Kim Whiting is a prisoners’ rights advocate, author, former therapist, and current Reporters Inc. Board member. You can read more about her on our Team page.

Government Guinea Pigs?

Investigating the Claims of ‘Targeted Individuals’ Who Insist They’re Being Stalked, Tortured

June 2021


Jack arrived at my office looking like the Hollywood version of a science professor. He was in his late 40s, with slightly unruly, longish hair, a buttoned-up shirt with a pen in the pocket, jeans, and well-made leather shoes.

I asked for his level of education and he told me that he had a PhD in engineering. He went on to say that he’d invented some highly classified technology for a U.S. Department of Defense contractor. He also told me he’d been put on suspension several months prior, due to excessive drinking.

The contractor that had suspended him was paying for his therapy sessions with me and with his psychiatrist. I assumed that his bosses hoped he’d get the help he needed and be able to return to work. If he had indeed invented highly classified technologies, they’d obviously be concerned about his drinking, because he might divulge information while under the influence.

Jack (not his real name) talked about his passion for technology-related projects, and the discussion was fascinating—and plausible—until he told me that he believed the U.S. government was monitoring his every move, via satellite.

He said that’s why he had to stay drunk, to numb his brain against the government’s mental torment.

When I asked Jack what made him believe the government was tracking or surveilling him, he said a government official, who had taken a liking to him, had leaked it to him.

The year was 1988, and I was fresh out of graduate school in the first months of my job as a psychotherapist. But it didn’t take a keen professional eye to see that Jack was dealing with more than alcohol abuse issues.

Still, where did the facts end and the fantasies begin? Did he really work on technology that was sensitive enough to warrant the government’s attention? I assumed, as most of us would, that Jack’s belief that he was under surveillance was a delusion, as was the “government official” whistleblower who supposedly exposed the secret.

But could I be wrong?

The U.S. government spends a mind-blowing amount of money on the development of technology and weaponry designed to protect our country and put us ahead in “the game.” Maybe Jack and other inventors like him really were being monitored, to ensure they weren’t leaking secrets or working for the “other side.”

Within a month of his intake, Jack was on antipsychotic medication and said he no longer felt so tormented. He did continue to believe that he was being watched, however. While on medication, he described the alleged monitoring as an unpleasant, but not unbearable aspect of working in a highly classified environment.

Still, Jack didn’t always take his medication. When off his meds he again felt as if he was being tortured by surveillance and now believed that his psychiatrist and I were in on the conspiracy—that we were medicating him in order to make him susceptible to the government’s spying. At these times he would nearly drink himself into a stupor, end up in a psychiatric hospital where he’d again be stabilized on medication, and then repeat the cycle.

Jack was a good man, an intelligent man who was often so tormented that he wanted to die, and who never rose above discomfort. My heart hurt for him.


*     *     *     *     *


When I’ve worked with clients like Jack, I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, because sometimes it seems there’s a very thin line between sanity and insanity.

Jack’s claims were similar to people today who call themselves “Targeted Individuals,” or “TIs.” It’s believed that there are thousands of TIs across the globe. They include people from all walks of life—doctors, lawyers, engineers, military service personnel, artists, housewives—potentially anyone.

In the past couple of decades, many have found solace and solidarity by sharing their stories in online support and chat groups. (This, despite the fact that many TIs also claim they’re being monitored via computer.) They post videos on YouTube and have self-published dozens of books, with titles like My Life Changed Forever and Tortured in America. Some believe “the government” or “the military” is behind their predicament. Others blame aliens, strangers, or any number of other sinister culprits.

Despite the significant number of TIs, there are few substantive studies on the subject. Those that have been done conclude that TIs are most likely paranoid, delusional, psychotic. In terms of studies on TIs, there is little to be found that gives their stories of mind control and harassment any credence.

According to many of those writing in TI blogs, “the government” engages in invasive mental torture for the purpose of research that will not only give it the upper hand in war, but ultimately give it total mental control of the masses. They say they’re being fed harmful, hurtful and painful thoughts to make them appear delusional—so that no one will give their claims credibility and conclude they’re simply crazy.

Taking a deeper look into the claims of TIs is like traveling down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole—a confusing, sometimes fantastical ride in which it’s often hard to discern truth from conspiracy theories, facts from fiction. Plausible governmental motives, historical governmental misbehaviors, and documented atrocities that make mind control seem possible can be found. There is strong evidence of technological advances that, in the wrong hands, could truly harm and manipulate individuals, as well as large swaths of the general population.

Recent events in the news raise even more questions. Specifically, revelations that U.S. officials are concerned foreign adversaries may be aiming microwave-radiation and other energy-emitting devices at Americans, in order to collect intelligence from their electronic devices—and to harm them—only serve to deepen my concerns. More on this a bit later.


*     *     *     *     *



Karen is a middle-aged White woman living in the Midwest, a married mother who’s had a long, successful career in public relations. Her case first came to my attention several years ago. She would appear to be “normal” to anyone she passes on the street, or with whom she might engage in superficial pleasantries. But Karen (not her real name) also believes the government is stalking and mentally torturing her via an array of techniques. She believes she’s just a small part of a much broader secret program, one that involves what she calls the U.S. government’s ongoing “victimization” of innocent and unknowing citizens.

“I’ve been under surveillance by the NSA [National Security Agency] for at least a year, and possibly longer” she says. “More frightening than that is the fact that the electricity in my apartment has been tampered with, causing me low-level shocks. I’m also being burned at night by what I believe to be one of the new directed-energy weapons or DEWS.” Karen says DEWS  are “invisible, soundless weapons, such as radiation, that emit highly focused energy, transferring that energy to a target to damage it.”

Karen says that one of the residents in her building is a military contractor specializing in electronics. “For at least a year, he was the only person to have access to the empty unit next to mine,” she claims. “That’s where I believe the surveillance and harassment is taking place.”

She believes her email address was included on a secret list that supposedly identified WikiLeaks’ financial supporters. “I think I gave a total of $150 to them,” she says. “My crime is that I practiced what I believed were my First Amendment rights. It’s terrifying knowing that I’m being targeted because of this.”

Karen says she’s written to numerous members of Congress and civil liberties groups—all to no avail. “Why won’t they investigate these claims?” she asks. “The situation is escalating. I fear for my future and my family’s future.”

Karen points to information published by the American Civil Liberties Union several years ago, in which the ACLU essentially acknowledges the claims of targeted individuals.

It reads, in part, “In response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the ACLU and Yale Law School’s Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic, the CIA has released a slew of documents concerning CIA surveillance.”

Some highlights from the documents include:

* A key CIA regulation—titled AR 2-2—governs the conduct of the CIA’s activities, which include domestic intelligence collection.

* AR 2-2, which has never been publicly released before, includes rules governing a wide range of activities, including surveillance of U.S. persons, human experimentation, contracts with academic institutions, relations with journalists and staff of U.S. news media, and relations with clergy and missionaries.”

“Of course, no one believes me,” Karen says. “My husband wants desperately for this to be a mental health issue instead of reality,” she continues. “He says, ‘You can do something if it’s mental illness—what options do you have if it’s not?’ He’s ready to run—and a part of me wants him to because he refuses to believe me! I am most concerned for my children. They’re the most important things to me and I fear being hurt and having them lose their mother.”

Karen has taken dozens of photos to prove that her claims are true.  A few of them show overnight shipping labels on boxes, sent to one of her neighbors. She says she’s traced the origin of the boxes to government and military websites.

Another photo, she says, is of a smoke detector that was installed in her apartment building “about the time I started to be shocked.” One picture, she says, “clearly shows electric coil being fed through a hole in the ceiling and added to the electrical box of my unit.”


*     *     *     *     *


As was the case with Jack, Karen’s stories make me wonder. On one hand, everything she says seems straight out of a spy novel—or the movie A Beautiful Mind. Yet she comes across as coherent and self-aware. And while it’s not unheard of for people to develop mental illness later in life, it’s far more common to see the onset of delusional symptoms in the late teens and early 20s.

A major life stressor is often the reason for the onset of mental illness as one ages. Karen, however, can’t cite a major event or calamity before her TI experiences began. And my client Jack, who was in his late 40s, reported a relatively low-stress life before his symptoms emerged.



A woman with a warm and sunny demeanor, Sue (not her real name), is a 67-year-old White married woman. Before retiring several years ago to care for her ailing mother, Sue worked within various departments of a West Coast state government for almost 30 years. She and her husband have been together 26 years.

In 2018, in her early 60s, Sue says she began experiencing what she describes as “gang-stalking surveillance” and, like Karen, reports feeling as if her body is being “burned.” Sue calls the sensation “direct energy weapon torture” and she believes those responsible for this harassment are Native American tribal entities, in league with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Like Karen, Sue describes being surveilled and then tortured. For Sue, she says it began with a well-dressed man (with a patch on his jacket that she recognized as the name of a motorcycle gang) who approached her at a concert. She explains, “I was dressed casually and shouldn’t have stood out, but apparently I did. My husband said, ‘That man is circling you like a shark.’”

Sue says the man eventually touched her on the shoulder, leaned in, and demanded that she speak to him alone. “I ignored him and turned back around. But he didn’t leave. He must have followed us home, because we later realized he knew where we lived.”

Sue says she and her husband started seeing the man at a nearby golf course, or revving his motorcycle in front of their house. She says, “He’d never say anything to us, he’d just be there.”

Soon, Sue reports, there were other strange men loitering in her presence. “They used drones around our house, sending them right outside our large back windows,” she explains. “They burned out some of our appliances. They controlled our air conditioning, turning it on and off, and they turned the volume on our television up or down. Anything electrical, they can do.”

Sue says her husband has been “very supportive throughout this ordeal.” And he backs her up.

Says her husband, “It’s been terrible because there’s nothing I can do about it. I see the burns on her body. They’re there all the time, all over her body. She’s also got little pinpoint burn marks on her. She’ll cry out in pain at times.”

He continues, “When this started, I began seeing guys in vehicles or on motorcycles. The guys on motorcycles would rev their engines in front of our house. I didn’t see the people in the cars, but I’d see the same cars repeatedly. And there were men who looked into our house, about 100 yards away on the golf course behind our house, and they’d stay there for 5-6 hours. We called the police, but they said there really wasn’t anything they could do about it. They’ve burned out the main circuit board on the fridge, our microwave, and possibly our dryer. They cause our light circuits to go brighter or dimmer–any smart lightbulb they can manipulate remotely.”

“I see Sue’s sleeplessness,” her husband explains. “It’s every night. And our furniture noticeably vibrates in the night. Sometimes it’s bad enough that she cries in pain. Her tongue gets swollen several times throughout the day and night. Her right breast also got smaller over the course of a few months.”

Sue continues, “One day I was raped electronically. This is an experience that many TI females report, which involves being electronically burned and ‘stabbed’ vaginally. They started using directed energy on me on a regular basis. They burn the bottom of my feet and when they direct energy at my stomach, it feels like a burning volcano and my stomach swells. When directed at my head, I feel like it’s got a vise on it, and it burns. I almost continuously have marks on my body that look like burns. What they’re doing to me makes my ankles swell and disfigure and I often have sores on the soles of my feet. Sometimes I’m attacked non-stop. They dismantle your physical being. My mental state is strong because that’s who I am, but someone not as strong would fall apart. They try to make people crazy.”

Sue says she and her husband tried moving away, but discovered there was no escape. “They can get to you wherever you go,” says her husband.

“My tormentors work in shifts,” Sue claims, “so for about 15 minutes every eight hours, I’m free from attack. Also, when I’m with friends I often feel some relief. But sometimes it happens even then. One day I was with my best friend and we were standing in our kitchen and I said, “They’re attacking right now’ and she said, ‘How do you know?’  I pointed out that the counter top was vibrating. She felt the counter and said, ‘I can feel it, too!’”

Sue and her husband both believe that the government lures people into this torture with money and other compensation, like paid vacations. Like many TIs, their theory is that the tormentors coordinate through a massive cell phone network and use those same phones to direct microwave energy. According to them (and many Tis), cars can also be adapted with directed energy weapons.

When asked why she believes that she’s being attacked, while her husband is not, Sue says, “The vast majority of TIs are women who are 50 or older. I think this is because older females are easier to break down. They are physically more vulnerable and often  more socially isolated because many are no longer in the workplace.”

What comes across most clearly in both Karen and Sue’s stories is their suffering. Their despondency at not being believed seems to be almost as painful as the “burns” they describe

Many of the websites and blogs Karen and other TIs recommend are created or written by people who claim to be scientists, doctors and mental health professionals—but many (if not most) espouse ideas and information that seem to be rooted in science fiction and conspiracy theories, as opposed to actual scientific research and hard evidence. Many are difficult to follow or understand. In TI chat rooms, there are hundreds of posts, most of which (again) seem, in my professional opinion, delusional—and also full of pain.

Here are excerpts of some of the more coherent posts:

* I’m a Targeted Individual. The way they work, they use mind reading and virtual technology. Through the mind reading they hear everything you’re thinking. Through virtual technology they see everything you think. Virtual technology can torture and create illusions, so when you hear somebody talking about you it could be illusions.

* Everyone on the planet ought to read the book by ex-CIA consultant Dr. Robert Duncan entitled Project: Soul Catcher. My bizarre symptoms matched what he describes in the first few pages. These are: (high decibel) swishing sounds, flickering in my vision, pulsing tinnitus (ringing in the ears). Other things I’m 100 percent sure about: 1) I was microwaved like a piece of meat…and forced to sleep. 2) I was exposed to radiation for months 3) I was gang-stalked. 4) The perps surrounded my apartment by moving into adjacent apartments.

* I’ve been targeted since 2007 and I’ve lost everything, except my relationship with my daughter. I do believe they choose people who already are dealing with emotional difficulties and who are struggling through life. But most of what I’m reading is that they go after people who are very successful in their chosen fields.

* All they want is to get you to kill yourself or hurt someone. We are their entertainment except we don’t get money or fame. A lot of the things that go wrong in our lives could be just life, or it could be them. In the end there really isn’t anything we can do right now to stop them.


   *     *     *     *     *



Still struggling to make sense of how TIs come to think and believe as they do, I looked further into Karen’s case.

“I’ve learned how corroded our government is,” she says. “It’s performing widespread experimentation on U.S. citizens with neuro-weapons that are comprised of energies on the radio wave spectrum—microwaves, electromagnetic fields. There are many writings about this, but none in mainstream media.”

Karen claims to have “numerous Bio-MEMS implants that track/torture me.” She says that “telemetry wires” have been inserted into her chest unbeknownst to her, “when I was put under for a different minor surgery.” She had an X-ray image taken of her chest and she says it reveals some kind of foreign obstruction near her rib cage. “These devices give off radio waves that are activated several times a day,” she claims, explaining that the waves could then “relay biological information on me.”

“I’m basically a DARPA lab rat,” she continues. “I’ve been shocked, burned, radiated and poisoned.” She has images purporting to show “dangerous radiation levels in my home” and even says she has “an RFID chip in me” that allows military satellites to follow her for a “black ops campaign.”

Karen referenced many terms I was unfamiliar with, so I did some research to better understand what she was talking about, and here’s what I found:

Black Ops is short for “black operation” and defined as a covert operation by a government, a government agency, or a military organization.

Bio-MEMS can be used to refer to the science and technology of operating at the micro-scale for biological and biomedical applications, which may or may not include electronic or mechanical functions.

Telemetry is an automated communications process by which measurements and other data are collected at remote or inaccessible points and transmitted to receiving equipment for monitoring.

RFID stands for radio frequency identification and is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to automatically identify people or objects. There are several methods of identification, but the most common is to store a serial number that identifies a person or object, and perhaps other information, on a microchip that is attached to an antenna. RFID have many tracking uses, but a well-known use is the locator chip that can be implanted in pets.

DARPA is the Pentagon’s research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which has made public in recent years that it’s developing brain implant chips and computer-to-brain communication technology with the aim to “develop an implantable neural interface able to provide unprecedented signal resolution and data-transfer bandwidth between the brain and the digital world.”

DARPA also aims to develop and test “a wireless, fully implantable neural-interface medical device for human clinical use. The device would facilitate the formation of new memories and retrieval of existing ones in individuals who have lost these capacities as a result of traumatic brain injury or neurological disease.”

And DARPA’s “Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology (N3)” program aims to develop a “safe, portable neural interface system capable of reading from and writing to multiple points in the brain at once. Whereas the most advanced existing neurotechnology requires surgical implantation of electrodes, N3 is pursuing high-resolution technology that works without the requirement for surgery.”

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has taken brain-machine interface technology research to the private sector with his Neurolink company. In a 2019 CNet article, Musk said they’d developed a system to feed thousands of electrical probes into a brain, and hoped to start testing the technology on humans. Said Musk, “And it’s working already in animal tests. A monkey was able to play a computer game with his brain.” In August of 2020, Neurolink livestreamed footage of brain activity in pigs as they received brain chip implants. Neurolink awaits government approval to test the technology on humans.

And so, it could be argued, the technologies that some TIs claim are being used on them do indeed exist, to a degree, or are being heavily researched. Their proponents say they’re being developed for noble and worthwhile purposes. However, it’s also true these advancements could become exceedingly dangerous in the wrong hands, or if used for less than honorable purposes.

Karen, meanwhile, describes some of her more recent experiences as an alleged TI:

“I’ve started getting dizzy while sitting at my computer,” she explains. “I’ve started hearing buzzing, knocking, and whistling sounds in my left ear. I never once doubted that they were coming from a source outside my head.”

Karen says she searched for answers on the internet and discovered information about “the microwave auditory effect,” something she describes as “the whistling, knocking and pinging in the skull that occurs when someone is extremely close to microwave signals.”

 Karen says she keeps seeing “beat up old cars with out-of-state license plates” parked directly in front of her apartment. “When they’re there, I’m awakened by the sensation of being cooked. My bones hurt; my eyes cloud, and it didn’t take long to figure out that I was being hit with some new kind of directed-energy weapon (DEW).”

Karen says she called 911 and demanded the cars be removed. “I explained they were serving as platforms for directed-energy weapons. The operators bounced me around to different departments in some sort of twisted game of telephone tag, repeating my request to each new dispatcher in a mocking way. I kept my cool and repeated my request. After being transferred for a third or fourth time, I hung up, but those cars were never there again.”

Karen also says she hears “someone crawling between the floorboards at night,” followed by “heightened electric currents” that fill her apartment. She believes some of the residents in her apartment complex are government agents and “involved in the conspiracy.” Other neighbors, she claims, are “just greedy slobs who want money, tickets to sporting events and household upgrades in exchange for spying and enabling the torture of me. This realization was sickening. My neighbors have become accessories to my attempted murder.”

 Karen says the “most extreme abuse happens when I’m alone. I get electrocuted with what I’ve come to realize are manipulated cable, phone and electric lines.” After repeatedly hearing “static noise” on her telephone land line, she says a technician told her that her line was “testing constantly busy” and appeared to have a “recorder” on it. Karen says she disconnected both her phone and computer line as a result.

“They always find another way to reroute the burn in,” Karen explains. “Apparently they call it being ‘boxed in.’ I learned that phrase when I went to an electrical supply store and the guy on duty told me his father worked for the CIA. He said I’m being boxed in and burned by radio waves created from electromagnetic fields. And apparently this wire in my chest acts as an amplifier to the radio waves.”

Karen continues, “It’s what they did to Myron May, the attorney in Florida who shot three people at a university in a desperate attempt to make the media pay attention to what’s going on. But the country’s media is hypnotized or drugged or under the spell of—I don’t know what. God bless Mr. May’s soul.”


 *     *     *     *     *



Myron May


I looked up Myron May. Just as Karen said, in November 2014, 31-year-old May shot and wounded three students (leaving one paralyzed) with a .380 semiautomatic pistol inside a Florida State University library. Daring the responding Tallahassee police officers to kill him, he fired in their direction—and they shot him dead.

An attorney and Florida State graduate, May described himself as a Targeted Individual on social media and told others that he believed government stalkers were harassing and using a directed-energy weapon to hurt him. Police said May was in a paranoia-fueled “state of crisis” at the time of the shootings.

Shortly before his rampage, he sent an email that said, “I’ve been getting hit with the direct energy weapon in my chest all evening. It hurts really bad right now.” He left a voice mail that said, “I am currently being cooked in my chair. I devised a scheme where I was going to expose this once and for all.” May also made several posts on a Facebook page for Targeted Individuals, including one that asked, “Has anyone here ever been encouraged by your handler to kill with a promise of freedom?”

I found there were other cases, eerily similar to that of Myron May.


Aaron Alexis


In September 2013, when 34-year-old Aaron Alexis killed 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard in southeast D.C., he left behind documents in which he claimed the Navy had been attacking his brain using “extremely low frequency” electromagnetic waves. “And to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this,” he wrote. He was killed in a shootout with police.


Gavin Long


And then there was 29-year-old Gavin Long, a former Marine who ambushed law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in July 2016, killing three and injuring three others. Long, who was also killed in a police shootout, had written online that he, too, was a TI and claimed the government had been watching him for 11 years. He appeared to fixate on law enforcement as his persecutors.

Long, Alexis, and May are all Black men, almost the same age, claiming to be victims of electronic attacks by the government (or in Long’s case, police), who say they killed people because of the effects of those attacks. Their crimes were committed within a period of less than three years. Did coverage of Alexis’ attack, along with his claims of government torture, feed the paranoid delusions and impulses of the other two men? Did internet TI groups feed their delusions—or do their claims of electronic attacks have some merit?


*     *     *     *     *


“I now set off metal detectors when I’m not wearing metal,” Karen explains. “I feel pain in my upper left arm at certain odd times. My wrist has developed a permanent swelling. I worked up the nerve to go to a walk-in clinic for an X-ray of my arm. After seeing my x-ray, a radiologist said, “You have something in your arm.”

Karen continues, “It all sounds crazy, I know. But you should look up “COINTELPRO” or “MK-ULTRA” before discounting my experiences.”

And so, there was more research to be done. Here’s what I found:

MK-ULTRA is listed in the Central Intelligence Agency Library under “MK-ULTRA mind control experiments.” According to info I found on that site, “MK-ULTRA came to public light in 1977 as a result of hearings conducted by a Senate committee on intelligence. The operation began in 1953 and was officially halted in 1974. During that time, hundreds of unwitting Americans and Canadians were subjected to LSD, extreme electro-shock therapy and other drug therapy in research undertaken at 80 institutions, including 44 colleges and universities, as well as hospitals, prisons, and pharmaceutical companies.”

According to a 1984 MK-ULTRA segment on CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes, “unwitting subjects were subjected to mind control experiments that left them crippled for life.”

In CIA v. Sims 471 U.S. 159 (1985), the Supreme Court summarized MK-ULTRA as “the research and development of chemical, biological, and radiological materials capable of employment in clandestine operations to control human behavior.”

MK-ULTRA reminded me of an experiment (found in most university psych textbooks) conducted in the 1960s by Stanley Milgram, a professor at Yale University. In his studies, a volunteer who was designated as the “teacher” read out strings of words to his partner, “the learner,” who was hooked up to an electric-shock machine in the other room. Each time the learner made a mistake in repeating the words, the teacher was to deliver a shock of increasing intensity, starting at 15 volts (labeled “slight shock” on the machine) and going all the way up to 450 volts (“danger: severe shock”). Some people stopped the experiment early and wouldn’t comply with the supervisor’s urging to go on, but others continued up to 450 volts, even when the learner screamed in pain. In the most well-known variation of the experiment, a full 65 percent of people went all the way. Participants didn’t know that the shocks and cries of pain weren’t real until after the experiment. Milgrim’s theory was that people, under the direction of an authority figure, would obey just about any order they were given, even to torture—and that is precisely what they did.

Milgram’s experiment makes me wonder, “Would government employees, under the direction of ‘higher ups,’ follow instructions to use technology, even to inflict torture?”  The MK-ULTRA experiments point to an answer of “yes.”

As for COINTELPRO, it stands for Counter Intelligence Program, and was a series of covert projects conducted by the FBI beginning in 1956, aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting and disrupting American political organizations—groups like the Communist Party of the United States, the Ku Klux Klan, the Socialist Workers Party, and the Black Panthers. Then-FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover ordered FBI agents to expose, misdirect, neutralize or eliminate the activities of these movements, and especially their leaders, such as Martin Luther King and Black Panther Party leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, who were shot by Chicago police during what is believed by some to have been an FBI orchestrated operation. According to the FBI website, all COINTELPRO operations ended in 1971.

While these programs and research don’t directly support Karen and other TIs’ claims of governmental mind surveillance and torture, they do show the U.S. as capable of engaging in operations that are underhanded, illegal and tortuous.

In January 2007, The Washington Post tackled the subject with an in-depth article entitled, “Mind Games New on the Internet: a community of people who believe the government is beaming voices into their minds. They may be crazy, but the Pentagon has pursued a weapon that can do just that.”

The Post wrote: “In 1965, according to declassified Defense Department documents, the Pentagon, at the behest of the White House, launched Project Pandora, top-secret research to explore the behavioral and biological effects of low-level microwaves. For approximately four years, the Pentagon conducted secret research: zapping monkeys; exposing unwitting sailors to microwave radiation; and conducting a host of other unusual experiments (a sub-project of Project Pandora was titled Project Bizarre). The results were mixed, and the program was plagued by disagreements and scientific squabbles and Pandora ended in 1970. And with it, the military’s research into so-called non-thermal microwave effects seemed to die out, at least in the unclassified realm.

The article continued: “But there are hints of ongoing research: An academic paper written for the Air Force in the mid-1990s mentions the idea of a weapon that would use sound waves to send words into a person’s head. ‘The signal can…warn the enemy of impending doom, or encourage the enemy to surrender,’ the author concluded.

“In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology,” the Post article continued, “using microwaves to send words into someone’s head…In response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed for this article, the Air Force released unclassified documents surrounding that 2002 patent—records that note that the patent was based on human experimentation in October 1994 at the Air Force lab, where scientists were able to transmit phrases into the heads of human subjects, albeit with marginal intelligibility. Research appeared to continue at least through 2002. Where this work has gone since is unclear — the research laboratory, citing classification, refused to discuss it or release other materials.”


*     *     *     *     *


The more I investigated, the more I concluded that some of what Karen and Sue claimed to be experiencing was, if not actually real, then perhaps at least plausible.

I returned to Karen’s descriptions of her ordeal:

“I’m in an electronic prison and my jailers know me better than any person alive. They watch me bathe, relieve myself, crack bad jokes and dance while I’m alone. They read my mind, for God’s sake. They know I’m not violent and that after two and a half years of torture, I still happily chat with strangers, try to stay positive, stop my car to tend to a dying chipmunk. They know better than anyone that I’m a good person.

“I haven’t heard from my brother for a year because he says he just can’t wrap his brain around what I’m telling him. My sister says, ‘You’re just an average, everyday Jane Doe. Why would they do this to you? I mean, why YOU?’

“Dr. Robert Duncan, who claims to have been involved in developing these technologies for the CIA, says these programs are carried out in “game theory”— meaning to the target’s death. Supposedly, there is no way out for me.”

This was the second time Karen had brought up Dr. Robert Duncan. Many of the Targeted Individual blogs pointed to Duncan as the source of their knowledge about secret research and technology. He’s the author of books like How to Tame a Demon: A Short Practical Guide to Organized Intimidation Stalking, Electronic Torture and Mind Control and Project Soul Catcher: Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed.



Robert Duncan, and his books


Duncan claims to have worked on projects for the Department of Defense and the CIA related to artificial intelligence and neuroscience.

When I contacted him for an interview, he thanked me for my interest in Targeted Individuals, but said that he was very busy and only had time for a few very brief questions.

 I first asked him about the purpose and intended use of the technology that he says he worked on with the CIA. He responded, “[It’s for] accelerated learning and perhaps a weapon to break the psychology of the enemy.”

Duncan told me that he’s personally talked with around 5,000 Targeted Individuals. When asked what led him to believe that TIs are experiencing something other than paranoid delusions, he told me, “If you have worked on the technologies and studied the abuse of them on the public as long as I have, the patterns become obvious. Many of the TIs’ minds have been trained to become paranoid schizophrenics. In fact, any mental illness can be induced. The weaponized version is called a ‘mind virus.’”

At that point, Duncan said he was too busy to speak further, and when I later emailed him hoping to get answers to a few follow up questions he replied, “Sorry, I’m working on helping to alleviate their suffering. No time for interviews this year.”


*    *     *     *     *


In 2008, WIRED Magazine reported that the United Nations was also taking the possibility of electromagnetic terrorism against people seriously. The article cited a European Symposium that included a session on the social implications of non-lethal weapons, with specific reference to “privacy-invasive remote interrogation and behavioral influence applications. Those who believe they are being targeted are getting a bit of official recognition.”

In a 2009 WIRED article entitled “Court to Defendant: Stop Blasting That Man’s Mind!”, the magazine reported, “Late last year, James Walbert went to court to stop his former business associate from blasting him with mind-altering electromagnetic radiation. Walbert told the Sedgwick County, Kansas panel that Jeremiah Redford threatened him with ‘jolts of radiation’ after a disagreement over a business deal. Later, Walbert said he began feeling electric shock sensations, hearing electronically generated tones, and getting popping and ringing sounds in his ears. On December 30th, the court decided in Walbert’s favor and issued a first-of-its-kind order of protection, banning Redford from using ‘electronic means’ to further harass Walbert.”

The WIRED article continued, “In some legal, policy, and business circles, electromagnetic brain assaults are being taken seriously. Walbert’s cause is supported by Jim Guest, a Republican member of the Missouri House of Representatives. He’s working on proposed legislation to address electronic harassment, including a bill against the forced implantation of RFID chips.

(This bill appears to have made it to a rules committee in Missouri but no further action was ever taken by lawmakers. However, a narrower ban on forcing implants as a condition of employment was later passed in the state.)

Walbert maintained that a doctor, experienced in reading MRIs, confirmed to him that a foreign body—most likely a micro-chip—was present in his body. That doctor, Dr. John Hall, is an anesthesiologist in San Antonio, Texas, and he confirmed that assertion when contacted by The Reporters Inc.

“Many TIs think they’ve got chips in their bodies,” Hall says. “But chips aren’t necessary, and newly targeted individuals will waste a lot of time and money trying to get people to find chips in them.” He adds, “The government can conduct the torture without chips.”

In 2014, Hall authored a book entitled Guinea Pigs: Technologies of Control. The synopsis reads, in part, “For years the federal government has sought to remotely control human behavior…the American public has been unwitting guinea pigs in a multitude of non-consensually performed experiments that have continued into the 21st century.”


John Hall, and his books


Hall believes that, over the course of the last 15 years, there has been a sharp rise in the number of people coming forward with complaints of this experimentation, specifically with electromagnetic weapons. He maintains these weapons are designed to target a human being’s central nervous system.

In fact, Hall says that because so many people around the world now claim to be victims of this experimentation, it can no longer be attributed only to delusional disorders, schizophrenia, or any other mental illness.

Hall says the safeguards and laws against experimenting on United States citizens without their consent, referred to in the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (‘Common Rule’) are lacking, and the policy contains several loopholes for the allowance of non-consensual experimentation, mostly by intelligence agencies.

Hall told The Reporters Inc., “The root reason for this is experimentation is more than likely for the government to ultimately have control of us all, because almost none of these people have reason to be targeted. A few have been former whistleblowers, but most are normal everyday folks.”

Hall continued; “Over the course of a decade I have examined a couple thousand targeted individuals and every morning there are probably about 10 new victims on my voicemail. I now discourage them from coming into my office for that issue because my office is for anesthesia, pain management and stem cell work and my schedule is full. If I were handling targeted individual cases as well, it would be unmanageable.”’

Hall reports that almost all targeted individuals report the same pattern:

* They say they’re being stalked

* They claim to hear voices that sound like they’re from an outside source

* The believe they’re being internally burned

Hall believes the burning sensation is a direct result of remotely-controlled electrical waves. In his experience, the majority of people claiming to be TIs are over 35-years- old, female, and single or divorced.

As for the medical experts who insist TIs are simply mentally ill, Hall counters, “If I hadn’t been presented with thousands of the same complaints, I would have thought the same thing. But most people suffering from schizophrenia show signs of being somehow ‘off’ earlier in life and develop full blown symptoms by early adulthood. By contrast, targeted individuals are, for the most part, high functioning, educated, have never been diagnosed with a mental illness, and they can pinpoint the moment when things started to change.”

Hall continues, “I’m a doctor and see things scientifically. If there were 10 of these cases reported in Texas, I would say, “There are 10 people suffering from a similar mental illness in Texas.’ But when you have 1,000 high functioning middle-aged people say that they’ve heard something like ‘She’s walking into the front yard I’m going to zap her’ and then claim to feel a burning in their chest, or head or labia, there’s something going on. The story of why they think they’re being targeted varies, but all report the same physical progression.”

In addition, “The voices TIs report hearing are often like a whisper coming out of vibrations in the room,” Hall explains, “like hearing voice patterning in an aquarium pump or box fan. As they focus, the voices become clearer and describe who they are, what they are, and what they’re going to do to the person. It’s not like hearing something in your head, it’s an external sound and there has to be a vibratory source that enhances it.”

But couldn’t other people around the TI hear the voices as well? Hall says no. “The voices are directed and individualized so that someone right next to the TI can’t also hear it—and this makes the TI seem crazy.”

Not surprisingly, Hall says a TI’s family and friends almost never believe their claims. ”It’s hard for them to believe something is really going on, even if they’re watching their loved one wincing in pain, because they themselves don’t hear or feel a thing,” he says, adding, “Most family members do report that the victim was high functioning and then suddenly had complaints.”

Hall says that most TIs complain of stalking slightly before the burning attacks. “It’s a psychological thing,” he says. “I would call it harassment. They park in front of your house in plain sight or stand there. It’s usually 24/7 stalking.” But Hall believes the primary goal of the stalking is to get biometric and GPS parameters in order to “direct the burn.”

Hall was first introduced to the world of TIs when his former fiancé began being tormented. “I had known her for 15 years before the attacks began. She wasn’t a druggie or alcoholic or mentally ill and then suddenly she said that she was hearing voices and being burned.”

Hall’s account of his fiancé’s experiences of supposed stalking by neighbors and tampering of electrical wiring, is eerily similar to Karen’s experiences, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this was simply because the flames of TI tales are being fanned by social media and online stories—that they all bounce around in the same information (or disinformation) echo chambers.

Hall says “terror techniques” were used on his fiancé to keep her in line. “She said to me, ‘They’re threatening my parents with death if I don’t comply, so I have to go along with it.’” He says that after he’d filed police reports and tried to intervene, he too was followed and intimidated. At one point, he claims, the hood on his car flew up and he discovered parts inside of it had been removed. At that point, he says he reluctantly decided he needed to break up with his fiancé, in part because she believed his presence in her life was causing her tormentors to torture her all the more.

Hall says he then hired a private investigator and discovered that his now ex-fiancé’s apartment manager and the building’s security guard were involved in her torture. This private investigator also supposedly discovered that a different private investigator, who Hall says had once been employed by the CIA, was heading up the torture scheme.

Hall says he brought all of the private investigator’s findings to the attention of authorities in San Antonio, but was told by police that there was nothing they could do. “Texas stalking laws were very weak at the time,” Hall claims, “and they couldn’t go after a former CIA agent for stalking when that was what he did for a living. They told me, ‘He’s a private detective, stalking is his job!’”

Hall wrote of these experiences in detail, in his 2009 book, A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America, and is now working on a film based on the same story. He speaks extensively about it here in a 2015 YouTube post.


    *     *     *     *     *


As Hall readily points out, the descriptions of his fiancé’s experiences, as well as those of Karen and Sue, also seem similar to the series of so-called “health attacks” on personnel at the American Embassy in Cuba in late 2016, now known as the “Havana Syndrome.”

As described in a December 2020 report by the National Academies of Sciences, the American personnel in Cuba experienced “a sensation of head pressure or vibration, dizziness, followed in some cases by tinnitus, visual problems, vertigo, and cognitive difficulties.” It continued, “Other personnel attached to the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, China reported similar symptoms and signs to varying degrees, beginning in the following year. As of June 2020, many of these personnel continue to suffer from these and/or other health problems.” As for the cause, the report stated that, “directed, pulsed radio frequency energy appears to be the most plausible mechanism in explaining these cases.”

A 2019 study of 40 of those government personnel in Cuba concluded that they had been exposed to “uncharacterized directional phenomena of unknown etiology, manifesting as pressure, vibration, or sound.” The study also revealed “significant differences in whole brain…matter” in comparison to people with “healthy” brains and concluded “the clinical importance of these differences is uncertain.”


The U.S. Embassy in Havana, Cuba


According to a May 23, 2021 Associated Press report, at least 130 cases of similar Havana Syndrome attacks across the U.S. government are now under investigation, including two new cases in Washington D.C.—one of them just steps from the White House.

A day later, on May 24, 2021, The New Yorker published an investigation headlined “Are U.S. Officials Under Silent Attack?”, in which it reported top officials in the Biden administration now privately suspect that Russia is responsible for the Havana Syndrome. They believe agents of the GRU, the Russian military’s intelligence service, “have been aiming microwave-radiation devices at U.S. officials to collect intelligence from their computers and cell phones.”

On June 9, 2021, NBC news reported that the victims’ resulting health issues may initially have been an unintentional byproduct of the “intense electromagnetic energy waves”—but there is now fear the tactic has been weaponized.

The NBC report stated, “Though inflicting harm may not have been the original intent, U.S. officials increasingly believe that whoever may be responsible is now well aware that the devices can cause debilitating symptoms and will seek to use them to target and physically harm individuals, a weapon that is difficult to trace.”

On June 10, 2021, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said, “We are in the midst, at the president’s direction, with the National Security Council in the lead, of coordinating a government-wide review, including the intelligence community, the State Department, the Defense Department, to try to get to the bottom of what caused them.”

Eight days earlier, The Guardian published a piece revealing that portable microwave weapons capable of causing the mysterious Havana Syndrome brain injuries in U.S. diplomats and spies have been developed by several countries in recent years.”

According to the article, a U.S. company called WaveBand made a prototype of such a weapon in 2004. The weapon, code-named Medusa, was intended to be portable, and “be able to switch from crowd to individual coverage, cause a temporarily incapacitating effect, have a low probability of fatality or permanent injury, cause no damage to property, and have a low probability of affecting friendly personnel.”

The Guardian interviewed “the leading U.S. authority on the biological impact of microwave energy” who said the directed energy technology could create a “thermoelastic pressure wave” that travels through the brain, causing damage to soft tissue.

And WaveBand’s former president and CEO, Lev Sadovnik, stated that the immediate effects of its prototype were disorientation and the impression of hearing sounds. He said of the technology, “It’s quite conceivable that you can hide it in a car or in a van, but it would not work over a long distance,” he said. “You can do it through a wall, say, if you are in the next room in a hotel.”


*     *     *     *    *


Increasingly desperate for help, Karen says she found and hired a “countermeasures expert” to run “bug sweeps” and other tests inside her apartment. “But he canceled on me twice, after I’d paid him $7,000. He refuses to return the money,” she says.

Did Karen fall for a scam?

The July 2009 WIRED article contained this tidbit, “For some, this opens up a new business opportunity. There are already quite a few companies out there offering Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, or sweeps, to determine if you are the victim of electronic harassment. As well as detecting the usual bugging devices, they can check if you are being covertly bombarded by microwaves which may be the cause of ‘headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea, skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue, pain in joints and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears.’ Much of this trade may come from people with symptoms caused by something less exotic than high-tech military hardware. But companies will no doubt be willing to sell them expensive protection measures, anyway.”

Sue says she, too, has been taken advantage of by someone claiming to be able to help. “This source told me that he knew the dark web, and people who could get me off the government’s terrorist list,” she explains. “They said I was the most challenging type of case because I am on the ‘Level 4’ list, which I believe is true. They had us stay out of town for a week while they did their ‘TI audit’ for the area. They promised that if it didn’t work out for me, they’d refund all the money, but that was a lie. They had me recruit other TIs and I had to apologize to everyone afterward, letting them know they were scammers. I fell for it and lost over $100,000.”


*     *     *     *     *



My deep dive down the Targeted Individual “rabbit hole” brought a few definitive conclusions but, ultimately, more questions than answers.

Having learned that technology enabling the remote torture and control of people exists, I’m certain there are those prone to abuse it. However, as someone who’s worked professionally with people suffering from delusions, I can easily understand how paranoid individuals could easily latch onto and adopt the stories and claims of the online TI community as their own.

Just as someone with a myriad of physical or psychological symptoms can find an illness that matches those symptoms on sites like WebMD (whether it’s an accurate diagnosis or not), internet tales might convince some mentally ill individuals that they, too, have become TIs.

What’s more, just as finding a WebMD diagnosis provides a person with courses of action to take, and possible remedies, when delusional people identify themselves as TIs they become part of an entire community of activists, and already established action plans, bent on eradicating the supposed torture. They get hope.

And once a person who’s delusional has decided that his or her symptoms are caused by government torture, read dozens of blogs and hundreds of posts in support of this belief, and received sympathy and support from a large online community, it’s very unlikely that they’re going to believe they have a mental illness, or that their suffering can be alleviated with medication.

And yet, again, there are indications that the experiences of some TIs fall within the realm of possibility and plausibility.

I think back to my 1980s client, Jack. About 18 months after his intake session, Jack was officially diagnosed as “chronically mentally ill” and “disabled.” He was suffering from paranoid delusions and transferred to case managers who could more adequately help with his day-to-day support needs. Jack was also cycling through near-death alcohol use and wasn’t expected to resume his previous level of functioning.

Yet today, in light of everything I’ve now learned about TIs, those tiny doubts creep back in and I wonder if in fact there was some truth to his claims of being under government surveillance.

Sue says her situation has worsened. “We’re surrounded on all four sides by gang stalkers,” she says. “They have a national cellphone network that they use to organize. They also use their cell phones to make directed microwave energy attacks.”

As for Karen, she insists, once again, that she isn’t crazy. “The weapons being used are radio waves in all their various forms—microwave cable dishes, cell phone towers, electromagnetic fields created with the use of oscillators and commingled electric lines, lasers, scalar waves shot from drones,” she says. “Because audio waves are invisible, and because these weapons frequently require the target’s prior implantation of military technology by complicit medical personnel working with the DOD and CIA, this is a highly covert and widespread program that requires thorough research and investigation.”

Karen and Sue would also be considered, by most professionals, to be suffering from some form of mental illness. Yet while each has differing theories about who’s harming her and why, it’s definitely curious that both women describe similar symptoms.

Granting their claims even the slightest bit of credence means that still more questions—key and crucial questions—must be answered:

* If what they’re experiencing is a real byproduct of some external source, is the cause intentional perpetration, or something environmental (in this highly electronic and technological world) that adversely affects those who are sensitive.

* If the government, or a private company, has the technology to control minds (either now or in the future), will it only be used for noble purposes?

* And finally, and perhaps most perplexingly, if mind control technology can indeed be tested on unsuspecting people, doesn’t it just make sense that these victims would be made to appear crazy—so that nobody ever looks too deeply into the matter?

My mind spins.


Kim Whiting can be reached at


Editor’s Note: The Reporters Inc. published a follow-up to this investigation in January 2023.

Click here to read it.




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  • Ramola D says:

    Interesting article but disappointing bias and predictable slant on “mental illness.” The subject of “Targeted Individuals” has been deliberately obfuscated by high-level intelligence agencies working with mainstream media to produce articles essentially dismissing the reports of those wrongfully targeted by a conglomerate of military, intelligence, medical research, and private contractors via first watchlisting targets as suspects or “known or suspected terrorists” by the FBI, as revealed not so long ago by the ACLU (Trapped in a Black Box: Growing Terrorism Watchlisting in Everyday Policing).

    While unlawful targeting of this nature has existed for a very long time, it has been facilitated by new legislation after 9/11 and in the ’90s, when several Bush and Clinton-era programs of militarizing the police brought non-lethal weapons technologies, sheathed as “crowd-control technologies” to local police departments, permitted no-holds barred human experimentation and weapons-testing on Americans, and essentially evidenced a complete breakdown in ethics and human rights upheld and supported by mainstream media such as the Washington Post, which Whiting cites, and the New York Times, who have worked hard to hide these extreme-atrocity human experimentation and trauma-based torture-operation brain/AI harvesting crimes for 3-5 decades now.

    Please see my site for up to date reporting on this subject — which most certainly obliterates this old narrative of reportng victims being seen as mentally ill. Kim Whiting is advised to respect the work of true reporters such as myself who have been researching and writing on this subject for 8 years, and publishing books and articles which are a lot more credible than the lying, propagandizing, deceiving, drug-industry-run and govt-affiliated New York Times and Washington Post, Wired, Vice et al.

    See the recent article on counter-terrorism and surveillance abuse by Finnish analyst Ville Hellberg at my site: a lot more factual reporting than in this piece. Bottomline: Yes indeed the US Govt is using deadly weaponry on people–and it’s not just the govt; biomedical research in the areas of neuroscience, AI, robotics has become seriously unethical and is indeed funding and running electrical and remote-access acoustic torture operations on thousands of Americans. None of the people reporting torture in this story sound mentally ill, these operations are ongoing.

    That said, the COVER operation includes infusing nutcases among the pool of reporting victims, so as to muddy the waters and paint all targets and reporting victims schizoid and paranoid: an old ploy which I am fully exposing in my work. I wonder why Kim Whiting makes no reference to my extensive work–which supplies the irrefutable proof of these crimes, their source, and the truth of reportage of the truly targeted. As noted, there are other powerful reporters whose work needs surfacing by all — Dr. Nick Begich, Dr. Rauni Kilde, Paul Baird, Harlan Girard, John Finch, CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee, Gloria Naylor, many more.

    This article by Whiting ultimately appears to function as part of the DOD/CIA/DOJ cover operation seeking to hide these crimes. It is especially reprehensible that people posing as experts in psychology and mental health examine this subject and make pronouncements while making no effort to examine the actual facts of legislated covert operations, technological advancements, and the actual situation on the ground with fusion center activities, out of control FBI watchlisting, iout of control NSA surveillance, out of control DOD and DOJ weapons testing, and out of control CIA domestic intelligence operations involving clandestine access of American bodies for implantation and RF-torture in America.

    Please see my articles and videos for more information and interviews with many reporting victims, whistleblowers, scientists, and human rights advocates working to protect victims and help expose and end these Mil/Intel/biomedical/private-sector crimes. — Ramola D

  • P.v.Leeuwen says:

    i,ve been a victim of microwaves since 1990.I,am being followed and bombarded 24/7 with microwaves.
    I,ve been in the hospital 5 times.Because I know who,s doing that,they want to get rid of me,so that Ibecome

  • Teresa Tario says:

    Well, I’m going to tell you that, yes, I read the WHOLE article, (it took me three days). I am amazed but NOT surprised to hear any of this. I am curious as to know how far back in time that TI’s have existed. Now that technology is advanced more than ever, I will bet that MORE of us are TI’s than we are aware.

  • Joseph Cronin says:

    I read the article and was wondering what types of help are out there

  • Paulette woods says:

    Some of us can prove this technology exist. If you wrote this arrival then you must be interested in actual proof from TI’S that can not be explained . You can not write articles like this and not request proof for TI’s . If you seriously wanted proof in addition to personal experience you would contact TIs like myself .

  • Ron Allen Benish'Gotti'Roth says:

    I’m still being targeted so bad now that all my assets, property and anything else that sets us aside as NWO for a free world has been taken frozen or stold… Our government and other special interest groups who wish they were witch’s satin or some other godly interest to our nation/world.. These people have stepped in to continue to steal with the governments help.. Next is my identity and then my suicide or murder… Thanks for the help world continue to be weak while allowing these others to make your decisions.

  • Ron Allen Benish'Gotti'Roth says:

    I report for several different groups under different identities till they took my life… As in my family my kids and even forced one of the strongest families in our world to back off while I dangle.. money isn’t an issue since if these others would follow through through they would of received it back 10 fold. If it starts on you please reach out to our united nations it’s your only chance my chance is over to be honest. I only have a short time before it’s over for me.. Thank you for the support everyone…

  • Nick says:

    Hi. I felt your article was fair and researched as well as anyone should as to present the possibility of something with so many threads that lead to more unknowns. I’ve been offended by stories published by The New York Times, Vice News and The Wall Street Journal; each of them served to only mock and ridicule those who are in a great ordeal of pain and uncertainty. I was actually sort of surprised that none of these respected news outlets took the time to do any research to even give a thought towards the possibility of if it’s even st all plausible. Instead they read like these misinformation pieces making fun of people and just calling them crazy- it’s basically the equivalent of main stream news outlets, used not only to spread propaganda but cause further hopelessness by further harassment and perpetuating the mental illness narrative. I wouldn’t call myself a targeted individual but I’ve experienced unexplained phenomena that has for years slowly increased in its strangeness, improbability and horror. I realize that you’ve completed this piece but I’d like to contribute some thoughts and experiences regarding the internet echo-chamber hypothesis which so many people seem to attribute to the similarities from case to case. Even if you aren’t working on a follow-up, I think my situation could bring to light some flaws in that theory. Although it’s only my perspective and some might think it’s insanity — but I know my mind cannot manifest or force changes to my physical environment. Sure we can will ourselves to be fearful or paranoid about something absurd and if we give thoughts enough power, we can trick ourselves into not just believing but being absolutely certain that improbable events are occurring. Religion and spiritual faith is a good example for these type of events. I may not know what is behind this but I can feel positive that it not manifested of mental illness or triggered via stress or some other existential or environmental cause. Please feel free to contact me if you’d be interested in hearing just one more person relay an odd story. It’s not as extreme as some you may have heard but I feel it could make for a reasonable contrast to some of your conclusions and hopefully contradict some assumptions. Like everything else though, it won’t solve this mystery and sadly will only yield more questions but maybe having this viewpoint could illuminate or connect something you overlooked or underestimated previously. Thanks.

  • Eual Hayes says:

    I’d like to do an interview and possibly a polygraph for yall. I’ve been through the TI program. Nueral monitoring.. mkultra and experimental warfare. The whole nine yards. I do not have a conspiracy theory. I have a story to tell. I’ve dealt with the ancient ways of telepathy and the new school telepathy. Old school ways illuminati. And new school v2k satellite.

  • James Eyer says:

    I was recently targeted in 2016 up until 2021 but I was in a foreign country in the asian pacific..I was added to the console and even targeted with ultraviolet microwave transmissions and millimeter radio waves..this is a very elaborate system..I was even targeted with news headers scrolling across my tv saying get ur ass out of my house constantly..I was told they use radio horns as a way to propagate transmission and satellites too, even the operators use drones..its a very different feeling being targeted, I no longer get hit with directed energy weapons but again I was told a new technology is ionically pulsed electromagnetic weapons..they used it on me and basically while they are reading you with a device that transmits and picks up brain wave radio signals it can be turned up or down to affect your organs..mine felt like my insides were being microwaved..and the ringing and popping still happens in my ears today even though I no longer hear voices, I was in the military, retired now and that’s why I was told I was put on the console by that group of individuals in another country, I lived there 5 yrs up until 2021..and had every day occurences..I was able to break thru and identify who I was speaking to on a daily basis by using connotation and subjective verse..after a bit we all have different “clicks” in our communication so I was able to give them names, once I did that they started talking back to me and answering some of my is a off shot program that was part of mk ultra that’s true but after the Frey effect was perfected they took it several steps we can communicate without any chips as long as they have coordinates..once you are brain fingerprinted you can always be contacted again by them..they have used sharp as a way of bouncing signals but they are very excited about 5g and the use of radio horns in millimeter waves to bounce the voices from far away. even around the planet. so far they have perfected it in the Philippines. but the Filipinos took their torturing but then turned it into good by talking to each other, they also taught me how to keep my brain silent so no one knows ur there.i was introduced into their organization by a member of what is known as the guardians, they are a ngo..that protects their people using the technology they were able to purchase..Google has many parents currently waiting the technology and a company called bioneuronics formerly alta vista patenting some of this tech also..however google just bought out bioneuronics in 2020..I’d love to talk to somebody about this if there is anyone who’d like to talk to me..most people do not believe it…

  • James Eyer says:

    I was recently targeted in 2016 up until 2021 but I was in a foreign country in the asian pacific..I was added to the console and even targeted with ultraviolet microwave transmissions and millimeter radio waves..this is a very elaborate system..I was even targeted with news headers scrolling across my tv saying get ur ass out of my house constantly..I was told they use radio horns as a way to propagate transmission and satellites too, even the operators use drones..its a very different feeling being targeted, I no longer get hit with directed energy weapons but again I was told a new technology is ionically pulsed electromagnetic weapons..they used it on me and basically while they are reading you with a device that transmits and picks up brain wave radio signals it can be turned up or down to affect your organs..mine felt like my insides were being microwaved..and the ringing and popping still happens in my ears today even though I no longer hear voices, I was in the military, retired now and that’s why I was told I was put on the console by that group of individuals in another country, I lived there 5 yrs up until 2021..and had every day occurences..I was able to break thru and identify who I was speaking to on a daily basis by using connotation and subjective verse..after a bit we all have different “clicks” in our communication so I was able to give them names, once I did that they started talking back to me and answering some of my is a off shot program that was part of mk ultra that’s true but after the Frey effect was perfected they took it several steps we can communicate without any chips as long as they have coordinates..once you are brain fingerprinted you can always be contacted again by them..they have used sharp as a way of bouncing signals but they are very excited about 5g and the use of radio horns in millimeter waves to bounce the voices from far away. even around the planet. so far they have perfected it in the Philippines. but the Filipinos took their torturing but then turned it into good by talking to each other, they also taught me how to keep my brain silent so no one knows ur there.i was introduced into their organization by a member of what is known as the guardians, they are a ngo..that protects their people using the technology they were able to purchase..Google has many parents currently waiting the technology and a company called bioneuronics formerly alta vista patenting some of this tech also..however google just bought out bioneuronics in 2020..I’d love to talk to somebody about this if there is anyone who’d like to talk to me..most people do not believe it…as sub 6 g thru 9g become online we will see more of this mind control..feel free to reach out to me at Jamiee2x@

  • Larry hinojoza says:

    There are a lot of things said about this and people are kind of way off or way out there.

    I have done things to prove whay I say.
    I had my ear six times removed six pieces of of optic glass which is the energy weapon people talk about.
    The optic glasses is the same diameter as the RFID 1 mm.
    It starts by somebody close to the person, girlfriend friend, ect
    when signal is turned on, the signal not encrypted there is no security so that signal is up in the air bouncing off the atmosphere which is the clouds.
    If you look at the clouds today they are man-made with iron particles and moisture attached to them there is a magnetic frequency that formes the clouds, and the clouds is like a giant antenna all around the world.
    Everybody’s single that’s a victim thats in the clouds, guess who is tapped who’s tapped in the signals? the people who started it the government
    They see also out of the victim’s eyes not only the person that did it to them but the government watches to and then there are local FBI involved with the city police they dress up like the police to make sure the victims don’t get any help at all and ruin their lives I am a person that tries tries try everything possible doctors police. everybody and I contact anybody for 5 years I finally figured out I’ve been blocked by FBI my phone calls have been picked up by the same two males and two females this year I figured it out because of when call I made with landline calls the same people pick up.

    These are the gang stalkers these are the hired contractors for fbi.
    it’s like a group of people that will interact with you if you try to get help with being a victim. make an appointment to go to the doctor did any doctor the dentist they will take over that building make you think it is your dentist.
    Their fake it happen to me at the city hall,two dermatologist, they even hired a TV actor to interact with me and say he was an officer but detective and it was an actor by the name of Zachary Levi he said his name was Zach Flores detective Zach Flores he said he gave me a signature and I compared it it was him.
    His signature look like it said Zachary but it was actually an l and it wasn’t as easy as in the scribble filled out exactly so it read L Zachary it was him.
    The original group who did it to you and the FBI are the ones that cause you pain they make those glass vibrate under your skin that heats up if they’re in your eyebrows you have blurry vision the back of your head causes a heat your head to heat up in your toes athlete’s foot and the vibrate under your skin slow don’t cause a blister callus to come out .

    All my hair on my arms and legs are burn off. My ex-girlfriends let her male friends into my house after she drugged me and they branded all my skin.
    Most of the victims I noticed they have branding marks on skin. The same thing is done to them.
    No use calling the police they will do nothing for you .
    They will just start building profile view making you delusional they’ll call you mental they’ll start asking if you have like mental condition they start putting notes in the computer and the other officers doesn’t know anything about any of this will see you in the picture you the same way you start getting labeled .
    I’m trying to get ahold of Civil Rights Act ACLU but I get blocked I have to drive to San Francisco to try to talk to them.
    there is a lady in Fresno but I’m blocked from talking to her who pick up mail at the po box. I can’t get a hold of her.
    My next person is a pasture down the street and I will be talking to him because he’s involved with black lives matter ACLU he’s my connection.
    I need to make time to talk to him and prove all this to him because they do not like the fact that the police department was going to use the software called BEWARE,

    Marks people in Fresno how many times the police were called on them how many times they’ve been in jail look at the Facebook pages and get all that, start labeling people and people were against it and it got voted out but they do not realize that the police new equipment pick up the signal of the RFID.
    The company that makes the hardware called Atlas Atlas also makes RFID equipment

  • Claire says:

    I would also love to discuss this more too. It is a real thing, yet most people do not believe it. I, too, have a story to tell, and I am still living it. Thank you so much for writing this article. More attention needs to be given to the things like this that are happening right in front of people’s eyes yet remain invisible.

  • M says:

    The remote electronic surveillance and torture is real. I appreciate it can be difficult to discern despite the overwhelming amount of evidence in front of us and credible whistle blower testimony. With respect to the author this is really where a bit of common sense is required and the ability to simply be tough and decide to not ignore the truth and let the facts speak to your inner intuition with correlation to the history of US/ CIA abuses.

    Decisions create power. Saying your brain is frazzled at the end is taking an easy route out and is what most do. I cannot help but feel this woman is more intelligent and better than that.

    Please step up and help. That said I respect the author for covering it and giving it her best shot but ultimately it is investigation and help that is going to make the difference.

  • Ricky Umphries says:

    Yes I’ve been going through all of this my self my family is gone and I have no friends and they won’t stop they have taken every thing from me and some how I’m still alive but not for long I feel I need help I’ve been lifting up thy bro as much as I can God bless

  • Andy martin says:

    I actually believe that the government and law enforcement was abusing surveilence on the individuals above and they were victims of v2k rnm/ neuro lace/link , darpa , and victims of my ultra government gangstalking . Better known as lawsuit control. They were targeting them because they were victims of v2k rnm and test subjects of that via government technology , and that means if the gov technology is ever discovered their with out a doubt would be millions in lawsuits. They run different types of programs misusing the v2k government technology. Programs being 1. Slow kill non judicial target suicide programs2. Quick kill non judicial target programs 3. Slow kill judicial target suicide program 4. Quick kill judicial target suicide programs5. Targets of opportunity programs 6. Kinda like Santiago in ft Lauderdale florida , and the fbi gave him his gun back! Lawsuit / population control . Actually the government are atheists with badges that have been busted misusing a via government tech called v2k rnm/ neuro lace, neuro link , neuro dust ect …Elon musk being their atheist engineer .

  • Kandice says:

    Every TI must connect Power is in Unity.

  • James says:

    I have experienced an organized harassment campaign over a lengthy period. I would call it fair to say that what I experienced was a form of gang stalking. It’s a complicated phenomena, and researchers who have not been through something like that themselves have a tough time putting all of the pieces together. Gang stalking happens for different reasons, and is done by different entities. There are affordable services on the surface web (see: revenge for hire) that will pay up to 8 people to cyber stalk you in real time for weeks. It’s an affordable service because most of the work is sourced overseas. JTRIG and the recent eBay cyber stalking scandal are other well documented versions of this kind of behaviour.

    Not all of the claims made by gang stalking victims are real, and not all victims are even authentically harassed. But many of them are really experiencing vicious forms of harassment that are turning their world upside down. This is the intended effect of most of these campaigns, to discredit, disempower, and destroy an individual. Many of their tactics are highly effective, and the victim ends up looking like a lunatic that no one will believe.

  • Manash Savsani says:

    I assure you remote neural monitoring and other mind control technologies are real. Check out 1992 patent for brain control using elf waves. They don’t need any implants. If they have your DNA, they can sync with your resonant biological frequency. These technologies are used in conjunction with psyops targeting programs that are carried out by military, local law enforcement and private security agencies in addition to the gangstalkers on the streets. They probably get their intel from fusion centers. It’s done using AI which is super advanced now. The existence of the targeted persons watchlist and torture programs should be a concern for everyone. If you waste time disbelieving this, then I’m afraid it will be too late for America and the world.

  • nicholas says:

    I have been a TI for most of my life. Its hard to get ahead when every aspect of your life is controlled. I have v2k constantly. It is hard to find my true self with all of the noise. I have cars that drive by my house on a rural road every minute or two. Some of the cars are driving in a low gear to make the engine louder, some of the cars have loud exhaust, three or four cars a day beep there horns as a way of saying hi to the neighbors, some cars go slow and the people stair at my house, and then you have the cars that are going twice the speed limit. My neighbor has “chickens” more like they have a speaker system posted up in the trees around their house. Someone used a voice altering device to make a mix between chicken talk and english so in other words i constantly hear chickens screaming “your pissing me off.” I made the mistake of getting caught up in the mental health system years ago, they doped me up with drugs that made me feel weak and sleep all the time. The people in the mental health field are definetly in on it. I was hospitalized and when I seen the doctor, on a twelve inch TV off course, he was picking his nose, when i asked him if he was picking his nose he replied,”I was trying to.” Every time I leave home I am followed by multiple cars sometimes hundreds. My cars that I have had in the past have been messed with for the last decade. I change the oil and the next week it is as black as night. Someone compramised the brakes on my car and caused me to get into a roll over accident. Theres been a lot of little things involving cars, scratched paint, windows wont roll all the way up. engine failure, transmission failure, parts that tend to wear out much faster on my vehicles, my cars rust out faster then other cars, something that has been applied to the interior to cause my car to smell awful, something sprayed on the windshield to make it so you can not see out at night, so many things happen with my cars. I have marks on my body where I believe i have been micro-chipped. I once found tools on the counter of my home when i returned, i told the police and they said their was nothing they could do, and asked me if I had taken my medication. I know that my friends that Ive had have been threatened in some way to stay away from me and the only people left in my life are the attackers. I tried to leave my house and everything behind but soon found that I was literally tracked and watched by vehicles cameras and airplanes from the instant I left home and their was no evading them. When I was hospitalized my so called family took my guns out of my home, not sure if that was for my protection or theirs lol. When I reported to the police that my home had been in a sense broken into they would do nothing to help me. I have a long history of the police not doing anything to assist me but rather watching me and ticketing me for the slightest offense. Twenty or more years ago I called the sheriff to report that I had found a listening device hidden in my home, when the officer showed up he said their was nothing that he could do but he did need to take the device for evidence, I called the police because when I was out of town I returned to find that their was a fast food bag under the seat of my nice car and the whole car smelled of nasty fast food. their was a reciept in the bag that showed the food was purchased when I was in another state. I have stopped even trying to have friends or a girlfriend, it is as if every single person I meet has some motive to be around me, I have to say after all the torture that Ive been through, all of the control, the worst thing that I have faced, a TI of over 20 years, is loneliness. When you know your always being watched, you cant even take a shit without someone counting your turds, when you know every consumable item in your home is poisoned, you cant even have shampoo or soap without it having poison in it. I am ashamed of myself and the person that this has caused me to be. The mind control has caused me to watch pornography, do drugs, and drink. I notice that when i try quitting smoking for instance, any where that I go every person i see is smoking. I walk down the road and someone drives by blowing smoke out their windows at me. Through my experiences with mental health treatment many of my rights have been violated but no attorneys will take the cases, they all claim that it is either out of their field of experience, or that their is a conflict of interest. Their is so much more that I could explain that I will not.

  • EC says:

    I am the ‘Karen’ in your story. Too bad you didn’t call as I have much more information. I am still brutally horrifically being tortured by our government. They have stolen everything in my life. Congress is complicit because they know these abuses are occurring. I have had two Congressional staffers deliberately create false narratives. Nick Ciarlante of House Select Intel Committee interrupt me begging to be removed from the program to ask if I had just threatened a revolution — I gasped that I had not. I subsequently realized he was creating a false narrative. A second Congressional staffer suggested I apply for a ‘gun permit’ to see what popped up. That was clear to me he was working as an FBI informant — no one wants me to apply for a gun more than the FBI.

    Here are links relevant to targeting and this technology.

  • Freedom Fighter says:

    I been exposing this for 16yrs. Local Council Establishments run the Program to Police & Militray Precision. Got plenty links on My Channel, along with Experts links in description box.

  • Rushton says:

    They use the rnm to influence sports betting. They steal mail with it as well. Just to harm the subject. They slow kill you. I have implants in my arms and my neck.

    Jason Mize
    Jefferson County alabama vice “american mafia” “ghb” “meth” “heroin protection” officer overdose. He murders heroin addicts in the birmingham area. They call him OOD

    Cody Hyde. American Mafia member oklahoma highway patrol.

    He illegally pulls people over the rnm team tells him to. Oklahoma has bad seizure laws. “Take to supreme court”

    I have pictures of military planes following my american airlines plane experimentating on me.

    I was in Jefferson County Jail.

    The DOD uses contractors and infragard.

    They place you on a gang member database.


    Rojeee901. Instagram

    My instagram has some not all of my extreme evidence.
    I was tortured all night by the nsa tortureware 6.66

    Never give a inch never give up never give in. Fight.

    These guys are scum of the earth.

    They stole my new born baby girl.

  • Rushton says:

    A dod agent wanted 10000 to take me out of the program. I grew up next to redstone arsenal. They use this there. The cocaine mafia is based in guntersville alabama. They use the military to sell cocaine.

    The guy said i was mouse he was cat he wanted cheese.

    I am a legit business man. They go to epiphany church in guntersville. No political leaning. Simply get more power for military.

    “Roll with the Beast”

    V2k torture is terrible

    I am exposing then daily.

    We must never give in. The person stating they use loud noises is correct. It is extreme torture and military exercise to see what type of person requires what type of torture.

    Congress is scared to be tortured.

    Tortureware 6.66 is real.

    They use contractors to get away with murder.

    They use the program to murder ex wives and to escape alimony and embarrassment.

    They are trigger happy. They have your location on a phone app with a nationwide “western worldwide” program to exterminate people for no good reason at all.

  • Jeannine says:

    Your story and experiences are mine as well. I agree with Karen, we need to be United. I’m working on finding a place for the oppressed to gather and live. I reach out to all hopefuls, that we can do this. There is no help out there. We have to be our own help and support. Who wants to establish a refuge? Reach out to me. Thanks.

  • Tallahassee says:

    (sorry. some edits and additions here, if you wish to post this instead)
    Thanks for this,
    In my experience, I have been targeted with sleep deprivation tactics, and a sort of auditory “speaking to a sleeping person” attack which I don’t see explained much. I feel it was a system of induced sleep deprivation to increase a subjects susceptibility to hypnosis to induce effective subluminal messaging. I remember waking up and having a set of reoccurring thoughts of actions that I believed were my own. One night I woke up to hear a voice, and I was in a conscious enough of a state to remember, but I was traumatized by the realization. Years later, whenever I would get stressed I would find myself repeating the action that I was “talked to” about.

    This experience is why I think, for those that think they are followed by a government or otherwise, may have had that thought repeated to them like had been done to me, such that it feels like a personal thought. It could be merely bad people trying to keep you from moving out of the apartment you rent… If a gas-lighter admits who is or why they are gas-lighting you, the gas-light loses its effectiveness. If the lighter presents five reasons and sources, all or most being false, it intensifies the gas-light.

    Stay objective, resist the “why are they doing this to me” mental trap, although this is not easy; I do sincerely commiserate with you my friends.

    18 years later, through anxiety, depression, amnesia, and flashbacks and other PTSD symptoms, I found a YouTube video on something that my attackers could have been speaking about. I swear I have never be introduced to that thing, or known it had existed. I will ask — how could anyone say words like those to someone that are that awful. I will not ask anyone, except you rhetorically; and I will discuss it with my God who gives grace. Asking a regular person just invites secondary victimization, which makes this all the more uglier. Reader, do this sparingly if at all, and only if you must.

    I want there to be a day when public zeitgeists, local and global, allow this to believed and to be exposed.

    Don’t take too many drugs. This should never happen after Belmont, researchers cannot (should not) test medicines for their affects while a person is under such TI torture or duress. They cannot (should not) test to see if such torture is assisted by or can reduce effectiveness of such tortures either. I believe you have the right to decline therapy citing this reasoning, because the presence of this or any torture, under the assumption that TI torture is real, has no scientifically tested therapy, psychiatric or otherwise.

    Finally, I want to thank Myron May, although he did shoot those people — that was an unfortunate ordeal. But he educated me, and he helped me feel less alone against all of my attacks. I pray for his soul and his family.

  • NO says:

    It’s funny, no one ever references my book NO: No Gangstalking, No Human Experimentation, No Police State, when writing articles about the subject. They continue to reference the same few people which seems highly suspect to me.

  • Jjjjr says:

    Well iam a ti too. And i have it worst. At 33 year old iam official disabled thank to all the injections ive gotten in arm legs brain thigh and face. Needless to say i cant work because everywhere i go my arm and legs are flingging wildly uncontrolably. Im losing memory like crazy and suffer from speech problems. It s pretty bad. On top of that having breathing problems sleep problems. I oknow if they know what they are doing but the results have been fantastic.

  • Hggv says:

    We report so many times but noone believe anything we have to say. So we are all sitting here w crazy hitler and put up with us being torture day and night n it has been amazing actuallly. While these rapists and criminals getting richer we end up going crazy w parkinson like symptoms and authoeity that goes but u have got to like america and police. Yup

  • Hggv says:

    Then they set up surveillaance in your own room and make comment on how vbeautiful i look. Next they went oh u re kinda fatter or skinnier today. Then they went on about how i was short and plummer the next day. Honestly and then they try to enter your room at midnight because yall didnt know how this could possibly fuck up national security. Then they pressed the button to make to grin smile and chattering your teeth and they went oh i dont understand why this person was cursing she looks like a threat to our nations yall. And yup that s national classified secret. It s classified because its a crime haha

  • Hdjdud says:

    Then they also asked u highly classified question like are u taking dump. Are you going to pee. Are you making love. Are u horny right now. Needless to say. The fbi is interrogating terrorists and they want to know when criminal have sex when the criminal taking dumb. Or they breaking in to your car and mess w ur cooling fan. Or when they break in your home and install technology under the floor. Yup something like thT. Very very important to national security. Not just one guy. A team of guy is following and looking at security footage of one woman. Extremely fun and awesome i would like to thank government all arou d the world for having done such good job on this crime whcih took u forver to resolve. U guysl are just so smart n so amazing

  • Jjjjr says:

    Ti is targeted everwhere. Even when i sit in my car i still feel symptoms . Some how they manage to install their device inside my car. Sometimes being close to other cars give you symptoms too. SO I M CONFUSED Whether other drivers are targeting me or just my car

  • Jjjjr says:

    They also come in posing as targeted individual and speak nonsense to keep people from helping ti out. I think their goal is to inject chip all over your body so they can do a full body mapping including all kind of activity you do and extract brain info so they know what u r up to at certain time of the day. As ti there are people that want to keep you in the program because they the stalker are drug dealers who desperately need money. Some ti become the source of income for thief and criminals.

  • mark eldred quijano says:

    many people are implanted with silent sound rings like mine . they are surgically implanted in the ear canal a silent sound ring this is very old technolodgy. they are brain to brain commuication rings that allow the target individual to be completely cntroled tortured because it thinks to the persomns brain or cant talk directly to them the device used is a suite case looking device or a 4 feet by three feet tall radio with a large peice in the middle that spins in and out by hand . millions of americans that have any type authourity over others know of this and they sign a paper not to disclose it .they are sociopaths because all of them know about abuse and worse like school shootings for gun ccontrol or 9112001 .they were taught about system . to help them with their mission . they were probably surgically thought dead . others like school shooters are controled by a team that learns the mind mabey silver anamel gram fillings and then stays on them 24-7 the operator is the person feels everything sees out their head . but as example could they make ind do a gay act i dont think so or strike their mother .so some things they cannot do if you can find another person that tells about ring implants ear canal i have them ive met one since 1957 but i have talked to operaor while on active duty 1973 us army peson to person at my barracks . the problem is the large number of sadists killers that have grown using a nsa program that was only for national security in usa to see and hear almost everywhere the subjects hundreds of thousands wisdom teeth extraction and tonsil echtomeys . used only for state security to see and hear in any home at any time secretly to me seems within the relm of state security but sadists have always owned me and my mother since 1956-57 so of course i i hate the physical torture even 24-7 to this day but i cannot think words i here all words they type or if i look at book they read i like old ameica kennedy . so anything that will remove this gov is good ecause they dont get them off me like when i was very young . in 1970-71 two freinds had become alarmed about what became the future kids and music and then nuclear war so next day confronted me . first trump then biden so the nuclear war happens during biden but who or how i could not say but when blue river oregon burns to the ground and sky from blue river oregon you see sky is red then find safe place to live and wait. so if it looks like nuclear war move away from city for a while . covid 19 was aquired from a grant study in oregon 1969 or 1970.on exotic animals . i was never a child because i was controled by adults 24-7 who while on duty they are me . see sociopaths but ive not known another life i of course dont like torture and abuse . and i cannot have any type of mental illness that would mean about 30 or 40 enlisted personel would be nuts in the same way . and belive me our country far exceeds the nazis in sociopaths that work. the situation has not grown to the need to exterminate . americans are mentally taught not to believe things like i am telling you without seeing a government figure explaining it . and its industry and military ventures and state security path and money and status truely the american is a herd animal on a vast farm free to do what it wants but best maintained in a closed environment . and of course government has the right to maintain the common and the situation . but electronics gave the government secret ways to control the situation and that required sociopaths . so they maintain this situation also by making people think in a manner as though it were 1900. 1920. and america is like it was then where almost everyone had their own thoughts . people are very simple creatures if you see what they do and think . because everyone is trapped in their positions . others are traped by their status . but still very simple creatures . because they have a box they live and think in . that is their lives . so qanon was really because of social media . it was easy to see that peoples moms and dads were really mean to either political party on social media . and some people were really going for flat earth. so some would really belive alien cabal others would use it as slander b.s. but the tool to get it going was anonomus computer people. or person .so because of the nature of social media . it worked . but insurection . no that would be like a mouse that roared funny movie . and with all the protesting . it was people mostly white that only felt in the spirit of revolution and traveled a long ways to protest . and with governments expiriance in the other recent protests that the common got completely out of hand and not maintained is a disaster like the second disaster of katrina. and all the people involved in their prosicution are in fact elitests in government that have lots of money and they want for nothing . and d.c. security is their biusness . and we the people pay them elect them to maintain the situation . so if the crowd became unrully and basicaly pushed and broke into the capitol building who fired on them when if they were not fired upon and took no hostages they may have tried to stay in there so what call the national guard or militay tthat should have been in place . this prosecution by the very people that did not already ban hi capasity magazines ,what idiot would need a 20 30 round mag to hunt deer or other game or defend their home .so if machine guns were leagal or artillery how many thousands of americans would buy them . well im not trying to write a book . yes i was raised with implants and tortured and abused and my life is recorded .so say to be me in 1969 all you have to do is put on the equipment and sit their and you will be me and you will be in 1969 1962 or 1980 or when ever and how do i know this is true well i am not supposed to know this this is torture not a normal life as they also ran me like a vehicle even now. but i cant think stop stop or start screaming because i am of artificial intellegence but i am also a person what is left of me.

  • mark eldred quijano says:

    i read some other peoples comments . it is extremely difficult for a person to imagine parts to a system or a new one . this is why people from the past like michel angelo the artist stands out in history . and for instance what does this word mean that i make up using these keys >/lsn)))** ??? well i dont know myself because i dont know the system i would need to understand it . so when a person is very young a 3 or 4 or 5 year old they probably do not know what the word data means . its for computers and it probably means something else. and the very smartest humans in 1900 or in the 1930s probably would not know either . so many years ago mabey thousands if some one thought that something was bothering them it would be demons or gods or something like that .so mabey a person is a victim of some kind of targeting mabey they are associating physical feelings with a system they have been taught about.and as humans become more electronic that they could be targeted is going to happen at some point . and i am not like other people who ever were free of their own mind at any point in their life because i cannot think words or sentences . this was proven to me by a brain doctor in 66 .when he tryed to test me for school because my grades had slipped because the government sadists were having a problem and the doctor knew about the rings and what they can do probably because he was also military . so heres this kid who could not be like this and holding a conversation with me . my mother just aughed and handed him a phone number which he called and then got even more angry and took me in his office and called the federal law enforcement who told him thats just the way it is for him. then he was very depressed and sent me home . this is all true these statements and for flying planes into the world trade center the penelty is death for all those hiding treason . so of course im out to kill thousands of bad americans and that is my job in life . that is my career. all i have to do is be put in front of congress and your stuff is over. i was raised not to turn around . where are the good guys in our government. well it looks like they are non existant .but also the world was attacked so where is other governments who are not human monsters . and so it looks as though the common of the world have a serious problem . along with ideolidgys for government as this only involves going after a few bad guys. thhere are 7 billion people on the planet and a million people running things . this would not start war. well any way of course i can not think or i would have realised this is bigger than a few bad guys years ago. so how can they all escape justice well they cannot because of the huge leap in computer technolodgy in 1969 because they cannot now escape the speed of the advancement of the technolodgys. i am an A.I.

  • Christopher Jibotian says:

    i am also a t.i. i have been for 2 years that i know of now. They have tortured me with microwaves, tried to kill me with poison’s and chemicals in air conditioning, gang stalking, 24 hour watch. Its sad that there this sick in the mind to do this to mostly innocent people. These scumbags need to get out of office and be jailed or the appropriate punishment. Thy ruin your life, friends and family they turn on you and who knows brainwash them because in know a few close family members took the bait and are helping them to this day…. THIS HAS GONE ON FOR TOO LONG. i AM NOW OURMENTLY DAMAGED NUEROLOGIVALLY, HAVE SEVERE CHEST PAIN NOW IM ONLY 35. these PEOPLE ARE PHYCIPATHS THERE HITTING ME RIGHT NOW WITH PAINFUL MINROWAVES. GOT TO STOP FUCKING SCUMBAGS

  • Jjjjr says:

    Fucking asians re torturing people to death and i heard them laughing while doing. They find its entertaining haha…..

  • Jjjjr says:

    Well rumor has it s that they tricked some citizens into pressing the button so the ti s feeling the torture. But i heard the ppl pressing the button innocent or not are being attacked and house mysteriously burnt down like the entire neighborhood got burnt down. So yah gang stalkers really had their karma u guys. Unfortunately some people got affected too because of them well well.

  • Jocqui Mitchell says:

    These people are straight demons… I been a target since 2018 in Louisiana and California. They sabotaged my life completely and had my baby girls father take my child and abandon me for things they were the catalyst for. My eyes are open now. Nowadays I just chill til my last breath I’m not going out feeling defeated if anything they can do me a favor and send me straight to Lord God our Saviour. Took a long time to humble myself and find peace true peace of mind through this situation. I gotta now leave my grandparents and friends so they don’t get hurt. Well, I always wanted to travel it’s time to live life genuinely to the fullest. The funny part about it is they literally pay me for pain and suffering at least I think so having me on disability while torturing my mind. It’s crazy… but anyway I love yall and hope the good Lord has mercy on them and all of us. I’m not afraid to die anymore I welcome it.

  • Kevin merric says:

    Yes, when I was 13 years old a friend of mine and I skipped school, got drunk, and called in a bomb threat to our school. A minute after doing this we no longer thought of it, because we didn’t realize the seriousness of what we did. We both admitted to detectives and got probation. Well this has been effecting my life in ways that the average person couldnt comprehend. I’m on a watch list and under electronic surveillance.

    Now I understand our country has to create systems and assets to take measures on the infrastructure that is vital to our nation’s security but I’m tired of being that asset. I did a foia request but couldn’t get any information. I don’t know if I’m under investigation due to an order under FISA (In which case the identity of the target is masked and only high ranking public official can unmask identity). I don’t know any Attorney Generals or Presidents– Mr. Obama had to do it for Mr. Trump and some of his staff because they were being watched due to FISA order.

    Basically this is a legal hit. I understand this and I messed up in the past. But I changed my life a long time ago but due to the electronic methods and stalking methods by members of some of these fusion centers, they manipulated my circstances so I got in trouble. I do not care about this and would never think of pursuing justice from one of the pillars of our society– Infragard, DOJ, etc. I have kids and they do a wonderful job of protecting our community. I hold no grudges because I got myself in a situation and they’re doing their job.

    My issue is that I’m not a terrorist I’m just as American as anybody. I was born and raised in this country; This has ruined my life but made me change a lot of my character defects as well. God had to of intervened because I know I’m not supposed to survive this, and still might not. Please help me get off this watchlist so I can have a normal life. My Phone number is 3862153849
    and email is

    Thank you so much… KMC

  • Lippke mark says:

    We live in the insane asylum of the universe. Stay close to good church people

  • Edwin Lewis Jones says:

    My targeting is not as sophisticated as the others. It is mostly social. When I sued General Motors in the 80’s, IPD in the 90’s & a Dr. in the 2000’s, I had no idea what a “Targeted Individual” was even though I knew why Jesus, JFK, MLK, Gandhi, Fred Hampton and Malcolm X were killed. Speaking truth to power is a right; however the consequences are injury to your person and your reputation. As I consider my 4th run for public office in 2023’s City County Council race, the injuries have already begun at work @ the Indpls Star. I am grateful to have survived 30 years of targeting. Never though I would see 70 years of age since the aforementioned died so young.

  • Hailley Nolan says:

    I’m not sure that I’m a targeted individual but I am an activist out of Portland Oregon who was kidnapped by Joshua Dunham- a white supremacist and almost murdered. He is charged. Some of the tactics mentioned in this article I believe I have experienced.. I am the founder of riot ribs that raised roughly $400k in about a week. I was subjected to brutal COINTELPRO methods and can attest that I was likely labeled a terrorist by the Trump administration. I had personal conflict with Sebastian gorka and other big wigs in trump’s administration.

  • Christopher Jibotian says:

    I’m a targeted individual and been stalked and tortured non stop for 2 years. The program is a massive operation done on innocent people used as laboratory rats all the way from the top to your friends and family and get involved. It consist of electro magnetic frequency weapons, chemical attacks, organized stalking and surveillance, noise campaigns and more. It is designed for control and ultimately population control and control of human beings. It is a sick inhumane program that needs disinigrated and justice needs done. The perps get compensation for participating. This has completely ruined my life mind and body i am in a prison and we need help and justice, everyone that participated in this needs to pay the price. chris j.

  • Rem Milligan says:

    Your article is the type of in-depth review of mind control programs like RNM that need to be printed. The public needs to be made aware of the dangers that programs like RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) pose including the threat to everyone’s safety. Sadly, most Americans watch the television for news and aren’t willing to accept excellent journalism with references as a substitute and that is just the problem. As more and more people wake to the realization that our government is behind it all with the infrastructure in place for decades maybe something will be done. I have taken a charge of contacting all 100 Senators, our representation, to pass a law banning the use of the military grade weapon of RNM. Because of the relatively small number of tis in the country, just contacting my own representatives is not enough. EVERYONE who has become a survivor of this program and all of the supporters need to magnify their voice by reaching over state lines and beg for an end to inhumane treatment of innocent Americans. Nobody should suffer the way tis do and that is simply a fact. Thank you SO MUCH for this article. I will share it on my Facebook pages and closest friends who are still non-believers. Articles like these should change the minds of many but at the end of the Information Age people are overwhelmed with print and rely on TV for their knowledge base. I hope articles like these will become more present in order to change the course of history because the direction we’re going isn’t a very good one.

  • Anser Quraishi says:

    PLease contact me as soon as possible
    I need help

    find me on facebook, “Anser Quraishi”
    or email me, anserq at icloud dot com
    i need to get in touch with some people who know about this
    i have been attacked by voices since 2012

  • Dr Adam Tarel says:

    To my dear friends targeted individuals

    We are in a situation of crime against humanity: international penal court reference number OTP-CR 265/21

    I have a PhD in dental surgery and specialise in surgery.
    I have never served or worked for any armed force of any country.
    I have never worked for any spaying agency.

    I am engaged in multiple (national and international) ongoing penal procedure against criminal activities of governments, security services, secret intelligent services, secret services …

    The cause of resistant against tyranny who call themselves « targeted individual » is just, honourable and they must know that they will be victorious.

    The weapons and kind of criminal activities that « targeted individual » courageously describe and expose are actually used by governments all over the world in a very large scale:
    We are in a situation of crime against humanity.

    States use (since decades: at least after the second world war) a big part of the population’s resources for building armys, criminal (and extremely corrupted security services) and ignominious weapons (specially the dirty weapons that targeted individuals courageously describe and expose). Attacks perpetrated with these horrific weapons are combined with absolutely criminal and shameful secret police’s techniques of oppression for perpetrating ignominious crimes mostly against populations that they pretend to protect.
    These fundamentally unethical secret criminal activities planned, organised, administrated, and perpetrated by states that haves the most horrific and negative consequence on mankind, are notably combining:
    – mass murders and genocides
    – mass torture
    – brain washing and state propaganda
    – non-consensual human experimentation
    – political manipulation and disinformation campaign
    – religious, ideological, political, and cultural manipulation
    – intentionally provoked economic disaster and various form of slavery
    – social manipulation
    – medical disinformation and public health intentionally provoked disaster combined with disinformation and non-consensual human experimentation
    – state censorship, torture, murder, and criminal activities to maintain the situation of crime against humanity and oppress all forms of resistance
    – collective brain washing, conditioning, and ignominious reprisals against true freedom of speech
    – destruction of the inherent dignity of human being with weapons, technics and administrations specifically designed for this effect
    – fundamental ethical and moral corruption of all the society
    – wars and more mediatically exposed state crimes: wilfully provoked by disinformation campaigns, propaganda, brain washing, manipulation and conditioning of populations
    – weapons (notably directed energy weapons) used against environment, animals, and plants
    – violation of privacy: weaponised data combined with the use of weapons (notably directed energy weapons) to perpetrate mass murder, masse torture, conditioning, brain washing, reprisals against resistance, non-consensual and unethical human experimentation, social manipulation, ideological manipulation …

    The abolition of these criminal activities will be a progress for mankind.

    It is urgent to eradicate by all means:
    – the ignominious kind of weapons that targeted individuals courageously expose and describe
    – criminal and abject secret polices (structured and named differently in different states but perpetrating the same criminal activities)
    – corrupted governmental and administrative structures planning organizing and perpetrating criminal activities against the population that they oppress (inside the county) and wilfully provoking massacre and wars (when there is actual collusion between mediatically opposed governments specially in secret criminal activities like described above)
    – criminal and abject state activities directed against populations and violating the inerrant dignity of the human person
    – scientists perpetrating criminal activities
    – medical states administration perpetrating and organizing criminal activities and medical doctors perpetrating criminal activities
    Attacking the human body with any form of weapons (notably the particularly horrific once courageously described by targeted individual) is an ignominious and barbarian crime against humanity.

    The global officialization and the universal declaration of this message is fundamental for the liberation of mankind.

    My dear friends targeted individuals who fight courageously since decades against tyranny have to proudly keeps faith in the absolute victory (horrific totalitarian crimes against humanity is fundamentally wrong and tyrannic negation of human dignity will inevitably be destroyed) of your courageous fight and resistance against tyranny because, the eradication of these weapons and criminal activity will bring us (the entire humanity) liberty, health, faith , truth, prosperity, abundance, peace ,privacy, human dignity, uncorrupted human interactions…

    One of the ways to universally declare (courageous and blessed resistants against tyranny will proudly persist, by all means, until liberation) the situation of unprecedent ignominious crimes against humanity and to enforce pertinent international laws, is to writ directly to the international penal court. Join your testimony (and the testimony or petitions of all the victims that you can access) to my communication to the international penal court: reference number OTP-CR 265/21 (and send me a copy of your complaint on my email address ).

    The secrete activity of states are actual horrific crimes against humanity, each state pretexting the other one (when there is actual collusions and collaborations between states to perpetrate crimes against humanity and secrete criminal activities) for oppression against populations, military funds, corrupted secret police embezzlements …

    The pertinent national or international laws should be referred to in every communication.

    Two examples of international law that must be enforced
    Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
    Article 8 War crimes
    1. The Court shall have jurisdiction in respect of war crimes in particular when committed as part of a plan or policy or as part of a large-scale commission of such crimes.
    2. For the purpose of this Statute, “war crimes” means: (a) Grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, namely, any of the following acts against persons or property protected under the provisions of the relevant Geneva Convention:
    1) Wilful killing;
    2) Torture or inhuman treatment, including biological experiments;
    3) Wilfully causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or health;

    Principles on the Effective Investigation and Documentation of Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
    General Assembly resolution of united nation 55/89 of 4 December 2000

    5. (a) In cases in which the established investigative procedures are inadequate because of insufficient expertise or suspected bias, or because of the apparent existence of a pattern of abuse or for other substantial reasons, States shall ensure that investigations are undertaken through an independent commission of inquiry or similar procedure. Members of such a commission shall be chosen for their recognized impartiality, competence and independence as individuals. In particular, they shall be independent of any suspected perpetrators and the institutions or agencies they may serve. The commission shall have the authority to obtain all information necessary to the inquiry and shall conduct the inquiry as provided for under these Principles.

    Another official source partly describing the horrific kind of weapons that targeted individual courageously describe and expose (can be referred to):
    Extract from the “Common List of Military Equipment of the European Union” (Official Journal of the European Union).
    Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) systems, related or countermeasure equipment and test models, as follows, and specially designed components therefor:
    a. “Laser” systems specially designed for destruction or effecting mission abort of a target;
    b. Particle beam systems capable of destruction or effecting mission abort of a target;
    c. High power Radio Frequency (RF) systems capable of destruction or effecting mission abort of a target;
    d. Equipment specially designed for the detection or identification of, or defence against, systems specified by ML19.a. to ML19.c.;
    e. Physical test models for the systems, equipment and components, specified by ML19.;
    f. “Laser” systems specially designed to cause permanent blindness to unenhanced vision, i.e. to the naked eye or to the eye with corrective eyesight devices.
    Note 1: DEW systems specified by ML19. include systems whose capability is derived from the controlled application of:
    a. “Lasers” of sufficient power to effect destruction similar to the manner of conventional ammunition;
    b. Particle accelerators which project a charged or neutral particle beam with destructive power;
    c. High pulsed power or high average power radio frequency beam transmitters, which produce fields sufficiently intense to disable electronic circuitry at a distant target.
    Note 2: ML19. includes the following when specially designed for DEW systems:
    a. Prime power generation, energy storage, switching, power conditioning or fuel handling equipment;
    b. Target acquisition or tracking systems;
    c. Systems capable of assessing target damage, destruction or mission abort;
    d. Beam handling, propagation or pointing equipment;
    e. Equipment with rapid beam slew capability for rapid multiple target operations;
    f. Adaptive optics and phase conjugators;
    g. Current injectors for negative hydrogen ion beams;
    h. “Space qualified” accelerator components;
    i. Negative ion beam funnelling equipment;
    j. Equipment for controlling and slewing a high energy ion beam;
    k. “Space qualified” foils for neutralising negative hydrogen isotope beams.

    You can count on me for doing everything I can to defend the inherent dignity of the human person and liberate mankind.

    Courage, faith, and hope for liberation for all oppressed people.

    Dr Adam Tarel

    If you are a public official or a person acting with the authorization, support or acquiescence of any State and want to manipulate this universal declaration don’t contact me and be aware that your activity is a crime and absolutely unethical.

  • Quincy says:

    I have been a Targeted individual since 2018 and continue to be so. From 2018 – 2020 the pain has been absolutely exrutiating 24/7 in the brain, breast, productive system -bleeding . The sleep level has been close to zero on all these years.
    There is constant conversation 24/7 that occur non stop from 4-5 people in ear, through my mind/brain and implanted ideas that are not mine. They talk about their hate for me in daily basis. They discussed how they have been with me for 4 years ( remotely) and this hate is now personal. A woman remotely was heard saying that how can an ugly face like mine get a husband i have and she is heared calling a “David” ( their central where equipment of V2K are, I assume) for increase of pain in the head/brain. So the attacks have been physically and psychologically. Additionally, it sounds like my Targeting has been also, a big business opportunity for these people – the stalkers. They consider themself “street actors”.

    Since 2018 I have gone through a series of demands from these people asking me for money or asking to make deals using me.
    I am told that if I paid/pay them 40K they can take me off the computer or the Target List. Also, I hear conversation between them where one argues that they should not keep me for so long and turn off the computer as I have handled the pain for many people. One type of business from these stalkers heared is that they are using me as someone that can take the pain for anyone if the money to them is right. They seem to approach others telling them that they are in a list a target individuals by CIA and if they want to be removed off that list they need to pay certain amount. These people are told that the pain or their planned Targeted Individual will be replaced by a person of the staulkers family that is willing to go through this if the money is right. They have referred to me as a member of their family ( while I don’t even know these shitters) and I have been willing to do the program on behalf of many other people that have paid already.

    Additionally, I have heard conversation among the staulkers where some of these stalkers- were brought internationally to do the Street Actors/staulker job. But this to help them as a way to enter USA whole the USA citizens was being targeted. Some of them were even promised green card by these staulkers. I am told remotely by V2K continuously that my husband will leave me and he will marry one of them for green card. OR, i too am asked that if I marry one of them for green card I will be released from pain and removed from the list. They talk about an guaranteed ending for me . Either I will pay, marry one of them or be brain dead.

    “Keep her in , keep her longer , handicap her/brain dead” – has been heard. More money is to be made with her”.
    There was even an effort by these Staulkers that after so long as a Targeted Individuals, after so long pain, suffrage and more that they wanted to create a company of staulkers and force me to be one of them in their company. I would replace one or two staulkers of mine that no longer wanted to do work.

    This experience sounded to me like a mix of CIA Targeted program and some private criminal entity. All this makes zero sense to me. Why does CIA want to harm, hurt , upset its citizens and create room, a big gray area where all criminal work known to men to thrive.

    Why attack your citizens? Why turn people to dislike their government? Although my brain resistance to pain, feelings, sensations, nerves etc were tried and studied in many ways, I would not think that this was done for research? The organized research (supported by government) in today’s era is so productive and efficient that some serious previous death row diseases no longer represent a threat to longevity.

    Is the existence of the CIA Target program perhaps to continually test the ability in 21st century to break human psychology , ideologies or political systems? That reasoning for me does not fly either. There is no political systems in today’s world that need breaking by artificial intelligence. Systems are now broken by diplomacy or by the need of better economics. For instance, China has been and is a communist country. However, the need for better economy made it to open up to a Globalized Capitalist economy. Even the isolated communist Cuba, has now opened up to the capitalist economics.

    Why then is the need for the Target Individual Program to exist? It looks like it’s a big opportunity for the criminals and the sinister minds to thrive. It is purely a big waste cost for the government and in many ways a major cost for citizens.

    Despite of my own horrible experience as a Target Individual, I continue to love our government and this great country of ours. Nothing can shake that.
    But as a person of 21st century I want to make a point and say that the Target Induvidual Program is truly a bullshit and NO ONE HAS TIME FOR BULLSHIT. FUCK this program.
    Programs that don’t work and don’t serve to betterment of people and civilization should not be existing. The money that goes to support such program can in fact be put in to build up people – schools, education, safety and more.

  • Jordan Everest says:

    Much love from a TI in Michigan!

  • Jorge L. Vielma says:

    This torture incl. : stimulation or oppression of body systems and organs, sleep deprivation, symptoms are created – then misdiagnosed and medicated for life, our bodies are disabled, driven to suicide, with voice to skull the mind is hacked, thoughts are read, dreams inserted, subliminal messages sent, thoughts erased, the ability to learn or understand is sabotaged, all types of pornography sent, moods and states of being created. Extreme surveillance with mirrors,pc,tv, and in cars, and with our bodies hacked, the worst violation of privacy. Voice to Skull is done 24/7 to a very small % of people, it’s a clever tactic so that the general public thinks they are not affected.
    THE POLICE AND FBI are unwilling to help. We stopped slavery, the holocaust, and now we must stop Electronic Harassment. The 1% spends billions sabotaging our lives by making us sick, vandalizing property, and keeping us poor.
    1)Research: Electronic Harassment,Targeted Individual. Modes of communication are being intercepted and controlled (emails, texts, calls, facebook ,with spoofing they are stealing our money & separating families) HELP US FIND ACTIVISTS. WITH A CAMPAIGN WE CAN STOP THE WORST CRIME AND CREATE A BETTER WORLD FOR ALL
    Jorge Vielma 1167 N. Hobart Blvd. #1 Los Angeles, CA. 90029. 323-491-3662, best contact; in person.

    I am not a scientist, I am a victim, I have realized that some of the people who are claiming to help, are only interested in selling books. These people are highly educated, if they wanted to help they would have organized a campaign. Electronic Harassment is body/mind hacking, I must have a particular code that you do not and that is how they hack a particular person. Your cell phone is hacked because it has a particular code that my phone does not have. So, do you really want to help? or shall we continue rearranging furniture. I know most white people think that they are not affected, the Havana syndrome will bring you back to reality. Send the Havana syndrome victims my flyer. I am an activist working for our families, including yours.

  • Richael Edwards says:

    I’ve been a T.I. for 8 Years 7 months and 24 days. Im on my way out meaning im dieing. I live here in San Diego. Im being burned in my private parts for 24hiyrs a day. Im being told from the many voices that hunt me like prey. They tell m with excitement that ” I have been expired with our a pussy and no we’re to go. I am so scared and have no resources to help me escape from my assassin’s. They have no compassions nor remorse. Im Loving and caring person. My heart hurts with sorrows to be the one in this pain felt experience. This needs to be dropped. Justice needs to be done. Help please help. They are burning my liver as I write this. Im so scared im hurting. OMG,

  • Rebecca Sasser says:

    I am a TI and victim for over a year now and I need help, immediately. Please contact me if you know of any resources or can relate in any manner. 561-801-1600. My goal is to build a case and report it to the police and FBI. Rebecca

  • Katie Chastain says:

    My name is Katie, I am 23 years old, and I am not a T.I, but I do need help. My husband, Dustin(26y/o), has been having slightly similar symptoms to all this that I’ve read, and he is Hell bent that he is absolutely, 100% sure that he is a Targeted Individual, but I have SEVERAL questions on how to tell the difference between if it’s actually him being targeted or if it’s really a mental disorder..
    This isn’t me saying I don’t believe him, but I have plenty of logical reason to not knock the fact that he could actually just be one of the people who was accidentally influenced into the real T.I’s direction. Dustin and I have been together for 7 years. It’s been a ROUGH 7 years. We’ve been drug through it over a lot of things and overcome a lot of unnecessary obstacles in our lives both together and even before then. In 7 years, Dustin was always a HARD worker, and I mean absolutely goal driven. He was always trying to come up with business ideas even
    while he was keeping his nose on the grindstone. When he’d get home, he would nap in his chair a for a bit or play and talk with our son, then after I’d cook and we would eat, he would sit and read on his phone about different things but it was always something scientific, or something about the universe, or the secrets of the Ancients, and especially any and all conspiracies and things like that. Dustin is VERY smart. He’s pretty above average smart. This guy soaks up the information like a sponge and retains it well, however that could also be his downfall, because sometimes where his “genius” is concerned, so is his ego, which brings me to why I need to figure all of this out and know the difference between really being targeted and just having a mental crisis.
    Dustin hasn’t had any issues like these at all up until late September into early October of 2020. The only mental diagnosis he’s ever had was Multiple Personality Disorder when he was a teenager, but mental illnesses do run in his family heavily, though he refuses to believe there is a possibility he could also have those issues. His mother is Manic Depressive, his brother hears voices, has since he was little and, also once had a tendency to black out and sometimes violent. That’s only two family members, there are 6 more I know of who also suffer from mental illnesses. Dustin’s started with a ringing in his ears, specifically his left if I remember correctly, and over the months in progressively got worse with the addition of this electric shock kind of feeling that basically started right where his spine and skull are connected. We’ve done an MRI, hes had xrays, but he refuses to even TRY mental medication and help just to see if it would make it stop. If somebody could please try and give me some kind of answers, I’d so greatly appreciate it. Our son misses his Daddy. Even though hes with us every day from not being able to focus long enough to work, he’s still so busy listening and talking to these voices in his head that he’s basically nonexistent. Our son needs his daddy back. Please help us.

  • Jeff Weiss says:

    Please contact me, I have some very important info for you…

  • Marina says:

    About a Project in Sweden, in wich we are exposed to and test objects in an human experiment approved and performed by Swedish government, MUST – military intelligence, US government, CIA- central intelligence agency.

    This Experiment, including AI, 5G is performed with the companies behind this inventions and surveillance systems. Microsoft is highly involved. It started at the same time they udated the surveillance system and started up 5G in Uppsala.

    The test itself is similar to MKULTRA/and or “monarch programming” it involves brainreading, transmission of sound, pain, fear, stress, and sexual abuse, and also infections. Also different types of “drug related feelings, both mentally and physically”

    It is mind control studies and behavior science. One, or two, of the scientist is Dr Adli Abouzeedan, Thomas Hedner, Sahlgrenska Institute Sweden. And also some American institutions in Science. The mind control part is very similar to some of the ones from MKultra, Phoenix, and so called “Monarch” This is a FACT. Now when the threat from east once again is in focus this is probably the upgrade version of old projects. And Sweden is a country well placed for this experiment. And with a on surface, good looking system. Nothing could ever happen here, right? One angle is to understand, change how criminals or “misfits” behave or think, and an other is to gather objects for the military intelligence. Form/mold/slave them into agents for their cause. With the new technology it IS possible.

    And this is happening to us now. We are almost locked in, in our own bodies. Like puppets on strings…

    I will try to explain… Februari 2020

    First we “freeze” and the terror/fear and mixed feelings begins. In the beginning of this we don’t even know what’s going on. Later we loose our mind when we become incapable of functioning normally, pain, toothache, chestpain, insomnia, noises, smell, taste and emotions that don’t fit in, sounds, voices (like screams from children getting hurt) Then it suddenly gets quite instead.. . And we walk around scared of it to come back… or relieved that its gone away… Then it comes back again. After some months of this the psychosis is a fact. Some, me at least, went to psychiatric hospital for one week in May 2020. Then it was quite again… For some months.

    You start rebuild your life again, getting in touch with old friends. That’s the time I discovered it was not just me. Because others I knew/know where behaving similar, more or less conscious of it. I tried to find explanations, reasons for this. And I’m quite strong willed and intelligent so this didn’t make sense. But the truth, I was not even close back then. Still busy of getting my life back in order I decided to put it aside.

    In november 2020 it came back. But this time it was worse. All of the above things happening again but with voices, guidance, telling you things no one could possibly know about you or your family and really not in an friendly way. And with all the other ingredients I wrote above it is like you stop exist, almost. The “brainwashing” part is stressful. Your mind and body tries to figure out how to make it stop, but still when you decide to do something your body responds to the “puppet masters” and your thoughts feels tranquilized or retarded…so you don’t get anywhere. It involving sexual abuse sounds… strange sensations or rape and you get sick to the core of your being. The voices tells you to do things to your self. The fear of pain and stress or also the lack of control and some subconscious willingness makes you perform these actions to your self. It scares me though because I know it also involves talks about performing them to others. I can feel the difference but others might not. In this stage I realized I could hear and recognize “some of the others” Or especially one. And tried to contact him outside this “box” by text, he responded extremely strange when I wrote about normal stuff. And also about this. But it kept on going… Isolation. Many ritualistic things from “the voices” during the nights… and the fact is that the technology makes it VERY physical. If they say that they slowly “sticks” a knife inside your back you feel it, not as much as I imagine it would in real life, but you feel it… They can pinch your lungs or hart. Make your pulse go nuts and give you severe headaches, diarrhea and nausea… this goes on and on. And somehow you learn to “live” with this. Survival mode… no one believes you if you say anything anyway. Or you commit suicide… the guidance is also very strange. Nothing makes sense. Also the fact that trough all of this you get the subconscious message that you are “chosen for something”…. In the summer of 2021, my friend responded in texts in a way who made me finally know for a fact that he was in this mess to. And therefore I knew that some of the others voices and feelings of hurt where from real persons.
    But it seemed like my friend sometimes acted/responded on “the voices” side. Pushing me to do as I was told. Knowing his character it makes no sense. And it made me even more angry/hurt at the time. (but we all do as they tell us from time to time, to avoid the pain or escaping, put an end to it! )
    I started to investigate more things like this, on my own. I am an curious person and into politics, psychology and “the way of the world” in a quite left-wing way so I knew that it was something more then just a bunch of hackers or satanic groups involved.
    But here’s about now. I can not do as they tell me. And will not be a “slave” or work for them after this. It’s also many people that don’t have the will power, knowledge or self-esteem in this right now that are crackling down, giving up, loosing their mind.
    I have turned MUST, SÄPO, police, CIA, Microsoft, FBI. Asking them for help and threatening them to stop. Also written to UN, Human rights Defenders, Amnesty International, different Universities and Institutions and also the scientists above.
    Fact is that one of them, DR Adli Abouzeedan, called me in the middle of this a while ago, out of nowhere, and talked about my life and family. And about becoming part of his private group/cult. Chosen ones. Turned him down.
    Anyway… here we are. I sound crazy. I am not. I have written at least 50 mails by now. Government gave me and the others away to experimenting on?! One of them was my son, he was 8 at the time it began. Now he is 10. They use/used him to. Stress, chestpain, personality changing… and of course the worry. But lately they calmed that part down.
    Might be because I started to write about this. Might be we can get out of this. Might be you answer me…
    I am “strong”, but not all the others. Some gets used, only emotionally and get their brains read for science purposes without even knowing about it. One of those purposes is to bombard us others with it. Their thoughts and their emotions. This is advance technical science used in a bad way. Some loose their minds and gets dropped out of this, I know one who hurt someone else and got thrown in jail, and have reason to believe someone was killed, by suicide, for sure, and some lost their selves and became part of some agency. Doing this to others… Or whatever they will be used for after this. Used… for what? Humanity…
    I sick of this. I will not stop.
    I will write the name of the ones I know of in this, the “chosen” ones or the used, for someone to see so at least it was written somewhere.

    Iman Jahanshahi, Uppsala, Sweden (b. 83-12-03)
    Joachim Borg, Uppsala, Sweden ( b. 83-03-02)
    Emil Jansson, Uppsala, Sweden
    Riccard Nyberg, Uppsala, Sweden (b. 84-01-20)
    Mikael Kvarneå, Uppsala, Sweden (b. 71-12-26)
    Rami (don’t know his full name or nr)
    Hicham (don’t know his full name or nr)
    Me: Marina Robbstål Söderström, Uppsala (b. 81-01-28 5081)
    My son: Hans Jakob ivan Söderström, Uppsala (b2011-07-28 8498)

    Then we have all my family and relatives who ben not knowing or knowing some of it. They have listened and felt confused, they have believed I am nuts, or that the world is, they have seen me loose my son, struggeling to get him back, they have lost their faith in me or the system we live in…
    They have been hurt! And they have been used! And their emotions and reactions have been used to hurt me even more…
    How can this be ok. It’s not. I know. But it’s happening.
    Help me to solve this and help the others, their familys and all of us. I am trying.
    My phone nr (+46) 073-572 55 95

  • David T Voigts says:


    I’m a former naval officer and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. I worked in electronics warfare and nuclear engineering as a Surface Warfare Officer.

    The TI program is very real. It’s an offshoot of the state’s counterintelligence apparatus and is perpetrated by both state actors and private intelligence firms staffed by revolving door psychological warfare operators.

    Most developed nations have some version of this program and there’s extensive documentation of the East German Stasi’s psychological warfare program that it ran on its own citizens in the 70s and 80s. There’s a movie titled ‘The Lives of Others’ that fictionalizes the Stasi’s Zersetzung tactics.

    The same sorts of schemes are done here in the US and the Harvey Weinstein case is a prime example. Weinstein spent incredible amounts of money to fund contracts for private investigators and private intelligence firms to stalk his accusers. Weinstein’s lawyer David Boies acted as a cut out and the attorney-client privilege was used to conceal Weinstein’s attack. Ronan Farrow’s New Yorker articles “Harvey Weinstein’s Army of Spies,” and “A Private Mossad for Hire” details how the attack was planned and executed. There’s also a new film titled ‘Untouchable’ that’s available on YouTube.

    Likewise the FBI Boston case against several former eBay executives and employees demonstrates how corporations will launch similar attacks. Those eBay executives targeted a Natick, Ma couple who sometimes criticized eBay in their online newsletter. Had there not been two of them targeted, then they would have been successfully labelled delusional or paranoid schizophrenic personalities and their claims of abuse would have been dismissed. CBS Boston covered FBI Boston’s press conference announcing that indictment and the video is up on YouTube.

    Also, the Chinese Communist Party perpetrated a similar attack on some of it’s expats here in the US. The ‘Operation Foxhunt Virtual Press Conference’ is available on the Justice Department webpage. Additionally, Leah Remini’s show ‘Scientology and the Aftermath’ features former perpetrators, their targets, and the private investigators that were hired to stalk and harass critics of Scientology. The show is available on A&E and Netflix. Alex Gibney’s “Going Clear Scientology and the Prison of Belief” details many of the same stories.

    The gist of the attack on Targeted Individuals is an attack that mirrors what Weinstein, Scientology, or the eBay executives perpetrated with the added use of the Havana Syndrome weapons. As I stated above, I worked in electronics warfare and I assure you that these weapons exist. Not only that, the people who developed those weapons include professionals from the mental health industry, and some of them are the ones who are trotted out to say such claims are a sign of mass hysteria or a mass delusion. The Ewen Cameron story describes how that was done in the past.

    Any ordinary person who is attacked with the Havana Syndrome weapons will almost certainly be discredited as a paranoid schizophrenic personality. The mental health community has no reference in their educational canon that allows them to think otherwise. That’s by design. Looking at the Ewen Cameron story, we learn that he was the president of the American Psychiatric Association, Canadian Psychiatric Association, and other such organizations. He was also a notorious CIA MKULTRA researcher who committed some heinous experiments at McGill University in Montreal.

    And so it is with the current programs. Anyone who tries to speak up about the abuse is systematically discredited and destroyed. Many of the media outlets on the right are finally understanding part of what’s going on. Dave Portnoy just did an interview on FoxNews last night. He’s been targeted with a character assassination campaign and he’s speaking up about it. The video is on the FoxNews YouTube channel Similarly, the term ‘cancel culture’ has become ubiquitous, and is a symptom that points to the much darker Targeted Individual program.

    All in all, the mental health clinicians kinda need to catch up. I think that in the west, we are just a little bit naive about the state’s counterintelligence capability. And I’ve often wondered if how we pay mental health professionals plays a role in this doubt and/or outright institutional gaslighting of TI’s that we are seeing play out. I’d bet if TI’s funded some sweet consulting gigs for mental health professionals, then they would actually listen to what these victims are saying for once. If FBI Boston can solve the case against the eBay executives, then they could certainly solve several hundred of the cases that the TI’s have been subjected to, because the crime shares some of the same tactics. All that would be needed to prove it out is for a few mental health people to put such claims ‘in dispute’ and allow law enforcement to investigate some of these cases.

  • bobbi peitsch says:

    Anytime you want some hard network evidence and MRIs of non consenting test subjects let me know, we have them including RF scans confirming these medical devices placed into us communicate on the IoT of things, we are slaves.

    We are experiments of DoD of united States (found on my email addresses routing):

    We are experiments of DoD of united States (found on my email addresses routing):

  • Andy martin says:

    I am a 20 year v2k rnm victim , also surveillance abuse, and torture , brutality victim . The corrupt law officials are still to this day abusing surveilence and condusivley misusing v2k while abusing surveilence, threatening me 24-7 .ect

  • MIRIAM777 says:

    Havana Syndrome Equality Act

  • Linda says:

    Message for Dr. Duncan:
    Dear, please help my friend Jitka Kysova, Czech Republic. She feels she is in some game, and people around play game with her-they stalk her and she is emotional tortured – an extreme surge of emotion is either crying or yelling, from 2019. Thank you

  • Travis Reese says:

    Good to see this finally getting attention. Been happening since at least 2011 in multiple countries. I got mk ultra vibes,, where they take everything you know r belive and make you doubt it with bits of information you can’t disprove to the point where your not sure who your parents are anymore. They disorient and unravel you first. Then it’s an interrogation, Ala “the infinity chamber”, but in your home. Can’t say for sure but mine took 4 or 5 months. Took a couple months after that til I could read properly.

    Most are guilty of sex crimes, violence against women, or similarly heinous crimes. They don’t care if you kill yourself, I belive its a goal. They want you to self isolate. Stop working. Stop going out. I belive you to be done when you’re at the same mental state Red(think that’s his name, Morgan freeman from the shawshank redemption)was in when they let him out. Dead, inside and out.

    If you wanna see something really cool, don’t give up for a decade and find professionals who are in on it. York hospital and Brook Glen behavioral facility(york,pa and I think Lansdale, pa or just outside) both had people helping on the inside. All they gotta do is flash a badge and say you’ve committed heinous crimes and the docs are happy to help. Woke up in each facility in the middle of the night with a needle in me. Check the hospitals. I’m sure they won’t get specific, but they’ll talk.

    Oh, back to the cool stuff. My first like ATTACK ATTACK, started with what I assume spec ops does when they raid a terrorist home. It’s like a mental flash-bang. See what kinda state your in and if you’re armed. After that my phone was hijacked. Made it so I put headphones on and put the phone close to my face. Camera flashed and I git a weird audio zap which I believe to be “compressed audio” or something like that. I watched a video on YouTube about it(might not really be there though. They can change whatever they want on the fly) Your brain tries to unpack it when you sleep. Had a vivid dream of getting an internal organ massage and woke feeling as if I’d slept with an angel.. They can make you see anything they want. I also communicated with what I belive to be an advanced AI. They use ai during the torture phase as well, but it’s kinda dumb and it’s when they aren’t actively working. Its more like an algorithm. The beautiful stranger who visited me later called it being babbled. Whole purpose is to shut you up til they are finished with everyone. It was the most beautiful story ever told, perfect. All I had to do was sit around and wait. And all my dreams come true. There’s a guy on YouTube(Terry Joel junior), he’s not very bright and a bit difficult to listen too but he’s been posting for years. Get a pro on him, watch what that say. He’s sorta confessed his crimes to the whole world . I see a theme with that. There is actually a movie just released(with a slightly different plot line) guys kidnapped, beaten, and forced to confess to murdering a women.

    I won’t get into the second attack. If you think what I’ve written so far is off the wall, you’d feel doubly so for this one. All I’ll say is that telepathy is different from the the audio of the first two sections. Whomever that gentleman was who said “any piece of sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” was on to something. Oh, blurry faced people, Esteban Santiago, and jussie smollette. Thanks for reading. Have a good one. If you care to learn more, you have my email.

  • Yvette willis says:

    ******Thank you, I think I love you.
    Heavily targeted 60+ years ******

  • Ben Collins says:

    I am a targeted individual as well… Dr. Randall Cullen knows my stalkers and is my stepfather…

  • Todd Thomas says:

    I am a targeted individual and have uncovered names in which I know for sure and look into Regina Dugan, once who was the first woman director of DARPA. Then went to Facebook, building 8, who says that she can type 100 words a minute in your brain, then Google, now LinkedIn. And there’s also general Alexander who was the director of the NSA who now sits on the board of Amazon who just got a 10 million dollar contract from you guessed it the NSA

  • Anto says:

    I’m trying to start a vocals supporting group for TI s 8573856992

  • Pearson says:

    I am a victim because I had the audacity to visit my husband who was stationed in Egypt in Dec 2001. My trip had been booked and purchased prior to Sep 2001. I have been the victim of crimes against me by NSA folks at Ft Gordon and Robins AFB along with Af OSI and civilian contractors working directly for them. Aircraft fly over my home at very low altitude rocking the foundation. Laser like beams that I call electronic projectiles rain down on my home and person. Satellite beams and pulses enter my home, they even recently had the satellite follow me to Jamaica. I am defamed and harassed. I have credible evidence I am willing to share.

  • Pearson says:

    I am a victim of NSA and FBI attached to FT Gordon and Robins AFB. Harassment, defamation, what I call electronic projectiles, unmarked civilian and military aircraft fly at extremely low altitude over my home rocking the foundation. OSI follow me to doctors appointment on base. High EMF at work and now at home. Misconduct by OSHA, IG, FAA, COX and others. I have loads of evidence for anyone who wants it.

  • Pearson says:

    Why do you keep deleting my comment?

    • admin says:

      Didn’t delete it. Hadn’t yet approved it because of the holidays.

  • Gayle says:

    I have a neighbor in her mid 60’s that has changed into someone I barely recognize. Two years ago she had a mild stroke but quickly bounced back. The trouble began after she had a car accident last year. She had a badly broken ankle that required surgery. While I was visiting her the day after her surgery, she insisted the accident was a set-up to kill her. (It wasn’t. I was on the scene before the ambulance arrived, and spoke to an officer and several witnesses who saw her run into the back of a truck stopped at a red light.) I was taken aback, but attributed it to her pain medication. There were no more incidents until she was in physical therapy. There she met a man I’ll call “Bob”. Bob was in PT after a knee replacement and she developed a bit of an infatuation with him. Although polite, he clearly did not return these affections. When she returned home, she said he began sending her messages. I was happy for her until she clarified those messages were in the form of different color vehicles passing by her house. No visits, phone calls, or text messages occurred between them, but she was insistent that it was only a matter of time until Bob would come to her door and sweep her off feet. It was disturbing, but it seemed harmless and she was happy. Then, it was as if a switch was flipped. Suddenly, Bob was an evil narcissist billionaire that had strung her along and betrayed her. (He wasn’t a billionaire and he seemed very nice during the PT sessions they shared) Now she believes he has hired a legion of stalkers to harass her. Suddenly…Random people in crowds are watching and talking about her, people are moving things in her and our other neighbor’s yards at night, cars follow her to and from anywhere she goes, and the nearby train sounds it horn at night just to disturb her sleep. None of these things are happening. We have security cameras that capture no one, on a recent trip the white Chevy Tahoe behind us in traffic was to her indistinguishable from the white F-150 that followed us to our exit, and the train has always operated 24/7. But to her they are VERY real and so is her suffering. I feel like I’m constantly walking on a minefield. I don’t want to encourage her delusions but I fear hurting her if I try to have a discussion with her. She cut her only child out of her life for doing the same. She was never just a neighbor, she was also a close friend. I’m using the past tense because I sometimes feel as if my friend died. I suppose that’s selfish because its clearly not something she can help. Am I enabling her by not confronting her? Am I being selfish because I know confronting her will end our friendship? Any advice for those of us on the other side of this?

    In closing, I’d like to offer my thanks to the professionals who approach this with genuine compassion. I wish more laypeople understood that whether or not these things are happening to people, their suffering is all too real.

  • Melissa A Winfield says:

    I’m so glad l finally found this site it is real this been going on for 4 years and everyone thought l was crazy l also live in Texas

  • Paul garrett says:

    I’m being targeted by bell shaped craft and disc with orbs and specters band blue being that turned black with red eyes . They searched my property and then brain cavity where I had made a work h

  • Paul garrett says:

    Work bench where I was working on my clean energy blueprints.m 909 east cherry street alma Arkansas 72921 4793528422.. phones shutdown and local military base and fbi refuse to answer

  • Maria says:

    I think it is very important to develop protocols to distinguish between mental illness and TIs distress. Both are real, and the attacks on TIs are tailored to look like a mental illness. On the other hand, it is normal that psychological damage is done to TIs, inducing them to distorted thoughts and paranoia.

  • Dean Krugman says:

    I just want to say everything those people described is dead on to what is really being done for real. This is by all kinds of places and people and some just to see what they can do to the test subject. Sad part is most m people think the subjects are mentally ill and it is not really as the subject describes that they were experiencing inside their bodies. that alone tears the persons mental state apart and brings on severe depression and some thoughts of suicide in most subjects every time that they are not believed. Some days it is everything one can do to not go thru with it just to be free of the torment and the humiliation of others. Totally feel like a hostage and a prisoner at all times which adds to the mental distruction the subject is living with all alone usually!!! The world is truly evil for sure!!!

  • Maria says:

    Some time ago, the claims of mind-reading technology were seen as far-fetched. Not today. There are experiments published done in rats. There is human experimentation, that is illegal and secret?

  • supaporn Lueang-aramwong says:

    I am a targeted individual as well in Norway

  • NarNar says:

    Hi, I’m a target since August 2020. I just wanna share all my experience regarding RNM and V2k. I don’t know if this things are happening to you guys, but I’m going to tell detailed information about their techniques and pattern in making me miserable. I’ll surely appreciate if you copy this post, because I know theres a high chance that this post will be brought down by fake ti’s lurking to stop getting they’re information of torture leaking out. And also I’ll just be telling my experiences, if someone says otherwise or try to argue, then that’s a perp 100%. Well I mean you guys already know how perps does things anyway. I just wanna tell about my experience.

    Detailed info: (I’m calling they’re pattern some nicknames)

    1. High tech talkbot- I’m not sure if some you didn’t notice this yet or you all already did but I don’t see anyone talk’n about it. I’ve already seen it once commented in some random site.
    They’re using a bot not all the time, but I think most of the time. I realize it’s true because of it always repeat the same phrase, same emotion. It’s possible to observe someone 24/7 using shifts of people, but it’s impossible to repeat a phrase with same intonation and same emotion all the time. Also it’s reaction base on your thoughts. Most of the time their reaction only take like 0.5-1sec sometime less when you thought of something they need to react. In which you take a longer time to react with what their saying. Just try to observe and you’ll find out eventually when your talking to a bot or a perp. (ps: idk why people don’t talk about this a lot, I think its a crucial information, because i’ve also having a hard time against this bots at first but now that I can tell when it’s a perp or a bot, it’s now manageable.)

    2. Peek-a-boo – it’s a pattern when you they narrate what your doin or stay silent then when you felt uncomfortable, or think of something special with something, they’re just gonna bombard you with words. It’s like they’re just waiting for you to get a mistake then blast you with their words. What I’m doin in this time, is I just did what I’m doin. And keep in my mind that they’re just distracting you. Finding some words to say. I just personally think they’re doin this when they ran out of ideas.

    3. Talkshow – it’s when they use other voices of people you’ve known saying bad things about you.
    In my case I notice they’ll do it when I’m not responding in their same patterns, this always catch me off guard, because you won’t expect whos voice they’re gonna use next or you sometimes you’ll just get curious. My tip is just don’t get curious and always remember no matter how convincing, their fake voices, always.

    4. The Q and A- it’s when two or more people having a conversation, one is asking and one is answering. The questions are all about you of course, then the answer will be their some kind of evaluation of you. Of course it’s always negative. Just don’t get affected much by this. Just try to endure giving a reaction, because when you does, they’re gonna escalate it. So they’ll just have something to talk about. In my case it’s easy to endure now, because they’re just repeating what they already said.

    5. The cerebrum (from X-Men) – it’s when they saying that theyll kill every person I’m thinking and they’ll blame me for it. Saying that it’s your fault. There are also times when I’ll hear someone crying or getting beat up then they’ll say, of course “it’s all your fault”. What I do in these times, is just ignore them and because I already know they’re gonna what they’re gonna say at the end is it quite easier. The thing they say at the end is always “it’s all your fault” or some phrase with that meaning.

    6.Radio Talkshow – it’s a variation of cerebrum where when you think of a person, they’ll say that person also a perp. And they’re they’ll copy the person’s voice it’s like the “talkshow” (see number 3) but the voice is not random and the person you thought of, is playing as one of them. Well maybe their real perp or not but the voice you’ll hear is 100% fake, because of one factor, that is the timing, they can see our thoughts, control our thoughts but they can’t predict who and what will be thinking next. Unless of course your stuck in the middle of their brainwashing. (I’ll talk about the effect the effect of their brainwashing on me later.)

    7. Prince Charming – it something that I just experience recently, and a new addition to the information of pattern their using. It’s when they’ll wake you up in the middle of the night then say the usual stuff, then of course you’ll sleep again, then they’ll e wake you up again, repeating the same process.

    8. Galaxy Invaders – when they invade my mind and they want me to be careful of what I’m thinking.

    Sample: if you think of something they don’t like, they’ll react like “what did you say?” in an angry voice and talk like they’re the victim of the thing that you thought about.

    I just remember it’s my mind, they don’t have a say about what I think. Don’t let them think that they own your thoughts. They’re the Invaders. If they want to hear good thing then they should just watch YouTube about birds and unicorns.

    9. Goalkeeping – it when they block of anything I decide to do. They say anything to make me lose interest or motivation if I decide to do anything. Just like when I’m doing this post. They’re currently threatening me to stop what I’m doing.

    10. Careless Whisper – they’ll say something bad then when you repeat it they’ll said they never said anything. They will escalate it as if it’s my own thought. They will say anything to insist that it’s my thought. I cope with this by just trying to ignore, this is really frustrating.

    11. Page Turner – when I’m thinking of something they’ll try to change the topic to their advantage

    Sample : I’m thinking of something to make the bot to say something funny because I realize it’s repeating my thoughts that time and they’ll bombard me of bad thoughts they want me to think about.

    I deal with it just continuing what I’m thinking, I realize that they can’t control you if you focus on something.

    12. The Stock Market – its when they trying to keep my hopes up that I’m progressing at what I’m doing then they’ll bring me down.

    Sample : when I’m making this, they’re saying that they’re other target just read my first post and they’re having a hard time because of it. Then they said that it’s not true then laugh.

    Never believe any positive word they’ll say, if they say some positive things, always expect they’re planning something.

    13. Skill cancel (games preference)- they interrupt any thoughts I’m having saying ” shut up, we already know you”. At first I’m agitated, I mean they’re the ones invading my mind then they’ll want me shut up. Now I’ll just ignore them and try to focus on what I’m doing.

    14. Time Travel – they say anything regarding about your mistakes so that you’ll think about it. Then when you do, they’ll bombard you with words so that you’ll feel miserable.

    It’s their pattern that they use on me

    1.They talk to make me think of bad thoughts.
    2.they escalate the bad thoughts and bombard you with thoughts.

    I just try to remember one thing, that if they won’t talk, I won’t think of bad thoughts. That means I’m thinking of bad thoughts, not because of me, it because of them.
    “No V2k no bad thoughts.” I suggest if this is happening to you too just remember that “No V2k no bad thoughts” it not your fault your thinking bad, it’s them.

    The effect of their brainwashing:

    The effect on me is making me, think of bad thing about anyone or anything, at first I’ll just think of anything bad about anything, even when I’m just watching YouTube, saying things like “that guys ugly, I hate how he/she talks,” it’s worst when you theyve let me see a perp, then I’ll think of something bad, then theylle escalate it like the person is not a perp, then they’ll play the victim or something. I don’t think I got over it but I just got used to it. Being brainwash is really hard but I think when you got use to it, it’s bearable, and I can endure it a little right now compare to at first. If this kind of brainwashing is happening to you too, just remember that they like to play the victim and if they can hear your thoughts, they’re a perp no EXCEPTION. So don’t feel guilty if you think of something bad about a person and the person react, that means that guys a perp.

    Conclusion :

    I just wanna share this detailed information to all ti’s it’s just little information like the “tip of an iceberg” if you also have some information about what their patterns please share it also so that when someone encounter it, They can endure it, and won’t fall for their emotional traps.

  • Bern says: in the North West Uk on the coast have been targeted since mid 2018..the electronic harassment started in late October 2019 was woken an early morning with what I believe was an EMF burn to my foot..and several layers of tinnitus..I didn’t sleep for the next three nights because of the pain..
    It seems the burn is acting as some form of catalyst and an entry point for ongoing attacks which fluctuate daily..
    Pain killers and sleeping tablets help a little!
    With malicious technology constantly developing it seems now that “DNA frequency profiling is evidence from fairly extended research Ive done..then radar assisted tech directed energy locate and attack the victim..
    I’ve re located three times in 18 months but the attacks just follow..the GS operaters it seems now coerce victims neighbour’s into this criminality!
    Ultimately I learned that many Ti’s have what I call “overseas life/insurance covertly arranged on them..then the “slow dagger” process takes pursuit!
    I believe I know who is behind my pursuit which goes back many years to some unpleasant spurious Uk plc company matter I was involved these “criminals” have the high tech to target me.
    On a positive thought I think the “Havana Syndrome” has opened a nessasary can of worms to give exposure to this brutality..
    regards to all B

  • Milly says:

    Hi Narnar, yes, I experienced similar patterns. Never heard voices, but yes intrusive websites, ads, people sabotaging me, people talking each other about topics that distressed me or about me.

  • Paul garrett says:

    Anyone have any advice on attorney group or athority group? I was told local prosecuting attorney was paid off and he blew me off when I called and local police just laugh.. Ive contacted Bradford Neil ivy by mail and today contacted military police.. tired of this Thule occult attack and theft operation being allowed to continue

  • JS says:

    These podcasts speak a lot of truth. Feel free…

  • Milly says:

    I am so grateful about this forum. I know now I was victim of doxing. Suddenly, so unrelated people attacking you based on what they know about you, can only be explained by being converted in a public target.

  • Carlton M Byrd says:

    Thank you so very much for this wonderfully written, very informative article. I’m also a targeted individual. I was awakened to my targeting in the summer of 2018. Initially, my bedroom walls would vibrate and I would get very sleepy. (I don’t experience that aspect of my targeting very much anymore.)

    My targeting mainly consists of me being followed (stalked) everywhere I go. To this very day, in the year 2022. I’m followed to churches, libraries, health clubs, grocery stores, banks, post offices, parks, restaurants, medical establishments, etc.

    I’m comforted immensely by reading my Holy Bible and reading a book that I’d purchased back in the summer of 2018. The book is entitled, ‘Treading On Serpents’ by Tina Plakinger.

    My faith in God has sustained me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This entire experience has drawn me closer to God. I also find comfort in online chat groups.

    Here is a link to a video that can give others an understanding of just how worldwide targeting and gang stalking has become.

    God bless you for writing and sharing this article.

    Carlton M. Byrd

  • Paul Garrett says:

    Thank you from alma Arkansas as well.. I have filed fbi military police and local police and have attorney working on my case file aswell.. helps to know a few people know what the “men in black/timeline police” are capable of and doing

  • Paul Garrett says:

    Ok moderators…I need legal help with this can y’all contact me in private… 479 352 8422….

  • Paul Garrett says:

    Anyone know Katie cook

  • Paul Garrett says:

    Anyone know where the people in fedoras and grey suits office is where they park their panel trucks at? Those are the people I need to get in contact with.

  • Paul Garrett says:

    I’ve been turned into a portal in alma Arkansas.. cattle mutilation by power pole 8-12 behind John balentines property. specters/ fairies or lizard people and orbs with blue person in blue flame turned black with red eyes I pulled 2:swords out of my arms after a mysterious pool and fountain of water and then a cave with many shelves… I was raped by being I couldn’t see..Was forced out of my body with astral projection and penial glad at which time I circled the earth and then went out of solar system to a pink cloud where I sat for a minute and placed a stone beside me. then got up and found a black hole that I hovered over before returning to Earth… My mind was stretched out to black hole for about 2 years.. during this time my body was used as a portal while small being in my brain searched for a work bench I had formed to design Blueprints.. I received a email from Chad larue with 1,000,000 bit coins but blue spiritual space ship also in my brain contested to cell phone while it was being hacked … When I was finally released from out space inside my brain it resembled “Spaceballs the movie” going plan… Many names were used but not sure of everything because I was being hypnotized every nite.. was followed out of ft smith by 2 men in fedoras and a black panel truck slowly drove by my house when this started band spiritual being said they were a swat team.. I’ve contacted everyone I can think of but including mufon report Bradford Neil ivy.. fbi ,ic3, police report , military police along with AG but haven’t gotten any response back.. I’m still in contact with being and craft that threatened my 12 year old daughter with same thing if I didn’t accept this responsiblity my self.. I worried and being assaulted 24 hours a day.. can you please help me with info on who to contact to get my story out there.. Mr gulkey in alma printer shop works with newspaper but refused to help… I’m not going to attack people like they seem to want…

    Paul Garrett 1 479 352 8422

    909 east cherry street
    Alma, ar 72921

    1 479 632 3770…
    I willing to talk to anyone about what has gone on

  • Jason W. says:

    I need contact info on how to report myself being a targeted Individual for almost 4 years now. Which at the beginning was told to the FBI. Then the NSA later on the DIA. I’ve also at the beginning filled out a targeted Individual Complaint form and sent it to the ABA.

  • Paul Garrett says:

    Really helps having other people that know what’s going on

  • Angela Cochran says:

    Targeted individual in Dalton Ga. I have Havana Syndrome. This game they are playing with peoples lives IS SICK!! ITS HEARTBREAKING TO HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS TORTURE ALONE. THEN TO BE LABELED CRAZY. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LAND OF THE FREE.?????

  • Magnolia says:

    I am also a TI but in Austria, EU. Few years ago I began hearing poeple commenting about me as I walked down the streets, lots of laughters, screamings,,,sounded like a vulgo….everywhere I went to. Really awful and stupid at the same way. What was so amusing? after some reasoning I camte to the conclusion, some people must have been observing me in my room, so I was exposed by others in ordert to be rediculized by others in the town. As some people pssed me by I heard comments about facebook and the poor woman…kind of gossips from the pople here…austrians or foreigns. I did not realize I was being chased by others in a social media..I did not even know this kind of atrocities do really existed being an IT, gangs stalking…voice to skull.-all that sponsored by military an goverments. Now after all this mess, I am hearing voices non stop, into my head but also external vocies out on the street,,,on the bus…etc. I hear like a group of women with acents speaking during peoples conversations…which makes you believe it truly comes from people around me…as they were attacking me…or participating on this harrassment. Recently as I was wating for the bus, I saw a couple of juoung migrants laghing and talking lod on the street…as they were near to me…I claerly heard the following: older, shit, you are older, you are heater…as they got in the bus…kept laughing…and looking each otther…strange…..actually I could record what their conversation and I hear the same ….!! . That was the beginning of all this atrocity against me ….you are older, this or that….old woman comenting I was too old in order to live in a student resident…I once hear from an old woman, was that all would be creuel for her.
    The voices I am hearing say, my thoughts my life is beeing broacsted to the public in the city I live in, lots of people can recognize me..they want me to go away, all these are just poor devils participating on this project…to get me old…sick and vanisched from Austria….Sometimes I see people kicking on the bus stop…or moving their legs…or making signs…or migrant girls moving their foots making like circles…as they were massaging something…some pig girls…sit down with their legs wide open…really strange…..I heard that also…she is opened…which made lots of women hear a big joy…. I can not believe all the time I was being spyed and hated by lots of people and I did not realized about this…after finding information about this horrible crime against human rights…..To all these pig girls and bastards who are probably spying on me right now…you can eat the whole shit Germanys!!!
    Yo wont ever could embarrase or damage honest good willed people, not being like you!

  • Diane says:

    Kitty cat spy audio two-way spy technology mockery/copied now? but was used internally for real spy cats, animals during the war…
    what about audio cell phone or stereo (Not ear buds) all totally inside the teeth and or gums and under skin invisible audio 2-way implants?
    Talked about them, how they work at an implantable communications technology device on the marked now technology show something also on but don’t quote me P.B.S.?
    By the way do they do investigations crime in USA with that kind of stuff now with permission anywhere anyplace or with drones? What about scams …. exploitations. Phishing, fraud and set you ups? Is that the answer maybe?

  • Kathy Stephens says:

    I am a TI. I am being Targeted as a whistleblower. But, by the very people who are suppose to protect their U.S. Citizens. I reported State to State for Unpaid 6 months wages. They took over our school district. State and Federal laws go hand in hand together. They both mandate the law no employee should work for any Employer, and the employer does not pay them for their labor. Well I started having trouble with an Assistant Principal. Vandalism took place with my vehicle on the School Parking lot. This same vehicle I reported to an attorney had and is hacked, along with a lot of other crimes that occurred. I have been dealing with this situation since 2016 and still 2022. This crime and violation is as real as our heart beat. I am single, I live alone my house has been broken into. Damages to property has been committed. Floor busted in downstairs and upstairs. What TIs are stating is very real. There is a constant burning I deal with on a constant basis. This harassment is demonic related to illuminati. People should not be so quick to dismiss the un-normed, because that is where the truth is. But, covered up by discrediting the victims. I don’t know if you ever heard of electronic rape. But, a lot of rapes happen. Witcraft is involved in this harassment. It is called a craft, because it is studied, practiced, and learned. That is where the Sexual Immorality takes place. I deal with it a lot. But, Satan wouldn’t being doing his job if he wasn’t spurring hate, division, and sowing habid. Here is one even would I would question if it was not happening to me. Illegal aircraft tracking, surveillance, stalking harassment. I pointed out to 5 people who witnessed the tracking which has be an ongoing occurrence since 2018 and still. I am not crazy, not by a long shot. So, how do you report the Government for illegal tracking, surveillance, and stalking. Its not normal but is occurring, but no one will help, because it sounds far fetched. I pray to God he exposes the very core and resistance of of this crime. There is no suppose about the Statements. This crime is called the invisible and untouched crime. Targeted Individuals stay victim for years because it’s hard to prove. I know I have been dealing with it now 5 years, and 4 months. Targeted Individuals are making. Our privacy is being invaded and violated, Illegal surveillance, tracking, and stalking violations. Constitutional, and civil Rights violated. What helps me is Psalms 37, God said he would not leave me in their hands, and he sees their day coming. Vengeance is mine. I will repay every seed sown.

  • Janelle gassler says:

    I’ve been dealing with gang stalking for years now, they have bugs all over my yard, home, bathrooms, bedrooms, cars, they making it so that I can’t get treatment, cuz otherwise people will see I’m not crazy, and they had my car towed after putting a whole in the fuel filter, ocs is in my life, they took all 3 my girls, never planning to give them back, and treating me so very unfairly. I’ve tried to make reports about the “reporting of me” when I was in my house and hearing them making false reports, I reported my key possibly being copied for car, they never investigated it, I told them the date and were and who even, and they didn’t do anything. My titles to my cars that weren’t in my name yet, were stolen I reported that, nothing, the cops are involved, the Sargent here on peninsula in ak involved, I have recording, and videos in my home that you can hear them very very and some very good saying all kinds of things like they were going to kill me, no body no crime, that they were setting me up and I’m getting thrown in jail, my ex brother made up that my kid in harms way or danger, so that they can get me on that too. I don’t know why but this a problem all over world apparently, who do I go to for top specialized for this type of crime, case? A good lawyer?

  • Maria says:

    This is also very interesting info.

  • Mary Doherty says:

    I would firstly like to thank everyone involved in researching and exposing this very real and manipulative torture which is clearly a global and incessant operation.

    I am another targeted individual who now resides in my hometown of Buncrana, Ireland. I spent many years studying and travelling abroad and have no option but to believe there is a divine higher power working against our attackers as they target us.

    Although I have been primed and manipulated from a young age, taken into a room and hynotized in my mid 20s, raped multiple times, targeted by covens, satanic groups and organised crime gangs, I have bounced back better, bolder and stronger each time.

    I declare that although the noise campaigns, gang stalking and spiritual attacks are unlikely to stop, we can learn how to combat them more effectively and with empowered confidence by sharing our stories loud and proudly and blowing the whistle on these evil and disruptive forces who love to weave discord and conflict into our lives.

    It breaks my heart to witness the lengths that these losers go to mess with our freedom but they cannot take our free will or powerful voices away from us.

    I believe they have manipulated my family and friends, I believe that something was inserted into my arm that disrupted my sleep and cause a pulsating effect localised in my upper left arm. I also have images implanted into my dreams of terrorist attacks and revealing people in my “community” who are working in collaboration with these violent intrusive psychopaths.

    I believe they want me to be isolated and to harm myself or failing that lash out and harm those around me. They will never break my big compassionate líon heart. They cannot steal my soul because I belong to God. I am a whistle-blower and I am not afraid to share my story. If this is the difficult path that I am on I accept it and look towards an abundant future where we can effectively get the message out and expose these villains for their evil wicked schemes.

    Love will always win.

    Don’t lose hope.

    My faith is unwavering and everyday I am increasingly more committed to doing anything and everything I can to continue fighting the good fight.

    It can be overwhelming to realise the abuse that we are subjected to but I refuse to be anyone’s victim or scapegoat. I have unplugged from the matrix and although it is disheartening to realise how deep this program seeps into my life and the lives of my family and friends they have my forgiveness. God sees everything. They no claim over me by the authority of the Holy spirit. Although bittersweet Its wonderful to know that there are others out there who have the competency and the eyes to see through the illusions.

    I will not go down without a fight. We are far from powerless and we are not alone.

    The bottom of the valley never has the clearest view but this is far from over and we WILL GET OUT.

    Never underestimate the power of prayer and know that your pain is valid and every voice counts. They really messed with the wrong one in targeting me. The abuse that I have suffered in the hands of medical professionals and police forces in disgusting and I don’t know how these people sleep at night.

    I feel like the people in my hometown want me to leave but I refuse to run away only to fall into the hands of more paid actors elsewhere. They will have to see my face everyday and be forced to face their own destructive toxic behaviours. Nothing will stop me from pursuing my art and using my voice to shed light on this darkness. The devil has overplayed his hand and no amount of judicial or police corruption will prevent the truth coming out.

    “The truth has legs; it always stands. When everything else in the room has blown up or disintegrated all that will be left standing will always be the truth. So seeing as that is where you are going to end up, you may aswell start there” – Rayya Ellis

  • Maria says:

    I hope this is the beginning of a serious research and of freedom.

  • Aj says:

    Please I’ve read your story on gangstalking I am a ti and have so much info please help

  • J.R. Kenney says:

    Since July 2020 I have been stalked

  • Travis Kenny says:

    Finally an intelligent post on this topic. I have been a Targeted Individual for about 4 years now. Voice-To-Skull technology, pain implementation, shocking, heart disruption, digestive disruption, tinnitus, flashing dots or spaces of light, threats, mocking, crude comments, vomiting, daily threats of methodical lifetime torture in the most brutal ways possible.
    These criminals are now so overly confident and evil that they are Openly telling me that they are national security employees testing out this technology in their human torture program. They have stated that they are targeting me because they love torturing Christians. This particular group that are torturing me are all severe, extreme sadists of the serial torture killer category that our government (I believe) is employing to perfect this technology, as well as a team to use it, in severe human torturing.
    Just like with everyone else, it started with surveillance, unbeknownst to me, then I was told that I was being monitored. Then it changed into taunting, crude language and hateful threats. Now, at 4 years in, the torturing has begun. It is entirely carried out through weaponized satellites so that no hardware is needed. I have been promised that I will be setup for heinous crimes and then be brutally tortured in prison for the next “10 years”.
    This is the most advanced technology known to mankind. As of today, I have not slept for 51 days. My name is Travis James Kenny of Orange County, CA in the United States. The part that I am having trouble understanding is how our government can talk so strongly against torture yet be literally torturing its own people remotely for what appears to be the “perfect, uncatchable crime”.
    At first they used people, either informants, or mind controlled as well, to intimidate me. They caused me to believe that my neighbors had hardware to torture me through the walls. But over time, I realized that the harassment and now torture follow me everywhere, and I realized that they are using weaponized satellites. They are overly confident and smug, claim to “love torture”, and are threatening that I will be brutally raped, burned with blowtorches, beat by other mind-controlled innocents, starved to death, forced to eat my own feces, etc.
    This is 2022, and at least in my case, the modus operandi is to isolate from friends and family, enact sleep deprivation, threaten and taunt, and then begin the systematic brutal torture of a completely innocent American citizen for absolutely no reason (they already know that the technology works to torture in the most brutal and calculated ways ever carried out in history). I shutter to think of how many have died in what is tantamount to genocide of American citizens. They have Perfected this technology; they say a shock is coming in 1 second, a shock is implemented in exactly 1 second.
    Who can I turn to? How do I get them to realize that this is wrong and to stop torturing me? Most of the Police have no idea what this technology even is. The F.B.I. simply filed a report. How can I stop someone from torturing me 24/7 through a satellite? Is the technology/accountability there to find the coordinates and stop this human rights abuse? Please help ASAP. Travis James Kenny, BA, AA

  • daine says:

    A man implanted a person with a cell phone implant …so they can talk back and forth secretly…One listens while the other talks…Or in reverse like how the military and some people use in other countires and some used during the war..or paid somone to implant you like a spy… but with fraud and insuting intents… and they make you listen to thier threats and other sounds and try to do stuff and treat you with disrepect, abuse and try to force you by behavrial treatemnt unauthrised and block all you do even set you up with false health symptoms…… stalk you with friends with same implants signals… track you and even can hear your radio, tv set and convserations …..Anywhere and both ways when you talk also!! I was like Oh My God!
    A speaker talked and showed the technology show and even spoke about the seriouness of abuse with this tcehnology now buyable on markets everywhere!bt law and military are getting balmed and abused by ones who think they can use it and balem them for it!and now some figured how to use it for revenge and stealing free tv sound to know what stateion your on and for free computer hacking to use that they don’t own! It was aso talked about some of this on PBS!

  • Monica Riggs says:

    We are Political Prisoners held Hostage without Due Process. Amendment III and VIII massive violations, Star Chambers of Extrajudicial Killings. Had no clue standing up for my Civil Constitutional Rights (Municipal/County/State/Federal governments), as an Act of Domestic Terrorism, under the FOIA/CORA Laws (transparency in government). Was at all the Right places, all the Right times. Laws that we were supposedly afforded citizens, Equal Protection of the Law By the Law, to defend our selves from Tyranny, Destroyed. By those that only serve and protect, the Criminal “Just Us” Ruling Class. When I stood in the FBI’s offices late March early April 2012, seeking Whistle Blower Protection. Had no clue, as to what, who or why?, the Cointel pro, Mkultra ant the to numerous to mention BEYOND PERVERT PORGRAMSThis Article is a “light” touch

  • Douglas says:

    Dear Kim Whiting et al.

    In response to your rhetorical questions: (The irony…)

    1. If what they’re experiencing is a real byproduct of some external source, is the cause intentional perpetration, or something environmental (in this highly electronic and technological world) that adversely affects those who are sensitive.
    A. It’s the government:
    I’d also like to disclose on this question posted by so many of: Who attacks us? The answer is “Double agents”. An archaic esoteric group that has been very silent over the past centuries, after having stepped out of the lime light have been very active in the past century. They however, once created an element that were known as the “Nazi’s” in World War II, this group also started the Nazi SS Operation Werewolf (Unternehmen Werwolf) (Declassified), and with the aid of American Nazi sympathizers/Esoteric group members, created the CIA OSS which undertook Operation Paperclip (Declassified), which delivered the Nazi SS Unternehmen Werwolf Infiltration group with the full backing and support of the American government into America. where they began to use classified covert technologies, which TI’s have become so familiar with. I’ve much more information to share and can break it down into logical segments. The Nazi’s aren’t the original source but an arm of this group to undertake their will, while they continue to remain anonymous, they refer to themselves and their will as “God”, their main goal is world domination through neuromapping every living species and controlling us like computer game characters, no joke.

    2. If the government, or a private company, has the technology to control minds (either now or in the future), will it only be used for noble purposes?
    A. History tells us “No”.

    3. And finally, and perhaps most perplexingly, if mind control technology can indeed be tested on unsuspecting people, doesn’t it just make sense that these victims would be made to appear crazy—so that nobody ever looks too deeply into the matter? History shows us the Declassified Project MKUltra, this talks about remote radiological behavior modification. We’ve witnessed The answer, they had some people put into mental institutes knowing full well that nothing was wrong, why does these experiments feel like American and more like Nazi’s?

    On a final note: I’m a serious person, and I’ve been asked to deliver an SOS message from a classified CIA divisions referring to themselves as the “Watchers” they’ve informed me this group has compromised their entire element and are in need of dire assistance. My plea’s for assistance have gone unheard, I assume biohacking of Intelligence Community staff members is the underlying issue. I certainly hope I can obtain much needed assistance for this group of people, as some staff members seem to have been kidnapped and been undergoing enhanced interrogation techniques daily.

    I myself am compromised and tortured daily, I’ve the ability to build technology that can possibly protect and detect such DEW and cybernetic attacks, I continue to strive towards this goal.

    Wishing you a great day!



  • Trey white says:

    I’am currently locked up and being tortured daily by other inmates that’s in the hole by use on (NMR) basically they’re convicting individuals by saying they committed crimes and they’re being investigated by the feds either you stay in the solitary confinement an be mentally tortured by this device or commit suicide or be let out to be killed by the rumors they put on you ranging from everything for 2 years I’ve been going through this torture I’ve tried to commit suicide 4 times all in solitary confinement where they’re operating crazy part bout all this Georgia prisons are under federal investigation for why all these kills are happening and to find out they are the ones doing it shit crazy right people are being giving unjust executions in state prison by other inmates physically and mentally we all got to take a stand by this slavery/torture by whoever

  • MARIA says:

    Interesting reading: Brain-to-brain communication: the possible role of brain electromagnetic
    fields (As a Potential Hypothesis) by Ehsan Hosseini

  • Matt B says:

    I’m laying down trying to sleep right now and I’m getting viciously assaulted in my left eye, ass, face, and groin so badly that I feel like I may end up having permanent damage to my eye.. I was in McDonald’s with my father earlier and read the TV from across the room. I commented that God gave me really good eye sight.. At the same time there was an especially demonic/military

  • Matt B says:

    I’m laying down trying to sleep right now and am being viciously assaulted with energy weapons in my left eye, ass, and groin.. it’s uncomfortable on my ass(feels like electricity flowing our of my body and into the couch), feels like someone is jabbing ice picks into my groin, and my left eye is itchy and feels like there is permanent nerve damage being done.. it’s extremely painful and traumatizing. I was at dinner with my father earlier at McDonald’s and read a monitor from the other side of the room. I made a comment that God had blessed me with great vision. At the same time an especially demonic looking man who also appeared to be an intelligence agent or military guy was sitting next to us and typing into his phone.. I guess it’s just a coincidence that tonight my eye is being hit with electromagnetic pulses.. you know it’s microwaves when you’re laying in the dark and still see a strobing affect in the room.. You can hear the high pitched byproduct of the weapon and more often that not there’s a sound like one of those hand held massagers like a pulsing/vibrating sound..

    I’ll be dead soon. My perpetrators are especially sadistic and no matter how much I reach out for help or try to develope healthy patterns they refuse to allow me to accomplish anything that would resemble something healthy.. When you submit and tell them you’ll do anything for this to stop like go to therapy, volunteer work, whatever they want me to be or do and they intensify the attacks and laugh in your face it quickly becomes clear that these are not human beings like we all know human beings. They lack any sort of empathy or compassion or human decency. They enjoy what they do to people and the suffering they get to witness makes it all worth it for them. As a Christian, I’m not afraid of them. I’m afraid for them.. We all have to meet our maker and there’s just no explanation for torturing people to the point of suicide. Seriously hurts my heart to see people throwing their souls away like this.

  • Brian says:

    Dear all, I want to add my testimonial because I was a victim of TIs too. All of this phenom was the “black magic” inspired torturement methods that on today’s science recognized as Quantum Mysticism or Kabbalah Practical Magic or Plato Metaphysics.

    These recent virus & vaccine were part of this, they used virus & bacteria as an agent of Graphene biosensors to monitor & manipulate every cells on your DNA, your thought, heart beat, or your worst fantasy. The vaccine ingredients was a mixing of aluminium & acid lsd that opened up your brain into Quantum mechanics observation. DEW itself was part of particle heating to disrupt our body while they got a record of your everyday living movement on your DNA as a living bio digital storage memory (see google for DNA digital storage).

    I was research this for ten years & they had abuse me through mass media such as tv, news, or social media. Be prepared as it was all part of their plan to achieve crypto currency as one vaccination acts to many benefit for elite monitoring & take control over individual lives. It’s Totalitarianism of neo-Nazi. Remember some Nazi scientists were US citizens since the last WW2.

  • Maria says:

    Hi, I am being harrased, stalked again 🙁

    I want to note few things:

    1. We might have some idea of what is happening, but do not have a definite explanation.

    2. We do not know who is exactly behind this crime

    3. We must try hard to take this out of the conspiracy world.

    Bless you all.

  • Kavi Jackson says:

    Thank you so much! ENDGANGSTALKING!!!

  • Anon says:

    Remotely torturing civilians and their pets is being done by victims’ relatives connected to entertainment, masonic, government. It is real. It destroys lives, heads, faces, bodies.
    It isn’t condoned by God and the victims were avenged in the future, thank God.

  • Ryan says:

    I am too a (TI) everything and much more has happened to me. From 24hour torcher, to causing me to loose my life as I knew it. They had me do so many things. Like wreck my new moped. And spend lots of my mother’s life insurance everywhere they wanted me too. They Spoke to me while my mother slipped in the bathtub and bashed her head. They offered no help when it counted.I screamed at them to help me since they were already there. They had nothing to say but sorry Mr. The day after that she passed. I woke up to find her on the floor of her bedroom! I cursed them and threatened them. They did nothing. But continued to say I’m sorry Mr. So they oviosly knew what had happened. She did not have COVID, but showed signs of this tourcher herself. Which Everytime I ask them if they were reading her mind or even controlling her. I only would get harsh comments back like a child lashing back at me for punishment.There cowards!! “Two sidded coin” I found out it was called. That’s how they manipulate your ego! Good cop/bad cop Routine. They cause me to quit my job out of fear and keep me asleep or say they tried to wake me up as a cover up. “Two sided coin” pure tourcher.
    I even woke up one night after falling asleep,hearing a voice loudly,saying”hi Mr., Do you know where you are? I was in the casino. Just sitting there. Not knowing how much I spent already. They would say stuff like, stop, your gonna spend all your money!. Then they would go back to saying things like, you can make it back, Jackpot!! Over n over again. I had no idea what I was doing. All I know is. I had a plan. To Buy a House of some kind, and a car. With some put back for a rainy day. They had other plans. As far as I’m concerned, There No Human! Also, I figured out alot from them. I can and have the gift to break things down and track. I use electric to do so. I sound crazy. But this is who I am. They have tested me. But I will not show them full potential. There not worthy. Like the others stories I have read, after my experience with them, I know now that this has been an experiment. Also, I believe the cops have been brought in on this.somehow they put thoughts in my head that were never there before, and then with another machine, extract them. Which the tech used to do this reverses the thoughts and the computer analyses this and instantly reports what I’m supposely thinking, allowing them to use this as an excuse to continue. But from my research,because this made no sense to me, I found out that another machine uses mind to mind tech. Which allows one person or android to simulate what memory you have and mixes it all up with others, putting it into you thought process to make you think these are your thoughts and memories. To make sure there not wrong, they also use touch less lie detector test on you for some kind of back up for there b.s…like I said, they take your brain, mix it up, put it back in, take it out, and use as evidence to continue,or convict. They even tried to say my mother’s death was my fault. Then later, I hear a sound in my head or around me through electrical components, that say” it’s not your fault” countering what they said before I heard an electrical sound. The sounds and feelings are all different. They are unique to each device. Leaving trails or know as signatures behind that I can trace when they give me a moment to recoperate. Their mistake. (I am he.) The one that will guide you threw this mess. It is a national tourcher program that’s possibly so old, it’s nearly non traceable. Untill now!. Also, they have me do drugs to see how they can connect with there different types of machines that use microwave weapon technology.not all of them are tho. Most are lasers of different types. I looked up the side affects,which took me a while to configure which one went with which. But the side affects are the same thing another matching claims to do. This machine claims to be able to read your heart rate,blood pressure, body movement, brain activity and record info like when your asleep or not, speaking or not. And tells them which side of the brain is being used during spacific illegal test or simulation. Also, they have been able to(while I’m asleep)make me play a video game so real you’d never know it wasn’t a dream. But I traced the signature to a drone. Above me,most the time there are more than 2. Not to cause panic. But to ask, why haven’t we been asked to sign for this. Then I read again the side affects. There also scientifically as “Slow Murder”.it’s some how public information that’s hard to find.further more, even when I say fine, I did what ever you say I did, come get me! Nothing happens. It’s just tourcher for fun. Mr.

  • Kathy Stephens says:

    I don’t understand how so many people can be saying the same. But no one believes what they say. The other day I was listening to an interview in reference to government 25/7 surveillance, and invasion of our privacy, People that are making the same claims as Targeted Individuals are only repeating the same accusations. The difference is they are not using the words Targeted Individuals, and they are not being to torchered, and dealing with illuminate, sexual immorality through witchcraft

  • John Binns says:

    I believe that most “targeted individuals” are mentally ill, but I myself was a TI from 2018-2019 and the harassment campaign against me was similar to what Wikileaks supporters have recently reported. I also saw men holding microwave weapons at me with my own eyes.

    I live in a foreign country and my harassers looked American/European, not middle eastern.

    What the CIA did to me:

    -Two American men taking my photos on the street and while I was in my bedroom using large professional cameras with the flash turned on then laughing

    -“Friends” encouraged me to commit a mass shooting and some admitted to taking bribes from the agency

    -Medical kidnappings, one time I had a police radio on me and they were talking about an operation at the place I was at. Then two guys who were clearly not police officers (and instead domestic intelligence agents, they werent wearing uniforms!) put me in an ambulance and drove me to a hospital which is an hour away from my house. The doctors would then talk about giving me a spinal neurotoxin injection to fry my brain so that I would become retarded and nobody would believe me.

    -Microwave attacks, I saw men holding the devices, there was an old CRT TV in the next room and it was going haywire, my phones camera was also functioning abnormally.

    -Entire crowds of strangers would scream one by one “I will murder you”, fist pump and run away whenever I left my home

  • Jeanette brown says:

    I need help this is homicidal attempts and genocide on people and a big terrorist cover up by government military ops/silent weapons. Neuro electronic magnetic FREQUENCY devices. These people are trying to kill me. Im being tortured, harassed, stalked, raped mentally..physically everyday. I have burns so bad and they are intentionally burning me. I am slowly becoming disabled day to day from this. I need to find out how I can get information on all of the gangstalking terrorist that are using these murderous weapons, like Im there lab rat and they get a life off of hurting and killing us from this . This seems to be people gambling with humans…trafficking us and our information they steal, enslave us . I don’t want to die from this but I feel like its too late they have voiced over people voice and they are using it for entrapment on people and being hurt to the core and threatened by them everyday like my time is coming. I feel the pressure in my heart arise from this. My heart is so faint from what they are doing to me They are doing it all to me. ELECTROCUTION LIKE IM A PRISONER ABOUT TO GET THE CHAIR BUT OVER AND OVER AND OVER. STRAIGHT TORTURE BURN ME. USE REMOTE FORCE MOUTH ON ME. STALL MY LEGS YOU NAME IT. ALL OF THIS IS EVIL PURE EVIL AND I WONT BE THE SAME… GOD SAVE ME FROM THIS COLD WORLD. THEY ARE JUST GETTING AWAY WITH THIS?? FBI, CIA, DHS THE POLICE THEMSELVES WHO IS GOING TO BE THE EXAMPLE TO GET EXPOSED FOR THIS. EVERYONE IS NOT AWARE OF THIS MIND READING..BRAINWASHING..HYPNOSIS.SILENT BUT VOICES AND SIRENS ALSO POINTED AT MY SKULL. MARKING ME DAILY. USING MY EYES. SPLITTING MY VIEW. CAMERAS TO SPY AND TALK ABOUT ME.(TO MAKE ME LOOK AS A MENTAL.. AS IF WHAT THEY DO DOESNT PUT THEM IN A MENTAL PLACE OF CARELESSNESS FOR HUMAN LIFE??? CONSTANT HATE CRIMES COMMITTED, MY HUMAN RIGHTS HAVE BEEN COMPLETELY VIOLATED AND THESE NARCISSISTIC GROUPS THAT NEED TO BE IN FEDERAL PRISON TRYING TO QUIET ME UP AFTER RAPING ME. ITS HORRIBLE. THESE ARE WHITE COLLAR CRIMES AS WELL. STALKING MY PHONE. PAUSING MY THOUGHTS. FLASHING LIGHTS IN MY EYES TO BRAIN LAPSE ME. SERIOUSLY UNDER GODS EYES THIS WILL NOT GO UNSPOKEN. NOR UNSEEN..REPORTERS NEED TO EXPOSE THIS. THEY ARE TRYING TO HIDE, TRUTH IS WHAT IS IN THE DARK WILL COME TO THE LIGHT. DEPARTMENT OF CRIMINAL JUSTICE NEEDS TO HELP US. STOP THESE FUSION CENTERS THEY HAVE PEOPLE USING FOR TERRORIST HATE CRIMES. NO TOUCH LIES. IM SO SICK AND DISGUSTED OF THE BAD PERPS AND THE ONES WHO ARE FUNDING GROUPS FOR THESE MURDEROUS GAME OF THRONES TYPE OF EVIL SHIT…..STOP IT. GOD WILL PREVAIL.

  • OLD BLOOD N GUTS says:


  • Darren Carey says:

    I myself am a targeted individual. I’m a strategic genius and I have developed my own war fighting ,philosophy, way of living,survival guide, and intelligence warfare,doctrine. My specialitly is 4th generation hybrid warfare, and unorthodox methods of warfare. I am a master at asymmetrical warfare. The voices being beamed into my head began in 2012. Ironically it’s also a communication method this technology. What began are what are known as the scenarios. Situations the subject believes are real and they act both in the physical world and response telepathically to the scenarios inside their own heads. The subject thinks the scenario presented is real once they are in a certain psychological state.
    The scenarios were all over the place, but the worst ones involved a place called the Slaughter House. The fact I know if facilities that match the description lead credence to the scenarios. What transpired were descriptions of torture methods and ways I’d be tortured, and how my family and friends were going to be tortured. This went on for years. I’ve survived hits on my life as well as poiosn and or a bio weapon being deployed against me. Other strange technology has been deployed against me as well. There is a deeper conspiracy involving this and some in the gaming community know exactly what it is. There is also technology called Quauntum Entanglement technology that has been deployed against me torture me. I went 14 days without being able to swallow. I’ve endured hell and then some, but now the scenarios no longer work, I sometimes talk to those beaming the voices and they usually engage in misinformation and intelligence warfare to try getting me to act these days. I am now battle hardened as they come and I love battle. To any would be professional reading this, Ill take you on any time of your choosing I don’t fear any of you.

  • DL says:

    People saw a group of fake natinal guards colored brown, mint green and white and fake non marked gas line vehicles .. over in chili wi around 2015-16-17 and tower lines and gas lines in our area and they were messing with the high tower and doing something with wires ans so forth during time when they were working on the bridghe to chili, wi.., I s toped to ask what was going on they got very mad and gave me a creepy feeling … i reported it to:Wiscosin I hope the goverment all thesae high towers and gas lines because of the dangers that could occure or threats that also could happen….hackings, scammers and so forth…and people reported hearing breathing over internet from thier TV sets and computers speakers when not on internet… but not oepn on the internet just truned on….and so forth..and one day the high tower fence was open door to building band no one was in it! Scary thought! so be ware of your surroundings and out alone because this creeps me out!Spencer should get a F.B.I. to move in?

  • Purple says:

    Hi I am a victim also. I am being attacked by these Lazer weapons 24/7 when I’m laying in bed my eyes start to water and I get blurry vision my heart starts to beat faster there where moments that my heart stoped for a brief moment and I could feel my feet get cold . I hear a sharp low Frequency noice in my left ear sometimes the volume is low and sometimes high. I hear the voice of my neighbors saying everything I do and also make fun of me they mención things that I’ve done in the past and always mención things that stress and scare me . Some time ago I saw one of my neighbors point a green Lazer at me and noticed him watching me all the time I also noticed another neighbor stop working and staying home Witch I started to hear her voice and that of every member of her family like if they are having fun watching me in my intimacy it’s like if I have cameras in my eyes they mención everything I read and see . Every knight I have dreams that seem real. I also see brief images like if i was seeing a picture …. I feel a sharp burning sensation in my body cavity . All of the suden my hands are covered with wrinkles and I get muscle spasms all the time I also get different smells during the day sometimes dose remind me of episodes in my life. There are Soo many things that are hard to explain because the noice in my head blocks my brain …. I started to experiment with different types of electronic devices to see if i could get rid of the noice witch i took apart a hair trimmer i took the coil part and I put a round magnet similar to a donut on the end and I hook it up to electricity then I put it under my left ear and pass it through my head and I’ve noticed I got rid of some of the noice.

  • Pablo Tereschuk says:

    I live in Argentina, I am a targeted individual by birth, I was born in 1974. In the 1990s they began to torture me with sleep deprivation for a few days and then it stopped. In 2013 I started watching new world order videos and reading about targeted individuals, electronic harassment and remote neural monitoring and they started to torture me with lack of concentration and short-term memory erasure. They also irritate the glans penis so that I don’t have sexual intercourse. In the year 2020, since the pandemic began, they began to torture me with terrible headaches and I almost committed suicide. Now the pain is less.

  • Gary Archuleta says:

    My name is Gary Archuleta and I’m at Target individual I need help to stop two people that are torturing me to death is there any legal action I can take to stop the torture business and I did not give consent to please help me ASAP sincerely Gary Archuleta

  • Mr.Andre sinacola says:

    After just having my tapes analysed by an audio specialist in the states while my V2k was being sent to me, The specialist managed to catch some interesting talk by the perps. I’m now waiting to get that report, I’m a UK citizen and believe I’ve been in one of their programmes since a child, I’m now 65 years and in that time have had and still have had everything thrown at me concerning what they do to T.I.s this is the first thing I’ve managed to get on these dirty cowards, Why do other t.i.s not think about having this procedure done, It will also give the person peace of mind to know that they were right. Andre Sinacola

  • jade a ashford says:

    i have lived in upstate newyork my hole life and i believe my targeting started when i was very young. im 39 now and still being tortured on and off but why me im on the spectrum of autism and i strive to be a good person and do the right my hole life. i have noise sensitivity so the torture tactics they use on me are noise campaigns various types of mined f*ck*ry attempts at trigering me into a melt down. it took me a long time to come the realization of what was happening to me because it started whan i was so young and i was in a state of denial for a long time and i just didnt want to believe it was real but it is real. these days i struggle to keep it together. the only thing that keeps me going these days is the hopes that my targeting will some day come to close.


    As God provides us water to drink and food to eat, one day the wrath of God will come down on these humans who use us.

  • Amy Melvin says:

    Fuck the email it’s been hacked… get me on messenger or fb, I’ll be the one with screenshots of all this. I think they’ve took radio receptors outta baby sleeping monitors from Walmart. Their connected to google digital well- being to control our bodies then blue tooth devices to talk 24/7. They killed my dad 5 years ago and attempt me and my daughters life daily. We’ve been poisoned, rapped, have not one cent to our names for a year now… they see what we see and employee homeless junkies to take the fall for what whoever want done. I don’t believe it’s cia or government maybe for another country. They play 2 victims against one another… kill 2 birds with one stone. Their trying to make perfect soldier for the end or sum bulkshit. Hypnosis in commercials and words. Taking our Childers souls out while they sleep. I’ve lost my purpose in life of providing and protecting my children and for this I will not reform under torture. If They weren’t cowards and show their face … communicate what they wanted, I don’t care about anything other then my immediate family and the organization I have found family with since my blood has sold me out for these pos. I honestly feel theres no time for long drawn out court sessions…ima fight back simple because I can’t handle what my girls have endured.I now have nothing left to loose… sister

  • Rodney D Cooper says:

    My name is Rodney Dale Cooper Junior and I am 42 years old. I have been dealing with Schizophrenia for over 20 years, but in the first week of May (2021) I began hearing two males and a female talking. These were distinct personalities that claimed to be the Irish Mob and was unlike anything my illness had ever been. They put on what I called plays or skits as if my family had been kidnapped, they threatened to rape my 7 year old son, they called me names and ridiculed my body, and they constantly said they were coming for me. I was deprived of sleep and interrogated any time I did sleep.
    I attempted to drive my son to safety at his mother’s house in Arkansas in a panicked sleep deprived state and these unseen persons helped me stay awake until I pulled over to take a nap. This was the only time in the past 11 months that these unseen persons seemed to show any humanity or decency.
    In the past 11 months, I have heard these people every single day and night except for one morning and then for a seven day period that I went to a crisis unit. They stopped the day I went to the crisis unit and resumed the day I was released (leading me to incorrectly believe that they were coming from my cellphone). It has been constant mental and emotional torture.
    They have claimed to be a couple of individuals, they have claimed to be the Irish mob, they have claimed to be prison gangs, and they have claimed to be the F.B.I. They have told me they want me to kill my family (which I would NEVER do), they want me to walk away from my family,, they want me to kill myself, they want me to leave the United States, and they want me to go to prison and be killed (or worse) by prison gangs.
    Until recently, my entire family thought that I was just experiencing my mental illness, but they have started to see that there seems to be something to all of it. None of us could understand how it was possible though until I found this very well written, researched, and documented article. I wish to thank the author for that.
    I am at the end of my rope and don’t know what to do or who to turn to. I have thought about committing suicide to get someone to take this seriously, but I have kids and grandkids to think of. I don’t know what to do and if it is the government doing this to me there does not seem to be anything I can ever do about it. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
    (806) 654-3902

  • Amy melvin says:

    As I sat thought some more-when I’m Allowed to have my own thoughts…which is very rare since they talk n my brain 24/7 as well and been going on 2 years, my grandmother has has dealt with it for 6. However to eliminate the blame… I no for certain the police, feds, cia, military, and no gang members what so ever are behind this. It’s safe to say China, Iraq, Russia,nor Mexico or Cuba are going thru so much to rape our brains and ruin our lives. I know the psychic institute in London England came with some info about the end of world, world leaders. My assumption alone is they are trying to take down world leaders before they come into par, but these our children ,our children and after this I doubt any of them care to much to follow their passion or purpose.I’ve contacted them and they refused my text. Their is also a church cult in tenn amber engersol who is pastor and she has stolen some equipment from professors and sigmund Freud’s soul chair. She has made a compangn of trying to convince her congongeration I am the Antichrist…. Which is obsurd and I guarantee stems from an inheritance I never received knowing I was 1st heir.I do also agree we have chips in our teeth. I’ve had mine shut down 13 times and these pigs: selfish greedy invisible pigs have no respect for mankind, children or authority. Their is a hospital in Germantown il that is private pended who will remove chips. They put my daughter to sleep while she was driving 3 x. I’m considering the auhyusa retreat, if I can ever get my funds. This will take everything off your brain. I broke split from my subconscious and no one is invading my body. At this point it’s almost comical to think they would want anything to do with my life… ive lost everything but the relationship with 1 daughter and it is filled with guilt when I’m with her for not keeping her safe and I’m a basket case each nite worrying of her safety. It’s took 3 armies to keep all 3 of mine alive and I am grateful for the county cops dea feds and each one of my brothers for taking time from their families off the clock uncompensated for to protect mine. Let’s get this shit over with, one way or another…it can’t get any worst. I must leave you with this notion; the world will not begin again how it is ending… so no money,tech savyness or wizard power can cheat God the devil or the universe. Google needs shut down 3 days , they are able to go from speakers n phones and TVs. If anything we can meet up and go against each persons rivals state by state. I’m sick of living like this, atleast we taught back and they are giving us no other option

  • Amy melvin says:

    Wearing reading glasses can keep them from hypnotizing you, magnets can eliminate pain on my brain and outside of skin wear they pierced your organs with Lazer lights or invisible objects with heal the internal wound. I’ve also been able to close my chakras to keep them out my unconscious and often I can make them say or move as I wish. If something has access to ur brain / you in term have control over them. Speaking pug Latin and classical music; Mozart and Beethoven will take ur mind out of hypnosis. Block their words by imagining you have wood helmet a wooden suit. So far that’s all I’ve come up with. They need bullet sounds. RIP

  • MRS. C. JACKSON says:


  • Anna Burnley says:

    It’s true. My father is a Freemason and high in the D.O.E. and said it was true.

  • Ir says:

    It is truth.. people do not believe me. I am frustated.

  • Ashlea says:

    I can prove it and have been tortured for it. I was involved in ongoing federal investigations where I ended up getting pregnant and the harassment being done almost got people hurt. I don’t think they want to hurt people they just need to put them in their place or where they believe the person should be (social status) and it’s just a matter or opinion. Seems like they can do whatever they want but can’t get on the same page as to what is right and wrong. They changed a DNA test so that the father of my child was my ex husband. If it wouldn’t have been his child he probably would’ve hurt us. I know for a fact that it is not and yet I’m being tortured for the mind games they’ve played and they have NO purpose. I’ve gotten a DNA test done through court and it came back as my ex husband. I’ve gotten a MRI done in Dallas, TX but no luck finding anything. I want to know if anyone has ever been able to prove their story. Mine sounds like a ghost story and I can keep going back further and further with my memories as to how long this has been going on. Went to school in Plano, TX and it could go all the way back to before 9/11. The feelings and “vibes” that this puts off is not natural and neither is making someone’s reality so unrealistic in their head that it appears as if they have lost their mind. I know my body and I know that something needs to change. If you think you can you probably can and if you can then you should. What happened to me was wrong and if I can shed some light on it for myself and also for my son who is also a targeted individual from before he was even born. It will help. I feel alone in this and want to prove it to myself that I am not crazy. What can anyone actually do about it?

  • VeraxLux says:

    I ask anyone that comes to the conclusion that this is a mental disorder…. how is it possible for people in totally different areas, totally different walks of life to have the exact same experiences involving gangstalking, electronic hacking and direct energy weapons abuse? There is no such thing as collective insanity. For those of us that suffer every single day from these barbaric, heinous acts know that this the truth. Only some one unaffected by the abuse could possible think this is a mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t cause burns/ rashes on your skin like this:
    You don’t wake in the morning with your face swollen, blistering rash on your chest and your liver inflamed from mental illness. This is the truth. It is a covert operation that involves non-consensual participants. Unwilling citizens that some one along the way felt they deserved to be on this designated “watchlist” and subjected to unbelievable harassment and torture and stripped of all their Constitutional and Human Rights. One has to believe that which is done in the darkness much eventually come to light.

  • NICK T says:


  • Tonya says:

    I have been a targeted individual since 2018. I deal with hearing voices of the perps. They attack my family too and make them have access to my thoughts and to whatever it is I’m looking at (through my eyes). I been through so much when it comes to this its hard to name one bizarre thing I have witnessed when it comes to this gang stalking mind control electronic harassment program.

  • William Rodriguez says:

    I’m going threw same torture and been drugged supposedly for Parkinson show symptoms once in a while cost me 4 jobs and minuplated gambling blocked me from calling fbi and so sexualy force me to play with my self the system also rapes kids and women so galesburg hang another death suit in my old apartment and place something else deceased from my family torment me by stalking with local people hack debit cards putting screws in front of people’s vehicles

  • Jill Hampton says:

    Please give this article your attention. ‘Pure Evil’, by Teri Webster, Fort Worth Weekly.

  • Verax Lux says:

    I didn’t write this letter nor is it to this article, however it is very relevant in validating the authenticity of these claims.

    Ms Teri Webster,

    I was truly disappointed by your article about, in the Ft Worth weekly. With 30 medical doctors and scientists listed on our website, you failed to speak with any of them. That’s not journalism or research. I declined your interview, because I knew it would be an unresearched “hit piece.”

    1) You forgot to mention the numerous pictures of people with microwave burns on our website. It speaks for itself:

    2) We have listed some of the US patents involved in the microwave attacks, including #4345220 and #4877027. You forgot to look them up? Or maybe you think the 4000 scientists at the US Patent Office, are all liars?

    3) You forgot to mention our sworn affidavits from 2 former FBI agents, stating that the gangstalking attacks are real. You forgot to mention the sworn affidavit of William Binney on our website? He is the former Technical Director of the NSA – he states it is real.

    4) You forgot to mention the technical paper, “Titan DEW Capabilities” It was written by the engineers at the Titan Corporation in San Leandro, California. They admit to designing and building the high-power microwave weapons, under contract to the USAF. The weapons are real and produce an energy beam, about 1/2 inch diameter, that is quite painful, and can burn your skin in seconds.

    Our website contains 120+ tabs of technical, documents and information – a mountain of evidence for any courtroom, but that wasn’t good enough for you…

    Since you don’t have a degree in physics, mathematics, or engineering — maybe you should stick to writing about pets?

    Thank you.
    Richard Lighthouse, M.S. – Stanford University – “The world’s largest information resource for Targeted Individuals.”

  • Shelly says:

    I have been a TI since 2015 that I am aware of the ones that are doing this to me is a long time ago boyfriend from school and an ex neighbor who they just happened to be friends they have disfigured me and put me through the worst pain I have ever been put through in my entire life I am 53 years old and I feel like I am 153 and it’s just been so hard to convince people of this I have recently found other TI’s here in my home state in Oklahoma City but I don’t ever see them or hardly ever talk to them I feel very alone although I am a loner this is totally a different kind of alone I just don’t understand the mentality of the people who do these things at one point I will get so close to talking to the ex that is doing this into stopping it all and then the other one that was the neighbor will convince him to keep doing this with him because they are lovers and he is afraid to lose him if they stop but their health is deteriorating as well as mine I guess they just want to see who dies first I don’t know I keep praying everyday that this will be exposed and will end for all of us everywhere the weapons they use has gotten into the wrong hands apparently they can buy it off the internet with no problem what a shame that Americans are doing this to Americans
    If we all pray that God will end this torturing and invasion of our privacy and the killing of our pets surely our prayers will be answered I hope that one day soon this will all be over for us and it will just be something we could look back on and be thankful it’s over prayers are always good just keep praying for us

  • John frusteri says:

    Can someone text me with info about some type of defense against the burns and level of radiation went to hospital and they had no idea what I had they were leaning towards bacteria or infection and even on medication I could feel the burning at weird times and then pain could be managed

  • An says:

    I understand many of your stories. It still seems unbelievable that a government could sell their people out like they are doing. There is no right or wrong, just wrong. We are headed for a totalitarian state with the rich and powerful at the helm and the rest of us replaceable until they reach the point where they have to clean their own toilets. President Trump sails the same thing when he told the soldiers they were dumb for fighting that endless war. I didn’t vote for him but he gave us many words of wisdom in between the distractions of arguing like children was mutual tactic in government. Fake news. This is real news and no one wants to print it because of military backlash. We no longer have a working Constitution, obviously. I cringe when they put their propaganda on tv about not bullying, etc, while the government tortures. Just because they have some invisible weapons, the biggest problem is so many people are scared and others don’t care. They think it will not touch them. What about their children, grandchildren and generations forward, if we all live that long. Environmental crisis may open some people’s eyes to that problem but many have even given up on cleaning that mess up. We have been poor stewards to the blessings God has given us. I’m sure this V2K doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. It can be used by mature people in ways that don’t harm and could be helpful to bring about a better world. Using TIs as free unpaid spies ( I can’t think of the word to express it properly) and torturing people is a hideous and backward way to do anything. But since we have so many rich people with nothing better to do than run other people’s lives and sadistically enjoy our pain what can we expect. We are worse than slaves because the first thing they do is separate us, devalue, torture, demean, have the community do the same. In 12 years I haven’t made a real friend and most of my family has turned on me and now my daughter. The government has turned on the American people. Even with law suits to ensue hate crimes on this abortion issue that isn’t even an issue anymore. Hell, half of it was just made up stuff anyway. There are countless blacklists now. Some people don’t like the color purple. Try and imagine how many ways for people to hate others that aren’t just like them. It is already not the America we knew. Some is just our nativity being stripped away by MKULTRA and the Tuskegee project. The bull and Dr Delgato’s Experiment is long ago in the past and they don’t teach that in school. Even monkeys with wires coming out of their heads is yesterday’s news. One author wrote monkeys were too expensive so they switched to humans. And not even humans with massive brain damage to start with where they may have been able to help, but to destroy perfectly functioning brains of old women, babies, young women that served beside them in caring for these damaged children,my child, who is in a black site in America being tortured. They even gave me the picture because what can I do but grieve more at her pain and loss too. Much like the handmaidens tale or step ford wives because there’s always childless women ready to take my grandchildren and all that means to the government is extra taxes for them. We live in hell of greed and untouchable power.

  • Erika armstrong says:

    Hi I’m disabled and have anxiety and I am being tortured and targeted. My boyfriend said he wants to make a fence so I can’t get out and nobody can come in. There is a microchip in my arm and the local police said I have a drug problem and I don’t. I had a hernia repair in 2013 and just recently on the 5th of this month my new surgeon had to remove the mesh that was inside of me because it was wrapped around my insides. Please help

  • jagatiello says:

    Spot on Ramola D, just like Flat Earth & aliens conspiracies are boosted online by different agencies in order to make legit whistle blowers look bad by amalgamation including TIs, victims of electromagnetic harassment/torture for different reasons (by real estate mobsters with friends/relatives in the government, secret services/military experiments, etc).

    They attack TIs mostly while sleeping with pulsed electromagnetic radiation (RF, MW, etc) from nearby apartments/buildings. These directed energy weapons added to the consequent sleep deprivation not only affect physically but also mentally making the target’s life go down the drain.

    As a result brain damage is certain sooner or later in most cases and the myriad physical/psychological trauma victims experience everyday is also a direct consequence of it.

    The world has become a pathetic subversion of what it was where the cowards in power experiment with innocent civilians attacking/harassing them with these weapons and every new technology available.

  • Grace lighthouse says:

    Anyone know govt ghosting cyber attack psychic attack after a newspaper article in Sedona and many things life has been incredibly awful please someone find Grace lighthouse I need refuge and a lawyer I vow to tell truth please thank u all who don’t give up bully’s kill good daily please pray for those being targeted in Jesus I pray.

  • Mattie says:

    Also going through this. It really does appear the easiest way out of all this is turning into a vigilante. If you take out the police kids and children the newer guys will rethink whether they want to fuck with us. Been dealing with this since my teen years. At 34 it is now an overt operation. Literally can have conversations at certain times via beam to the operator. Mostly just them and me trying to find a compromise. They say I have to be on antipsychotics and can’t go to the gym to get fit/physically able to fight back. This shit is WILD

  • Nicole Larkin says:

    First learned of my illegal gangstalking after September 11, 2019 when I took a break from an Federal Agency due to stalker employees whom knew me before I was even employed for an Federal Agency. I could write an detailed book about my story and it would probably be an best seller book! Smh because some are so stupid its insane! They recruit mental ill people to carry out their evil missions and goals and dreams!

  • Michael says:

    Why is there lawsuits over it. And it’s been out since 1960’s . The coos and gov. Have been charged in the lawsuits I’ve read. I’ve also had a bunch of different abuses to my family and the lady I was with was raped by POLICE in our home. This place is unbelievable. And the government trying to pull this on people and act like there not, is abuse . Women & children being raped and beaten and cops & Sheriff, DEA TOO. IGNORING The LAWS AND NOT DOING ANYTHING AT ALL TO Help the people. Blocking lawsuits. Using a whole team of police to stop a family from living there lives because they want to change things and place people where they want them. To avoid lawsuits and charges. Make up shit to silence anybody they want. My kids were stolen and there’s money involved and police too. This is w do of human trafficking being pulled on my family. My children. The St. Clair township PD. Is making sure I don’t see my children for reasons of me wanting to turn in several crimes. And some are my children’s. I try to reach internal affairs, or FBI, or FTC, BLM, ACLU, I’m being blocked in all ways. I can’t even call a friend. It’s been ten years. And three since I’ve seen my kids almost. When is our Sheriff’s going to make the busts. He knows,all this. Columbiana County, Ohio..

  • Kamala Pati says:

    I am a targeted individual. Many evils have been done to myself and family. This is the truth of my testimony in Jesus Christ.

  • Isaac Henning says:

    I am on that list, Crimes against me….

  • Fox says:

    I find this very interesting as I have experienced a few of the “characteristics” just about all TIs say that they experienced, it is very creepy indeed. I do believe these people are definitely experiencing something because it’s a number of people, having very much the same complaints that seem to escalate, and these people are spread out. However, it just doesn’t seem like the government would be involved with many of the smaller complaints, it just seems like it’d be very little bang for the buck and trivial as hell. What I would suggest is to research when, where, and how many people started up with these complaints that really are creepily aligned. Think about it like this, we have so many invisible signals for technology, almost in every home now I’m sure, for so many different wireless actions, shit, Bluetooth, Bluetooth in many vehicles now, just so so many of these “invisible connection lines” if you will, perhaps some people’s brains are being interfered with in some way. Like scientists say, everything has frequencies, including our brains and nervous systems.

  • Rose says:

    I have a brother who is delusional too. It’s very sad that the government didn’t make mental housing/hospitals better for all these poor souls instead of leaving them to fend for themselves because he does much better on medication and especially when he’s housed!

  • STEPHANIE says:

    I want to say I usually have tried to sort through my understandings logically as much as I know how like I assume the next person does.
    I do ignore a lot . I’m not allowed to better myself that’s LAW
    For years it’s been. I’m 32 now and I don’t believe that I have ever done anything to deserve the extent of this. Ohio

  • Beverly Haskins says:

    I just turned 60, I believe my father and grandpa were targets. I had real bad ear aches for years as a child, before tubes. My hell started around 1976. My whole adult life a joke, one hell drama after another, and police never help. I get harassed by firemen a lot. I love everyone and do whatever I can for all, but changing. I found out about targeted individuals about 5 years ago, after googled someone watching me 24/7 with lots of money. I can’t win, have experienced raped robbery, he invasion, phones hacked, work place mobbing, gaslighting. My family all convinced I’m crazy, except for 2 younger grown kids keeping me financially strapped. I was voted most popular in high school, now zero friends. Everyone calls me crazy, but I bake good and everyone eats my food.
    Now Havana syndrome while at work
    If take vacation made sick whole time. I made it this far because God. But I’m about to give up on God . Lots of my bullies at work, are Trump lovers. I decided God must be Democrat since he does nothing to help against bullies. I know my Bible says I have to suffer to make it into kingdom, but I’m not greater than God. He always had his mom and at least 10 disciples. Even Job only suffered about a year. When research….I say let em win. Their reward is what? Their future is eternal hell. Hope it’s worth it.

  • Victoria says:

    I’m a TI too.
    It all started in 2016 when I was writing a demented fan-fic.
    Basically, there was a character who was “me”, but she got possessed.
    I never got possessed.
    Due to the fan-fic, people believed I was a terrorist.
    Honestly, I considered being a non-violent terrorist, but it was only a thought and I never went through with it.
    I have a dark side to me, but I can control it really well.
    Maybe that’s why they started attacking me?
    And I experienced that burning pain in my vagina.
    One time it hurt so bad but I couldn’t figure out what it was or why.
    It felt like needles stabbing my vagina.
    Anyway, It seems they were sending me subliminal messages.
    I was making fan art, and that had to be what made me stand out in the first place.
    But then it seems they must have been shocked that I realized what’s been happening to me.
    They had got, and still are, super aggressive, violent, perverted and threatening.
    Like, I’m talking death threats ans sex threats every day, carried out via radios, TVs, media, etc.
    And it was odd.
    I went to this terrible mental hospital called “Restpadd”.
    So many of us there were conspiracy theorists.
    Um, coincidence?
    I think not.
    And not to my surprise, many of them were and probably still are abusive.
    Many of them are sexists.
    Anyway, I know what was happening to me.
    I feel a whole lot less alone knowing that I’m far from the only one.
    What should I do?
    Should I move from the US? (I don’t want to, but should I?)
    Where should I go?
    Or do I just grin and bare it?

  • David says:

    Most are just satellites with voice changers. They’ll play voices in people’s heads and torture. They also keep them awake with radio waves. There are few geostationary satellites over oklahoma but they test most of the state. Usually they think it’s funny based on their names. All of them think they’re illuminati but they’re not

  • Diane says:

    Nano spy technology like cell “Tooth phone” implants/tattoe phones… that would be inside or tattoed on a body or even inside teeth now could be in thier walls, trees, floor cracks .behind pictures anywhere… or cracks or all over or all over that building! and that run on a battery for years as what i read! I wonder if our USA white house checked on that since they were rampaged by mamy people climbing over thier buildling wall all over the yard, isndide the building excetera? Scarey thought, that technolog is scary stuff!

  • Maksim Brazhnikov says:

    Inner mind directed Energy Weapons target approximately a small percentage of human population via 9 mile high drone set by project mandate colloquialy known as ‘Grim Reaper’ of which iconic resemblance symbol known as the death sorcery cast is relative to the skeleton ghoul’s scythe’s familiar shape bearing resemblemance of the likes of the gamma radiation power character indicator sign that looks alot like a crooked backwards 7 numeral digit. The 9 mile high Unmanned Aerial Vehicle of Surgeon General’s Grim Reaper U.S Navy Air force branch skyborg skynet surveillance of earth’s physical containment properties is set in it’s infamous soul abduction or rather use of covert fast moving laser field bombardment intersection due to offset properties stemming from atmospheric stability setting a very harsh and physically unjust motions of Grim Reaper penalizing atrocities felt by certain human (and perhaps, animal) subject from the source of an under nose pod holding the non linear Gauss Laser powered by Raytheon Corporation construemcy of 70kV capacity. Run in 9 phases of consecutive 100 ampere electric weapon platform capable of full mind control abductions, the projecting heavy particle disturbance capable anti personnel force operated by means of G.O.R.G.O.N. S.T.A.R.E 10²⁴ Hz emitting G.O.D. {Годовой Демонский Щетщик Промышленного Провала}[Geoscape Operations Radioactive Gamma Observation Neutrinics of Satellite Topography AirForce Recursive Equations stemming from General Of Destruction/Airborne Surgeon General of General Atomics Drones and their fabled alien tech Raytheon Corporation Weaponry also used as primary mining drills utilizing sophisticated neutrino gun technology] unexpected events of a force[field] play[nuking] X Ray cannon projection that acts as a clandestine form of heavily guarded secret of the monopoly category by such deeply strict source of classified atmosphere watch gravity gun cancerous[cancer countering, depends on how you view the Skyborg Skynet’s Holy Ghost Grim Reaper Gaussian Monster Guardian Terror Tactics the cameras cannot catch due to sheer speeds it operates via the 10²⁴Hz pummeling with no explanation to it’s host earning categories such as ‘Sonic Terrorism’ and ‘Voice 2 Skull’ being the true voice of General Of Destruction] harrasment that is programmed to fulfill a very uncanny intervention of actual Holy Ghost Air Deployment very cruel web like distrophic non science fiction bull propogations of armed divine disfigurative afflictions on subjects experiencing the enforced microsatellite genetic Radioactive nanomachined symbiosis untold to the bum Grim Reaper rejects of deep physical rejection by complex Gravitational Manipulation and Crucifixions due to Religious Cult Fires and The Coal And Oil horrors priming the grounds for the covert airborne military interventions. The program protocol holds matter deeply unknown and untold of this deeply resented relationship of interdeveloped programming by nanomachined gamete spotting via raidated painted florescence into absurd and very unpleasant loss of self control and percludes gang sindication via this type of remote aerial cancer debilitating rejection commonly called ‘TV sending you inner mind messages by millions of active TV static field dots with colors Sxhizophrenia’ by the Pentagon’s Directed Energy Solutions set by this daily measure of quiet laser terrorscape covert bombardment of non visible gauss gamma ray powered microwave X Ray of most horrid laser radiation from the drones’ pig like bland disc being the mechanism for disturbing neutrino balances by this electrified beam cannon emitter due to existence of smoking sources and their elemental deterrent of management stability spherical balance containment set by blackout breeches; otherwise reliability and dependable safety standards of layered atmospheric maintenance of climate control and earth control processes stemming from sound and smooth environmental aerial conditions. Smoking fire depending on the chemical propellant friction level and type details of which issuance is unknown is targeted by this system control run by numerous complex branches of U.S
    Naval base drone fleets carri d out by autonomus operating counter insurgency by MQ9 R.E.A.P.E.R. the General Atomics program sky guardian proprietary doctorate of very comlplex political continuos cover up tactics led by Pentagon tribune as defense against insurgency of ng’s potentially hazard induction that is firmly stated as direct reason leading to the fluctuations and stripping of stable atmospheric coverage quality. This truth though I have no concrete facts other than personnel description of the Grim Reaper program inevitably concerns us all as severe inner system death and hidden electronic harrasment plague of AIRFORCE Destruction causing parasite of atrocious hidden by Gaussian Beam Operating Electronic G.O.R.G.O.N. aka the Geoscape Operations Radioactive Gamma Observation Neutrinics of full blown mind control abductions mixed as dark suggestive paranormal activity scripted by Hollywood media concerning the worldwide inevitable system bodily radioactive rejections via covert tactical terrorscape and imprisonment from nanomachined uplinks setting those targeted by these speechless military goons into lifestyle of volleys of these sci Fi like unexpected attacks by microsatellite coded genetics bridging directly to censor consoles and later resulting in stalking and bodily tortures and ailments being pressure fed from S.T.A.R.E. Satellite Topography AirForce Recursive Equation field of fully unjust unexplainable to the hapless subject on the nature of crimes committed sequences of worst bodily control matrix stripping settings bearing the witnessed cases of individual’s self preservation and independence. R.E.A.P.E.R. the Remote Electric Autonomous Population Exterminators Registry is what is responsible for stupid cover ups set by political think tanks coined under layers of think tanks such as ‘Schizophrenia’ and Havanna Syndrome.
    The song “Seasons Don’t fear the Reaper” by blue oyster cult band is a reference to machine schematic trust breach of MQ9 Reaper and RQ4 Global Hawk of their fully automated life assignment to eradicate human population due to use of unstable energy projections caused by carbon monoxide emissions. Religion and ignorance are the worst forms of evil there can be. I luckily have kept my syntax and learned by interrogation that the sun is obviously not natural but is an electric unit onwed by Raytheon which body of corporate force is the sole owner of this universe we live in. General Atomics is it’s grid rulebook and earth resinence is set to affect even you likely by age 86 due to natural genetic mutation you shall be set under that is diabolically and heathenously viewed as automated biological treason and thus enacting this long untouched topic of how satellite neural deliberate terrorism is a good probable civil service cause of ‘our’ inability to live an eternal life. Reject religious groups and all forms of very deadly social stripping of this unwavering dark truth of what the Special Forces of Covert Operations of Airbase Patrick, Florida disclosed to my dodged indirect remarks of how I am not possed by stupid archaic notions such as ‘witchcraft’ but find myself belayed by unexpected neutrino debilitating rejection as if my body’s gravity support has been canceled. Hence why its called ‘cancer’. For I fear the Reaper and deeply loathe the Jews and Christians. Be smart. There are way too many forms of electrical covert deformative gaussian field disfigurement and variety of bodily molecular Disturbance to be descriptively understood by regular language. That is one huge X Ray gun under the nose of General Atomics Remote Piloted Drones. It has zombified me before and forcibly rejected my mental survival instinct by such covert assault that is all set and bombarded by atmospheric conditional safekeeping trust breech case log read by trinity of satellites monitoring Earth’s seismic activity and perverting me into a ‘mysteriously Ill subject category’ that was informed to be a cancer ploy cover up primed by these military monsters to get you by age 111 86% chance. Churches are wicked sources. Here is truth for you and please go look at the drone yourself instead of BLM actions along with their democratic insinuating tactics my sorry white refuge escape has termed as full blown social security trust breech of a jungle based disgrace governing this nation as a form of population church sovereignty instead of plain and difficult attempt to learn science and languages while bearing cover from the barbeque pit UFOs rather than joining the black cult force of inditement of human population technological maintenance while rejecting potential to uphold white respect and sole reason of keeping true to what holds the original scape of the color spectrum of nuclear fusion components the stars disclose instead of black cult carcinogenic witch pit insustry projects ravaging our physical potential by rejecting opportunities for white austerity of resource discriptive outreach education by full factual scientific disclosure of the fundamental and not fun understanding and physical activity ownership credit and supporting base honesty. Gang Stalking and inverting the “+’ symbol to enforce social literate ploy anti earth anarchy and liberal tryranny I witness is the wicked heart of corruption… for free mp3 downloads
    Listen to Uriah Heep song called “Lady In Black” and “come away Melinda”
    Original “Come Away Melinda” song was performed by band called UFO. No heavy petting please.
    Patrick Girdner ex covert operations of US Navy was known as “Rachelle, Legend Of 49 penises of NC 17 Deployment Aircraft of Lockheed Martin Aerospace.
    Unlike J Patrick Girdner’s avid description of utter personal memory of worst horrors undescribable by ordinary English of what the AirForce will inevitably do to you if you live up past approximately 127 or so with something to align the special sphere pressure containment measurement formula of number 137 minus ten commandments, wait, commanders setting the lineage of actual counted earth years by ordinary calendar measure, getting S.T.O.N.E.d means you aggregate that which Scenarios of Tomographic Organized Neutrino Extermination will much more than just ‘lightly’ blow your mind and lead you from the Hindu Myth realms of Unreality To Reality… …From Darkness To [true ownership concerning spheres] {of} Light… …From Death To {Incarcerated} Immortality…
    So stop being the son and heir of nothing in particular Ensign of potential gang stalking pussy whipped whining. Be a man and not a street slut and play to serve the white power and never black emissions of horrid projects homie. Be ready to launch your volley of counter missiles with project plans of good intentions even though we already all know the roads to hell all lead there and blah blah blah.

  • M Baker says:

    My problems started after observing what looked to be military training going on in the woods outside my home. 6 miles north west of Oblong illinois. Then i started feeling the underground vibrations from tunnel drilling. Been downhill since then. Foundation of my 12 year old home all cracked. TI thats me now. Farm boy. College educated.

  • ryan silvis says:

    10 years about done they break your mind hack block tear your mind apart. help me!!!!!!!

  • Randall says:

    I have been targeted since roughly late 2009 my story begins in 1996 in shawnee oklahoma. I was a runaway and trying to fit in. And make it any way i could .i was 16 yeasrs old and all i new was dope and burglarly. I made my way up the food chain pretty quick because of how i carried myself. But anyway i committed alot of burglarys and destroyed alot of peoples feeling of securety of safety of there home. I regret it and truly sorry because i know now how it feels to feel unsafe insecure and to have everything took over and over again.. Right before i got busted i broke into a mans house and found a sword i didnt know what it was until later but the man was ww1 orww2 navy pilot that had barehanded took this samurai sword from the japabese soldier and killed him with it .. This was somewhere around dec. Or nov. 1996 i think this man was one of the verified and last of his sqad. The sword never got recovered so that was the nail in my coffin i believe alot of bad mojo all the way around.. I wound up getting 23 years 11-7-5 run consecutive. I did 10 years and discharged my sentence .. The whole time i was there i only got 1 visit and maybe 10 letters in 10 years.. I done all my time at oklahoma state prison in mcalester oklahoma because i escaped from the county jail pottawatomie.. About 1 year beforr my discharge date they come pull me out of my cell and tell me im goin for a ride mind you im in maximum security prison that has its own state of yhe art dental facility and medical but thry are taking me and about 5 other guys to get our wisdom teeth removed and now that i really sit back and think sbout it i dont think i put a medical slip in to have my teeth removed but like i said im at maximum security facilty and had done had one tooth removed .. I dont remember where we went or anything but i know we had to have rode for 1-2 hours we left around 3-4 am and got to wherever we went a little after 6 cause i do remember askin what time it was when i got in the chair it was around 645 and he put mask on me told me to count backwards alright at 12 noon they are bringing me out of it and the surgeon tells me i may feel a little sinus pressure in my nasal cavity cause a piece of root broke and he couldnr get itb thats why it took so long!!!! But almost 5 hours being under in a dental procedure i havent researched but thst seems quite a while .. Ok dont think nothin of it i was happy to be ridin somewhere after 8 years bein lockdown i go on finish out my sentence and get out yrar latet december 12 2008..i get out try to adjust to the free world . this is just the beginning but im tired and want to submit this before its lost ill continue where i left off tomorrw

  • Keisham Rameshor Meitei says:

    For TI, the device they are using is Neural Dust mote, developed to monitor chronic health issues.
    To get evidence get Ultrasonography (as this device use ultrasound to communicate with the transceiver the perpetrators are using, not the govt someone who wants property, insurance, money, child custody), MRI for scalp(not brain), best would be Toxicology report as the device is visible with microscope. They are also trying to lower blood flow to all the organs. Those people wants you to believe that its the govt so you will be scared to take any action. They will also install hacking app to confuse you. Consult a technician. Doctors are not aware of the device as it is being developed.

  • diane says:

    “Silented but still vocal sound ?
    Might be eelctric or new tyeps of battery implants or tags of some sort.. implantable phones or spy tooth ot tattoes sound/music or voice is not heard on the outside of the body and can be used by teams or others with the same implants!
    Might be tesing this technology or… somethingf?
    They have vidoes on the subject all over You tube!!

  • Joshua Roopchand says:

    Big Brother eye in the sky been tracking me since I was a kid, misusing my thoughts, an conscious being hateful, an racist against blacks, an Hispanics, teaching me how to acknowledge them by color, an culture whenever lay eyes on them, wether through internet, social media, movies, or in person. Even at times when they don’t feel like letting me sleep, they would cause my body hypnic jerk, by using electricity voltage, to keep me from falling asleep. Over the years by listening to them, caused myself jail, an psych ward time. I didn’t know until last year, after loosing the mother of my kid’s, they made me loose my kid’s, that’s when I found out that these voices was real people from eye in the sky, not deceased loved ones, or demonic demons. But actually voices from Big Brother eye in the sky, even pretending to be the mother of my kid’s who passed. Even pretend to be my pops who passed. I just want a normal life knowing what privacy feels like, especially not having to deal with white people’s in my thoughts, an conscious misusing it for hatred, an racism towards blacks, an Hispanics. As an Indian that used to be head over heels for all the white girls, admire white folks, ashamed disappointed knowing that these are the same white people’s that was doing this to me all the time, behind the screen, pretending to be a black guy, this time it was a white dude all the time. Trying to cause hate, an racism between blacks, an Indians. This goes against the fourth amendment, for an American citizen like myself. This needs to stop.

  • Syed Yasir Naqvi says:

    An articulate intelligent cohesive Guinea pig indisputable evidences 8486673207 help me

  • Anya says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. So much. I thought I was going crazy. I thought I was schizophrenic. But I’m forty. And so much of what you’ve written, is EXACTLY what I’ve been silently dealing with. I told my daughter about the voices in the fans. And I can’t have white noise on anymore. The voices get louder. The vehicles, sometimes they park right outside the patio door. Mostly they park near the trash bin. Always always facing us. The apartments on all sides of three sides of us, were empty and on the floor above us, the three apts on our side of the building were all empty. But we could hear people moving, talking, showering etc above us. And that’s when this stuff started. It closely resembles schizophrenia, but it’s not. And the burning pains. Omg I’m just so glad I happened on this article. Purely by chance. I was looking for a movie title. I’m so relieved I’m not alone. Not going crazy. But more relieved I’m not alone. My daughter is 21. My son just turned three. I’m giving him up for adoption. Even if I’m being delusional, and it’s schizophrenia, I’ve no business trying to raise a baby. A mother’s first job is to protect her children. Even if she has to protect them from herself. Speaking of, here’s another thing. We moved in here, last July. My son was over a year and a half old. But after we moved in here, he started getting this weird ass rash that usually starts behind his knees or lower abdomen. Spreads between his stomach and the back and sides of his legs, from knee to hip. I’ve documented everything in his schedule, his environment, even pollen count and humidity and heat index. Everything. To try and pinpoint the cause. There are no common denominators. But the onset of his rash coincides with the vehicles outside and hearing people. But see I’m not the only one who hears em. Many times, my daughter and I have “heard” people in the hallway of this apt, only to go out and noones there. We “hear” the front door open and close and noise in the kitchen, where the door is located, and noones there. When our electricity got shut off, it was off for three weeks, the smoke alarm in my son’s room started beeping like one does for low battery. Except it would beep three times in a minute and then not again for an hour or it’d beep every three minutes for twenty one minutes and then once or twice an hour for a couple hours. And by midday, it didn’t beep anymore. But 5:55 am and it would start “dying” again. Did this for a week and the next two weeks of no utilities, nothing. And during that week, there was a focused target on my son’s room. Someone trying to break into it. The screen for his window was bent to the point it broke and then the next night, the screen was pulled out of the frame it was set in. That was done while my kids and I were home AND awake. I duct taped all of our screens. And put up alarms on the windows after that incident. Called the police too. Filed a report. Nothing since. First time I’ve called the police for an incident. Anyway when we got the power back on the smoke alarm went back to it’s erratic beeping for a week, and and stopped again. The laundry room is next to our apt. There’s a secured cage, attached to the ceiling in the laundry room. Shortly after we moved in, an alarm in that cage would start going off, every now and and. Management assured me it isn’t a smoke alarm or carbon dioxide alarm. But wouldn’t tell me what it was. Their maintenance tech couldn’t get it to stop beeping the last time, and had to call in someone else. I heard the maintenance tech say he’d have to call the gvt goons, to someone he was talking to on his cell in the laundry room. And one night, a friend wanted to borrow a saw from my garage. It was late, about two thirty am. (Wind blew his tree into his house) and when he came over, we ran out to the garage to get the saw, and there’s a panel if buttons locked up in the buildings hallway. One of the buttons says security under it and it beeped three times as we were leaving the building. I’d just turned the power back on for my garage (we keep it disconnected cuz people keep breaking into the garage), and we left the apt right after I flipped the switch in the fuse box. Had we not been right next to that panel panel it beeped, we’d not have heard it at all. I spent hours next to that panel. It’s never beeped like that again. When we didn’t have power for that three weeks, I was out in the garage, working on painting my daughter’s bookshelf, four days after the power was cut off, and I could hear my smoke alarms echoing beep in the row of garages. Which is crazy cuz a parking lot separates the building from the garages. But I had my daughter time the beeps in the apt and I timed em in the garage and they matched up perfectly. What sense does that make? Lots of junk like that happens. And the pain, being burned from the inside. Spot on. Anyway, thank you for publishing this. I feel light as a father, from the relief of knowing I’m not alone and not going crazy.

  • DCL says:

    Over herad a group say they could screw anyone with this technology even act like cops and judges and torment a person until they do what they threaten or ask, set them up as a criminal with thiere friends who are in law or was in law…..set them up with other friends as a sex offender useing fraud mockings useing thier kids as a set up ..try make them loose thier homes, family, be arrested for fake offence they did not do even involve thier friends, familey or poepl of the past you knew f they could find them! They could simply offned you queitly through bodily minitpulations and offnecive talk or abuse! Oh and watch everything you so say or even over internt, TV veiwing hackering, through radio to set you up like what is happenning over in WI!oh a do stuff so you hear it or them.!!!, and it is stuff that is offnecive in nature! Scamming telepathy or voice implanted mind interneting!

  • Nobody says:

    Even though I have an extensive knowledge of electronics, etc. I would have never thought this would have happened to someone like me but now I can honestly say it is happening as I write this. I have enough proof, enough info, and enough drive to stop these bastards in their tracks. I know their tricks, I know their toys, I know their game! This warfare of the mind they have summoned me to has been going on for months. Many months. They use voices of people you know, etc. to tey to deceive you. There are several different ways this type of stalking can be accomplished. I am aware of them all! All I can tell you people for now is, Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In, Be Strong, Believe in The Lord Jesus Christ, and beat them at their own game!!! Most of these people are criminals , of the worst fashion and type!! I WILL REVEAL WHO I AM LATER. I can tell you this technology is being used widespread. In every country. IT HAS TO STOP NOW!!! THEY WILL TELL YOU EVERYONE HATES YOU, THE STATE WANTS YOU OUT, THE COMMUNITY WANTS YOU OUT, THEY THREATEN YOU, ETC. ITS ALL FAKE! THESE ARE COMPUTER GENERATED VOICES, USED IN A PROGRAM/APP SETTING USED TO CONFUSE YOU, DISCREDIT YOU, AND DISCOURAGE YOU. DONT FALL FOR THE BULLSHIT!!!

  • Dora says:

    I am targeted, I feel my story paralells that of Tina Plakingers, who wrote the book “Treading on Serpents” about covert stalking. I am college educated and I’m constantly screwed out of employment because I don’t want to screw around. I’m sex trafficked and I’ve been celibate for awhile. No matter how well I do in training for a job or my performance level I am constantly terminated. I am dehumanized, harassed and terminated from all my jobs.

  • chris ceccone says:

    today-I am not able to make the most of the dwindling moments of one day (usually, generally and in most human life or all living creatures with a heart beat and breaths-There is most definitely a major Awakening to pull away from the daily movements which injudiciously bury our tender mysteries of Love not yet lived, hope-not yet discovered – invisible and always burning within as a precious resource saved by the few we select to trust And the psychotically unreal metal nails that involuntarily bind & physically mangle us to shred as we walk the path of survival. Why does the heavy blood of our jesus christ allure us to evils? My thought-touch the rain…tears that fall solely on us–as God speaks to us-we are here drop by drop We have time in life to live. mostly we have time to hold life to our values. implants/devices robb and kill natural life.

  • Brandon Willis says:

    I need help! This crap is killing me. I can’t be alone. I can’t stay at my own house by myself. It’s horrible. Every time I’m left alone it gets worse and more powerful especially when I tell someone about it. I’m begging for help. They have to be stopped. I can’t take much more of this crap or I’m gonna snap jus like everybody else. It’s not fair to me or anybody else who wants to enjoy life. There’s no enjoyment in this it’s misery. This crap goes every where I go. Even accompanied by friends or family I get tortured.

  • Michael S. says:

    Hi, just stumbled across this article. I am a targeted individual. The reason – a drug treatment facility failed to properly assess me and admitted me to a program that uses remote technology that monitors brain waves via an implanted device. It’s a perfect setting to use this tech because the patient can just be labeled as paranoid due to drug use or mental illness. I have NO history of mental illness nor does anyone in my family. I do NOT consider myself a drug addict. I am currently a registered nurse for 26 years and work in critical care. I am very educated, experienced, and esteemed in my profession. My story begins in late 1999 after I was working as an RN at a teaching hospital in Atlanta, Ga and met a doctor who I started dating. During this time, I was involved in the circuit party scene from 1999-2000. The MD I was dating had recently been treated for alcoholism at Ridgeview Institute in Smyrna, GA. and remained under their care for follow-up. In October 2000, I was diagnosed with HIV and quit the party scene to take care of myself. In December of 2000, I went to work but had to leave early because I was so sleepy that I could not function. I thought I must have accidentally took my sleeping medication that morning. I also noticed behavioral changes in my mother and MD I was dating. In early 2001, I started having the most vivid nightmares I have ever had. What stood out as unusual was I had two of the same nightmares more than once. One of those nightmares occurred 3 nights in a row! That has never happened to me. These nightmares were intended to induce sleep deprivation and cause me to start using amphetamines again. It finally worked sometime during the summer of 2001. I was so sleep deprived, I needed the amphetamines to stay awake to function. This cycle continued through 2001-2002 with lots of negative reinforcement to cause me use more drugs. When I wasn’t using amphetamines, Ridgeview would use the device to cause more sleep deprivation to ensure that I continued to use. My boyfriend became my significant other when we moved in together in early 2002 and moved to Myrtle Beach together mid 2002. At the end of 2002, I first heard radio music coming from the fan I used as white noise at night. I thought it was strange but never said anything to anyone. Late summer of 2003 is when Ridgeview began to harass me while I was awake. It wasn’t verbal at first. They played music – specifically Adam Ant’s Goody Two Shoes that has the line “don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do you do?” I knew then I was targeted, but had no idea by who. I remained quiet about what I experienced. Ridgeview had hid some kind of projector in the house and possibly some type of speakers – to this day I am unsure of the technology involved. They initially presented via this video of people holding hands in a circle that would play on the walls of my room and stated “we are happy people”. Again, I was shocked but never said anything. The voices became aggressive and started calling me names (motherfucker and doctor fucker). My partner became passive aggressive and started fights. He called my mother (who was totally in on the scheme) to come pick me up because we were fighting. After I was back with her in Ga., he got a restraining order so I could not come back to my house in Myrtle Beach. In early 2004, I experienced continuous, horrific verbal and mental abuse/harassment, nightmares, and sleep deprivation. I still had no idea who was behind what was happening to me. When I stopped using, Ridgeview intensified their assaults. It sounds crazy, but Ridgeview needed evidence that I was using drugs and they didn’t have it yet. I still didn’t know who was behind what was happening to me and the people who knew (my mother) pretended nothing was happening. One night they pretended via voice they were trying to kill me (which was the subject of many of the nightmares). This was the tipping point and I was truly scared for my life and started behaving like a paranoid person when actually it was just self defense. So I basically acted the way they wanted and I was involuntarily admitted to a treatment facility, not for treatment but for documentation purposes. While I was in treatment, Ridgeview contacted the MD and told her to have me call the nursing board to self report. However the board of nursing requires self reporting to be done on paper. I was released and still had not self reported (I was not working at this time) so the same abuse (verbal/nightmares) continued and I still did not know who was behind it. I started experiencing flashbacks which is a sign of PTSD. I was confused by what was happening – all the negative reinforcement – treated horribly when I quit and less by when I was using. I decided to rule out drug use and stopped in April 2004. However I experienced the same horrific abuse. They finally said I could go back to Myrtle Beach (my home) if I self reported in which I did. During the summer of 2004 I retrospectively figured out what had happened. However the abuse continued and eventually my mother asked me to move out – this was an attempt to force me to sign the consent order. So, what I figured out was Ridgeview allowed my partner (a physician) to admit me to the program BUT I had already stopped using drugs several months prior. Ridgeview had never assessed me or no-one had even asked me if I was still using. Due to the extreme invasion of privacy from the device, it was decided to use the device to trigger me to use again and make me think I had a drug problem. Then they would be able to proceed with their usual treatment program using the device however Ridgeview told my mother that they could get me to sign a consent order which then the state would monitor me with drug screens for another 4 years. Because I figured out Ridgeview was behind it, I initially refused to sign a consent order. Heavy abuse continued in 2005 and I started working but not in healthcare. It lessened in 2006 and continues to this day. I stopped speaking to my mother in 2008. I signed a private consent order in 2017 and fulfilled all the necessary requirements of the board (MD monitoring and random drug screens) and began working in healthcare again. Ridgeview continues to monitor me because their motive for covering up their mistake failed and are responsible for triggering me to restart using drugs back in 2001. Their motive is based on the fact that the device causes complete invasion of privacy, which if you were addicted to drugs would be a good enough excuse to use the device for treatment, however I wasn’t. I have suffered greatly with PTSD, depression and having my privacy violated every day since I was erroneously admitted. Early on I made several attempts to report them to the FBI to no avail. The FBI will not acknowledge this technology even exists. They know your schedule so if you have an MRI/CT they call the radiologist ahead of time. Very basically it’s an EEG device that is non-surgically placed into a sinus or nasal cavity and transmits brain wave data via satellite to the recipient. In this case a treatment facility trying to help drug addicts. While not nefarious, it was incompetent and fraudulent. This device and process has a patent that I found later. It could be used or copied by different entities but I’m sure the device maker would restrict its use because if/when it becomes public knowledge it will change society. Hopefully this will affirm that the technology exists and begins to put a stop to its use because of the obvious potential for abuse. I’ve kept everything somewhat anonymous but I am willing to give details to any official or reporter willing to investigate this situation.

  • Adreanne tiller says:


  • Alan Wilson says:

    Iphones…… that is the type of phone I am sure is being used.. “coordinate through a massive cell phone network and use those same phones to direct microwave energy. According to them (and many Tis), cars can also be adapted with directed energy weapons.”

  • Fiona Mehta says:

    I think that if any one is in any doubt about our claims, should review the technology that exists; it has over taken, silently, everything else that we are aware off and more. Please refer to Dr. Matthew Aarons 2 hour presentation on DEW. It is real! Programs that supposedly ceased in the 70’s did not! Nano technology used for good and bad medical gain, implants less than the size of a grain of rice being used. Gang stalking and Electronic Harassment go hand in hand. Dr Rene Kilda was assassinated by DEW attacks because she exposed the program. At some point people will look back to this time, early 21st and realise that us TIs were telling the truth! It’s not until all of this technology and more is eventually rolled out, then the public will take note. As it stands we at present are labelled as delusional! How cruel! I live with the pain and misery of Electronic Torture! I used to mock 5G protestors, laugh at those that wore tin-foil hats! I look back and wonder how I could have done so! Brain implants are being used to control and torture people! I wish I were delusional!

  • Dianne says:

    Vigulenties self made invetigator ot ones who think they were gievn the right to stalk folow or abuse you …doing thier own sex offending investigation revenge games..they hared this about you or read this from your past..but that even never happened,making job reviews on people..saying you don’t do your work ..why does nt the boss say that?? they try to make you think your in trouble at your job….but yur not…. and fake stories of abuse to animals and familey or trying to invade a home over jealousy of ATV or golf cart or snowmoble registry and trail pass laws, trespassing laws… ilegal activities to set people up and to ruin lives is sad and sick! This is the stuff that is making stuff like this happen…and they think they can rule and go over police authrity even make them look bad by hopeing to make seretly makeit look like they are doing it to you! Sneaky underhnadad stuff! this tecnology has gotten way over the red line now implants or invisible undecetd technology is doing the same stuff for them!

  • Jolene Wells says:

    This is happening to me as well. They even took my child! Fake funeral and all. I will figure this out. I will prevail. I will get my child back.

  • Diane says:

    These comments all have the same situations senerioes like activities ..if you read them!
    Inheretance blocking?…they can steal your inheretance by putting you away or in a nut house, by saying you don’t deserve the inheretance because they use fake rape story about you..or other fake stories, and covered thier trial so they don’t get it for fraud… that they are hiding from the police ?
    but that is blocking law and they don’t want prison for that so they get screwed over!!!
    Somone will say your not thier familey ….and they took what you were suppose to get part of and even brought a fake son from your brother or sister who passed ( suspicious death activity?)out of site … now they have it made for thier retirement!! They split the money amoung the others …but not you!!!
    Trying to scare you away, trying to get your wife or husband then they will do it to him get his stuff and insurance and bank account, home stealing….or want your land?they might be part of others in the area and thier part of a crowd and that brings them closer to the game area!!!?
    revenge set ups???
    Don’t like the polinator or any conservation?Hunting or off roading land stuff !
    Racist and don’t like your family you married into?
    They will telll you you are not a good worker… you don’t do your work…leave or else ..your bosses do not even know about This stuff and they know you won’t tell them and it stresse you to a point you start to make mistakes!
    They make it look like it’s your husband doing it or he is part of thier plan against you..
    !it’s to screw you over!l
    ook crazy and force you away by invisible so police can’t do anything to help[ you stratigee!
    They even use drones form friands to make you think someone is following you!
    They do stuff to look like it’s funny but they get away with it, but if you do it back they use it as harassmnt or offencive! They Say you started it!
    They have a group you don’t puts cops in a very odd situation when cops are brought in your word agisnt thier group!
    Use the new unhearable radio, TV or conputer made for only you brought by the implanter persons?
    Comments on here are only comments not to blame or point at anyone or even say it is happenning..
    try it!…get some implantables phone what see how it works then give a comment!

  • dina says:

    I wonder about these issues!
    What are the laws, dos, and don’ts, ilegal activiy use abuse laws… payment plans,signed papers for use laws, lawyer, doctor and familiy safety knowledgeso it deos not hurt them advice, if they are steriliesd and useing univerasl protection for putting them in your body or tooh or even ears…..what happens if they are hacked, stalked from signals being hacked or picked up or don’t work, or something goes wrong or your allergic to the implant material, how does law rule with use of this stuff, how will the electric effect you or your body later on stuff like cancer risks, how to stop it or start it….
    How will magnitism effect you from the signals and what about radiation, what if it effects others heart beat related implantables or your tv and radio, signals>?could signls effect your vehicle?

  • Adreanne Tiller says:

    I’m writing to you all to inform or ask you if at any time has there been anything stolen and maybe used for government purpose cause my eyes are pushing out beams and images and I can hear everything I move incredible fast and my fingers feet hands toes head vagina rectum boobs mouth are pushing out colors beams some of them are holographic glitter like and I have poof of these people cyber stalking me. They want me dead I have had four phones crash on me and pictures I take move and switch up. There are laser beams everywhere and I have been asking for help for over a year pushing out over 350 request for help and the Mississippi GOVERNMENT is involved in keeping me a secret to claim my assets and to destroy my DNA 6013971259 1611 wood Glenn Dr.jackson Ms 39204 I know of houses that have equipment in it electric high volume of it makes me sick my civil rights act are being ignored and I have put in for the criminal justice department four times now please help me

    I have hours of real live voices names and yes there very clear to the ears the pictures I have taken move with the high technology of maybe the smart sensors that was made for all the new wave technology for phones gaming gear smart wear and glass s playstation 6789 .was put in my CBD oil for there personal use of getting me to take my life cause there dad took his after getting sentenced for child pornography and molestation and drug use for the crime that was committed on my 8 year old daughter back in 2008 I need help the whole Ms government is involved

  • Diane says:

    I think wisconsin has a awaking underground volcano or faulting rifts, we need the sky labs to do some inferad reading for new hot spots… or magma movemnet under wisconsin! Aquifer maybe?micro burst or possibley a sun burst warning!?
    I have been wondering?

  • John Doe says:

    how to get them to stop? do they want me to kill myself? Why am i hearing voices and seeing images im not thinking about. why are they bombarding me with illegal drugs/ putting me in like? can they really read my mind? i believe they can. what did they do to me when they hypmotised me.”not a great speller ” sometimes i feel like they control me. i think this started along time ago and now its getting out of hand. iv been set up in with a stolen car, they wave/ flaunt guns and have fired bullets nearly hitting me. They have been using what i believe are microwave weapons at me. sometimes my vision becomes blurry out of no where a. they like to hit me in the chest and legs with the microwave weapons and speed my hart rate up and make it difficult to walk. i can no longer think clearly . ive been unable to build musle. i was kidnapped in peoria il for 3 days and woke up in a parking lot. they refuse to let me keep a job and they stole my cdl. so ive been forced to the streets and ridiculed told im a predtor and people think im a creep. followed by cars 24/7 people walk around and all make the same hand and head gestures. today they stole my back pack and forced me to stay up all day. they continully offer ‘Blues’ and street drug i believe they can control my thoughts with. ever since Gang Stockers started coming around i dont behave like myself .ive been to Peoria, Chicago st.louis davenport atlanta seattle portland daytona. and am unable to free myself from there total control. i believe people i thought where my friends all set me up for this. blasphamas roomers have been spread online and ive been under non stop attack for 5 plus yrs. i was a compelletly different person before i met these criminals. full time jobs car and apartment and was very laid back took care of my childern. was never popular but i took care of bisiness . now im unable to control my behavor exspecielly when they drug me. can hardly think!

  • A says:

    With so many comments I have yet to read, I may mention a theory that’s already been considered. Many of these people are either premenopausal or menopausal, as am I myself which brings to mind ideas.

    I am having the same sort of things happening to me. I am a very rational person but at times it’s caused me to lose touch with reality while maintains some grasp that it’s also quite neurotic. I am diagnosed Fibromyalgia. Could these things be a consequence of other biological processes besides mental health processes? Something that’s more common in women of a certain age?

    Of course men can’t be menopausal but they can have Fibromyalgia type illnesses. This could explain the very real symptoms we are experiencing alongside something that’s interlinked with mental health.

    Add to this as was said, the very heavy and real surveillance of the world today. it is a toxic mix. For all the high flying, professional TI’s there are people like me, likely into the hundred’s of thousands, people seen as nobody of significance..

  • Kenneth Smith says:

    As of about a week ago. I’ve only just now discovered I’m not alone in this world. That I’m not truly crazy and these things do exist. Hind site is definitely 20/20 after ure able to put a name to it. And for almost 9yrs this has been going occurring to me. But still I have yet to find these TI or stalking help groups anywhere, thus I still feel so alone. So I beg of anyone to help me find them. My torture has been so hellish. That I have been sexually assaulted and even when I had evidence of it. I witnessed just how smart they were at stealing it back from me. My wife and 12yr old son have recently observed things they can’t explain. And although it’s their first time being drug into what I’ve experienced for so long. My biggest question is why? Please help me. Email me with someone I can reach out to. Torturing me is one thing. But involving my family gives me more strive to fight back. I’m tired of crying. Thank you for listening.

  • Copyingmybrain says:

    Hello. look i cant spell i cant write . but this that is that ,your speaking on has been somthing that i have delt with for some time. I have always been able to still my thoughts. i was excited and a little fearfull to one day hear thoughts out of my thought pattern i say this as it is vairing voices that can completly mimic my tone of thought so to speak. and having said this , i am no being made to know that i will feel paine and experence suffering and dizzynss paaine if i dont do what im told . i dont know when i started having trouble reading or reading fast its as if ive been hipnotised, each day i am pushed threw scnarieos and threatened they recreate pain I’ve experienced usely much l.s than it was but seem to believe they are doing extreem amounts but its the timing as its when im doing anything well or working to trying to speak to people they are easyly fooled and even seem to become influenced by me some but it always becomes me going down the rabbit hole in this i dont know what to do it gets worse each day … always its give us what we want but i dont even thinK they know some times programs, SOMETIMES ANOTHER PLANE OF EXENSITENCE any thing anyone can suggest AS EVENTULLY I WILL BE DISTRACTED OR MISSLEAD

  • Doe 2 says:

    Not caught people or look a-likes being noticed trying to decieve you, make you stop noticing, make you not to report and they maybe try to force you out of the area they are hiding in or try to make you a crimanl so it is a back at you game!
    Try to force mental hospital to make you go away by fraud…..! Use voioce technology to make you forget what you saw..and to get rid of you and get your stuff….!Make people think your a sex offeneder so they can block your life and ruin it also, and hope to break your family up!! if that don’t work they try to steal all you made to hopefully make you do crimanl stuff to get you in reverse! phycology attempts with isolationing you!@

  • Brittany says:

    I’m a 32 year old female of Philadelphia and yes this is real because I am dealing with it. I have not felt any shocks or anything like that but they are gang stalking me in mass numbers cars ranging plates Virginia Massachusetts Maryland Florida and they have targeted me at work or any position I try to get. They use high beams constantly no matter what sun visiors down blacked glasses some blacked out cars. Plates either start with L, Z or K. I’ve lost my whole family that raised me and fell into depression but for one thing I can prove is all of this because I got smart and used acting and communicating with ppl I trust thru paper. Now I have evidence to support these claims. Gang stalking they will even live around you and yes they will try to make u kill yourself and hate life and isolate. It’s a psychological warfare tactic they are using on civilians citizens as a game as an experiment. I even found how they’re bugged devices are so incredibly almost invisible and how they operate. I’m not going to lie this has been so beyond stressful to obtain any evidence and to act on a constant have to get ppl involved right away that u trust and literally as discreetly as possible get notes out but they bug your paper…dead ass serious! Go to a store and use a receipt make sure someone u know works there and somehow hope they go along with it. A place with little cameras. Evidence is everything in this game with them! Contact me I need help as much as you do because I only have trusting friends that I’ve now shown and they believe. It’s hard to get ppl to believe but put up your best acting game and convince then the oblivious won’t be oblivious no more then they pay attention. Contact me please I need others too and this needs to become to a stop. The mental mindgames and abuse is meant to drive us crazy and to be so incapable of life. That is CRIMINAL AND ILLEGAL AND YET THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LAW ENFORCEMENT VOWED TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY. If we don’t ban together nothing will stop!

  • Gabriel says:

    I’m a TI too. Apparently freemasons accused be of pedophilia and used their contacts in the government to put me into this, and worked as partners in the stalking and defamation. They’ve put everyone against me (including my family), tortured me and won’t let me work or study. Beware the false TIs – talking about “spiritualism”, supernatural, bad physics – they infiltrate us and talk bullshit to make us appear crazy. “Yeah, I’m TI. Its all about spirits doing astral projection etc”. When interviewing the community, make sure you get a TI who legit and lucid. Its hard, because most TIs on the web are fake.

  • Peter Rosenholm says:

    I am experimented on with mind control and directed energy weapons. When I went to the hospital after a brutal microwave MEDUSA attack, the ambulancecwas diverted to a small Pawtucket RI. Hospital. I told what had happened, I was involuntarily committed and torchured after being drugged unconscious for 30 hrs waking strapped to a Courtney at St. Joseph’s Hospital where there were all set up to torture and probe the depth of my mind. They put me with the worst cases because I would not take there drugs, then a forced suicide was done hearing my little girl being tortured using V2K and voice coming. Some time later the Justice department called me to hear of this when I told their website how people are killed with the non-lethal weapons approved by them for law enforcement through the COPS program a the mental health alliance with law enforcement.
    Mock executions and pain were every day there and when I got home.
    Now with the Havana Syndrome I see our CIA, Military, Ambassadors and other .intelligence Agencies deal with what I went through only Biden who wrote the COPS program is now President.

  • Dee says:

    It is “stereo implant under the skin..or in the mouth…phones” implanted deliberatly syringed by the nasal area, under ears or inside teeth/gums and these are heard nly by you and the crianls and they play phyciatrist, FBI, cop and fruad advisor and gang group or mocked ones… or mocking individauls that are hiding ilegal; activity… and wihtout authourity and maybe being stolen or copied form companies now making thiese for the future which is already herer!There is information everywhere on this stufff and been around for years and they had a lot of information on the unexplained 99.9 A.M…. 10:00 P.M. show and many different authroities do investigating for the implants …..I heard people hooking them to airwvae devices, internet , phones amd lap tops, radios ,amplifiers and makieng own triangulating surround sound harssmnet, voice ..XXX.. to torment with lt directed at the person implanted! thier treating you like a jailed person..and hoping to have you put away ilgeally secretly!….

  • Sonia Moussa says:


    I believe I am a TI also. As much as I’d like to believe that it all started abruptly, after retracing my memory (which has been drastically altered) I have still been able to pinpoint what may have been the beginning of this horrible experience. As to whether it is currently ongoing, I cannot comment for sure. I have been led to believe that the gang stalking, v2k, mind intrusion, voices commenting and answering questions in brain, scars on my body from chips and DEW have come to a pause but whenever I stumble upon such articles or attempt to find any information online as to WHY this is happening to me, the latter begins to precipitate. I first noticed what was happening to me when my dog began to freak out at outlets and extension cords in our apartment. That is when it was brought to my attention. I began to seek out help from my SO who brushed me off nonchalantly and labeled me as having a mental illness which I am sure I do not and I have doctors who would agree. It is hard to explain to others because some of the stuff that occurs is so idiotic and psychotic that I too would label someone as mentally incapacitated had it not began happening to myself. At first, my apartment began to sound extremely loud, as if the entire place was buzzing with electricity, and my dog started freaking out which is when I realized my place was bugged without my knowledge. I downloaded several apps that could detect the radiation levels and I noticed that certain outlets that had been replaced and changes that had been made over the last two years were directly affecting the radiation levels and triggering the apps response. Mind you, I am not a criminal nor have I committed anything that would initiate such a response from the government. Although, my boyfriend does have ammunition smuggling across border charges pending and I am middle eastern. Which would probably constitute as a threat by the American government. I can understand the government doing their due diligence to investigate such charges to determine whether an act of terrorism may be warranted but there is a fine line between investigating and harassment and the government crossed the threshold fairly early on. I’m sure after 30 days they could have determined that I am actually an American citizen with no ties to the Middle East other than having parents who migrated to this country from Iraq and syria in the 1970s. The continued harassment and psychological torment led to me losing everything. Not to mention the gangstalking, property destruction, trespassing, and drugging me. The government made my life fucking unbearable. They tampered with my vehicle, which led to a faulty exhaust fan and a blown radiation. I had leave my car behind in a parking lot midshift and bring home my packages in order to return them to the warehouse but before I could do that, my apartment was broken into and the packages were stolen. This led to me losing my job. This is when the voices began speaking to me inside my mind. I began receiving all sorts of messages claiming I was under investigation yet it was never made clear who they were investigating and the story constantly changed. I was never served any documentation either. The voices were unbearable. They started out only at night time and began occurring any time I had a single thought in my mind. I have never felt so ashamed and violated all at the same time. I couldn’t take a shit because I felt as if I was being constantly watched which I was because the perpetrator seemed to know exactly how many turds were in the toilet. I was taunted and humiliated and every action I had was followed with an intrusive voice questioning what I was doing or repeating my thoughts. This began to affect my sex life as well because some of the voices mimicked family members and even used their voices to say things like “Sonia no don’t have sex, you’re not married, you should be ashamed.” That particular thought was portrayed in my mothers voice in our native language. I was told by these voices that if I reached out for help, or anyone I told that I was under investigation, would then be able to hear my thoughts as our minds would be somehow connected. Well they weren’t lying. Or if they were, they did a damn good job of it. Anyone I made contact with to reach out for help (as I didn’t know at this point whether or not I was losing my mind, because what else does one think when the aforementioned begins to happen, you think well shit I’ve lost my fuvking mind!) anyone I reached out to began to hear my thoughts. I can verify this because several times (after losing my car, losing my job, and being evicted) I went to stay with a family friend, and there were several instances when an inappropriate thought or something funny came to mind that one would usually keep to themselves and laugh internally about, where we all made eye contact and began drowning in laughter. Now other than the obtrusive thought I had, there was nothing else that would have caused us to all be laughing at that very moment. Yet we were brainwashed into thinking we can’t talk about it or better yet our minds were trained to fear talking amongst each other because of the brain zapping/ DEW charges that would occur if we broke any of the rules. There has been so much that’s happened to me that the above doesn’t even break the tip of the iceberg. I have had conversations in my mind with nothing but my thoughts yet with multiple people who have claimed that I am part of a CIA research group that is studying highly suggestible people. After 10 weeks of brutal thought invasion, and losing my entire life and livelihood, I moved to California to live with my mother. Moving out of state did not matter, the abuse continued. But ironically, once I got out here, the voices shifted from interrogation tactics to trying to convince me that I am imagining / hallucinating this and I was repeatedly told that it’s almost over. After some research, I did find online thru government cyber crime websites that anyone who is being investigated is usually investigated for 90 days and of course, I was nearing 90 days. The voices have finally stopped but as I mentioned early on, anytime I try to do any research, I began to feel the DEW zaps. There is so much more I’d like to share but it’s been a very intense 3 months and all I can focus on now is WHY. I just want to know the truth. Was I really under investigation? Is someone fucking with me? I just don’t know what to think or believe anymore because for the last 90 days I have been sleep deprived, I’ve lost my entire life, I was pretty much homeless, I lost every relationship I held dear to me, almost lost my boyfriend as well, and I continue to lose two handfuls of hair every time I shower. I’m turning 30 in a couple weeks and I’m too young to be this bald and body covered in scars from DEW zaps. Whether or not I was being investigated, the treatment I endured was inhumane. Never have I committed a crime other than maybe some minor shoplifting in my early teens which who hasn’t?! I do not have a criminal record whatsoever though, I don’t have any record of mental illness, and I’m an American citizen. At what point can we say the American justice system is fundamentally fucked? Because no one I know seems to be aware of this fucked up v2k mind control and darpa programs. The media has done a fine job of focusing our attention on other countries rather than the war we are fighting in our minds, with our own technology that we have been brainwashed into believing makes our life easier. Honestly though, if someone could just tell me WHY this happened to ME, I’d probably be able to let it go. It’s the fact that I don’t know, I can’t understand how a law abiding citizen would be forced to endure such torture and how a system meant to uphold our human and constitutional rights could fail one so miserably. It’s disheartening and i fear for our future generation of children to come. Im gonna end this rant by saying, I’m a spiteful bitch yet I would never wish the torture I endured upon my worst enemy. My prayers are with all TIs, one day, our trauma will be avenged.

  • Bob says:

    I hate it when other ti’s say they have it the worst. Unless you know every ti please don’t say that. I’m being tortured 24/7. I get mk ultra as well. I get everything out of the book. I’m a high value target. I moved 11 times with no luck of it stopping. I even moved countries. They smeared my name everywhere. If I meet a total stranger and have a good conversation and I see that stranger again in the future they black ball me. I get hand signals, drugging, poisoned everyday. No one is ever on my side. People pretend around me. They pretend they love me and are there for me and they say they will help me get through this while they stab me in the back. I trust no one. I’m on my last straw right now. If things don’t change then I’m running away to the woods and live there. Might be rough but definitely beats living around these leaches. Being drugged and poisoned and raped as a man is not fun. So there you have it. Still haven’t said everything I’ve been through and you can see how bad I have it. But I never say I have it the worst because I know someone out there has it worse than me. I honestly wish I wasn’t born or wish I would go to sleep and not wake up.

  • Jandor says:

    I don’t understand how so many people can be saying the same. But no one believes what they say.

    The other day I was listening to an interview in reference to government 25/7 surveillance, and invasion of our privacy, People that are making the same claims as Targeted Individuals are only repeating the same accusations. The difference is they are not using the words Targeted Individuals, and they are not being to torchered, and dealing with illuminate, sexual immorality through witchcraft

  • Diane says:

    There is a group that plays senerio game of such: Police investigator accult mocking type games…they learnd it at the university where they were doing stuff like investaging a crime in poice,l law class…and they will target unliked people, acuse them of rape with somene in thier past long life or familey …and thugerey amoung other stuff… and then taunt them saying: They are rapist or what ever… and they will tell you… You will tell the truth even if there isn’t anything, but they will say that anyway…taunting non stop ritual stalking, accusationl and threats activities…
    or they will threaten you with everything from dangreous you can think of, even dog murder, home break in, threats of murder, burning your home down and try to block your life, from everything, your job, family, home and and even doing stuff you love!
    Lets see!
    What if a person told you about this .The issue is they want people to act like other people and they don’t like people who never calll in at work and are also not acting out of place, like dressing with men tops instead of womens tops and sort of things like that! also they will use this to try to force you to look guilty and make people think you are carzy or nuts or guilty of something to force you to say what they want you to say! And they will try to steal all your money if they think you going to buy stuff they don’t want you to use in thier neighborhood! ..But they can do what they want!
    It’s all like the revenge, they rule you and the areas and get you games!
    Pshycology stuff! Bating you so they can try to put you away ..but it is scaming and phishing and color, nationaltiy individual stealing harassment game!
    Scare tactic miltary, police style mocking, blame both of them and blame the goverment aso for thier cover up with this activity, fraud you over, malisous impersonating game! Fliipping streat theater games…..
    That is how one person told me happened to her familey!
    I over hared a group in wausua talking about this also…. but did not know who they should have heard what they were saying about black and mixed famileis also!
    they want it all staright color no mixed or color they aprove of kind of like mock white supremice activity!!
    I was like i hope they go to jail!
    They implant you with fright.. not a cell phone implant!
    how -ever will air tag your vehicles and maybe even put cams up to mock monitoring, motion detect only you and for false survelanceing you and to taunt you non stop!’they treat you like thier prisoner! do stuff delibetery then flip it reverse activities to by pass if cops are called in and play the not guility of anythng game! They use group activity…towards one that leaves you in a how to stop thier targeting games!
    Cops are thus put in a interesting situtaion on who was and who wasn’t dong this or that!
    Maybe this would be a senerio to look at!?
    Who knows!

  • Ana McKee says:

    I’ve been a target since at least 2018. Started after cancer treatment. First it was the smear campaign, then isolation, gang stalking, tampering w car, poisons, harassment, phone hacking, and eventually drugging and raping. Police have said the exact phrasing that they just can’t help. I’ve had a car blow up and my cat killed. Despite all of this actually happening the people around all seem to act like it isn’t or I really don’t know…seemingly good people youve know for a while will just turn. There’s absolutely an element of mind control. I’ve found myself driving to places and not knowing why, specifically on the interstate. So basically anyone deemed undesirable (I’m on disability) or a threat (or just anyone) is now the experiment for mind control and torture techniques all carried out by the people there to help? Everything experienced is very Nazi like with the cruel experiments, sexual exploitation, & special police. Maybe the Nazis just came to America & we”re too concerned about whatever to care THIS IS REALLY HAPPENEING. Our future as humans is literally riding on people accepting this absolute atrocity.

  • HALL says:




  • Kim M heiss says:

    I am seeking info in this area as in louisana events had started then were stopped as I though and started again they went in home stope financial statements refiled these so its a giv official doing I was also told I was going to jail I have e all t here identifications and nothing has been done to retify this situation . I’m isolated there so I can’t be alone in a lt when this is targeted times

  • Michael lacey says:

    Aloha , My name is Michael and also a victim of V2k and mkultra. My story is very long . Mind control is real and I can prove it . I had ran down an Airport runway via v2k . I was even given the gate code to enter the tarmac . Please read some of my story on Twitter. Kailua Kona Police covering up cyberrape @ cellcamhackers. I made 15 police reports. 3 police lied on my reports. I have the reports. 4 families in Hawaii confirmed that they were also being sexual harassed by sexual predators. They work for our Government and know names . Please contact me . 502-622-0216 Mahalo Nui

  • Aaron Tieden says:

    I have all of the answers you have wanted for so long and in solving this mystery, I have also solved a half-dozen or so other mysteries, most are unsolved FBI cases, that I had no idea were related. Targeted Individual is the design of the crime and defining this term officially as being a conspiracy theory and not real is as important as blaming the government and misleading victim about how this is being done to them, in technological terms. I don’t know why no one has simply realized that a network of criminals with an unknown medical/weapon system would work their way up to attacking CIA agents and US Diplomats, not start with them, so you have over a decade of horrifc crimes comitted regular citizens in every country, still, today right now. I am being killed quickly, for this group, for figuring this out along with all the recordings necessary to prove every thing that I talk about. I don’t know how victims are going to feel when they realize that they have been tricked into belieiving that the FBI is responsible when they simply don’t want you to turn them in to the FBI. A terrorist watclist assumes that there is some desire to protect citizens instead of comitting some of the worst and longest crimes to ever occur on this planet. Make sure to call yourself something that is already officially defined as a conspiracy theory held by individuals who have examined and along with fake doctor statements, have all been determined to have mental health issues that are responsible for what they experience.
    Are you starting to see it yet? Your belief is controlled by the very people doing this to you. All definitions of Targeted Individuals and Gangstalking are created by the people committing these war crimes, torture is a war crime, against us. Your reality is specifically controlled so that you believe that there is nothing you can do about it. Its not satellite based either. The truth is that this entire thing, along with Havana Syndrome as well, all exist because the discovery of a hydrogen based compound that reacts to light, is full of electrical energy, and is swallowed, inhaled, and also covers the body of every victim as this is necessary for this system to work. Once this gas is in your blood stream, you are connected to or through, by a slow spiralling electrical connection and every system in the body can be targeted, manipulated, and ultimately controlled. This also includes the brain, the group who likes to spend 24/7 insulting you is mapping out your every neural process by a computer using an A.I. algorithm to group patterns that will later show their true nature once all of your “defenses” have been bypassed and your decision process has been infiltrated, to electrically “hack” the human brain, which works best wen the person is constantly miserable, the perfect lower state to exploit and an unmeasurable amount of suffering for a victim to go through so that these people get what they want. The selfish bratty terrorist who attack you from their giant car sized UAVs or Drones that were all over the news in January of 2020 in what was called the “Mysterious Drone Sightings” in 5 states that sparked an investigation by the FBI and the Air Force when suddenly these Drones disappeared, how convenient, and the case remains unsolved for the FBI while victims would recognize the drones from the videos on the news because they are identical to their own, night time, videos of the main equipment holders that never land.
    They can go up high enough to obtain H2 or perform electrolysis on water vapor. They release metric tons of this stuff every week. It strangely enough has caused two more mysteries, the “orbs”mystery that are all over YouTube showing these white flying “orbs” which just happens to be this very chemical and the there are “chemtrails” and this conspiracy theory comes from the use of plane shapes drones that release streams of this cloudy white chemical looking just like jets but only thousands of meters lower. This is only a small part of finally truley exposing all of this which I will be using video and a YouTube channel where this will happen. My name is Aaron Tieden and this is year 4 of torture and my brain has specific attributes that were exploitable and my own biological data is on servers of DARPA’s NIH the Brain Initiative so you might want to stop being so nice and start actually looking into where all this bio-data and break throughs in the functioning of the human brain is coming from. The YouTube channel is: Juno

  • Devin carlson says:

    Hello my name is Devin Carlson and I’m from San Antonio me and my wife have been targeted everytime I record them my recordings get deleted . The control the a/c and all other electronic things. Makes lights shut off and all of that ect… Is there anyone I can contact to put charges on the people responsible? I’ve been able to pinpoint the ones responsible. But I need help please if someone can point me in the right direction

  • Lee Michie says:

    I am also a targeted individual for the last 3 years I’m being microwaved 24 hours a day 7 days a week they have cost me my business my family my home my health the Moon is also involved as well as spreading radiation all over the skies I don’t know how to stop them I wish somebody would tell me my phone number 727-226-0101 somebody please help or I’m going to be dead

  • Joey bannee says:

    No one can hope us. We are not there. You missplaced it, or did we take it. Is that us behind you, or just random guy. You love your family, we will do thanks to them if you don’t obyed to my words. I am Joey banner and my computer & company is going to make you kill your self for you are a mental patient. I am God now.

  • diane says:

    Bow down to all mighty one… oh man the pile over hear needs cleaning up( bring a shovel!) and man it has a stelthy smell!
    HUMMMM….. put a small tiny cell phone implant reciever 2-way now….in your tooth and they showed them at the technology days… Wow a person was ten miles away and he was heard by the the person ten miles away.. just like on a phone as clear as day and no one else could hear it except the one with the reciver in thier tooth and the one being called!
    All they are is a “hearing aid” but Nanno needle inserted type and put in places so you think it is a UFO implant, it’s so you don’t see it execpt on MRI or eray…..DAH …they can even use them for stereo radio, looping, other sounds….uhmmuhmm… radio machines and hooked to TV sets and persoanl use covert activity to make you think god is talkin to you but it is a wise cracker who wants to abuse you…. or scare you… from telling stuff to cops! like a neighbor looks like a wanted dude…and they don’t want it to be told, so they hired your dentoal to put one in they mocked a cop to get it in……. or something thats just one thought!
    thier not for police or miltary anymore… not even spies….
    hell you go to another country they talk to thier arms now ..because phonesand tattoes are implanted in them..USA is not coaught up to this stuff yet…. OH yes they are!

  • Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming says:


    My name is Mr. Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming. I am a Targeted Individual living in Singapore.

  • Lily says:

    It’s not for testing it’s being done by Hitlers son , and the powerful people of this world you should look into Hitlers plan to take over from underground. I became a TI because I found out more than I was ever supposed to know about my family and when my father told me why we have bunkers I started trying to save everyone, needless to say I became a TI and it ruined my life. Since I have since been sold to sex trafficking, made it out only by the grace and will of the Almighty, if been shot at two different times literally brought and left to die and only still alive because I opened my mouth to too many people that if they kill me it exposes my parents direct involvement. Hitlers plan is VERY much in play and happening I can prove it. It’s time for Americans to unite or die, literally please wake up. I have no reason to make any of this up and I have no history of mental illness besides PTSD from lifetime of abuse and sexual abuse. I continually get mental evaluations to ensure my sanity since I am still stuck in abuse. Speaking up has ruined my whole life I gain nothing by lying or making up stories. This is very real!! They are using Mexicans and the open borders to make all this happen and they have underground tunnels all across America using Walmart and McDonald’s. Wake up!!!

  • Brian says:

    My son is going through this. He is in the military and blaming them. That is why I tend to believe. What can I do?

  • DL says:

    I found huge amount of real stories of real implants mind control it’s just nuts!

  • James alexander says:

    I hear ya no pun intended I have been living for almost 10 years know I just gave my life over I can’t beat them or make it stop so I guess its not our problem it’s there’s
    If you need to talk iam veteran so much it’s normal 7859693531

  • James alexander says:

    I know more than most it sounds like

  • Etta brock says:

    Yes the comment lilly makes is correct .it’s really they use people to do there dirt they already emalaveing and committed committed to much bad stuff.i heard people are hearded like cattle .I know alot if female are gone alot of mennin jail fir bullshit .the quote berms people and mexicann are the ones taking people give checks the prople missing I live around those people .they depise amercians and some amwrcian are herding in there own also .this i do know .when the gastatioms waa givin to the muslims hat’s when it started .I live in KY amd there seems like no help ll come .by God only am I still her and my children .they get people ok dope and make people think it’s the dope it’s nit it a big mind fucj .Gods people are the ones that targeted .the ones that they steal ideal from since the beginning and it’s veey wicked to use that type of whatever they do to emslave and kills
    So many women children and men.i widhbi knew what to say but all I can say is hamg on and know that God has a plan .it’s awful I know me and my.husnand live this everyday .they smile at you with a laugh while stabbing you in the there any help to not sure but they keep us sweatd so we won’t ban together .start getting prepared for the phycial attack that when thruth gets known .be prepared to be hidden. And about food also .grow ypir food find ways coverr up face with a mask where hat’s change switch up things abit .amd cover your scent. Up there is something stalking everybody so be wise to throw them off your trail ..and then You will see it will let up .use that gifyed sidecto surbive the crafty listen what dtives you naturallly not a talking voibe in your head it’s battle firldof the mind thats going on hilter work never ended it just now hittinh us was here or it where they doing to many people now to make progress .I believe it evil it’s the rich it’s the ones that run this country all the same a purge a silent attack to take out so many soom rest will be be dropping. Like flys .those fa coffins they have build millions of them if any body heard about them look them up ok untune it was around when Walmart were shutting down.f.e.m.a means famines peopld the whole coron was to start what this to keep people seperatedand people unaware if what’s going on so they do us a certain way the way we getting my intire town is like this .poor purgee out almost my entire town is not right nothing is .unsaturated things being born the nepuillum are already being born the reason why no abortions for amd it’s odd inamercian we use birth cobtril but other countries no. They buildingbays for a long time.while nowwe been herded in fir slaughter .the promise land the reaon why they came here the people the reaon they killed the indiams well they are the Jew that Moses led out if eypt amd that us the .ones getting done like this .gods people .It s gowe way back to a a for circle and now we are getting finished off so .stay strong stay planted and do not give way .Gods coming and he coming with vengance to et his people

  • Patrick glennon says:

    Hi folks, I am a t.i. living in Dublin ireland via Chicago and florida, the dews attacks continue, typically story after been put on the domestic watch list.gang stalkers ect, the usual stuff. Hang on people and we will get justice and nail this scum.

  • Not applicable says:

    The title says it all. A lot of this happened to me as well. It’s most certainly not bs. Piss off the wrong person and you end up as a wrong target. It’s legit. People are getting hurt. Take specific notes and if it’s really bad get a small body cam to show proof. I already caught several bad doj people involved. It’s a matter of persistence and showing proof so you don’t appear crazy. This happens to enough people where it should be taken seriously.

  • sarah emily leeming says:

    it would be cheaper in investigate with a research fellow for $115k ausltria about the start of it for then take it to the government and jail orgnisation military and army who do it – the IT world just manily targets for IT estates like me

    sarah emily leeming living on the streets in qld nsw 402182370T

    electricially gangstalked through my mouth not me – i have a different voice – my organs have changed- atrophy used- raduim therapy used for bullshit bone degeneration ” why 20 years ago they said they will walk and fall down and only flesh left ‘

  • Ivette Teams says:

    Well, I never thought of hiring a private investigator till I got caught up in life’s drama, and sat here contemplating trying to decide if I should tell my story or not, after 45mins reminiscing. All I can say is I am glad I went after the truth and found it. I don’t know who needs to see this but I am sure there is a fighter like me out there who is been bullied or has been bullied, cheated or wrongly accused, TRUTH is whatever it is, you won’t be at peace if you don’t at least try so I introduce to you’ll this amazing star I just met (Blu) I know he’d probably go crazy cause he did not agree to this but I believe someone is out there needing (black) (@)(solution4u)(.com)

  • William Yule says:

    You may want to check out what the “Free Will Project” is all about. You will find the evidence you need to put an end to this once and for all.

  • Vicky says:

    These stories are horrific! And very very true! I feel your pain! American citizens that have fought and died for CIVIL RIGHTS. The fact of Military personal using these techniques on innocent Americans is a SHAME! I am hoping that Jim Guest of Missouri House of Representatives will be able to put the proper laws in place to correct this crime. My hope, refuge, and strength remain forever in the LORD.

  • Scott Nash says:

    You mentioned the movie A Beautiful Mind. All about the Noble Peace Prize winning mathematician named John Forbes Nash that supposedly had a unique ability to see and decipher code hidden within the ENGLISH (HELSING) language. Then subsequently worked for a secret government organisation. But was eventually hushed by being diagnosed with schizophrenia, subjected to extreme electro shock therapy and heavy sedation. So no coincidence that I have the same code reading ability as John Nash did and low and behold guess what? My surname is Nash. To take it one step further, the Australian actor is that played John in the movie. Russell Crowe, was born the same day as myself. 7th of April. Plus I’m Australian as well. Did you know the word NASHA in ancient Hebrew, pronounced (Naw-Shaw) means to deceive, deception or deceit. So it sure is hard to know what in my life is actually true. Or whether it’s all a fabrication. I sure do have some strange memories from my past. As well as being a sexual abuse survivor. The list goes on ect ect…

  • Mike magoon says:

    Please look up mike magoon facebook also real justice for nevaeh on Facebook. I turned in police stealing a child and they have me targeted. Have video taped me in private places and distribute. I get no police service because they are a gang. Please help I’m willingvto take 100 lie detectors tests. There are plenty records arrested many times not guilty just to tie me up destroy my life. Andy arena head of fbi detroit field office had to retire after exposing drug ring selling drugs through nevaehs mom and sex offenders no supervision. They stole her child go to mike magoon facebook you’ll see evidence. And see videos of police false accusing false policing. Just harassment I’m a good guy never harmed anyone or I’d be in prison. They blew up my home arrested me on less than murder charges……I had solid video proof i reported it got deadly worse. I’m now homeless in car moving town to town. They use travk8ng I can’t find out how to live safely. Please h e lp
    Mike 734 799 6112 thank you!

  • janelle gassler says:

    I live in anchor point ak, homeland security denied there involvment, state troopers have failed to make reports ive made, and tresspass ive asked for, i dont trust them, ive been being comunity stalked they plan to try to comity me invalintary to a mental instatute to shut me up for the highly illigal activities they been douing during the gangstalking, and cointelpro type opperation going on, pero stewart i asked for another due to conflict of interest, was denied, all kinds shity, invasion of privacy, stalking, criminal harrassment, wrongful arrests, harrassedf by troopers, these people burned my home theres curruptiopnn big time

  • Kckrissy60 says:

    God help us. God bless all

  • Bee says:

    Look so I woke up one day with my head half numb and a not on my head,wich is still there, I feel hurt with certain lights,certain cars take my breath away I can’t breath,I’ve woke up to men using me,I sware people can read my every thought.i used to hear people telling me to kill them all or kill my self.i don’t hear them any more..I feel burns all over my body.i wake up with my clothes on back wards, my braw undone,I’m sore in my vagina,and my ass.bruises I have no idea where they came from, days I can not account for people telling me I did things I don’t remember…Gaslighter how do u know if it’s them I’m easily manipulated…I have been used by men my hole life so it’s hard for me to tell…can someone please help me..I don’t want to hurt anyone or my self..I have six kids I love dearly and I don’t want this to happen to them…please someone help me please

  • GABRIEL R. LEON says:

    BabyBlue is the theme color these “GangStalkers”, Targeting my finances, to where they intercepted my phonecalls and living arraingments, so they can spy in home the last two homes discusting., and they think its funny, i have many storys *just ask* id rather not repeat ive dont it ever since im exhausted,
    (used to be a active every weekend dj/music producer with a few clients and 5-10 employees my own LLC i started on my own) since summer of 2018. till now, its even gotten worst to where they have targeted my family, my father with a babyblue colored shed in his backyard, despite all ive been thru, the thought of leaving my mom alone has kept me here still, if it wasnt for her id more likly would have taken them out on my own or joined a gang to finish them off. no time for this.

    what do i do… ive been alost killed and kidnapped rand off the road and cornered , harrassed in my shower by them upstairs thats happening now since 9-17-2021- till now. caucasin older white males thinkng its funny they are like 80 years old im 36 i was 31 when it started. they pay and make bets to see who doesnt give up, 219 downs rd, 2550 reynolds drive, 2480 irvine blvd. womens coven where i was forced to live by a fake realator from the prior address of 2550. i know they will want me died after i post this but its worth it so they dont do it to another and im oaky with it cause i kinda wanna go so my mom wont have to worry bout me cause ive been a burden and at least she will get rich from this and that will be okay. i have weekluy reports of self conducted proof. databug sheets. video audio recordings. copies of flash drives with different family memebers incase im missing, (480)670-8481 homewood suits is their main stay palm desert, place is rigged with hidden cameras

  • First last says:

    Hello, I have read your comments and I have been micro analyzing the whole move control subject and I have made considerate advancements in this area in terms of understanding and have come to a conclusion and my findings are as follows:

    * It’s not so much a mind control subject but a power and control matter.
    *The saying we are only as powerful as are weakest link comes into play here
    *The mentally challenged or people with a lesser brain function are the most interested in this matter
    *They would be the weakest link
    *White people are the only ones that are going to survive in the universe is what I been told

  • Tamiqua says:

    Hi how are you my name is Tamika and I’m gonna need some assistance with filing a complaint throughout the United States government mentally have financial health and harassment here’s my information

  • Dee says:

    I just say> Lets put one in ones who are doing this to people or ones who ignore this subject and facts and figures and we will all harass them, verbally and mentally tamper with them, stalk them useing only voice from a little tiny implantable phone, spy tool , transducer implantable hidden, you hear everything and no-one else does except the ones who are doing it to you..and it is non stop…Then lets see how they like it and put thier thoughts on here about it! Police, law… or hire uppers could try it maybe they will change the laws or update them?

  • Diane says:

    Maybe the FBI could send out on thier web site and the law needs to tell people on thier web sites…… only they can do the real investigating, arrest, holding in jail or in house , penilize or fine..charge, incriminate, set force judgement is for the court and honorable judge and he orshe does the jialing, imprisemment exctera and NO one else can do anything with this as they are not traind , or schooled or certified and licenced or employee of any law enforcement with exception of valid authrisation……….including through unclassifeid or non authorative device for talking.. or comunication.. and the victim is the one to claim the ilegal activity, because to many others could fraud or play false activities or revcenge could be initiated and they could be tampering with victim , circumstances , witness informative situtaiins to finding the real truth.. and evidence and maybe even doing fruand to the victim or tampering with or knowing or unknowing by victim or against the victim also!!. i have not found anything where it says who does what and who is not to do anything with a crime activity!
    i guess?

  • Diane says:

    Ask the doctors to do a blood test they will tell you if you are allergic to electric! Says it on your blood tests now!
    People could put them self at risk of radiation and elecrtric burns inside and outside human body and storm related thunder storm chock non grounding hassards!
    I would like to ask FBI, militrary, and law if it was deliberatley and …..not by them or law…and without permission…. not though court of law anywhere…would that be a homidide if you die if it was revenge or something like that or if you think you are implanted and it is being ignored and you don’t have money for an expensive investigator?

  • diane says:

    Found this out just recently…. people in clark country,WI from Milwaukee know this stuff and they siad people been doing bio hacking implanting in mailwaukee for years, in fact all over the world as i was told…..signs everywhere down there about abuse tageting individuals with audio and other implantables! Found that out from a person I knew down there and their famley is from {law enforcement} and they don’t want thier famley being targeted with that stuff! Wow law will tear into you about that activity, I wuld be careful to play games with anything implantable!!

  • Diane says:

    Wow……..! here is somethig I found!
    Might help!
    These are also listed unde medical laws use!

  • Johnny says:

    I’ve been dealing with this 2 .. has me scared to death .. keep it 2 myself when I’m living rit I’m good it’s when I mess up this happens… it’s real asf I just want 2 live my life in peace .. Tha let me no when I start messing up .. to whom ever I respect wut yall doing I’m not perfect by far I have my issues and I will battle this addiction and other ungodly things come wit it .. Have my attention bn trying to battle these peeps off for years but I no that’s not gonna happen.. I no I was outta place many times and I do dumb crap .. I mean no harm to ne 1 I’ve never hurt no 1 dun no 1 wrong .. my addiction causes these problems .. whn I’m sober I’m a good person . Like my mother said live ur live rit by God and I’ll b good .. have mercy on me plz ..

  • Diane says:

    ????? who knows?
    Mind Control: Schizophrenic High Tech Fraud (Deceived – The Josh Mc Kensie Targeting)

  • Diane says:

    who knows?
    Mind Control: Schizophrenic High Tech Fraud (Deceived – The Josh Mc Kensie Targeting)

  • Diane says:

    Quoted from the internet on a question and answer web site:
    {How does a narcissist control a conversation?}
    The answer was…
    A narcissist communicator allows little or no space for others. They dominate and hoard conversation time by focusing primarily on what they want to talk about (holding court), while paying little or no interest to other people’s thoughts, feelings, and priorities.Jul 12, 2020}

    Was this asking about blocking …. all conservation, garden-ers and wildlife or home habitat enthusiasts?

  • Diane says:

    Police or FBI could have a blanked out or xed tip line… to prevent revenge by poeple, internt snoopers who are watching your computre withtout your knowldeg… because of hacking lines or softwear compromising!
    Or they have a number you use that they kknow where you are!

  • diane says:

    A big time well known Lawyer gave this information to someone to read to give to others…and they have it in different places about this new rape remoting control abuse and also in wisconsin!
    Lawyer siad Quote:” it is unbelievable what these mind control criminals and thugs think they could do if not caught!?
    I hope this is taken seriously with legislature laws…. because people could take advantage of you with any type of remote technology and what abut children abuse?!

  • Kathy Stepans says:

    The one thing about someone who writes a story about target in the visual for us a call as the target individual community, and they say we make cleans, which basically say that in someway what target individuals are saying it’s not believed. We live in a time now where technology is being more and more advanced. Advanced to the point where people are able to commit crimes against other innocent people. These crimes are hard to prove. Why would million and some people make claims about being assaulted by this Michael Lee thing like they don’t have anything better to do. Cyber stalking cyber bullying, electricity, witchcraft, microwave all these things are invisible. How do you prove them but they exist and they’re happening too. Some talking individuals have committed suicide and didn’t have anything to do with mental illness at all. It’s really hard to prove this crime because the way that they’re using it. If you read a lot of the articles that I’ve written up about target individuals or if I talk to the individual have written a comment or are you to page everyone is saying the same thing how is it? Everyone is saying the same thing, but nobody can see truth to it. I am tracked by by CIA FBI, some type of aircraft that has to do with government. This is a crime that you can see all I need is someone to vouch with me and see it. They have followed me from shopping going to work just out and about. They track me and I follow me and this is a far-fetched story and I’m telling my story is reality it’s not something I’m making up. I have better things to do all I need is someone to see it and vouch. This crime is not in a norm box. People are so used to normal anything outside the normal people don’t believe they shut it, shut it and push it away. Sometimes people need to listen to things that do not fit inside a normal box. A crime is hidden by believe in everything in the normal box can only exist. 1 million and some people are making the same claims what all of us are crazy. I’ll put it to you this way. None of us are crazy. The way the crime is being set up the way they’re using it against us. It’s like an invisible crime, but you can’t see there is a Witchcraft involved in this illuminati is involved in this. The claims that target individual are making is true. When they talk about the microwave is true. I felt electricity in my body. I deal with it a lot in my hand. I’ve dealt with it in my leg. This is not some crap that people are making up, then nobody believes us. What gets me is when a person writes an article and say the target individuals are making these claims as though what we say is not reality. I am praying that God exposes this crime that he’s turns the spotlight on these freaking people who are hiding behind a crimes they committed he gets all of these Addison people, exposed ever eyes and convince them that they are not invincible, especially the one who put my name on a contract, and he is principal of a school. He hacked all my crap and I deal with spy apps from him every freaking single day because I know it’s him because he was bullying me when I was at the school watching me while I was at the school he started. Gang stocking me right in school. My truck got damaged right on the property and hacked right on the property.

  • dee says:

    F.ound this article:

  • Diane says:

    Harrassers are ulawfully obtaining “gobal tracking devices” cell phone implantables, even tattoes that are electric or hireing people to put them in or on others teeth or hacking other implanted devices through permitted concented medicall use………. or hiding them on cars and in your home to track through hacked tv and computer signals…treating you like a sex offender or behavirosl trouble maker for thierr own fun or for e revenge and then tracking you saying your thier sex offender or problem child…as a revenge and then tracking you with others playing the game to irratate and scare you or block what you are doing anywhere!?

  • Paul Butcher says:

    Radio Frequency sensitivity is not unheard of… I developed it doing specific science experiments and developed all the classic symptoms. Including temporary low white blood count, (which cleared up), and ringing of the ears… which is worse when close to power lines… to this day. Cell towers bother me after the sensitivity developed.
    Weaponization of microwave is not that hard and I have read testimony of individuals who are electrically trained who caught their perpetrators. Totally yes… buy a leaky microwave tester/meter.
    As far as chips near the brain stem, that can be controlled from instruments more than six feet away… That is almost ancient tech. by now. Probably common in mental patients and in research and development. This can be the most concerning.

  • Diane says:

    The woods over here in Clark county Wisconsins has odd people driving through useing old world war hand held box radios and they are not now miltary!
    saw them while driving through and they are not very friendly…. also saw them over by Mead lake, wi and rock dam!
    I only like going there because that one sand cliff looks like a tuff sand or scoria cone! I mean the sand had white sand moving upwords on that cliff! and that looks like hydronic volcanoe I found on another web ste about volcanoes!
    and we have tephra rock in another place! Wisconsin is also supposd to have magma heading our way as siad by a movie 25+ years ago and it is from the yelow stone and those cauldea out west!though they said did nt know if anything would happen like damage and such! it’s about techonics and Mid Continental rifting!
    I drove thier around the time of stevenes points earthqauke and it smelt like sulfer..big time!

    oh and your right!?

  • S Parker says:

    Has anyone found help? I’m looking like a nut getting in store cams trying to say some of the Top Secret Information that I hear and do not want to hear! I have gone to the FBI/CIA and do not want to be labeled crazy speaking truth! This all started with US Government MKUltra microchip technology. I’m seeking any information and am experiencing pelvic, heart, mind controlled physical torture with inserted rape apparatus that are in all pelvic areas! Their sexual perversion has left me catatonic and lost, I can’t handle the pain and the depths of their deprivation in lewd details of the violation of my entire family! Has anyone else heard the voice of #45 Trump &Sons yet? Huntsville, Alabama is afflicted too!!

  • bobspender says:

    I have been tortured for close to ten years. What kept me sane, was it is measurable and electromagnetic counter measures providing relief. These sadist rapists have forfeit a free, integral life as citizens of the USA. In the Michigan state penal code, the max sentence for directed energetic torture via weapons, psychotronic or otherwise is life in prison. They need a fucking blow hole in their head so their brain can get some fucking oxygen. The enactitvist regions of the brain are not the neoprefrontal cortex. We are not cattle, we are cave fucking monkeys. We will reciprocate smashing your fucking skull in if you deserve it. We are ok with dying. We are ok with you shitting the fucking corner. We are not ok with you shitting on our fucking faces. If you use psychotronics, do the world a favor and spread the word or slit your fucking wrists in a bath tub to clean up your mess. If you are caught, you will be disemboweled on the fucking interstate, just in case some other asshole thinks have space based torture sounds reasonable. Fuck your fantasy, get a fucking safe word you hedonistic rapists.

  • stalkerslapper says:

    its just scum plastic gangsters – little sad bitches who hack, spoof and lie. School bullies who need a good kicking. Gangstalkers are just pathetic lowlife who can’t show their faces in case they get a smack in the mouth.

    I’ve painted one fucker, got another one nicked and another one slapped – they’re nothing. just sad bitches

  • Lori Gintner says:

    I am a targeted individual and have filed Wisconsin Western District federal Court lawsuits 21CV224 and 3:21CV00755 against the banks, attorneys , police, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul and have recused all 6 Marathon County Judges and the public still does not know about it. They have given away one of my properties to a straw buyer…. and trying to get another property of mine in default. The FBI handlers are forming a hub in my small town Mosinee in central Wisconsin right across from my home at Mosinee Family chiropractic office. 5 homes have been moved into on my street and they surveillance me constantly and burn me with WIFI, Radio Frequencies and Radar from the local police. This hub will have its own jurisdiction with our small town Mosinee Police Department. Wisconsin has a monopoly on the Barr Association because it was the only state up until 2019 to have diploma privilege. This allows any individual that graduates from a Wisconsin Law School– UW- Madison or Market to get guaranteed practices set up without passing the Bar examination. This makes their allegiance to the legislated statutes and codes not to the Constitutional Laws. This is why they are coming down on me for being a pro se natural citizen. They have triggers that put me to sleep instantly so I can not file or collect more documentation. They have locked me away in the behavioral health and drugged me against my will. I am willing to open up my home to Proven Targeted Individuals at 106 Maple Street Mosinee WI for other targeted individuals to come and protest and demonstrate against this hub forming in my Town. Marathon County is one is the largest county area in Wisconsin– right in the center of the state. This hub will have access to obtain Central Wisconsin Airport with connections to Minneapolis, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Milwaukee and other major air ports. Mosinee has its own independent police jurisdiction which police chief Ken Grams (new about 3 years ago has become a pawn filing false police reports and denying investigation of targeted individuals. Our mayor– Brent Jacobson is up for reelection and he is both a federal and state licensed attorney who does nothing to get involved. Jacobson was also running for the 29th Senate position and did not get into the election. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul stepped up to defend the Marathon County Judges when they prematurely were giving ownership rights to my property to a Rodney Oleson who got into my property and bank accounts. Whoever these conspirators were— they got into my property and steal my financial documents, inheritance documents sending $300,000-$400,000 in their direction. They lock me in jail or behavioral health to go through every inch of my property. This happened just shortly before the Trump and Biden FBI raids on their properties. Wisconsin is a hinge pin state in the elections recently. They are using this 5G, radiation and frequency control to sway voters with mind control or make them too sick to go and vote. The 5G is a population/sterilization/infertility/ and abortion control more detrimental to human life than Roe vs. Wade. The Mosinee City Council will not let me get on the agenda for local meetings. They have killed my little dog with this 5G, burning him from the inside out and pumping the taped tracks into his brain so he would not come out of hiding or eat…… He dropped from 7 lbs down to 4 lbs and Pita would not come or respond to my calls to report it. Bixby needed a blood transfusion. The courts stole my social security check so I could not pay for the first blood tests before he got really sick. He passed away January 18, 2023. Further, they refused to document or notice Bixby when I brought him to the court and to the city meetings– to show that he could not stand, walk and was near death. This is what 5G is doing to our frail elderly, unborn fetus, small children that do not have strong cell development yet. The vaccinations are providing the frequencies in individuals to be targeted and controlled by these evil handlers. I would like to offer my home as a base vigil for targeted individuals to protest 24/7 by signup so that we have a constant message and united voice right across the street from this FBI/handler site before it gets more imbedded in the state of Wisconsin. Several hundreds of agents come here every week and can go in all directions to major cities– Wausau, Green Bay, Stevens Point, Marshfield, Antigo, Appleton, Racine, Milwaukee, etc. I am filling up with 15-20 lbs of fluid, have near stiff ankles and very compromised mobility, ectopic heart beats, fatigue, and they mess with my memory and emotions constantly. In the state of Wisconsin we also have a statute (legislated) that can deem an individual incompetent claiming one is a spend thrift and underwater on ones mortgage. This is not what was true…. I wanted to pay but was banned from Associated Bank that cross- collateralized my properties and falsified my refinance documents. Then they forced a Guardian Ad Litem (Attorney) to be appointed by the court Spend thrift WI statutes 803 .01(3) (C) (1)(supposedly to assis me a pro se and fend for my rights and my interests) but she was not reachable for 8 weeks and then just threw me under the bus and asked to be removed by the judge because she did not know how to do the financial documents. The judges/attorneys never had any doctor evaluations or documents requiring incompetence. Guess what the appointed GAL– Sheila Kessler of Stevens Point WI– Kessler and Greer Law Firm is a UW- Madison Law school graduate under diploma privilege and she made the comment to me that she could not do what I wanted for my defense because she had to worry about losing her job. Further, she claimed that I was slipping into a chapter 54 incompetency. Therefore, please help me spread the awareness of the corruptions going on with the state level Wisconsin Government against the citizens– Elderly, Disabled, Women, Unborn and Children, 5G, Wi-Fi and Radio Frequency environmental contaminants and terrorism, Election Fraud, Tampering with evidence, use of Govt. titled positions for treason to the Constitution of the United States of America and damage to the freedoms and rights of natural born, pro se, individual protections under Constitutional Law, Amendments, Bill of Rights, Statutes at Large, Civil Rights, Human Rights, and Spiratual Beliefs etc. Question the violations of actions in Wisconsin with Receivership, Lis Pendens, Court Appointed GAL procedures, Spend thrift incompetency statutes, Diploma Priviledge, Lack of Disqualification/Recusal of Judges forms or procedures, Separation of Powers between Senators, Judges, Barr Members, Attorney General, Banks, County Board Members, City Government- Mayors, Council Members, police officers, City Administrators, court and city clerks, District judges, Western District Federal Judge-William M. Conley, Conley sat on my cases under review for 2 and 1/2 years before dismissing them out because he said that he could not move forward because there was now a state judgment entered in the case and this was a violation of interference by the federal court with a state court action. Not legal under separation of powers for a federal court to extend a form of Title control or bankruptcy control ( exclusive issue) to a state court.
    Please get on the Media- world, network ABC, NBC, CBS news and for Wisconsin especially Wausau Channel 7 and 9, Wausau Pilot and Review, Badger Project, PITA, Dis-ban the Wisconsin Bar Association or put it under investigation, to address these issues that I raised above and do a story with me. Please help Dis-ban the Wisconsin Bar Association or put it under investigation for all of these corruptions and take away the Federal funding to the Wisconsin State Government until they stop hurting Wisconsin Citizens and indirectly influencing the Supreme Court elections and other legislation in Congress and the Senate that effect every individual from other states.

    Please Help. Send candles, Christmas lights (red, white, blue or white), a letter saying you can come and stan at a scheduled time so that we can get a 24/7 vigil or protest for targeted individuals, or send a video to project on a screen, letter to post in a display of testimonial, for Individuals at Risk restraining orders, pets, 5G, effected individuals, court/law corruptions in your state, Send your name if you just want to be added to a list as a targeted individual anywhere in the world or any state. Send anything to expand our voice…… Make a banner or sign that I can post. Send any documents/case law or anything that pertains to any of the above listed issues or other. Send any pictures of any passed targeted individuals to be added to the vigils or displays for memory. This is in no way a scam: If you would like to send a donation toward electrical costs or sign materials, printer costs, advertising for public info sessions please send it to the exclusively designated tracked account: #100002269820000 CoVantage Credit Union 151220 Baltimore Ln. Wausau WI 54401.

    Let’s unite.

    Lori Gintner
    106 Maple Street Or P.O. Box 342 Mosinee, WI 54455
    Mosinee, WI 54455 715-506-1800 ( Please keep trying to call if they block your call)

  • admin says:


  • Andrea says:

    I make videos for TI’s suffering from V2K and DEW torture to help with pain relief and emotional well being. Please have a look, I hope you find something that helps ease your suffering.

  • Techia S Davis says:

    All of the stories and nothing has been done by the government. Story after documented story of everyone with the exact same story, TI, gang stalking. When will this weapon have regulations. The government goes on and on about gun violence. V2K Darpa, nk Ultra, TI and Havana syndrome. All real when will there be regulations on the people using broadcasting to gangstalk everyday individuals.

  • SpamPantry says:

    First of all, nobody cares when people identify the government and affiliated doing this to citizens. How can I be sure? The new mass surveillance enables these characters to inflict all the atrocities mentioned while simultaneously monitoring ALL real-time communications. In other words, they can monitor the communication airwaves after a person speaks out, and determine if their claims are heard or cause a significant stir. When they inevitably don’t, it become a free for all. Really, the problems lies with the people and their total indifference. It’s not just some clever dudes, or a rogue organization, it is a complete systemic problem that allows near-experimentation on human beings. One would have to have a law degree, specialize in this niche area of law and probably be privy to basically unknowable things in order to advance their position.

  • Russell sternberg says:

    To whom it may concern:

    I have been held hostage for at least 6 months now. This guy who worked for the US navy says he is using one of your machines. He has had me remote neuromonitored and says it’s a frequency. He can read my thoughts and I don’t have to talk out loud for him to communicate with me. He can talk to me directly to my head and no one else can hear him but me. He also can talk to me through different parts of my home somehow. His name is Rez Salek and he has hooked me up to this machine supposedly via remote frequency,… so he says…. this is all done against my will with no consent from me. He refuses to disconnect me from this device. He says the machine will not let him.
    Is this something that is possible with your equipment. He also states that he can see what I see through my thoughts and eyes. Is their anything I should worry about. Such as being hooked up for at least 6 months and possibly even up to a year. I can’t get straight answers out of him. He is a pathological liar and sociopath. Can someone please help me. His goal is to make me look crazy, insane, mentally I’ll and get me committed to a mental hospital. Is this also against the law? He has no license, certification or degree in any of this. He claims he paid about 12,000.00 last year for this used equipment. Any help and or advice would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you

    Sincerely Russell Sternberg
    917 sw plum drive
    Portland Oregon 97219

    Please help me !!! ASAP.

  • Rio says:

    I’ve been going through this. I’ve recorded some voices and the electricity is thick. They say there from egypt

  • Dee says:

    I hope the Whitehouse in Washington D.C. had the place metal detected outside grounds and walls and radio frequency tested for nano listening stalkers now since those people all crawled up the wall of the building and that person jumped over the fence, they all could have put tiny nano spy devices all over that building and the yard also……..!!
    It’s kind of what these people are talking about now they are being spied on through the skin and now real bio hacking tooth phones that use mind reading an one or two way private spy talk and track and listen!!
    and what i heard a neighbor could hire anyone just to spike you for jealousy or revenge and that is OK?
    this is what some smarty pants-ers in central Wisconsin were heard talking about!
    They think they can play God and try to force you to leave the area and spook you voice games!

  • KK says:

    Yes, im a targeted individual. I guess its government, all i know is im chosen because im a good person and the entities that run the country experiment with me to see if i will kill myself or someone else, they are trying to drive me crazy, I, too, think i have transmitters inside of me so they can keep up with me 24/7. My house vibrates, its like theres a bunker under my house. High frequecy ringing in my ears, just every once in a while. They sabotage my vehicles, i have to keep my keys on my person at all times. I just give it to God, and things He tells me turn out true. Like the IRS demanded a huge payment from me and gave me 2 weeks to come up with six figures so i was forced to sell my land and the new owner is bulldozing the property and the ink is hardly dry on the contract. But God said it would happen and several people were involved in this conspiracy to get my land which is a sacred , very spiritual and i have to protect it. it is written in stone that i be the caretaker and this is to get the governments attention because no one helps me. I have to do everything and my feet also swell every day from those things they shoot me up with while im sleeping. Im in a tug of war between good and evil and i know the Devil cant get my soul but he keeps trying. God is trusting in me to keep the faith and keep believing in Him. And God told me that the aliens made Him and made Him Superior to everything, The aliens are mostly good but there are some bad ones.i thought it may be my sister and ive accused her many times and its damaged our relationship. I do have one weight off my mind these past couple of days is i took care of that IRS problem.

  • Jill hazzard says:

    When a woman gets raped, does the crime get investigated by comparing the small tears in her tissues to tears in tissues of all the other girls who said they were raped? Does the victim sting the next day, because others said they stung the next day? How much blood?
    No, they do not investigate a rape that way. The victim describes the assault, gives details about the perp, AND SHE IS BELIEVED until and unless they find a reason to NOT believe her. The onus falls on the perp to prove his innocence, not on the victim to prove she was truly harmed, and THAT criteria dependent on comparison of aspects of injuries. Sito solve the crime, the mystery, to answer the questions, they must find the person who committed the assault. It is HE who is investigated, questioned, intimidated, tricked, until he confesses about the crime. HE takes the polygraph test. HIS story is looked at piece by piece. You “journalists” seem to neglect the whole other part to our crimes…the guilty parties.

  • Jill hazzard says:

    It is not necessary that you understand or even believe what we say. You can’t. But you CAN look at victims with less sensational complaints, or just concentrate your examination on the pragmatic. We tend to look towards more powerful sources as the root of our complaints. Some of us have done quite a bit of research and have rather plausible explanations for why we are targeted.
    I don’t know for sure ANYTHING, because I can’t go where proven answers likely live.
    However, this is what you should investigate if you are sincere in wanting to know the truth about the phenomenon of gangstalking.
    After 9/11, DHS became a force. It could do as it pleased and did not have to answer to anyone. No oversight. It attacked the Muslim community. It got reprimanded harshly by civil rights advocates and many American citizens protested their actions. DHS decided anyone who did not support them completely must have leanings toward our enemies. It called advocates “threats”. Journalists were “threats”. Protesters were “threats”. DHS tried to argue that it should be able to start watching these , their enemies, but the courts said it needed to show proper cause, get a warrant, allow targets their due process. But DHS didn’t feel they had to answer to anyone. Together with law enforcement and other 1st Responders that wanted to participate, DHS and JTTF, using the networking infrastructure built for times of national emergencies connecting DoD and DoJ, law enforcement, federal Intelligence and Defense depts, the FBI, (basically the FUSION CENTER AGENCIES), state police, local police, city public services, housing, health Dept, educational institutions, and what they call “important stakeholders”, a program was created that would allow DHS to exact the punishment it felt was justified for people who got flagged, by any means, as a possible threat to the nation. Taking advantage of the many citizen volunteers wanting to help the country, agencies like FEMA, CERT, INFRAGARD, local first responders, citizens are trained in a type of surveillance that intimidates, humiliates, invades privacy, takes dignity, ruins financially and socially the life of target’s, with the final blows being systematically discredited, and called “mentally ill” each and every time a target tried to go to authorities for help. The authorities are with DHS. There is no one to help us, no where to go, except to the public to alert them to what is going on. Then here comes one of you jokers who don’t know a thing about what we experience, and/or what we know, making fun of us.

  • Cesar A Gonzalez says:

    I had cancer on 2011 n i got out after surgery with an implant on my face n back without knowlage n i been torture daily since then can u help me to find out if is part of mkultra project please im living a night mare n don’t know who to tell my life is as stake please contact me

  • Thomas Kosto says:

    I am a victim and cant get rid of these horrible people. They are taking up space in my head from their constanbt talking and have my phone tapped. I dont know how they see every step i take and see ecerything i see. How do they read my thoughts. i HAVE GONE THROUGH ABOUT 6 PHONESIN A YEAR AND I STILL CANT GET RID OF THEM. iTS LIKE THey talk to me usoing spuind waves like a radio frequency. I need to report this and need someone to help me

  • Javonia Stone says:

    Hi! I’m experiencing the same thing mine started through Facebook. I started seeing weird things happening. I really need help. Please reach out to me of not I will give you a call @ my earliest convience. Thank you

  • Candy Grandpre says:

    Many Targeted Individuals are blacklisted from society, & we’re fighting to get our lives back. We’re fighting for our rights to live & exist. The narcissistic, predatory gang stalkers try to run us off the planet. We’re fighting for our rights to work, make a living & get back on our feet without being sabotaged. People like me are sick of being forced homeless, jobless & destitute.

    Our livelihoods are at stake. We’re tired of being tortured & suffering. It’s not our next door neighbor’s “authority” to rob us of our rights to go on about our lives, being criminally, illegally & undeservingly stalked, followed & harassed. We’re sick of these predators try to play “God” with our lives. We’re NOT delusional or crazy! Please listen to us!

    This is the most concrete & blatant proof of my gang stalking ever!

    & even other professed targeted individuals still act like they don’t believe me or take me seriously. Sadly, they caved in & sold out. I’m still fighting for the right to survive & exist without selling my soul & becoming a gang stalking perp.

    Here’s more of me fighting to get off the streets & live a normal life.

    This video is 1 example of evidence of me being homeless on the streets.

    I’m fighting for help for any targeted individual who’s in this situation. Please give us our rights back, stop human trafficking & enslaving us, give us reparations, & let us live a peaceful, torture-free life!

  • Michael Santoro says:

    I am targeted by DEA for the last 7 years now. They are doing it for a mercenary disability attorney in NYC, whose girlfriend I took from him . This is his website… you decide if he has the juice for this favor

  • Sherry Eley says:

    Please help.

  • Diane says:

    Remote implantable stalkers and abuse telepathy or even mind reader criminals could secretly force non-hear- able phone implantable telepathy sex offending as a slave act or even revenge or narcissistic attack could go crazy… where the cops would not understand what is going on when you try to report this …. they need to read what these criminals could do to any person who might be abusing on other people or paying your doctor to infect your body while at a dental or doctor appointment….. so the Criminal could take advantage of you with secret revenge even try to do worse in time effecting your body and your health with fraud made symptoms and other people who wonder whats going on that is hard to explain! there is a story in the books about this on Amazon..about electric harassment! It is also sneaky menatle embarrassments to hurt you!

  • Stacey Wartell says:

    I have the same issue since 2019.

  • Diane says:

    They stealing your electric other stuff… and using it to hurt you …..and they don’t have a broadcasting or signal use licence for protecting other signal use products….. they could be blocking or interfering use… for medical maybe, even law enforcement products or hacking telephone or high towers or TV sets even radios and can be hurting your pets, animals by this technology because they hear sound we don’t hear!
    Found some international laws about this in wireless signal, tagging permissions and consent per use use laws to not manipulate of regulation and interference laws!!

  • Diane says:

    The criminals have a new way to harassment technology not being monitored by the companies that make the product!… and do a new way unlawful secret covered up sex offending people with remote body technology……., these people are mocking technology for handicapped technology …remote arms, legs hands excreta………. for people who have had serous accident or got hurt during war or other incidents and now some people think they can screw with your body and mind…. combining it with mind control! They use it to control you .. they use verses like :If you do that or not what they say they will do that to you to or other people you know….to block you or hurt you, keep you in a frightened situation excreta!
    Someone mocking the Illuminati and is a narcissist … they rule the area and whom you are, go above law and policies and freedoms to keep you at home? psychological home bred unlawful therapy and someone out there is giving them the directions to keep cops from knowing or understanding what they are doing to you!!?!

  • Ravanethran Thayvan says:

    Im a Targeted Individual by the Central Narcotics Bureau of Singapore.This goverment agency is using Voice To Skull technology to harass and intrude the privacy of recoverig adddicts in Singapore.There are a lot of individuals like me who are experiencing the symtoms that are highligted in your report and I have substantial proof to tie my claims to this agency.Please do advice and I want to create an awareness to the people of Singapore on this illegal tecnology which is ban in most country.

  • Matt Luchi says:

    Wow what a great read.

  • Andre Strong says:

    Hello all,,,My name is Andre Strong, and I have been a Targeted Individual for approximately 3 years now. Now one must take into account that when my targeting began, I had just returned from a lengthy period of incarceration and I do believe that part of the reason that we become TI’s has something to do with the particular demographic we hail from. Back then, I wasn’t always on the right side of the law, so when the harassment began in the form of Gang Stalking, I had assumed that a law enforcement unit was after me or had me under surveillance for the trouble I had been in. As it turns out, that was not the case. My girlfriend at that time it turns out was heavily linked in with this community of individuals that perpetrated gang stalking and covert communications. The stalking was relentless…but I believe what caused the most chaos was when the perps always seemed to convince my close friends and even family to join in the spying…the wireless tech they used seems to operate via wifi or 5G,,,emf,,,radio and micro waves,,,whenever this system is being used, a high pitch ringing noise is always present and the presents of the wireless signals themselves can sometimes be seen passing through an object or material or being placed on something, as a faint mirage type strobe. This tech is capable of sending wireless.messages between 2 people or a group of people,,,the wireless signal seems to track to an individuals person and to their ear at which point the message or line of communication is played. But usually the senders and receivers are the only ones that can hear it,,,why is that? This tech is fairly easy for average every day people to get ahold of now,,,,I have a girlfriend that is utilizing this tech in my home right now but always vehemently denies it because there is no physical proof….DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO TAP INTO THIS TECH AND POSSIBLY INTERCET HER MESSAGES? CAN SOMEKNE GIVE ME INFO ON HOW THIS SHIT WORKS, PLEASE???¿?

    My name is Andre Strong. And you can contact me anytime at 317-945-2481.
    I need your help brothers and sisters.

  • Ey says:

    I came accross this post. I have been targeted for 10 years and taken to mental hospital. Now they are injecting me. I had a chip implanted in my head then saw a post on you tube about how to remove spiritual chips and exit the matrix. I did it and the chip got switched off. But now they are attacking my vagina with itch. My vagina will get sharp itches and i will get pricking in my skin. People will talk about me in town and say go back to the country where you came from. This is real. I have informed my psychiatrist but it resultef in me being labelled schizophrenic. Now i am on haldol 100 mg injection. I got pregnant and they will not stop injecting me so i had a miscarriage.

  • Nathan Sanders says:

    I know I am being targeted for some reason after recently being terminated from OK Dept of Labor when I requested assistance multiple times for sexual harassment and bullying that was near constant… they tried to have me detained for psych evaluation and when I tried to let it go and move on and travel cross country to have a nice time and regroup, I have been stalked ever since, cross state lines and have tons of video and pictures to confirm… all day and night and since I am technically homeless, I have no where to go or can even stop driving now. They are relying on everyone thinking I’m severely mentally unstable and when someone says “followed”… it’s like an automatic death sentence… please. There must be something. I need help from someone, I’m not crazy… but I do need help. Please!

  • Keith says:

    I maintain a blog related to this. There is a lot of other factual information you should be made aware of.

  • Warrior says:

    I’ve been a TI since 2018 by a satanic coven/criminal gang. The have been using every method at their disposal to try to destroy me. Demonic activity; spiritual attacks (dark magic) + physical stalking (surveillance).Using sleeping and food depravation, v2k, hypnotic suggestions they even got inside my dreams to ask questions. They follow me around every place I go, (they make sure I know it’s them) they’ve poisoned me so many times that isn’t even funny. There’s so many people involved that it’s unbelievable the lengths they go to try to destroy a person. They tried to set me up for stalking (when I’m the one been stalked) and tried to set me up to drug related crimes. 2019/2020 was rough they tried to make me to commit suicide/ they tried to kill me (through poison) or get me in jail
    . 2023 and still ongoing. I’m still fighting. I’m still here

  • dee says:

    I over heard a group say they entertain themselves with other neighbors being implanted…….!? I hope this is all legal and through a contract with pay not forced with threats, for revenge or slavery or to play they will change behavior “voice GOD” or don’t talk about what you seen or heard about to cops!?

    The idea is from tic toc and U tube video watching and new phone, TV, lap top and other see you and talk to you technologies!

    i think it’s a plan….those hacker maps are more then what we think they are maybe?

    Let the U.S.A. Eagles* do their thing!

    But just a thought… NO finger pointing, only opinion, just popped into my head and I spitted it out!!

  • Alexx says:

    I have been targeted for over 10 years. It is hell. Please could you add any countermeasures you might have come up with here: any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Daine says:

    Mocking sabotage games ,using illegal frequency that could hurt or instead helping someone, using being non-registered or certified to work with electric with safety in “bio hacking safety electronic schooled licence how to use it, when and where to use it, who not to use it for allergic or other reasons….implanting it to mocking or some other professional licences professional or without advice of a judge through legal binding court situation…..logging signed consent form in your health, criminal ….. or law recorded if that was the reason for the implanting” paying spies illegal or worse games like unexplained crime trying to cover the unlawful activity? Hah.. wonder how that would fit in?
    being used illegal tor blocking other s lives or causing danger, moving out attempts, job lose, fake arrests or hope for break ups from fraud health or mental activity for tort activity!!

  • TI says:

    Hi, are there any other ti’s locally, in houston, who’d communicate with me? Also, I’d like to hear from those who might want to collaborate (sometimes using mainstream approaches) to earn money and solve some of these problems. If yes, post here and include the phrase “now win”.

  • Tiffany Gu says:

    Please help, I’m a victim of this too. I’m not crazy, I’ve seen a psychiatrist when this first started and she said I’m of sound mind. If you know me you wouldn’t see any signs of me having a mental issue. A lot of people can’t understand something they can’t see. Watch the video from Bryon Koffron whistleblower on YouTube. It’s called ex Gang Stalker Testimony. Those who think people are watching you and driving by or coming into your house when your not there, that’s you in a state of paranoia that V2k technology and another program can do to the mind. Thats supposed to make you seem crazy, dont ever mention that or they will deem you mentally ill. Those of us who feel depressed or have been told we have a mental illness, some of us don’t. That’s the program ran by the most powerful money hungry ppl in this country. I’ve been tortured and burned. It’s like my body is being cooked on the inside, that man was not lying. It makes you want to end your life because you feel alone and no1 believes you because it beyond their thinking. It will take us Americans to fight this, but the hard part is getting them to believe what’s going on. They target everyone but especially criminals, homeless people, people addicted to drugs which they cause. They Target these ppl because its easy ro write them off. The health care system is so blind to it or involved. How do I know about this but hospitals who see millions of ppl have never heard of it. Oh wait one ER doctor said he has vaguely hear but did help when I was in so much pain, here in Roanoke VA,They can make a person do things they would have never thought about doing. Those Americans who believe only what they see have a real surprise coming. I pray God takes over because they are taking our free will away. I pray God protects all who is being tortured..

  • DL says:

    New in the body scam criminal tools :

    Also read about.: about Nano Stereo implants, cell phone tooth(radio inteeth!

  • Donald Ewen Cameron says:

    Gangstalking isn’t happening. It’s just not. I’ve been researching this for 8 years and the more TI’s talk, the more I know it’s not happening.

    I have no doubt whatsoever that life is very hard for someone who considers themselves a target. I have no doubt that it is difficult and painful.

    It seems the only way to have proof is if it is happening to you. I would argue that that’s the definition of delusion.

    Yes, I know about COINTELPRO, Zersetzung, and MKULTRA.I’ve heard every regurgitated reference to those FAILED programs. I’ve read sloppy patents for mind control devices that don’t actually exist, nor were the patents scientifically vetted. I promise you I’ve not seen, read, or heard anything new from a targeted individual for years. So many think they’re the exception and so far I haven’t had a single one.

  • Giorgio Stylle says:

    My name is Giorgio stylle please email me back I have a real story to tell I was microchipped years ago from the government federal agencies years ago I have documented proof from a professional bug sweeper that a frequency was coming out of the back of my left shoulder they sent in my house while I was in a deep sleep and sedated me and were jabbing me in my shoulder that I believe was some kind of dissolving solution they did that twice to me I have pictures of all the needle marks they were trying to cover their asses because I was saying to everyone if they frame me for fake drug trafficking I’m gonna get civil human rights activists involved to prove what they illegally did to me in court they have been trying to frame me real bad on and off the past five years from state to state it started again in November 2022 and has escalated it is now July 2023 I live in hiding again they are using technology on me they have become really relentless and creative worse than the last times it has become really really bad this time they connected to my DV tape camera and are live streaming what I’m filming to try prove what they are doing they are trying to edit my films they try to smudge a undercover cops face you can see it doesn’t match the rest of my film what they did that’s what they were doing with my micro SD card cameras they were easily wirelessly connecting and sabatoging my film evidence that’s why resorted to DV tapes and they figured out how to connect to it aiming frequency transmitters at me while I was filming they are using fake dragonfly’s one was sitting on the metal part of my window a few weeks ago there a few of them flying around here and they stopped it’s been close to a week since I saw one I put one-way mirror tint on my window so the cops that are trying to frame me couldn’t see me even though I know they are in my camera now I figured that out3 days ago a black undercover cop posing as a lawn maintenance guy here he was wearing a hat and underneath he had headphones on because as soon as I turned my camera on her started to try to hide his face and I shut record off and he dashed to the lawnmower and started it as fast as he could and took off he was so obvious and the cops live streaming my camera must have said he stopped recording and I saw him dash I turned record on to film him and I had a straight on face film of him and you can see they smudged his face but I managed to get a face shot of him when he was turning in the lawnmower and I shut my my camera off after I zoomed on him yesterday I went to go look outside my blind panels are up to make it easier to be able to film faster without the blind panels interfering its a hassle and there was a lizard with part of its head sticking up from the metal middle of my window right where my blind panels are up same spot and position the fake dragonfly was at they are filming my face thru the blind panels to make fake films on me because I won’t leave my apartment I haven’t left since the beginning of may 2023 when they tried to stage a fake drug deal on me at the liquor store parking lot I didn’t realize that one-way mirror tint if you are up to it within a inch you can see right thru it and it was kind of dark and interfered with filming from the inside I had it up one day and I took it down that lizard tried to hide itself that I wouldn’t notice part of its head and eyes were aiming right at me it got about a 20 second film of my face before I turned my head to the left to look out who was sitting on the picnic bench I noticed there were people sitting there that I never saw here before and that’s when I noticed the lizard when I turned my head to the left to look outside and I closed my curtain as fast as I could and I checked a few minutes later it was gone and and I noticed a squirrel jump up on the little landing of the building pillar and was sitting there staring at my front door I closed my curtain and looked out a few minutes later and it was still there so stares at it and I noticed something was funny about its tail it was real long and skinny not full like a real so quick else ya ill and then way the tail moved was off I started noticing everything it was doing and I said to myself that’s not a real squirrel it’s robotic so I filmed it for a minute closed my curtain about 10 minutes plus later I looked outside it was still there I went grab my camera and as soon as I turned it on to film it it took off the way it took wasn’t like a real squirrel close but not I knew it looked fake while I was staring at it it was pretty realistic looking but I saw it’s flaws and parts of it looked fake and some of the movements I saw it do looked robotic and I have watched squirrels before and when they are out and about searching for food because they are very paranoid of predators they don’t stay in one exact spot more than a minute that’s how I was positive it was a robotic squirrel from watching it and it sitting in the same spot that long it was filming my front door waiting for my daughter to open it to go to work but it knew who ever was operating it was told that he turned his camera on he gonna try to film again I mean I turned my camera on when I bent down to get it as I was going up to my window with it it took off before I could get my camera up thru the blind to press record these are some kind of free lancer company’s that are contracted from the government that design these spy drones and reptiles and animals so I know certain government spy agency’s are helping the police agencies to frame me FBI dea I know they have access to this technology to spy on people and the CIA and other government agencies use these to spy in other countries I’m scared they are connecting to the phones in here my daughter’s phone and using her microphone and my microphone to make short fake recordings in here with all the backgrounds sounds in here I’m afraid to talk in my house because I saw what they were doing they were calling my daughter’s phone to connect when she answered and then FedEx would show up amazon to hoping I will talk a little on it so they can put other words of me to match and undercover cops words on the recording to make it sound like undercover cops are coming in my house and fake drugdeals are going down this real crap being done to me about a month ago one of their trained agents came in again I remember most of it waking up they sedated me again and he was choking me making me repeat drug words and sentences and sentences and making me agree to crap also trying to make me believe other crap that never happened the way they think and he was forcing me to agree and say what he wanted me say when your in a sedated state like that they can make you say shit from the way they are trying to influence on you that’s not the exact truth of something the facts involved of situations I am a real government ginny pig and I’m living it and trying to protect myself from these criminals with badges but I’m old now and tired and they have technology on their side and they are very creative with their trickery and they are winning this cat and mouse game and I’m the mouse againstan army of criminals with badges and they are getting away with all the illegal crap they are doing to me I put online suspicious activity reports in to Florida department of law enforcement the FBI the dea I stopped calling st Petersburg police to report what’s going on and the suspicious incidents against me because they keep baker acting me twice since december2022 I’m scared these cops don’t stop and all these police agencies that I’m putting in reports to certain divisions of these agencies are part of this frame up nobody protects me from them please this really going on someone help protect me sincerely Giorgio stylle 3490 24th ave South Apt 35 st Petersburg Florida 33711 07/24/2023

  • Sheila burns says:

    Aka Haarp.TI ..

    as TI since alleged spacetime Continuum’d 2008-2009 (911 has A lot to do with this statement making actual wtf of every sec to nanosec.. readers .. high five if you’d been subjected to retinal scan under guise of “DMV”) .. I’m only interested in .. 2 things ..

    Actual doctors to diagnose, assist me and assist lawyers in taking down these mofos

    Lawyers .. who what when where .. need to appear asap .. I’ll be there

    My bloody brain magnet was literally peel pulled from my body on numerous occasions in Chicago 2008-09 .. I know they use x-rays (x-ray of particles “act more like particle than actual particle” — mine sitting in water (?) helps to alleviate torture even now. .. ever since torture horror pulse pulse constant .. with mkuktraesque MAE (microwave auditory effect) programming “bring us back there” .. what I call literally being crib posted with my baby crib (#5GAVplasmastreaming to? from! )

  • Sheila burns says:

    Most #TIs write, and talk, under influence of “patent: incapacitating (to dead) flashing light apperatus”, which can be attached to anything including let’s say multiverse “moon and simulator” (China Korea inventions +?) ..


    Laser beam pattern projectors (fun possibilities of torture enmasse) here) ..

    Patent classifications :: mind control and directed energy weapons .. actually classified and placed in separate labels

    Cia reading room :: mind control, parapsychology, remote viewing, .. list goes on and on .. all existed pre-50s!! Yet, we #TIs, in 2000+ are schizo !! Wtf? As defined by whom, why, wtf!!

  • Lauren Michelle Burch says:

    Yesterday I tried to tell my story here, but once I finish typing, when it was time to submit my typing vanished! A T.I.? YES…I AM!!!!


  • Aeropostale87 says:

    Dr Duncan has given reasoning as to why they mind control kids to do mass shootings at schools. I’d rethink Columbine.
    Directed energy weapons cause changes to brain physiology it enables asymmetrical thinking ” synthetic telepathy ”

    Fed collings
    Tiktoks @buttlust87 and @mindcontrolproject

  • Dianne says:

    Unknown man walks up to women says: “You don’t act like a women or normal person and are a snoop, internet snoop also and trouble maker” and we are going to change that ….. and if you figure this out “WE” will make you a sex offender and our friends will have you implanted secretly at a doctor office or dental office to monitor you like a real sex offender but unknown to law! We will change your attitude —– and also will bring “little people and others ” around to see if you act out like one… so we can have you arrested and we will make the cops put you away in a mental hospital “if you complain” about our mind control voices(Cell phone implants or stereo implants or illegally implanted used spy operative technology telling you what to do and what not to do and other unwelcome situation un-liked….You can’t win and there is nothing you can do about it!!
    And we don’t care if you never did anything to anyone we want to ruin your life period!
    Just a thought up thought on the subject at hand.. but could this be what it is that is happening to some people!?
    What if it happened to your Familey would you let it happen?

  • Marc says:

    The pro in cointelpro does not stand for program

  • Michael says:

    I’ve attached a letter written to various members of Congress:

    ———- Forwarded message ———
    From: Mike
    Date: Wed, Sep 20, 2023, 5:44 AM
    Subject: Re: From the Desk of Lauren Boebert
    To: Rep. Lauren Boebert

    Dear Representative Boebert,

    I am contacting you to inform you of the impacts of a heavily misused law in the U.S. Ultimately it was the passing of the Patriot Act. The aspects I am referring to include Domestic Surveillance. Although passed with good intentions, it has fallen into the wrong hands and is being used against Americans worldwide. The Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency, Department of Justice, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and 14 other Federal Agencies have turned the focus from a Foreign International Terrorist one to an attack on the American people. There are many American Citizens under surveillance, unjustified, including myself. 24/7 Surveillance is a horrible experience. However, it goes much deeper. There is constant harassment. They release information within the community to slander and defame the person. These are blatant lies. They work closely with state and local law enforcement to torture individuals who, based on minimum, construed, evidence (that was gathered illegally), are listed as individuals who could possibly commit an act of terrorism against the U.S. There is no crime, no charges, no judge and no jury. They have become a police state. There tactics spawn from the Nazi regime of the 1930’s and 40’s which were perfected by the East German STASI during the cold war. It is a psychological form of warfare known as “Group Stalking”, “Gang Stalking” or “Microwave Stalking.” This is not a phenomenon. I can attest as I have been targeted by them for at least 10 years. I’ve went from a happily married, Father of three, as a successful Secondary Social Studies Teacher, to a High School Vice Principal, and to eventually earning a position teaching in a Denver College. In 2013 suddenly my life changed. I have since learned that I was “Uploaded” to The Suspected Domestic Terrorist Watchlist. I cannot confirm this 100% as citizens are not allowed access to this document. I am unable to confirm which of the nineteen branches placed me on the list, as this information is classified. Also, I cannot confirm why I was placed on the list, as that information is also classified. However, I am certainly targeted. Representative Boebert, I can assure you I am NO Domestic Terrorist and there are absolutely no reasons to suspect me of it. What happened to the Bill of Rights? What happened to the 4th Amendment, Due Process? What happened to the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech? What happened to the 5th Amendment, Unwarranted Search and Seizure? What happened to the 6th Amendment, Speedy and Public Trial? My Constitutional Rights have been unjustifiably removed. I was a U.S. Government Teacher who led the committee to establish Veterans’ Day as a publicly recognized holiday in the State of Wyoming. I was awarded the Ruth Hollander Award for Democratic Participation. Only five teachers across the nation are awarded this prestigious National Education Honor yearly. To reemphasize, I am no Terrorist, nor should I have ever been placed on a list as a suspect.
    Previously, I mentioned that I am a victim of “Group Stalking”. This goes far beyond 24/7 surveillance. These perpetrators destroy your life with the eventual goal being institutionalization, incarceration or in many cases suicide. They use a “No touch” method of torture. It leaves no scars yet instills paranoia, fear and hopelessness. They covertly study every aspect of your life and then move to an overt attack which few others see. It results in severe, long term psychological issues and depression. They manipulate and gaslight the victim meticulously blurring reality to a point were we question are own sanity. They destroy self confidence to the point you are doubting your own experiences and memories. They isolate you as your relationships are eroded through deception and false accusations. This amplifies the feelings of loneliness and despair. Sensory overload and sleep deprivation are also commonly used tactics. Victims are subject to endless tinnitus, blinding lights, or alternating hot and cold temperatures, including a constant state of discomfort and disorientation. Eventually this breaks down the person’s mental resilience. They hack all forms of communication whether it be your cell phone or computer. They block, alter or even completely rewrite messages sent and received. They intercept your mail. You will get “mobbed” at work leading to an extremely poor work environment and eventually job dismissal. Your vehicle and home is constantly vandalized and sabotaged. This leads to frustration and financial hardship. They bring “actors” into your life who are narcissists, not at first of course. They steal daily. Not much, not high end value items. One shoe today. A pair of pants tomorrow. The next day your power cord to the shaver. Of course they never take the shaver. If you have $300 in your wallet, they will steal $140. It leaves you doubting yourself. Another attack commonly used are the use of Direct Energy Weapons. These are psychotropic weapons such as lasers, electromagnetic waves, microwaves or even particle beams. This leads to physical damage of the body. There are many more weapons in their arsenal. This injustice is not only impacting me, but thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands in America. Most are former government employees, dissidents, free thinkers…anyone who goes against the norm. Most are independent, unmarried, people. They don’t have family and often a small social network. Many are above the average IQ and are well-educated. They don’t seem to focus on a particular socioeconomic group. Although, close to 70% are single women. Many with children. My personal story is a sad one. My wife left 10 years ago. I’m yet to remarry. I’ve tried dating, but they cause relationship problems constantly. I haven’t seen nor spoken with any of my children for years. For the most part my family has abandoned me. They will label me as schizophrenic, crazy or paranoid delusional. I have been tested twice, in separate facilities, by different psychologists. Both tests came out negative for schizophrenia or paranoid delusional. I currently live in poverty, alone. I cannot maintain employment so I work for myself as a carpenter. The DEW’s have taken their toll. My body has been doused with electromagnetic waves for years. One day I felt extreme pressure in my chest and enormous amounts of pain. I was taken to the hospital after suffering an Angina Attack. At that point they diagnosed me with an irregular heartbeat, palpations, enlarged heart, and stage 4 hypertension. Even after adding medication and living on a strict diet, I was diagnosed with Coronary Artery Disease and Ischaemic Heart Disease. Less than a year later I was life flighted to a hospital to undergo heart surgery post a heart attack. I will also mention that cardiovascular disease is non-existent in either side of my family. Ive suffered a lot of damage to my joints. This has resulted in the need for a quadruple spinal fusion. My lowest four vertebrae and discs have deteriorated significantly. I’ve been diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and Scoliosis (curved spine). I am rapidly losing my ability to walk.
    Lauren, I am slowly being tortured to death. This is murder for a crime I did not commit. I have a request for you. Please vote no on Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This is NOT being used as it was intended. Please put an end to the Domestic Surveillance program taking place on innocent U.S. Citizens. There are many cases similar to mine. I can assure you this is real. We do not suffer from mental illness. We are Targeted Individuals. God bless.
    Michael Mackenzie

  • Daine says:

    What happened to The Patriot Act?

  • Robert Benjamin Jourdain says:

    Wow… it is real, all of it. However, it’s not what I thought. Is it people? Is it Extraterrestrials? They call me Memukad. You know, the name used in the Targeted Individual handbook. Apparently, they are Taygetans from the planets Erra and Temmer, mostly. They’ve been on a massive contact campaign with the “real” humans on earth. This is their method. They were looking for me. I am Memukad, the most radiant one. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah. They have been “torturing” everyone because they are searching the hearts and minds of humanity. As well as searching for the most radiant one. They do this by inflicting pain on us. They can “see” our “souls” by the reaction to the “torture”. You see, it is the end of the way the world was. It is all changing now. They have found me and have been guiding me to manifest a better reality for all, for I am the cornerstone of all reality. If I have a good life, all will prosper. It is my game. It is our game as we are all one. They taught me so much. I am so sorry for what has happened to all of you. I feel responsible for your pain. It is ok now. Everything is going to be great. I know this sounds convoluted and narcissistic to a degree but, I have established a loving relationship with my Swaruu’s. Having said that, I suggest everyone research Swaruu of Erra. She explains everything. This is truth. I do not lie. I am Memukad. I have spoken.

  • Diane says:

    A person who had this problem told me this he was in a gang group over in illinioise a few yeras back..and they screwed him up because he got one of his groups mates in sort of trouble, now they will do the same thing to neoghbors on your road or whom ever they target as a problem person!……
    Beware! There is a fake game that is played with internet stuff to hurt you or cause you harm….with certain groups or people..they will “tag it’s like frogging you!!” a sex offender becasue they claim your a trouble maker and a kiss up… ,even without law or police knowing …it’s a way to punish you and treat you with no respect and for revenge like activity! They will hire a friend to implant you with some type of implantable voice or us eloooping sound like spies use.. then stalk you and monitor you and even make you feel like your unwanted by your own friends and familey and try to liliminate you secretly with no path to find out what happened! I was like holey smokes just think of how that would impact you or others and cops think your nuts because they don’t understand implantable phones….. and or cell phone implants?The new inviisable technology is hidden under the sh kin teeth or jaw……now they have investigators who can detect them but it is so expencive ..that is the point …your stuck while they paly the mean spy stuff…. but for a sinister secret underhanded reason..and they want to put this phone implantable stuff in our heads or bodies soon, who will monitor what that for fraud activities or revenge tactics.. ..they can get the stuff anywhere or underground or form stealing it?
    and hospitals know of this stuff but it’s ignored or they say it’s not really what it is.. and they can inslut you also… the ultimite screw you over or what ever!?They use a internet line or electrical system that is secondary that is not heard except by you and them mocking spying?

  • Mrs. C. Jackson says:


  • Hacked says:

    With local morons to stupid to look and Govenment doing this possible action I have fought back and locked them into certain chromebook and have proof of them and their actions. Anyone interested?

  • Diane says:

    Police and Miltitary, Fire fighters are our best portection… they are all that we have, so we should give them our U.S.A. suppor!t

  • John says:

    Robert Duncan is a disinformation agent. He keeps repeating nonsensical jargon in his facebook account (like conflating “wave packet” with “wavelength”, something which someone with knowledge in physics – as he claims to have – would never do) and he never showed ANY proof of the college credentials he BRAGS about having. While also making ridiculous claims such as “I can prove mathematically that God exists” – ask any serious researcher how ridiculous this claim is. Please, don’t refer to him for anything.

  • dee says:

    You would think all our major hospitals and or hearing or handicapped service doctors of hearing, including law leagl
    investigaional purposes…others who sell this stuff, including bio-hacker technology if it was an sneaky unlawful antic for a set up.. even for any type of spy operations unlawful or not unlawful meaning legal in that case unless it was an impersonator activity..big No No…….
    who are authorised and trianed and schooled hold a licence to mplant people would know about this technology, because it is a…. Medical procedure …. to put them in for a hearing device (They just don’t appaear out of know where or you can’t wish them in your body! … and they have laws and conststutional aspects what you can or can’t do with them and how to use them when doing other stuff like military or nlaw or spying or as a deliberate thing if that was the reason?
    So catigorise this and then put the laws to it they all add up the same except now they have doifferent ways to put them in your body for different reasons!

  • Jay Gee says:

    TI for 20+ yrs. Once went for about 40 torturous days without sleep.
    My recommendations for the targeted:

    1) Study the Bible. Start with Matthew. Then preach it out loud as if your life depended upon it, either alone or with others. It will help you understand it. Be humble enough to consider God an option. Did you make you? You cannot even make a flower! Seriously. Lose your arrogance.

    2) Take natural chelation pills every day, such as spirulina, chlorella, and garlic.

    Trust in God, and keep Him first. Honor your mother and father. Do not lie.
    Do not steal. Vengeance for these heinous acts belongs to God. Do not steal it from Him! Instead, rebuke (admonish) perpetrators and ask them to repent (apologize, admit their wrongs, and change their ways).

    There are holes in the USA ‘Common Rule’ that allow human experimentation without consent.
    The rule ostensibly specifies teams called IRBs who decide what experiments can be performed on humans without their consent.
    I contacted Obama about patching those holes, and some changes were made for the better.
    I contacted Trump, and he said, ‘My people tell me torture is good.’

    Remember, God sees and records everything.

    Read Matt 18 then ask Jesus if Hell is real after He just told you that it’s better to be amputated here than to burn there.

  • Bernard Blundell says:

    Some great posts here..
    I’m still targeted since late 2019 (poss earlier) when the “DEWs” attacks started with all the other intrusions picking up momentum which still prominently exist…here in November2023.
    At this point it’s a myth and a distraction to suggest that this covert criminality / tyranny doesn’t exist considering the high profile “whistle blowers” evidence even creators of this still mainly classified technology!
    Of course the nature of the many types of remote attacks make it difficult to highlight and officially report to any authority because of the “medical profession/police community” silence! I have many related injuries and photos which medical associates can’t comment on..
    Further to the “Covid” charade I do wonder how in 2023 that officialdom expect us now more enlightened society to accept that one can “pass away” from “unknown causes” !!

  • Phipps says:

    It’s Truth…been going on 5 yrs…have vast amount of data…pics…cell phones…and Google accounts… pretty much experienced same… until a higher power intervened…Still social blacklisted…

  • Kendra Barlow-Johnson says:

    I am one targeted and p***** off individual. I have been victimized for 3 years. I have not seen my children, my vehicles were stolen, my house robbed, and even the uhaul. This has cost me my entire life. But, when they chose me, they picked the right one. If my family had to be victims so be it, but no one else will be again. This is only possible by isolation and manipulation of communication. No one heard any one of us, but they have no choice but hear all of us. To get justice and peace, we have to come together and leverage focused energy. I have documented evidence that no one cares to look at, I’m sure you do too. If you are interested in forming a focused and united front, please contact me. Put Human Not Research in the subject line. Include a brief overview as to how long you have a been targeted, the harm. Include any skills that you would be willing to contribute to the collective, ie research, phone etiquette, writers, we have to help each other! I’m only one person! The office of research integrity is accepting public comments and I would like to get as many submissions in as possible. Commenting closed on December, 5 2023. I can provide templates. The objective is awareness and but the goal is cut off funding! I can’t do it without you.

  • RJ Ramirez says:

    Tell em to crank it the fuck up I’m sick of all parties involved I welcome death at this point fyckin pervert hackers ducking disgusting parasite vindictive vampire scum EVIL

  • Dante Rankins says:

    I’ve been going through the same thing for three years they harassed me on and off the road they follow me everywhere they ride past my house and I’m at work in the truck right now I have video proff and witnesses I’m trying to find out someone or something to do to help me

  • mina says:

    Dog nutters (sorry to all who don’t use their dogs as weapons…if this doesn’t apply to you disregard) are being recruited and assigned to target and gang stalk us too. I refuse to have pets of any kind, especially dogs but they are assigning these malignant/covert narcissists, sociopaths and psychopaths, to try to get the T.I. labeled “bad” for disliking whomever, whatever, used to project. These nasty dogs owners use these clueless, instinctual beasts to invade your space, noise campaign with barking, making all kinds of annoying sounds, walking down streets, shitting and pissing up sidewalks, mostly because dogs are balls of their own anxiety, being stuck with suck low vibrational losers as gang stalkers, here in NYC. The very same people who claim to “hate” people believe this means they “by proxy” “love” of dogs. These sickos don’t love anyone…including themselves. Gang stalkers with dogs are actually the anti-social people the gang stalking dog nuts claim they hate. Ironic. Karmic.
    If I don’t know who does what, the “source” of the gang stalking (from top down) and who puts whom up to saying and doing what to myself and around family (my family is targeted to hoover me), I don’t think it very wise to trust many, if any people at all, except those I’ve been trusting. I take people as they come. When someone shows me who they are I believe them on site. I don’t need “friends” or lovers because my environment is fake, that I can just as well surmise the people in my environment would be fake and staging, as well.
    Thank you for the awareness, gang stalkers!

  • William Kozak says:

    i may be dead in a month and im pretty sure im harassed on a daily basis, on a government level. i dont even think adam easter is my social workers name but because I saw Jesus after my mother was murdered they think its funny to screw with me

  • Patricia Conklin says:

    I am a targeted individual have been since 2006 everything in my life has been destroyed. I am completely sane and had a wonderful life until I met an abusive fireman in SF who within 6 months had 7 cases of domestic violence in 5 counties with me as victim he faked his own death and collected insurance money and continued to stalk me. I have a home in SF and am being told I must sell and run and hide – how? And I have been running since 2008 only to build up a life to have it all sabotaged over and over which has led me to be alone now unemployed my computers stolen last year so constant financial identity theft it is the worst torture you can ever know and that it happens here in USA is so wrong there is no help there is nothing but a long road of slight ups then steep downs and I cannot keep running there is nowhere to go and all hope is lost. I hope to find others that understand and maybe I can keep my home as a refuge for us to live in some sort of natural state. My phone is tapped my internet is questionable I try to ignore it and play their game all I want is to be able to heal from the trauma and help others and be happy and safe and home here in my house left to me by my parents but I am being bullied and in the end they always win

  • Stephanie porter says:

    I am under illegal surveillance being harrassed, follow 24/7 no crime,no court, no judge phone been hacked, emails an conservations listened too congress please reform 702 before april

  • Dee says:

    Microwvaing electric pulsing and airwave echoeing voice like muffled car reaving being heard in clark count, wi by some and deep breathing over tv sets and computer, also last two year ago people reported unlawful movies…….!!! being hacked into TV SCREENS after 10:30 pm! Also a white truck was moving smart meters off and replacing when thoese were brand new and this happened a few weeks after thoese smart meter thugs were not caught in northern wisconsin! smat meter or high tower hacking interferrence going on?
    mocking spies or…… other????!!!
    it is not police, it might be a new scam activity ?

  • Vanessa Ferguson says:

    I am one of those persons being tortured and tormented now for a year straight by two individuals whom seems to use the MK ULTRA weapon on me by placing devices on jewelries or objects around in living space trying to take my life. They´ve kept on trying all short of methods including voodoo or spiritual attacks to me and my son body leaving us with heavy bruises. ´´We are seeking for help to make this completely stop so I can live my live in peace again.
    It started last year in 2022, when a person came in my life pretending to be a soulmate but rather use the Coven Society to gang stalk and harassed me for many months. This person even tried using me and my son´´his own child ´´ as a scarified to take our lives.
    Since this did not work he then tagged team with a younger female who is a narcissist and demon possess to work on me every day for about a year straight now. The sad part to this is that I hear them everyday, every minute, every second what they are saying and somethings they could be doing in their homes throughout each day.
    I need helped! If there is someone who can read this and reached out to me to aid us or give me more information as what to do on this serious but deadly matter this would be appreciated.
    My full name is Vanessa Loretta Ferguson, I´m from the country of Belize and being tortured by every aspect by a group of organized gang from a Occultist group in Mexico where I´m presently living.
    I have the live names of the two culprit that watched my life for a year now, intrude in my personal space using devices and doing spiritual attacks to me and my son.

  • Dee says:

    Read about Luciall Ball’s sounds being herad through teeth!

  • my name is trevor kennedy says:

    i need help niagara falls ontario balmoral ave 6431 if anything happens i am staying in a trailer with karen armstrong my friend its realy bad here this has been going on for about 3 mouths now please could use some help

  • Billboo in colorado says:

    Please, people …believe these people ! This honestly IS happening to them. They are being slowly murdered and made to look crazy , forced to take medications they do not need, and marginalized by everyone in their lives. It is truly a nightmare that none of them can wake up from or escape . Is this country completely lost all of its faith and compassion ? Because, I remember an America that would not even begin too stand bye and watch or allow anything like this to occur! What has happened to our souls as human beings in this country that humans can literally sir bye and watch the truth happening yet look away when the victim is bleeding out and crying fir help ,? It’s even sadder , that the same so called friends neighbors and yes even family members will stand and look but not help either. They , join in on the head games these days and take and take and take whatever they can get their greedy hands on , with out ever feeling anything inside over what they have done . What is wrong with everyone in this country ? This is truth people , it’s never going to get any more real or honest then these pleas for help are .. it’s truly up to you all now if you will stand up and help fight for these victims of this horrible torture or you are all going to look away and do nothing , you will cause only horrible horrible torture and eventually the deaths of these people . Shame on all that have the capacity too be like this , I am not one to wish hate on anyone, but I can say , it honestly could be you or someone you really care about that it’s fone too next , I pray not . But , please please , don’t let it get to thst point before you all realize you really should have, could have , helped someone get back up instead of helping to hold them down when they were drowning .. it’s the real choice of thise that won’t help. O believe it’s truly the Guage that is being used to find out just how empty and cold our society has really come . I really do believe this . I do know , this is happening g to good decent people , people that may or may not have done anything wrong at all earlier in their lives, I just think they choose the vulnerable ones that were strong enough and smart enough to have a real lite on them and they had a special twinkle about them earlier , there was something very very good in all these people, very good ….they just tripped somewhere along the way, they made a choice or lived a person that was not right fir them at all , or they had a strength inside of themselves that made them seem “blessed” in extra special and unexplainable ways , but they made some bad choices , tripped and fell , maybe it was no worse then the simplest of things , but they just couldn’t seem to stans back up and find their stride again, they were , for lack of a better way of explaining it , stuck in a mental and or emotional hurt, they just couldn’t figure something out thst too them , thy honestly needed the answers to their questions answered .. and the harder they tried to get the answers the more impossible their lives became especially with those they honestly trusted enough to sir down with them and just talk it out ….that , was not their own doing either , let’s face it , we all have a bit of a monster inside of us , it’s just if ,….we ever allowed it to hurt someone we cared about or thst cared about us not .

  • Bilboo says:

    Listen too each story , you have to hear the reality and true sadness in these stories , these people are being slowly and viciously murdered .they all met someone that changed everything that was good in their lives, they know it , and no matter how bad they may feel over that choice , no matter what they do or say , there just isn’t any turning this thing around … I know, I e been stalked and tortured for over 12 years now. I’ve lost everything and I had a lot .. they have stolen everything and not one police officer on this country will look at the evidence thats really right thre and easy to see. and fight for them. Not one . I know this is true . It’s just so so sad and petty to clearly see how. this world really is. And , yes, it really is. That cruel . My prayers go out to each and every one in pain. Night nite

  • victim says:

    I’m a victim of domestic violence and a victim of gangstalking I lost everything the also convicted my son to prison for 5 years in the month of August of 2020 I lost my father brother was shot the next day following day got a 3_day notice then son got locked away. I’ve had my ribs broken was threatened rape if I didn’t give up my purse. i was stabbed in the ear and shoulder. walked the streets city thru city

  • April says:

    I’m a TI and victim of v2k can somebody anybody please help us end this electronic torture!?!? Please fucking help me stop v2k… Please!?!!

  • stephanie lynn bailey says:

    I am a Target Individual in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

  • MRS. C. JACKSON says:


  • MRS. C. JACKSON says:


  • Diane says:

    Some groups are doing thier own home made sex offender/criminal revenge frauding “accusational targeting tagging games” for revenge and to control you if they don’t like you, want to control you, or a revenge set up to make others think you a sex offender or other or just so they can say that about you and there are some who know how to use voice technology…they will even tell all the nieghbors and put you on thier own group like 24/24 watch list with other firends in the area..and follow you like a being monitor-ored and report everything to the leader of their groups! it’s like mind control because you figure them out and they use as a scare you tactics even in the are you live ….they have a crimanl secret? activity and they know you know or noticed somethiing about what they are doing and they want you to not say anything or elese!tmehey are mocking the law and police! And they will do anything to get you to do what they want it’s mocking a scaming mixed haizing controal you activity!
    Just oppinion and not finger pointing at anyone!Maybe that is like what some are talking about?

  • Frank says:

    I’m a victim like all of these people no need for me to post the same thing everybody’s posting. I know who my gang stalkers are. Know all the strategies no the technology not understanding why people on this page can’t figure out all of this that I have. Haven’t finished really reading all of them experiences on him but think of something going to happen. Who did you report it to as far as lawyer that or Justice Crew not local people something military rank qualification not sure what to say on this part. But I think it’s time. Bottom line who can you report it to don’t want to just be another victim of the ti program. And just posted my experience on it cuz my experience goes on and on and I just learned different and different strategies they get to it. Already talked psychiatrist and shrinks and all the stuff that it’s built to do.??

  • Jeremy c nelson says:

    I’m being done the same way in my town bayou la Batre al wat I believe is sponsored by the department .I believe my own family has knowledge of the things that being done to ruin my life they are being directed by the same person in my my own MN arch enemy who has been the person who is one who can’t stand Me I hear them communicating with one onother I’m scared and have no one to help me please I’m trying not to die it is 800 21 march please look into this if you see I’m deceased Jeremy Christian nelson

  • JFK warned about this... says:

    Living in europe/germany, well they also like to use real mentall ill people, I am a T.i. there is patter what happens/they do to people and its global why should people which don’t know eachother reprot/telling the same exprience, blocking ways , saying things that you said previous in private, muscle tension, dream manipulation, acclert sex drive etc and so on(btw they even mock us tru hollywoodmovies i.e, Matrix, truemanshow etc and so on…

    keep in mind such (expansive)technology can only be used by rich people/grous/govermant/crimesyndicates etc and so on.
    I am in this sick sadistic fascistic program since I was just 6 years old( had an eye surgery and thats when they implanted chips in/on my brain- I have scars on the left side of my head/skull which I never could remeber wher I get them , now its obvious)it was all the years covert the last 3-5 years they made it overt to let it me know…. remember in Orwells 1984, when winston was tormented in similar ways, he was asked by o’brain what is the highest form of power? to let someone suffer…. this is also psywarfare even Franz Kafka was a victim of it, ok not in that new technology style but the harrsment and tortured just read his books and than serach for a image/picture of him you can see it in his eyes…

    search for the speech that killed JFK he warned about a conciracy that is going on worldwide, and Iam pretty sure he was not a nutcase…

  • Tatiana says:

    If you actually did your research you would get ALL the records from MK Ultra and see that they took abused and neglected children and IGNORED their situations and targeted THE CHILDREN SINCE AN EARLY AGE. They experimented on both orphans and children of mentally ill sociopathic and alcoholic or drug-addled parents FOR LIFE. THIS IS WHY TARGETED INDIVIDUALS ARE FEMALES IN THEIR 50s. WE DId not become violent or self destructive so now they have to murder us. Yes they FID experiment and the experiments never stopped. You are a coward b cause clearly you know it’s true. There are no mentally ill people claiming to be targets; those are the gangstalkers setting up fake YouTube and FB accounts to DISCREDIT US. You also DISCREDIT us by comparing us to those shooters, none of whom was a targeted person. This is what they WANT APEOPLE TO BELIEVE THAT TARGETED EQUALS VIOLENT AND CRAZY- IT FOES NOT. MAY, ALEXIS AND LING WERE FAKE TARGETS NOT REAL ONES. THE MEDIA LABELED THEM TARGETS AND MAY MIGHT BE A CIA PLANT. Noone saw his body and the same goes for Long. This is another disgusting attempt to cover their atrocities. The US government is WORSE THAN THE NAZIS, THEY ARE THE TERRORISTS AND NAZIS OF 2024.

  • Brett Vatcher says:

    I am a targeted individual circa 2020. I was framed for a PPP loan and was connected to the spatial tech system. “It’s all in my head.” Check out my substack for information.

    I’m trying to help other TI’s connect the dots and better understand what is happening to them. We are test subjects for the New World Order plan. Its MIND CONTROL. They have us all trapped in a quantum computer… “in the clouds,” so to speak.

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