Protesters gather outside a Donald Trump re-election rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota in October 2019.

“Railing at the Rally”

New Documentary Fact-checks Trump rally attendees

October 2020

?RAILING AT THE RALLY? ? is a NEW DOCUMENTARY from The Reporters Inc., released worldwide on Vimeo and YouTube. (And you can watch it NOW for FREE!) The film goes behind the scenes of a Minneapolis, Minnesota Trump rally, when he kicked off his re-election bid one year ago. There’s anger outside the stadium but celebration inside?and we go in-depth with his most fervent fans on everything from the economy and climate change, to religion and racism.

Then we do some much-needed fact checking.

Yet now, one year later, the entire country looks and feels much, much different than it did in October 2019. In light of the pandemic, racial unrest, and economic collapse, why do his staunchest supporters still stand so strongly with him?

Watch this (42 minute) documentary NOW, and for free,?HERE on Vimeo and/or?HERE?on YouTube.

?Railing at the Rally? is a Reporters Inc. ORIGINAL PRESENTATION.


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