she had derived from that work.

“I was a successful businesswoman and then suddenly I wasn’t,” Carol explains. “Being the only employee let go made me feel utterly devalued and my career was almost the only area in my life in which I felt of value.” (more…)

Stephanie “The Transchick” Haskins

Experiencing Misogyny

An Unexpected, Unwelcome Transition Discovery

July 2024

Editor’s Note: This is the latest installment of “The Transchick Chronicles,” an on-going series of essays written by trans journalist Stephanie Haskins as she documents her transition, and modern transgender life. Scroll to the bottom for links to her previous entries.


It’s now been almost five years since I began my transition.

And as part of this admittedly drastic transformation, I’ve gradually come to a reckoning that I didn’t see coming.

I don’t much like or trust men.

Pretty much all men.

Pretty much no exceptions.

What really drove this point home, after a lifetime of trying like hell to out-macho every other penis-person on the planet, was our pumpkin ex-president.

He and his “people” were/are so sleazy, and so repulsive.

But then I started noticing how off-putting some of my male friends can be—maybe less offensive than Trumpkins—but still.

Had I not noticed before? Guess not.

I started feeling an actual antipathy toward most men in ways I’d never expected— especially when I had to start interacting with them as a female consumer.



For example:

When I recently needed to get my car repaired, I dealt with a body shop dude who lied to me, avoided taking my calls, and treated me like, well, a woman. (more…)


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