One of the 400+ messages The Reporters Inc. has received from people around the world, all claiming to be a “targeted Individual.”

Kim Whiting's original investigation into alleged

A ‘Targeted Individual’ Follow-Up

Is Something Really Happening to Them?

Kim Whiting's original investigation into alleged

February 2023


“I need help! This is killing me. I can’t stay at my own house by myself. It’s horrible. Every time I’m left alone it gets worse and more powerful, especially when I tell someone about it. Even accompanied by friends or family I get tortured. I can’t take much more of this or I’m gonna snap, just like everybody else.”

“Only someone unaffected by the abuse could possibly think this is a mental illness. Mental illness doesn’t cause burns or rashes on your skin.”

“Went to hospital and they had no idea what I had. They were leaning towards bacteria or infection and even on medication I could feel the burning at weird times.”

“This is no James Bond movie. People are dying physically and mentally. The corruption runs deep and is everywhere.”

These are just some of the comments The Reporters Inc. has received—in hundreds of emails, public comments, voice mails, social media messages, and handwritten letters—since publishing our June 2021 investigation into Targeted Individuals (TIs). They’ve come from people around the world, from Singapore to Sweden. In fact, our investigation has now become the most read story in the 17-year history of The Reporters Inc.

The respondents believe they’re being stalked, harassed, and even tortured by either “the government” or some other unknown forces. As we reported then, they say they’re being fed harmful, hurtful and painful thoughts to make them appear delusional—so that no one will give their claims credibility and conclude instead that they’re simply crazy.

The responses and reactions to that article are still flowing in—every single day. Many are seeking guidance, others begging for help. My editors are beyond surprised by the response.

I, however, am not.

Those calling themselves Targeted Individuals are mostly suffering alone. Few have anyone in their lives who believe their claims. What’s more, they tend to lose their jobs, marriages, and sometimes custody of their children. Their experiences, whether paranoid delusions or real, cause them to socially withdraw and/or be socially abandoned by friends and family. They can find nothing and no one to help them, nor to stop what they believe are deeply cruel and malicious mental, psychological and physical attacks.

As a former psychotherapist with experience working with paranoid schizophrenia, I began our investigation last year feeling pretty certain I was going to find nothing more than a sizable population suffering from, and feeding off, each other’s delusions. To a degree, this is precisely what I concluded. But there were other discoveries that made me wonder then—and still make me wonder—if there is validity to some of their claims.




I consider the hundreds (400+ at this writing) of TI communications sent to The Reporters Inc. as a potential treasure trove of information, and a meaningful way to better discern whether or not something is really happening to TIs. With this in mind, I developed a list of elements with which to categorize their responses.

For example, after the U.S. government confirmed that American diplomats in Cuba and China had almost certainly been victims of directed microwaves (mostly in 2016 and 2017, with some later occurrences), I knew it was important to include the symptoms that the diplomats experienced, such as tinnitus, in my tally. And because I’d taken a deep dive into this subject in the 2021 TI article, I knew of other commonalities to look for, such as hearing vague voices (as if hearing them through a box fan), burns on the skin and/or feeling burned internally, electronics in the home acting strangely or burning out, and a sense of being stalked by unknown technological means or human strangers.


Photo Illustration


Sadly, I’ve readily determined that the majority of communications we’ve received have come from people suffering from mental illness. These include messages that are clearly nonsensical, disjointed, fail to show a clear train of thought or narrative thread, or make claims beyond even the already sensational allegations of most TIs. These usually convey obvious underlying paranoia, such as a belief that an entire ethnic group, or a celebrity, or multiple and unrelated people or organizations, are targeting and torturing them.

These comments are particularly heartbreaking, the suffering of their authors palpable, and in many cases, their determination to soldier on despite their physical, mental and emotional pain, heroic. For those who seem to be dealing with delusions, their agony is nonetheless just as real. Out of compassion and respect for these people, The Reporters Inc. had decided against sharing or quoting directly from their emails and messages.

At the same time, many other responses give so little information that I’m not able to discern whether or not there are mental health issues. These messages aren’t included in my groupings either, but they do provide more insight into the thoughts and experiences of the TI community. Some of these very brief messages simply request that people join together to create a credible case for TIs:

“The public needs to be made aware of the dangers that programs like RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) pose, including the threat to everyone’s safety. EVERYONE who has become a survivor of this program and all of the supporters need to magnify their voice by reaching over state lines and beg for an end to inhumane treatment of innocent Americans. Nobody should suffer the way TIs do.”

Other responses simply request help or resources:

“Good morning. I am interested in speaking with the experts you found to discuss gangstalking. I currently have a case and experts would be great. I am willing to pay.”

Can someone text me with info about some type of defense against the burns and level of radio activity?”

“I am a victim of governmental experiments on the mind. It is happening right now. Can anyone help me? They are torturing me for no reason. Please contact me as soon as you can.”

“My son is going through this.  He is in the military and blaming them. That is why I tend to believe him. What can I do?”

“I’ve been a TI for 6-7 years (that I know of), and I was wondering if you know of any organizations I can get in touch with for support, or any individuals in your article that I can contact for support.”

Some responses are about the “evilness” of their perceived attackers and/or the cruelty of the torture they say they’re enduring.

“Although the noise campaigns, gang stalking and spiritual attacks are unlikely to stop, we can learn how to combat them more effectively by sharing our stories loud and proudly and blowing the whistle on these evil and disruptive forces.”




Other respondents talk about what they believe to be the science and/or motives for the attacks. Since these messages sometimes don’t include specific information about the person’s own experience, they don’t contain components to easily categorize, but some brought-up points that warrant mentioning.

“I ask anyone that comes to the conclusion that this is a mental disorder…how is it possible for people in totally different areas, totally different walks of life, to have the exact same experiences involving gang stalking, electronic hacking and direct energy weapons abuse? There is no such thing as collective insanity.”  

It is curious that so many claim to have the same experience, but in a world connected and informed by the internet, it’s predictable that a person suffering from paranoid delusions could easily latch onto claims other TIs have posted online—and make them their own. In doing so, they get to explain their paranoid experiences in a way that is believed to be real, at least by the thousands of TIs online. They also attain a ready-made support network.


One Targeted Individual included this image in his email to The Reporters Inc., asking for help. (We’ve blurred the identity of the pictured child.)


But what about the descriptions of physical pain, the actual burns and rashes on the skin, or the tinnitus and sound-sensitivity? To those claims, I say that the mind-body connection is a powerful thing. There are women, for example, who experience what’s called Phantom Pregnancy, and though not actually pregnant, display the symptoms of pregnancy, including a very distended, pregnant-looking belly, nausea, swollen breasts, increase in skin pigmentation, etc.

In an effort to show the power of the mind, my sixth-grade teacher once asked my class to think about having a canker sore, each day, over the course of a week. By the next week, about a quarter of the class had developed one!  The power of suggestion, along with our expectations are that strong.

This power of suggestion and belief is called the Nocebo Effect, and according to a Wall Street Journal article on the subject, people who read about the possible side effects of medications are more likely to experience those side effects.

The Placebo Effect also demonstrates the power that the mind has over physical symptoms. According to a Harvard University blog, “The idea that your brain can convince your body a fake treatment is the real thing — the so-called Placebo Effect — and thus stimulate healing has been around for millennia. Now science has found that under the right circumstances, a placebo can be just as effective as traditional treatments.”

I once experienced my own placebo effect when, years ago, I went to a 30th birthday party during which many attendees seemed to get quite tipsy drinking Bloody Marys. Yet after the party, when I was helping clean up, we discovered that the vodka meant to be put in those drinks had never even been opened! The seal was still on the cap.

Similarly, when patients are told to take a pill that will reduce or illuminate their symptoms–even though it might just be a sugar pill—the Placebo Effect can actually manifest that physical improvement.

Nocebo and placebo effects, and particularly Phantom Pregnancies, demonstrate the plausibility that a person could also manifest bodily hurt or other symptoms, if they believe they’re being tortured.

What’s more, there are, and have been, mass mental illnesses—these days, the most prominent being eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. While self-starvation (such as fasting) for religious reasons has been in existence for millennia, psychiatrists Miller and Pumariega see the dramatic increase in eating disorders in modern society as resulting from an increasingly interconnected world that subjects more people to the Western culture that emphasizes female body image and thinness. The result has been that an estimated 70 million thin and even emaciated people can look in the mirror and see a fat body, even as they’re starving to death.

Mass mental illness indeed.




All that being said, there are a number of responses to our investigation like the following, in which respondents report experiencing stalking and/or physical symptoms before reading about them. In these cases, the TIs’ symptoms seem to have preceded the information they found that, they believe, provides a diagnosis of those symptoms:

“I’ve done a phenomenal amount of research into this topic over the past couple of years. My interest was sparked when, in 2019, I began experiencing many of the things reported by those who consider themselves victims of this type of clandestine targeting. Like others, I had no prior history of delusional mental illness, and the activity began when I was 41.”

This respondent went on to say, “Here is the big problem…If the methods used to harass an individual are so far beyond the ordinary scope of believability, it is quite easy for the victim to fall into a trap where they are left increasingly despondent from complaining about something which nobody else believes them about, and hence the negative outcome can stretch far beyond the activity itself.”

And from another TI, “It was not until the summer of 2022 that I first found people with similar experiences and saw the term ‘Gang Stalking.’  Nobody put in my head that these things happened, and I honestly believed my situation (the gang-stalking) was isolated.”

Other TIs write:

I learned from the internet the names given for what I have been enduring for over two years.”

I’m a targeted individual for a year now and was not aware that many thousands of people are being targeted. I thought that for the longest time it was my body having disruptive nights, but I connected the dots when I realized that every night an airplane would go by and I would become fully awakened and have my leg muscles contract.”

“Thank you thank you thank you. So much. I thought I was going crazy. I thought I was schizophrenic. But I’m forty. And so much of what you’ve written, is EXACTLY what I’ve been silently dealing with. I told my daughter about the voices in the fans. And I can’t have white noise on anymore. The voices get louder. The vehicles, sometimes park right outside the patio door. Mostly they park near the trash bin. Always facing us. The apartments on three sides of us, were empty and on the floor above us. But we could hear people moving, talking, showering etc. above us.”


Photo Illustration


“And that’s when this stuff started. It closely resembles schizophrenia, but it’s not. And the burning pains. Omg I’m just so glad I happened on this article. I’m so relieved I’m not alone. Not going crazy. But more relieved I’m not alone.”

Many TI messages we received report feelings of internal burning, pain in their organs, or an internal cutting feeling; they also claim to hear soft, vague voices in their heads. But then, their descriptions of what’s happening to them, and their beliefs about who’s responsible, often devolve into non-sensical (or less-sensical) rambles on unrelated subjects, or a list of unlikely villains.

Could it be that the symptoms these people initially experience are caused by an outside source that then leads them into mental confusion and paranoia? Are some people more sensitive to microwaves or electrical currents in our airwaves? Or, like the diplomats in Havana and China who suffered from what investigators believe were directed energy/microwaves, could these people be accidentally (or purposefully) in some line of “fire”?

Might these TI claims reflect the progress and resulting physical and/or mental damage of electronic exposure or torture? According to a World Health Organization report, “For some time, a number of individuals have reported a variety of health problems that they relate to exposure to electromagnetic field (EMF) sources.  This reputed sensitivity to EMF has been generally termed “electromagnetic hypersensitivity” or EHS.” According to this report, estimates of the number of people experiencing what they believe are EHS symptoms vary dramatically, ranging from a few people per million to (according to a survey of self-help groups) many more, with 10 percent of those being severe cases.

Said one of our respondents, “I developed radio frequency sensitivity doing specific science experiments and developed all the classic symptoms, including temporary low white blood count (which cleared up), and ringing of the ears (that is worse when close to power lines). To this day. Cell towers bother me after the sensitivity developed.”

The WHO report goes on to say that “The symptoms most commonly experienced include dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetative symptoms (fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, and digestive disturbances). The symptoms are certainly real and can vary widely in their severity.” However, WHO also noted that studies conducted attempting to create these symptoms by exposing sensitive subjects to electromagnetic fields in controlled environments did not find a link between the symptoms and EMFs, and surmised that symptoms experienced by some EHS individuals might arise from environmental factors unrelated to EMF. Examples may include “flicker” from fluorescent lights, glare and other visual problems with video display units, and poor ergonomic design of computer workstations. Other factors that may play a role include poor indoor air quality or stress in the workplace or living environment.

The WHO report also states that there are “some indications that these symptoms may be due to pre-existing psychiatric conditions as well as stress reactions as a result of worrying about EMF health effects, rather than the EMF exposure itself.”

The power of the mind to create or exacerbate these symptoms is again called to task.

However, I’m still not convinced that the plethora of electromagnetic waves in the environment don’t have something to do with the confusion and delusions that some TIs experience—and I am relieved that, as WHO reports, this issue is beginning to get attention and study.

Until more data is in, I’ll continue to ask if it’s mental illness that causes TIs to feel tortured, or if it’s torture that causes them mental illness. A few emails aligned with my questions on this:

I have experienced a few of the ‘characteristics’ that just about all TIs say they experience. It is very creepy indeed. What I would suggest is to research when, where, and how many people started with these complaints. Think about it like this, we have so many invisible signals for technology, almost in every home and vehicle, for so many different wireless actions, like Bluetooth. Just so so many of these “invisible connection lines” if you will. Perhaps some people’s brains are being interfered with in some way. Like scientists say, everything has frequencies, including our brains and nervous systems.”

“I think it is very important to develop protocols to distinguish between mental illness and a TI’s distress. Both are real, and the attacks on TIs are tailored to look like a mental illness.”

“They attack TIs mostly while sleeping, with pulsed electromagnetic radiation (RF, MW, etc.) from nearby apartments/buildings. These directed energy weapons, added to the consequent sleep deprivation, not only affect the person physically but also mentally. As a result, brain damage occurs sooner or later in most cases and the myriad physical/psychological trauma that victims experience every day is also a direct consequence of it.”





Many of the TIs who responded to our investigation express suffering and pain, but often with no specifics regarding the type of pain, or cause of it:

Being a TI is your worst nightmare. Only difference is it’s not a dream, it’s reality. It’s so torturing that you’ll wish you were dreaming. If you’re a TI, best advice I can give you is that if you don’t know God you better try, because that’s the only thing that’s gotten me through this and giving me the strength to continue to stand.”

“These days I struggle to keep it together. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that my targeting will someday come to a close.”

And more heartbreakingly:

Been going through this for 5 years +. It’ll drive you crazy to the point that I’m going eternally home.”

“I’m feeling so close to defeat and failure that I just don’t know what to do or why I do it anymore. I need help and hope by this may be catching someone’s eye that it will in turn prevent any person from ever having to suffer the same horrible and tragic happenings I have had to suffer. Please anyone, I beg for help. Thank you.”

 “I have always been a loving and good person and so I don’t know why anyone would want to put me through so much pain.”

“It’s heartbreaking to have to go through this torture alone. Then to be labeled crazy.”




Even though The Reporters Inc. has, so far, received more than 400 responses from TIs commenting on our initial investigation, the responses that do not show obvious signs of mental illness make up, in my professional opinion, less than 20 percent.

In those responses, there are these commonalities:

1) They claim to have never had a mental health issue or a diagnosis.

2) They experience internal organ pain/internal burning.

3) They have other complaints of physical pain or mental confusion.

4) They have physical burns to their skin.

5) They experience heart disruption (heart racing or erratic).

6) They have tinnitus/ringing in one or both ears.

7) They witness strange happenings with household electronics.

8) They’re experiencing general stalking or gang stalking.

9) They see the same vehicles parked at or passing by their homes repeatedly, at a rate that they report is well above the norm.

10) They see laser-like beams.

11)  They believe they’re being mentally manipulated (thoughts are inserted in their dreams, they receive subliminal messages, planted noises ramble about in their head, and/or they hear faint, audible words).

12) They see themselves as having been previously sane, but have now been driven to a legitimate psychiatric diagnosis by the mental torture.





All of the respondents who indicated their age, including those who, I believe, clearly have mental health issues, report being over 35, with the majority being 40-plus. In some cases (approximately 10 percent) the respondent’s age can be credibly ascertained as 40 or older based on information they provide about themselves, such as “retired” or “grandparent,” or statements like “It began during my first career…”

One female respondent wrote:

“I am 41 and I studied that mental disorders like schizophrenia and paranoia always have previous manifestation episodes during youth, so they do not happen suddenly in an adult population.”

While paranoia and other psychoses don’t always begin during youth, according to the Mayo Clinic “In most people with schizophrenia, symptoms start in the mid- to late 20s, though it can start later, up to the mid-30s.” What’s more, from my experience as a psychotherapist, loved ones of those with psychosis report that there were signs that the person was “different” going back to childhood.

Mental illness that does develop later in life is normally triggered by a major life stressor or trauma. Some respondents mention trauma such as divorce and child custody battles, and while these issues may have contributed to the person’s mental instability,  the story from most is that “weird” or “painful things” simply began happening to them in the course of their normal day-to-day lives.

The 41-year-old respondent went on to say:

“My testimony is as follows: After multiple and simultaneous tech installations, indoor and outdoor in my neighborhood, laser-system beams started aiming directly at me in my home, in every room, even through walls and closed windows.

“Every person is able to tell when they’re having strange, never-felt-before kind of pain; so I put on a video-surveillance system inside my home, in every room. My cameras, in InfraRed remote mode, caught many pulsed laser beams and other signals that corresponded to the pulsed laser lights I was seeing, and that were hurting me.

“I attach here a few screens from my video-surveillance.”



The TI attached several photos to her email, including the one above. In it, she claims the faint white lines (that she points to with red arrows) are evidence of laser lights.

Her email continues:

“I did the MMPI-2 test (the international standard assessment for diagnosing mental illness), and I came out perfectly SANE and particularly level-headed. I can attach the medical report on that exam. I was diagnosed by a radiologist as having Havana Syndrome and being electro-sensitive…

“I had a neurologist check my brain by EEC (which measures brain activity) and CT scan, and everything is okay.

“Please, allow me to add a thought: it seems to me that there is now the same unwillingness or choice not to believe in something so horrible and dangerous for all humankind, as was the case during World War II when the news reported about concentration camps. People refused to believe it.”

This woman’s story has parallels and a similar feel to those of the women I profiled in our original TI article–and to those who have spent years surveying TIs (such as physician and author Dr. John Hall who maintains in his book A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America, that the vast majority of TIs are women over the age of 40.)

Is there a certain sensitivity to atmospheric electrical waves in this group? If so, the “why” remains a mystery.

Other responses we received also included images, supposedly offering proof. One TI sent this photo montage (we’ve blurred the faces of those pictured):



While these images are jarring, there’s no way to verify the causes of these wounds, or if they’re really even wounds. And, if they actually were caused by electronic waves, it would be nearly impossible to determine whether that exposure was due to intentional or unintentional directed energy.

If doctors diagnosed these conditions, not only as burns, but burns that could possibly have been caused by electric currencies of some form, then it would logically follow that the medical community at large, as well as the government, would be alerted that something disturbing was happening that needed deeper investigation.

I found no evidence that such an investigation is being conducted.




However, there are studies being done by the government regarding the effects of directed energy weapons on the body. A May 2020 Department of Defense Non-Lethal Weapons Program “factsheet” describes “Active Denial Technology (ADT),” a technology that “produces a focused beam of directed energy (DE),” that provides the Department of Defense’s Joint Intermediate Force Capabilities Office “with an option to stop, deter and turn back suspicious individuals with minimal risk of injury.

The factsheet says this is how it works: “Traveling at the speed of light, an invisible DE beam of radio frequency waves engages the subject, penetrating skin to a depth of only about 1/64th of an inch—the equivalent of three sheets of printer paper. This repel effect produces an intolerable heating sensation, compelling the targeted individual to instinctively move. It ceases immediately after the individual moves out of the beam or when the operator turns off the ADT system. There is minimal risk of injury due to the shallow energy penetration of the skin, normal human instinctive reactions, and system engineering controls.”

Starting in 2020, the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate of the US has been working on the deployment capability of the ADS without violating international humanitarian laws.

In recent years, the U.S. government has (seemingly) begun providing transparency on its directed energy weaponry. What had previously been clothed in secrecy, resulting in even more fodder for conspiracy theorists, is now considerably out in the open. In fact, in September 2022, the Department of Defense presented a Directed Energy Investigative Report for Congress, with this summary: “In recent years, DOD has made progress on DE (directed energy) weapons development, deploying the first operational U.S. DE weapon in 2014 aboard the USS Ponce. Since then, DE weapons development has continued, with DOD issuing a Directed Energy Roadmap to coordinate the department’s efforts. DOD has also introduced a High Energy Laser Scaling Initiative, which seeks to strengthen the defense industrial base for DE weapons and improve laser beam quality and efficiency.”

It goes on to say: “This report provides background information and issues for Congress on DE weapons, including high-energy lasers (HELs) and high-powered microwave (HPM) weapons, and outlines selected unclassified DOD, Air Force, Army, and Navy DE programs. If successfully fielded, HELs could be used by ground forces in a range of missions, including short-range air defense (SHORAD); counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS); and counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM) missions. HPM weapons could provide a non-kinetic means of disabling adversary electronics and communications systems.”

And this, from “Defense Innovation Marketplace,” a notice about a January 2023 event (that was ultimately cancelled) involving  Directed Energy and Non-Lethal Weapons:Directed Energy is an umbrella term covering technologies that relate to the production of a beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy or atomic or subatomic particles. Examples include: high-efficiency laser sources and high-power RF systems, including pulsed power sources, micro-/millimeter wave sources, and antennas. Directed energy weapons use directed energy to incapacitate, damage, or destroy enemy equipment, facilities, and/or personnel.”

It’s reassuring that these technologies are being studied for their dangers, and made to fit within the parameters of humanitarian laws. However, the fact remains that the microwave targeting of our diplomats points to the presence of some version of them in countries besides the U.S. If in the wrong hands, or developed privately, these technologies could,  and seemingly have been, used with malicious intent.

What’s more, in the 21st century, satellite towers inhabit most towns and almost everything is connected and directed electronically. Add to that the fact that Elon Musk is sending tens of thousands more satellites into our orbit, there is the very real possibility of new health and mental health issues developing as a result.




Even after examining, and re-examining, the messages we received from TIs, it’s still not clear to me whether some people are intentionally or unintentionally being physically and mentally hurt.

But it is clear that the technology is capable of creating serious harm.

And it’s most certain, once again, that the suffering of Targeted Individuals, no matter how it has manifested with them, is agonizingly real:

I hope I make it through the night. I am constantly being electrocuted, weird cricket noises, ringing in my ears. My internal organs feel like they are swelling inside my abdomen and are gonna rupture. It only happens when I’m alone at my house or with certain friends. These things follow me from place to place. For a long time I noticed when I walked out my door at my house my radar detector in my truck would start beeping. This has been going on for five years. I just wanna be normal again. I’m tired of being tortured. The only time I get a break is if I’m hospitalized. It never bothers me in the hospital. My health is bad but my mental state is very strong. I never thought these things were ever possible but now they are happening to me. Please somebody I need help. I don’t wanna die. This is killing me. I don’t know who to talk to and I know I can’t talk to just anybody because people will think I’m insane. I know I’m not insane. This is really happening and I believe everything I just read. It happens to me too.”

The suffering of TIs is heartbreaking and my heart breaks further because I’m not able to respond directly to their pleas; as a journalist, it’s not my role to do so, and I’m no longer a practicing psychotherapist. However, I do encourage TIs to seek help from a competent professional and to keep looking for the right one if, in their first attempts, they feel their claims are being ignored or disregarded. To simply be listened to and supported can make a world of difference, and stress-reduction strategies can lessen suffering.

I’m certain this won’t be The Reporters Inc.’s last examination of this subject. As additional research and discovery is made, it’s my sincere hope that conclusive study results and other findings will shed much more needed light on this mysterious subject, and ultimately bring TIs the relief they so desperately seek.


Kim Whiting sits on the advisory committee of The Reporters Inc. You can read more about her here on our Team page.

The Reporters Inc. welcomes comments and feedback about this article at



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  • Bryan says:

    I have been a T.I. for just over a year now. I get how there is not enough “evidence” here. However, how do you garish evidence on a weapon that can’t be scene. That’s the biggest hurdle. If you have a popular expert like say Elon Musk come in he could turn this whole thing around in a week. One thing most people fail to realize is that we are normal people living an everyday life that is being manipulated by the highest branches of government the FBI and the CIA. How are we supposed to combat that? They even have the organization Infaguard that hires criminals like MS-13 gangbangers to break in your home when you’re gone. It says they’re in a partnership with the FBI, doing what exactly? How about an investigation into them?

  • Nancy Delgado- Fabian says:

    Hello Kim,

    I cannot solve everything but for those that have the floor that is vibrating floors, hacking, alcohol scenting air in house, and possibly harassment, no privacy….try a service surveillance, covert issues. It is real, and can be hurtful if mismanaged by owner. There is abuse. Just find out the facts first. It can be technical issues with the encryption made a virus, a security issue gone astray or corruption.

  • Devin F. says:

    Just received this article. I myself have been a TI since 2012. Since becoming a victim and becoming a volunteer for victims, I will always believe anyone when they come to me saying they are targeted. The things perpetrators say and do are truly horrifying and unbelievable, they can also make you believe crazy, delirious claims as mentioned above where TIs believe their families or celebrities are targeting them.. Unfortunately, it’s all part of the programming and these lies are being fed to them by their handlers. I appreciate your insight and appreciate you giving TIs coverage, our claims are too common for this to be a “mental illness”.

    It would be great if you could look into the 3.1 billion lawsuit Targeted Justice just filed against the FBI/DOJ:

  • Kevin Davis says:

    If it was confirmed that US diplomats were victims of directed energy weapons, why is it not believed that American citizens are also victims of this and related technologies? I am an IT professional, currently still employed, and I am also a Targeted Individual tortured with V2K and Artificial Telepathy 24/7. I experience this everywhere I go, with or without a cell phone or electronic devices on me, so I know I am being targeted with microwave or rf frequencies transmitted by satellites or cell towers. This technology is documented to exist, but military and government officials will claim this technology is not used on US citizens. I know this is a lie. I make decent money and without this torture, I would be enjoying my life as usual. I have better things to do with my time than make up false torture and abuse claims. I have been targeted for about 4 years now and I am a man in my mid-40’s with no history of mental illness before this phenomenon. If I wasn’t targeted, I would have a hard time believing these stories as well. But since I am, I know that the people who make these claims of torture and abuse from directed energy weapons, advanced technology, and microwave or satellite transmissions are telling the truth.

  • JM says:

    There is conference call support for targeted individuals. Please visit for listings.

  • Fiona Mehta says:

    I am one of those TIs who responded by email to this article; Many doctors/science professionals are TIs? Are we all delusional? Why on earth would anyone claim they are being tortured? Who in their right mind would concoct such a story! The answer is no one! I did not go “looking” for others on-line! One day, details of this horrendous TI programme will be documented and available for all! Just as the holocaust was some 80 odd years ago! No one believed or could comprehend the sad demise of so many jews, but then came the facts, and then the terrible evidence! The world proclaimed “never again”, well here we are again!
    Such evil continues, whether we are believed or not, and so many are surviving the TI programme, which has been running for years.
    MWs have been weaponised for decades! This is no fantasy, it’s fact! Just wait, time will tell!

  • Kenneth Lee Smith says:

    I too believe that alot of the accusations targeted individuals make are a sort of mental illness. And while I concur. I have a story that is quite horrific and very true. I would like to know how I may share it in confidence with the people who wrote this article. My torture has been not of microwaves and the such,but of actual physical hands on torture. When I tried to seek help. No one believed me. Please contact me and I’ll share.

  • Normal Dude With A Curse says:

    If anyone is being stalked in public, wear a body camera every time you go out. Come home and store the footage in your google drive.

    You can get a body cam that looks like a pen on Amazon in the US for about $40.

  • Normal Dude With A Curse says:

    If anyone wants to get in touch, reach out at . I’m creating a support group on Quora called Targeted Individual Support Group. I’d like to get in touch with other TI’s. I need friends.

  • S. Parker says:

    I became cognizant of being a Targeted Individual November 2016. I experience all the symptoms of Havana Syndrome and Remote Neurological Monitoring (RNM) which is thought attainment and subconscious manipulation of our moral character. Is there a support group that can help? Anybody to write or online daily journal group/live chat where we can speak to other living tortured human beings? There are billions of us now! We are all microchipped, Military, Government agencies, world leaders, celebrities,
    Please forward to anyone that can help. I live in Huntsville Alabama Redstone Aresenal Military Base near NASA, Space Command and Nuclear Storage Facilities! I do not know who tortures ME, they use the voices of people from the White House too! My Agent is insane and uses teams of voices throughout the day! It has felt like Stadiums of people and I am only sustained by GOD. Not a ONE helps, they are all set to kill me and my daughter, and constantly threaten and show imagery of my entire family and friends! Please HELP! The Anonymous New World Order of the United States of America the anonymous white, racist, billionaires started the MKUltra Human Torture that now is happening. Though I see imagery, video quality movies, I cannot explain how as my eyes remain open yet I am not looking at any type of screen. They conducted “human”scientific experiments starting with the military. They got so good at “video gaming” before TV mind you, that by 1999, they had figured out how to use microchips to be the gaming system in both players, and the TV was replaced by human Barbies or US. Through brain mapping they learned to manipulate our 5 senses, fine/gross motor skills and our central nervous system. With this they attained our subconscious thoughts, dreams, and like a telephone reception hear and speak into our minds. The NWO did horrendous things, wars, strife, racism, the caste system in every country including the USA.
    The physical and mental torture are horrific! Worse than child birth but daily and for me

    They are NOT alien, that is the lie of Area 51 to blame on their sexual perversion!
    There are two many in organized chaos to imprison all. Bomb Area 51, Top Secret Locations in Antártica/ Area122, mar-a-lago, California locations. Decimate their satellites. They go low land line, copper when the down scale electronics during close-calls!

  • S. Parker says:

    Please do not edit the (language about sexual insertions, others need to know that they are not alone. Womens suicides could be this alone!)

    I became cognizant of being a Targeted Individual November 2016. I experience all the symptoms of Havana Syndrome and Remote Neurological Monitoring (RNM) which is thought attainment and subconscious manipulation of our moral character. Is there a support group that can help? Anybody to write or online daily journal group/live chat where we can speak to other living tortured human beings? There are billions of us now! We are all microchipped, Military, Government agencies, world leaders, celebrities,
    Please forward to anyone that can help. I live in Huntsville Alabama Redstone Aresenal Military Base near NASA, Space Command and Nuclear Storage Facilities! I do not know who tortures ME, they use the voices of people from the White House too! My Agent is insane and uses teams of voices throughout the day! It has felt like Stadiums of people and I am only sustained by GOD. Not a ONE helps, they are all set to kill me and my daughter, and constantly threaten and show imagery of my entire family and friends! Please HELP! The Anonymous New World Order of the United States of America the anonymous white, racist, billionaires started the MKUltra Human Torture that now is happening. Though I see imagery, video quality movies, I cannot explain how as my eyes remain open yet I am not looking at any type of screen. They conducted “human”scientific experiments starting with the military. They got so good at “video gaming” before TV mind you, that by 1999, they had figured out how to use microchips to be the gaming system in both players, and the TV was replaced by human Barbies or US. Through brain mapping they learned to manipulate our 5 senses, fine/gross motor skills and our central nervous system. With this they attained our subconscious thoughts, dreams, and like a telephone reception hear and speak into our minds. The NWO did horrendous things, wars, strife, racism, the caste system in every country including the USA. The torture is horrific! It is 24/7 rape for me and the most perverted details of sexual torture my daughter has endured the past 22 years, I pray not consecutively but two years several times beginning at age 3 their words alone fill my soul with anguish as a mommy that cannot protect my gift from GOD! The 1% anonymous elite, thrills off of others pain and misery, have no mercy, no empathy, no stop/brakes as others have had to intervene when I am pushed to the brink of death. (This happens with insertions that I did not know about that the NWO had doctors put into my vagina, anus, clitoris, heart, an electrical shock, insertions that can perform laparoscopic surgery as well as other things that I cannot figure out.) MEN get inserted with vibrating balls, rising penis, and anal orgasms! I did find out that my insertions are under the skin and not detectable on x-rays nor most MRI’s because they are covered in marrow like material.
    They are NOT alien, that is the lie of Area 51 to blame on their sexual perversion!
    There are two many in organized chaos to imprison all. Bomb Area 51, Top Secret Locations in Antártica/ Area122, mar-a-lago, California locations. Decimate their satellites. They go low land line, copper when the down scale electronics during close-calls!

  • Please HELP the innocent!! says:

    Please do not edit the (language about sexual insertions, others need to know that they are not alone. Womens suicides could be this alone!)

    I became cognizant of being a Targeted Individual November 2016. I experience all the symptoms of Havana Syndrome and Remote Neurological Monitoring (RNM) which is thought attainment and subconscious manipulation of our moral character. Is there a support group that can help? Anybody to write or online daily journal group/live chat where we can speak to other living tortured human beings? There are billions of us now!

    We are all microchipped, Military, Government agencies, world leaders, celebrities,
    Please forward to anyone that can help. I live in Huntsville Alabama Redstone Aresenal Military Base near NASA, Space Command and Nuclear Storage Facilities! I do not know who tortures ME, they use the voices of people from the White House too! My Agent is insane and uses teams of voices throughout the day! It has felt like Stadiums of people and I am only sustained by GOD.

    Not a ONE helps, they are all set to kill me and my daughter, and constantly threaten and show imagery of my entire family and friends! Please HELP! The Anonymous New World Order of the United States of America the anonymous white, racist, billionaires started the MKUltra Human Torture that now is happening. Though I see imagery, video quality movies, I cannot explain how as my eyes remain open yet I am not looking at any type of screen.

    They conducted “human”scientific experiments starting with the military. They got so good at “video gaming” before TV mind you, that by 1999, they had figured out how to use microchips to be the gaming system in both players, and the TV was replaced by human Barbies or US. Through brain mapping they learned to manipulate our 5 senses, fine/gross motor skills and our central nervous system. With this they attained our subconscious thoughts, dreams, and like a telephone reception hear and speak into our minds. The NWO did horrendous things, wars, strife, racism, the caste system in every country including the USA.

    The torture is horrific! It is 24/7 rape for me and the most perverted details of sexual torture my daughter has endured the past 22 years, I pray not consecutively but two years several times beginning at age 3 their words alone fill my soul with anguish as a mommy that cannot protect my gift from GOD! The 1% anonymous elite, thrills off of others pain and misery, have no mercy, no empathy, no stop/brakes as others have had to intervene when I am pushed to the brink of death. (This happens with insertions that I did not know about that the NWO had doctors put into my vagina, anus, clitoris, heart, an electrical shock, insertions that can perform laparoscopic surgery as well as other things that I cannot figure out.) MEN get inserted with vibrating balls, rising penis, and anal orgasms! I did find out that my insertions are under the skin and not detectable on x-rays nor most MRI’s because they are covered in marrow like material.

    The NWO/Great Reset are NOT alien, that is the lie of Area 51 to blame on their sexual perversion!

    There are two many mkultra mind controlled involved to imprison all. Instead cut off their satellite Internet! Bomb Area 51, Top Secret Locations in Antártica/ Area122, mar-a-lago, California locations. Decimate their satellites. They go low land line, copper when the down scale electronics during close-calls!

    They are committing genocide upon the world. Today is 2/6/2023!

  • Patrick Glennon says:

    Hello, I was an irish citizen living in Chicago when my targeting began, I was put on the terrorist watchlist by a corrupt d.h.s. employee, phone controlled, break is to car and property, street stalking and being hit with direct energy weapons, my targeting continues in ireland with the irish police ” guarda” in collusion with the intelligences worldwide. Kin whiting article was pathetic, people are driven in to homelessness, suicide ect. please research.

  • Martha Stewart says:

    Purchase Spectrum Spread Analyzer and go see a Targeted Individual in person with a person who has a certification to read these. That’s all the proof that you should need. They measure Electromagnetic microwave radiation.

  • Joanne tomlinson says:

    I met my congressman Dr. Mark Green at a reelection event for Jack Johnson held at The Factory in Franklin, TN last July 2022. I waited in a long line to meet him and introduced myself and asked Congressman Green if he was aware of the Targeted Individual Progam and his immediate response was “Yes, the FBI is out of control.” He invited me to visit with his office which I have done. Additionally, Targeted Justice has filed a $1.3 billion lawsuit against the DOJ, FBI, and DHS, with more lawsuits to follow. I have so much to say to you, but limited space here. I can assure you the program is REAL and you probably gotten some comments from perpetrators and not real victims of this program.

  • Beverly haskins says:

    Shame on this article and who ever is making “mental illness” judgements against victims in these crimes against humanity. Targeted justice. com is a radical republican ran help site for targeted people. They are actually the ones behind the crimes. So they make up extra conspiracy theories to add to targeted people harassment, to make us out as delusional. They also take money and not reporting it correctly to taxes, sounds like all my stalkers GOP non tax payers. I have a ba in human services and I’m sure would have got more degrees if not for being a target myself. GOP is trying to take over as wealthy, militant, human trafficking, white supreme, “religious “, order ,yes they are practicing on us and have brought back German stausi policing and Hoovers co intel pro. Shame on you for your quick write us all off as nuts. But money pays off doctors and psychologist to go along with this lawlessness game, and I’m sure this reporter will as well. God knows and the truth will come out when He wants it to. I know that if any man does speak up to help any of us, they are attacked like us or gave wrong doctor diagnosis and taken out. I would like to make a call to clergy on here, that is what Martin Luther King did before things changed for his cause. All you preachers, Pastors, church leaders, priests, popes, bible teachers; remember James 3:1 you will be held accountable for teaching hate is ok. God is love, not hate. Using pulpit for political gain is wrong. Jesus warns us targets that some of us will be killed by these vigilantes who kill in name of Jesus. Jesus says in John 16, they think they kill you for God, but, they don’t know Me or My Father. Clergy remember revelation last chapter, it’s going to be real hard on you if you change the meaning of God’s word. Jesus taught if you had enemies to do good to them, pray for them, not to judge and that vengeance us His not yours. Trying to make a perfect world for Jesus to come back, is not biblical, and seems all of you are mentally ill. Calling democrats= demon crats and claiming democrats are sexual predators, gays are possessed with devils, teaching your kids to bully those kids in school until they commit suicide, rejoicing when your child guns found people in gay bar, and preaching sodom and gomorrah wrong. You are proud boys. Those are the ones with the mental issues. Democrats children bullied to death. Ask Jessica Piper in Missouri who ran blue in a red state, her husband lost his job and her child now bullied. It’s an epidemic folks. God knows and like Martin Luther King said a lie can’t live. Truth always wins and history repeats itself, with evil always attacking good. Many of us targeted people stood up against pedophiles. So it’s best if we have a mental health problem so no one believes us. Now days if your raped, if you tell, you become targeted. That is why it’s happening. Shame to all those who close their eyes and minds to truth. Judgement day is coming. Jesus warned of lawlessness and it is here. If your life is going all good now, might check yourself. I know for sure I am monitored and have 24/7 surveillance. Why me? Why not use this on the father of child almost 20 years ago whose child was offering to perform sex acts on my grandson in kindergarten in bathroom. My daughter reported to school and this child’s father continued to be able to go on all school trips on bus. This organized stalking is a way to stop all child sexual abuse. These methods used on targeted people could stop all sex trafficking and stop bullying in school. Could stop all drug cartels , missing person problems, thieves and murderers, could be caught, if a person reported being threatened, that person could be monitored and caught. Who ever is using this technology for evil, will eventually be caught. I believe this is last days and this one will be God’s final episode of good always wins. Good luck

  • Devin F. says:

    I would also like to add that if anyone needs support, please reach out to me at

    I offer zoom support calls and am available through talk/text.

  • Gonzalo says:

    I was doing a PhD in germany when this torture started, I have recorded their voices in spanish staying for example “if I heat his brain he will hallucinate again, in germany nobody believed me, nobody wanted to listen to my recordings so I moved back to Argentina. I proved my doctors family and friends that I wasn’t crazy, everyone listened to my recordings here, the doctors told me that I was misdiagnosed in germany (I ve recorded my doctor saying that). I have a lot of recordings so this is real, it’s not an hallucination, at least for me, I don’t know what they did to me, if you need any evidence, let me know… I think I’m the only one who could record this.

  • John says:

    Are you aware that Willian Binney, renowned ex NSA TECHNICAL DIRECTOR and WHISTLEBLOWER became a TI (and married another TI, a physics phd)? Why no one in the media wants to talk to him about this? Isn’t it very suspicious that such highly credible (or you believe that he suddenly became a schizophrenic at 70 years of age, right after whistleblowing), intelligent man has something to serious to say yet, strangely, nobody (from corporate media) wants to hear it?

  • Anna from the Netherlands says:

    After i stood up for rights and had evidence of corruption of people in also high positions i ve been severly attached with these wapens. At first they tried to do something with my memory, i am an energetic healer and could heal the damage energetically, later they tried to terminate me. Three weeks of severe torture, negative energy send to my body in high speed and manipulation mentally. I understood through channeling how to defend the negative energy and after that i started to get my balance back and i could protect myself against the attach. The focus needs to be now on arresting the people/people in governments involved doing this and to get their consequences. The DSM classification needs to be stopped completely, these machines exist and the classification can’t be used anymore, it has been misused by also the people involved. Understanding for the victims and urgent solidarity by community. Energetically there is a solution to defend.

  • The End is Nigh (of the old Paradigm) says:


    Thank you for covering this topic, there was a mainstream news coverage of warning not to give samples of your dna to 23 and me because a bio weapon could be used to harm you.

    No microchips are needed because tracking is done by your DNA resonance.

    Yes Invisible Weapons exist and have for decades, so to have mainstream media cover technology that will literally track everyone on earth is a big deal, but why is no one asking questions on HOW this technology will be used. Will there be no such thing as a missing person once everyone has their DNA registered?

    To the author of this article, why did the syphillis experiments last over 40 years? (Tuskegee) The history of nonconsenual human experimentation is a long one, and what better way to weaponize illnesses or develop brain control weapons than to try them ‘out in the field’? Paranoia can be induced as well as temporary remote lobotomies. How can tens of thousands of people report the same exact symptoms?

    May I suggest to the other people interested in this subject matter – how technology will be used to effect us even more in our everyday lives (or if you have children) to read Project Soulcatcher? Thanks again for this article!

  • Vicky Tafur says:

    I am a victim of Electronic Harassment. For over 3 years now. It is a very real fact that this is happening in America to innocent individuals. It is called the perfect crime. Cowards with no self respect for themselves or anyone else continue their torture on innocent people, because they often times are above the law. That is one reason it is so diffiCULT to GET JUSTICE! On the bright side God is watching and revenge belongs to God.Lawbreakers troublemakers and liars freely roam and rule the streets etc. these people repay good with evil. Proverbs 10:6 Everyone praises good people,but evil hides behind the words of the wicked. Proverbs 11:31 If good people are rewarded here on earth, all who are cruel and mean will surely be punished. So thankful to be able to leave a comment!

  • Shama Aziz says:

    The perpetraitor’s of these crimes against TI’s, work exceptionally hard to make victims appear mentally ill, and they have the resources (including invisible weapons) and budgets to do so.

    Victims of these crimes not only suffer from excruciating physical symptoms, these attacks are often synchronized with incessant and abnormal troubles with any all technologies, and electronics, sound harassments, around the clock stalking and harassment with military aircraft, and more, all coinciding with very specific and particular events, every day.

    My targeting began around age forty, immediately after earning a degree from the University of Oklahoma. I was able to successfully obtain a zoology degree RIGHT BEFORE becoming a target. I have no history of mental illness.I myself thought that surely my case was an anomaly, until I later found the community online-who all were experiencing the same core issues as I was.

    “Could it be that the symptoms these people initially experience are caused by an outside source that then leads them into mental confusion and paranoia?”…according to your statements, it seems that you are labelling certain victims as being mentally ill, simply because they are explaining some symptoms from technologies which you may not understand and which THEY themselves do not understand.

    These advanced technologies can mimic anyone’s voice, can create any type of physical sensation, but also can be deployed in such a way to cause the lines to blur about where the source of the attack is coming from.

    All of this is technology is manipulated in a way to cause maximum confusion for the victim; to lead the victim to falsely believe that the perpetrators are whomever is around at the moment of attack; and also to provoke the victim to accuse innocent people of attacking them… which further perpetuates the belief that the victim is mentally ill.

    It is all a psyop..intended to throw the target off and make them appear to be “crazy” when describing their experiences.

    Some targets have more knowledge about the capabilities of this technology than others. Some targets wrongly believe that a victim must be chipped in order to be attacked-not true. Some targets then go on to blame other groups of people to be responsible, due to these beliefs.

    How does an average person describe the extraordinary occuring in their lives, and why should they be expected to accurately determine the ins and outs of this technology in order to be taken seriously?

    Why is it that government officials are believed and even compensated for experiencing THE SAME SYMPTOMS as Targeted Individuals, with no need to accurately describe, how, why, when, or by whom it is being done? Miscalculations about the way these imperceptible and stealthy weapons and surveillance systems are being used and abused, does not necessarily mean that the victim is either confused or paranoid, but perhaps overwhelmed and intentionally misled.

    And to anyone who believes that capturing evidence is as easy as turning on your cam-THINK AGAIN!. THESE PERPETRAITORS ARE CYBERCRIMINALS. I had thousands of videos attached to my facebook account, depicting a pattern of continual stalking and harassment by military aircraft, EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE, AND AT EVERY HOUR, something completely uncommon in the town that I live in…and guess what? ALL OF THE VIDEOS HAVE VANISHED FROM MY PAGE…LITERALLY VANISHED!! POOF. DELETED. GONE. Also, something FREQUENTLY experienced by targets.

    Who can accomplish such advanced trickery, deception, and wage sophisticated all domain warfare on an individual? THE MILITARY OF COURSE!

    Ti’s are without a doubt victims of nonconsensual human experimentation by, but not limited to, THE MILITARY, perpetraitors. These are experiments with radiation weapons and are apparently for the development of cognitive and psychological warfare tactics and algorithms.

    Have you researched these topics? Are you familiar with the numerous x-government and military whistleblowers who have come forward validating our claims? Robert Duncan, for one? He has written many books about this technology and program.

    Have you researched what the goals of modernday warfare tactics are, and how they are achieved? Once you look deeper into these strategies, you will see that our experiences match not only the physical symptoms of what electromagnetic radio frequency weapons can create, but also the complete disruption of all things in our lives similar to certain warfare strategies employed by our military.

    I am a healthy individual, both mentally and physically. I see a therapist who has only diagnosed me with PTSD. All medical tests show that I am in perfect health, no autoimmune disorders, no sleep issues( other than when they are induced), nothing out of the ordinary .At one point, I did have confirmed raduation burns, by a radiologist. Other than this, I have a range of on again, off again symptoms throughout my body, none of which can be attributed to any mental or physical health diagnosis, IN ADDITION TO, AGGRAVATED PSYCHOLOGICAL TORTURE, for which the experiences also cannot be attributed to any physical or psychological condition…the details of which I will not get into here, but which strongly indicate to me, I am being used for experimentation.

    I ask of everyone, that before you get stuck in your incredulous attitude towards what is happening to ti’s, do not fail to do your research, not only to the applications of these weapons and capacities of these surveillance systems, but also into history.

    Unfortunately, what is happening to targets, is not unprecedented….not in terms of experimentation or in terms of the cruelty which some humans are able to direct at their fellow humans.

    The current state of our government and military, post 9-11 and “Patriot Act” especially, has created an unregulated monster, ripe with fraudulence and abuse of power, all conveniently hidden under mounds of ” national security” propaganda and rhetoric. Targeted Individuals are what happens when you leave it up to ” the police” to ” police” themselves..

  • David Voigts says:


    I’m a former naval officer and a graduate of the United States Naval Academy. I have a degree in robotics and control systems engineering and I worked in electronics warfare and nuclear engineering as a Surface Warfare Officer. I learned about this targeting program while I was in the service. It’s a human-machine interface schema and it’s capable of reading and rendering all sensory information in the human umwelt. It’s shockingly advanced and closer to what you would see in shows like Black Mirror, Upload, or Altered Carbon than what has been reported on in the stories about the Havana Syndrome cases.

    You can learn more by watching professor James Giordano’s lecture ‘The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future.’ All the tech he talks about in that lecture exists now and is used in Harvey Weinstein-style contract stalking schemes. In fact, the contract stalking schemes are easy enough to solve and a criminal investigation can lead to the weapons system. The problem is that this criminal racketeering scheme is protected with lies about ‘sources and methods,’ or ‘national security.’ So, exposing this crime will take quite a bit of public outreach. Once the public has some understanding of the criminals’ process, it becomes possible to break this story to a wider audience. For now, it’s quite like the Amy Robach hot mic moment where she revealed that the media knew about the Epstein case and could have reported it at any time.

    I do have a complete solution to this problem, but it is ugly. I recommend reviewing the 2013 gym mat murder in Valdosta, Ga, and the Asiana Airlines flight 213 crash/racist pilot names story for an indication of the types of people we are dealing with. The task is not insurmountable, but it will take a great deal of courage to expose this criminal enterprise.

  • Darla Cloud says:

    Hi it’s 2023 and I am a Targeted Individual and have been for two years. It took me a while to understand what was happening to me but I now know. Every day I feel I’m in danger. I dated an ex military man who I left after 10 years who I believe did this to me with all the connections. I have raised liaisons on my body. A doctor in San Diego took a picture of an unusual item in my ear lobe. This is so wrong what is being done to human beings. Anything I can do to fight this I will as I value my life. I have a strong faith so I’m hoping one day I’ll be free and get my life back.

  • John Godwin says:

    First of all, people hearing voices was never once mentioned in the first edition of the DSM of psychiatric disorders in the early 1950s. When the second edition was released in 1968 (the one currently used), suddenly there is a disorder called paranoid schizophrenia, where people have delusions and hear voices. This coincidentally appears at the same time the military had developed the technology! So, there was no Internet back then, so why did delusional people suddenly begin to hear voices in the late 60s, but had never been reported before in human history? Do you think everyone started hearing voices because there was some popular TV show showing this happen? NO. And I would also like to once agree with the other commentor who asked the question, why would anyone want to be tortured? Then, get on the Internet finding others experiencing the same thing. Trust me, if I could just begin to have something in common with others, it would definitely not be this!;I thought you may have grasped the subject a bit better after claiming to do so much research, but you did nothing of value. People are so naive, until this crap happens to you, then suddenly it will all make sense. Apparently, you need to be a genius to comprehend something that is being spelt out for you with actual scientific facts! Then again, now facts are somehow debatable? It’s all part of the plan! It is about to be too late!

  • Jason Welsh says:

    I have proof! What do I do?

  • James Neilson says:

    I’ve dealt with this problem for years now. The mental health community and the targeted individual community both have it wrong. The strange things that happen to these people really do happen, in a fashion that is difficult for mental health professionals to understand. The explanation that it is all an elaborate CIA harassment program is incorrect. It is also not a mass delusion, although the majority of people experiencing this are genuinely confused about their experiences.

    A lot of the attempts to explain away this phenomenon as mental illness were based on incorrect observations, poor data, and unimpressive methodology (such as basing research on internet comments rather than personally interviewing people). The best study out there (called “the phenomenology of gang stalking”) admits as much, and suggests a lot more research is needed to understand this phenomenon. The same study suggests the mass delusion theory as the most likely answer, but admits that there are aspects of it that don’t add up correctly. They also suggest that it is incredibly odd how little (publicly available) research has been done on an issue effecting so many. The black and white binary of “either its elaborate covert harassment” or “these people are entirely delusional” is an unfortunate product of linear thinking. Indeed it took a few years for me to realize this myself, but what managed to let me “let go” of trying to understand the issue was coming to the realization that the answers are outside of our society’s current scope of understanding.

    The answer is more complicated than people unfamiliar with this phenomenon assume. I understand this from going through it myself and through talking to some 200 other individuals who have experienced the same things. What we report are all very similar although the conclusions we reach are more various, ranging from CIA harassment, to simulation theory, to God’s intervention, to Alien control, and finally towards new theories of consciousness and reality. I don’t think anyone on earth has the whole thing figured out, but some governments are aware of it and taking it seriously in private. Why the privacy? Because the answer is potentially psychologically shattering and governments will need a better game plan and more knowledge before admitting to the public all that they’re aware of. I’m not certain what they know and how they plan to address this issue, but I do know with certainty that it is on their radar. I can also understand why they won’t publicly speak about it, something that confused me at the start of my experiences. The future is going to be interesting and this phenomenon will be publicly understood over the next 20 years or so I reckon. It’s related to consciousness and reality. The best way to solve these issues if you’re going through this is to find peace with yourself and do not react to the constant strange occurrences.

    Shamanic traditions have understood these kinds of experiences for hundreds if not thousands of years. Indeed it was future shamans that struggled with voices in their heads, and after managing to heal themselves, became a shaman for their community. It really does feel like an initiation, and if you can get over the frightening aspects of it, you have a lot of potential to grow from these experiences and become a stronger person. Many targeted individuals get stuck in perpetual fear but if you can shake that and start to accept the strangeness of it all, things become better.

    My heart goes out to anyone going through this, and I realize that both sides of this conversation (the TIs and the “skeptics”) will disagree with a lot of what I am saying here. Let things play out and give it some time, things are going to get better for us, of that I am sure.

    If anyone was interested enough by this post to look into more information, I suggest becoming familiar with Paul Levy and his concept of Wetiko, and Dr. Kirby Surprise’s interpretation of synchronicity. They don’t necessarily have the exact same conclusions, but they both suggest that reality can get very very strange, even dream like. Good luck to anyone out there dealing with this issue, and for the outsiders out there, I just suggest keep an open mind and resist reaching conclusions about something that is incredibly complicated and part of the growing pains of our species understanding our own nature.

  • E White says:

    Hi Kim –

    Can you tell us if you believe the government
    employees who are now receiving compensation
    for the “Havana Syndrome” electronic assaults
    are also mentally ill? Some of the symptoms
    are same as OS/EH targets. A few of the
    government employees/family members report
    organized stalking as well.

    I’m curious why, if a government employee has
    the same or very similar symptoms, that means
    they can’t be mentally ill. Being approved for
    compensation shows that pretty well.

    Oh, and why did you block my email address?

    I sent a single, polite response to your original
    article, with only provable factual information.
    Why does that make me persona non grata?

    Looking forward to your thoughts.

    Eleanor White

  • Nancy Delgado-Fabian says:

    Just read your follow up. Investigated and on my side confirmed. I have a service covert / surveillance setup. Police and upper level authority will deny. I was assaulted since then, so I will be brief. The sexual assault exists through a security issue. Assaults to heart and burning with what seems to be a pained laser beam like equipment. It is used in conjunction with biometrics and GPS satellite technology in CT. It is real. Thank you.

  • HRtsFan says:

    Hi Kim Whiting [I wish that I could call you ‘Dr.’, but you didn’t get that ph d, so this short email just looks like I’m writing to an former experienced therapist, who has apparently been generous with her time and expertise in reaching out to try to help prisoners and others],

    Kim: I’d prefer if you could email to me an email address. Why? Well, unfortunately, I am one of the ‘senior’ members of the non-consensual victims / ‘TI’ community in the U.S.; and am somewhat well known (in some ways) in the victims’ community, and I was among those most involved in having attempted, in good faith, to represent the interests of the non-consensual victims community to the federal rulemaking related to Revised Common Rule. You can review the 3 items which I posted to a follow-up Public Comment period of the same rulemaking, at:
    [ the 3 posted attachments there have contents as follows:
    – a Summary of Victims’ Public Comments to the NPRM [Notice of Proposed Rule Making (and ANPRM [Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making]);
    – a Summary of Non-Victims Public Comments to the NPRM’s “Intelligence Surveillance Activities” proposed-Exclusion; [which was implemented in different form in the Final rule]; and,
    – a Petitioning letter to the federal rulemaking, that I submitted on behalf of our victims’ community [joint effort of a few other victims and myself];

    I encourage you to email to me your email address. Thank you.

    Some comments:
    you wrote:
    “As a former psychotherapist with experience working with paranoid schizophrenia, I began our investigation last year feeling pretty certain I was going to find nothing more than a sizeable population suffering from, and feeding off, each other’s delusions. To a degree, this is precisely what I concluded. But there were other discoveries that made me wonder then—and still make me wonder—if there is validity to some of their claims.”

    Sorry for saying this, but, taking a ‘hard look’ at what you are trying to do in your capacity??? as a former psychotherapist with ..:
    If a team of medical professionals, or a Court of law, wanted to determine: ‘which medical or psychology professional truly knows what they are doing with regards to non-consensual victims, ‘TI’s’, maybe they would do a little professional test:
    ‘here are 10 formerly psychologically normal persons who later became non-consensual victims [and who currently have normal fMRI brain activity patterns] , and another 10 persons, who are both: diagnosed as schizophrenic; and, have fMRI brain activity abnormal patterns which match closely the fMRI brain activity abnormal pattern commonalities of large numbers of diagnosed schizophrenic persons.’
    ‘We presented to you, in random order, each of these 20 persons, for a 5-10 minute brief examination: please identify for us: who are the non-consensual victims / TI’s, and who are the fMRI ‘verified’ schizophrenics?”
    Also, describe in words, as best as you can, the decision making process that you used to distinguish between these 2 categories. [disclaimer: it is possible that, in a few cases or more in the U.S., previously schizophrenic persons have been selected to be a non-consensual victim / ‘TI’.]

    related to what I just wrote above: [about professional ability to diagnose things:]
    you wrote: [re: allegation and photos of burn like skin/tissue damage:]

    “If doctors diagnosed these conditions, not only as burns, but burns that could possibly have been caused by electric currencies of some form, then it would logically follow that the medical community at large, as well as the government, would be alerted that something disturbing was happening that needed deeper investigation.

    I found no evidence that such an investigation is being conducted.”

    Which doctors are trained to diagnose electrical burns from, skin contact with: AC-current; DC-current;”
    and, electrical burns-like damage from electromagnetic-waves, and electromagnetic waves of different frequencies, waveforms, pulse-rates/pulse-characteristics [if pulsed], etc.? Are there any medical school courses, or continuing education courses, which teach that?

    Kim Whiting: why isn’t your default human reaction: ‘if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then my default conclusion is going to be that …’.
    In my opinion, you probably should be writing something like: ‘it appears likely [or very likely] that, in at least some of the worse apparent cases of burn marks, the victim most plausibly has been harmed by horrific abuses of electromagnetic-energy or electromagnetic-signals weapons of some form’ .

    you wrote:
    “Sadly, I’ve readily determined that the majority of communications we’ve received have come from people suffering from mental illness. These include messages that are clearly nonsensical, disjointed, fail to show a clear train of thought or narrative thread, or make claims beyond even the already sensational allegations of most TIs. These usually convey obvious underlying paranoia, such as a belief that an entire ethnic group, or a celebrity, or multiple and unrelated people or organizations, are targeting and torturing them.”

    In my experience [being a victim of non-consensual day and night electromagnetics-signals monitoring and assault, (by all appearances) by the U.S. Government, for over 32 years, including 2-way, interactive, ‘V2K’, and over time exposing me to many – but not all – assorted assault-causable phenomena; and having interviewed and talked with many fellow victims]:
    distorted descriptions, and reports of atypical bodily-assault types/phenomena, do not discourage me, or distract me, from – trying to identity ‘what type of technology, if it existed, might plausibly explain the atypical allegation?’
    from – trying to understand: what is the apparent ‘big picture’ description of the type of abuse that someone might be intending to subject this alleged/presumed victim to?
    If someone were to interview hundreds and hundreds of non-consensual victims/’TI’s, they would likely be able to identify a number of ‘flavors’ of abuse.
    The 2 largest meta-categories of targeting are:
    — victims of V2K [in many cases, 2 way interactive ‘V2K’], where a victim is in wireless, device-free, lips-not-moving conversational contact with a surveillance-and-harassment team; this is typically combined with various bodily assault, 24/7, and in many cases, ‘artificial (or synthetic) dreams’ during their sleep [composed dream-like video and sound projected upon a sleeping person and experienced as if it were a ‘dream’];
    and, [the 2nd most common meta-category of victims is]
    — victims of ‘Environmental Harassment’ or so-called ‘Gang Stalking’, which involve mind-abusive monitoring of the human brain, combined with manipulation of devices, and persons, [and sometimes animals] in one’s cognitive field [auditory, visual, etc.], with the intent to cause the victim to feel annoyed, upset, harassed. (Mind-manipulation and/or emotional-manipulation of the victim is performed synchronous to [and after] the various ‘environmental harassments’, so as prevent the victim from simply ‘ignoring’ it, or from distancing themselves from it, as if to think: ‘oh, there goes the U.S. Government again, manipulating persons around me at the local store while I go shopping; poor innocent ‘strangers’ ‘).

    you wrote:
    “It is curious that so many claim to have the same experience, but in a world connected and informed by the internet, it’s predictable that a person suffering from paranoid delusions could easily latch onto claims other TIs have posted online—and make them their own.”

    From my interviewing fellow victims, I haven’t seen ‘latching’ as being a description of their words. But rather, typically, victims are trying to describe their own targeting, and the commonalities come out from the details of their descriptions. If a victim comes up to you and says ‘I’m a victim of gang-stalking’, wait a bit, or follow-up a bit, to learn: ‘for example, today when I went to store xyz, someone there did this, and someone said that, and so and such is the reason that I felt harassed by those particular words/actions.’

    you wrote:
    “In an effort to show the power of the mind, my sixth-grade teacher once asked my class to think about having a canker sore, each day, over the course of a week. By the next week, about a quarter of the class had developed one! The power of suggestion, along with our expectations are that strong.”

    Kim: if 10 rape victims each came to you for treatment, would you tell them that story? Would you ever say to them: ‘of course, maybe it could be that you only think that you were physically raped by a man, but maybe you actually weren’t raped?’ Of course you wouldn’t say that, or believe it, because … [of your knowledge about crime records and surveys of hundreds of thousands of people, concerning rape].
    So, what if you know that the U.S. Government has a history of: Tuskegee Experiments; the Guatemala Experiments; MK-Ultra experiments [for example, LSD testing on unwitting citizens]; various improper human radiation experiments;?
    And what if you knew about the ACHRE October 1995 Final Report’s Recommendations [e.g., Recommendation 15 includes their recommending “the adoption of a federal policy requiring the informed consent of all human subjects of classified research and that this requirement not be subject to exemption or waiver”)?
    And, what if you knew about President Clinton’s March 27, 1997 Memorandum/Administrative Order [which ordered agencies to jointly propose and adopt changes in the federal policy in response to the ACHRE recommendations, including ACHRE Recommendation 15]?
    [ President Clinton’s March 27, 1997 Memorandum/ Administrative Order, “Strengthened Protections for Human Subjects of Classified Human Research”, [Federal Register, May 13, 1997, pp. 26367-26372] ]; ] But, as of January 2023, this policy change has not yet been publicly proposed and adopted.
    [[ note: U.S. Dept. of Energy, during 2015-2019, adopted it within its internal policies; and, are recently as Summer 2015, the Clinton Memo was found to still be of legal effect – that is, that Agencies were still obligated to try to publicly propose and adopt that policy change. ]]

    you wrote:
    Even though The Reporters Inc. has, so far, received more than 400 responses from TIs commenting on our initial investigation, the responses that do not show obvious signs of mental illness make up, in my professional opinion, less than 20 percent.

    In those responses, there are these commonalities:

    Missing: — Neurostimulation; [for example: forced or pushed to use the bathroom – urination or ‘bodily functions’; or, interference during ‘bodily functions’; nasal related stimulations – forcibly sneezed; forcible muscle ‘cramp(s)’; stimulation/’manipulation’ of limbs or fingers; many, many other varieties of neuro-muscular stimulation, including some very nasty things [[including human rights atrocities ! Did you really not hear reports of them? of course almost you surely did? ]].

    In my opinion, it is interesting that you did not include in your list, even though you refer to related things in your item/category 11:
    in many victims cases, phenomena which are of the character as [illegal] ‘unwelcome or intrusive communications’:
    ‘V2K [clearly audible voice to skull transmissions], having distinct sounding voice characteristics; and, often, for many v2k victims, ‘synthetic telepathy’, silent, or faint-whisper level, thoughts or verbal contents;
    The whole idea of transmitting sound into a person’s unequipmented head, and the whole idea of silently transmitting words, ideas, even sometimes visuals images, etc., to a person’s unequipmented head/mind;
    Yes, manipulative forms of synthetic telepathy are used upon many victims, and so your category 11 can stay as is. Simply add another category. [more or less: Category 11b: illegal, unwelcome, direct to head/brain, communications; which do forcibly impose mental and emotional distraction, but which do not otherwise involve coercion ]

    alleged/actual use of ‘sleep deprivation weapons’ – ‘to keep awake’ weapons;
    PLEASE EXCUSE my ‘long memory’ but:
    “Electromagnetic signals to keep a person awake is an assault type which I have repeatedly complained of, and has been complained of by many other victims … .
    In fact, this electromagnetic weapon was publicly exposed in:
    – the July 7, 1997 U.S. News & World Report, cover story article on “Wonder Weapons” [i.e., at p. 46, top, right, “Put the Enemy to Sleep/Keep the Enemy from Sleeping”]; and,
    – a February 11, 1996 “60 Minutes” broadcast “Non-Lethal Weapons” [i.e., Bill Arkin, military analyst, of Human Rights Watch, interviewed by Steve Kroft, [on U.S. Dept. of Defense electromagnetic weapons development] “Well, one of my favorites is the Notion of putting the enemy to sleep, or Keeping the enemy from sleeping”.
    It is a extra degree of fraud for the U.S. Government to keep up an inhumane weapon’s use even after it’s been ‘exposed’ on TV and in a major Magazine.”

    you wrote:
    “I consider the hundreds (400+ at this writing) of TI communications sent to The Reporters Inc. as a potential treasure trove of information, and a meaningful way to better discern whether or not something is really happening to TIs. With this in mind, I developed a list of elements with which to categorize their responses.”

    There have been others who have gathered related ‘treasure troves’, notably: , which analyzed 50 descriptions by alleged victims of ‘gang stalking’ [[aka environmental harassment]], which were each over 250 words – so as to contain sufficient detail.

    you wrote:
    “I’m certain this won’t be The Reporters Inc.’s last examination of this subject. As additional research and discovery is made, it’s my sincere hope that conclusive study results and other findings will shed much more needed light on this mysterious subject, and ultimately bring TIs the relief they so desperately seek.”

    Just in case you didn’t know …:
    There is a ‘big picture’ to this non-consensual human testing scam. Its not just a modern day ‘high tech’ Tuskegee like abuse of the U.S. Government, but it involves a science and technology ‘scam’ of withholding great technological/science benefits from the American people (as well as from others on this planet).
    Some of the major civilian uses of this now 20 – 30 years old technology include:
    widespread – for the next decades or hundreds of years – human enjoyment of desktop/notebook -computer based (together with personal ceiling mounted signals transmitters and receivers) wireless, headset-free, implant-free, thought (and body) monitoring, and brain (and body) computer interfacing.; and,
    important changes in medical practice: comprehensive neurodiagnostics, enhancing the treatment of numerous physical injuries, inflammations, and other physical problems; and, routine use/availability of comprehensive ‘thought logs’ for use in psychology/psychiatry and self-care, enabling a virtual ‘great leap’ in human mental health, and in human ‘self ‘understanding’ ‘.;
    all the while, recognizing and respecting that the U.S. (and other) military forces, as well as law enforcement, have their own private spheres of management, and (I hope peaceful, and relatively humane) usages of the advanced mind-control technologies which the U.S has already developed, and which other nations will invariably develop, over time – existing side by side with the society-enhancing consumer electronics (and other) applications. Notwithstanding the fact that there are legitimate military and law enforcement applications of these technologies: the law [28 CFR 28.1722(d)] forbids keeping something classified primarily to conceal wrongdoing or to prevent [government] embarrassment.

  • Anna Poggesi says:

    Questi orrori esistono anche se invisibili .Era logico che l’ umanita’ approfittasse di tecnologie invisibili per sopraffare gli altri, arricchirsi a spese degli ignari. …
    Perche’ questi criminali riuniti in apparati rubano e uccidono simulando malattie ( tutte quelle che vediamo).. Hanno tecnologie segrete , sono protetti da chi li dovrebbe arrestare .. faranno giungere la fine della nostra civiltà’ .

  • Un français says:

    The stalking of people using advanced technologies, mind reading, remote body control, DEWs etc… is real. Here is a blog in french language.

  • Miroslav Germanov says:

    I am TI and these tortures are a reality, they follow me in Bulgaria, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, I sleep in hotels or on the street, I left my home in Bulgaria because of severe terror from criminals, policemen and Gypsies – symbiosis!
    They are irradiating me, burning my head, hitting my psyche, electroshocking me in the head, knowing all my moves, knowing my private life!
    The head of this group of terrorists is Yulian Borisov Georgiev – the city of Pernik, the owner of a car dealership and construction business, is this a friend of the Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev and the former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov!
    Apparently this is a mafia of ex-policemen and criminals!
    Many times they sent sane people to threaten me!

    Miroslav Germanov

    Miro SG Facebook

  • Stephen says:

    I’ve been a TI for two years now. From what I can tell it’s been next to impossible to have Kim believe in a government as corrupt as ours. I have lived in the Internet for two years now. I have been attacked by directed energy weapons coming from satellites drones handheld as well as weapons in Mobile vans. Nothing that resembles an army field. I have taken the time to look up the United States patents. Every single weapon from voice to skull as well as neural monitoring, electromagnetic frequencies, cell phone tracking, Snowden, corrupt world health organization, department of justice but doesn’t do shit, and a government that honors the constitution is all relevant. The more time you spend on the Internet listening to PhD‘s, Ramola D reports, targeted justice and many other concerned corporations and persons. The Nazi holocaust is back. This stuff is happening and I pray to God that he grants you the wisdom to be on the right side of things. You’ve technically been served. Good luck

  • BAL says:

    To Kim Whiting

    If you spent more time investigating the technology behind these attacks on people rather than the anecdotal evidence of the victims you would already have your answer to whether or not this is a real phenomenon. There are hundreds of FOIA and other documents that speak directly of this technology and it’s uses.

    I get the feeling that’s not your intention but maybe it’s to compile a list of victims willing to tell their stories?

    Both your articles on this subject are transparent in their goal to lead the reader down a path of doubt and disbelief and assist the actual victims in no way whatsoever.

    It’s well known and quite apparent to the observant person that most psychiatrists and mental health practitioners are mentally ill themselves, entering such practices in order to diagnose their own perversions and immoral based personalities by projecting those illnesses onto others.

    These types are usually easily corruptible by intelligence agencies who are well known for their covert and sadistic means (ex. Congressional hearings of project MKULTRA 1953-1973 respectively). They usually hold higher degrees lending their assertions credibility even though the assertions are usually opinion, conjecture and rarely cite scientific information or hard evidence.

    I would predict a self defensive and projective response from you …and understandably since it is an assertion questioning your personality and moral code.

    I will be so bold as to suggest taking an honest, self evaluating, look at your moral base, your ability to be honest even about small things that don’t matter and ask yourself why you would participate in writing an article that so obviously would cause more harm to the victims than help.

    Good day.

  • Josh says:

    I have been a T.I. for 2 years now. I’m 32 years old. It began one night i was lying in bed and kept hearing someone walking in my house, the footsteps would walk all the way to my bedroom door and stop. I eventually jumped up, expecting to open the door and catch someone who had broke in. No one was there. From that day forward it never stopped. It went from the sound of footsteps to voices in my house coming from the fan, the HVAC, or power tools saying things like look at him, watch him, wow, look at him, omg. Knowing what I know now about this technology and the CIAs tactics of deprogramming individuals it makes sense. It was the start of inducing synthetic paranoia. At the time I was ready to go mad thinking there were hidden cameras or bugs in my house, and wondering who would possibly be spying on me/harassing me. I told those close to me like family and my business partner expecting someone to be open minded to it being 100% real and not me just developing some type of psychological disorder. It pushed everyone away, lost my business partner and almost my career. I struggled to get out of bed because of the 24/7 endless torture. No one in my corner and so One day Id had enough and sought out a prescription illegally and took all of them. I woke up 3 days later in the ICU and was committed to inpatient psychiatric care for weeks. I finally researched the symptoms and came across the the terms gang stalking, electronic harassment, DEWS, the fray effect, etc. I was very familiar with the CIAs MK Ultra and highly illegal human experimentation on unwitting subjects. So I knew that conspiracies can, and have happened. Those of us experiencing this know exactly what we’re dealing with. It’s real, convincing people is impossible, and important to note that the people behind this have cost the victims their lives, worse for them to do harm to others. It’s just a fact. They absolutely cannot let the truth come out because they’ll lose the public trust and be tried for crimes against humanity. This article and the first article are the best I’ve seen of any report that includes the true depth of statements, research, and open mindedness. You have an opportunity to uncover the biggest story of the century that most people have never heard of. I believe our biggest struggle as T.I.s is coordination to get together and protest at scale showing the amount of individuals experiencing this but also mainstream covering the topic honestly.

  • A. Lucinda says:

    I am a sane, lucid, functional human being who has been targeted for at least 6 years, probably longer. I also have had numerous courses in psychology and plan to finish my degree in order to help victims of this type of harassment.

    You can not possibly comprehend the scope of these crimes against humanity unless it is happening to you. The people going through this sound insane because they are being driven insane. It’s not difficult to understand.

    Imagine there was a technology that allowed an individual to be monitored, followed, tortured and harassed 24/7, but nobody believed them- even though there is clear evidence that it exists. That alone is enough to damage a person irreparably.

    Imagine a woman saying she was being electrocuted, raped, and tortured but very few people believed her. Now imagine irresponsible reporters posting stories online that took any chance of justice away from that individual. No hope, just a dismissal of their suffering. Worse, a misdiagnosis that damns them.

    This is happening to people all over the world. It is not mass, late onset mental illness. How on earth is that more likely than the use of technology we already know exists against individuals in order to cause internal chaos in the US and other countries?

    Its Occam’s Razor to a T. Option 1. A sudden, mass late onset mental illness has developed and is affecting tens of thousands of people all over the world. 2. A technology we know exists is being used against civilians.

    And yet we are the crazy ones.

    Has it occured to you that you are being manipulated in order to discredit this phenomenon? It might benefit you to speak with a lucid TI or several, before publicly damning tens of thousands of people.

    You are wrong. And I pray your nervous system never understands why.

  • A. Lucinda says:

  • Ursula Blanchat says:

    I noticed that I was being hacked and stalked after the 2016 Uber breach of which you will never know the truth about… Only the DOJ version. The Uber hackers brother moved in across the street from me and the Canadian hacker visited him frequently. I was stalked by 2 guys that I later found out was from Republic of Moldova.
    I first had Havana syndrome noises in NYC after I was assaulted by a client while working for FEMA after the Sandy storm. My assailant was an NYPD trainer dad. I was interrogated 9 hours as if I was a terrorist and I even asked the detective if they thought I was a terrorist and he said YES. Anyway… They put me in this scam program and I’ve collected evidence since. 10 years later I’m still being tortured by their Neuro surveillance equipment and I’m disabled and diagnosed with severe damage to my central nervous system.
    I’ve tried to make this as short as possible and I hope it doesn’t make me look “delusional”. I have a mountain of proof.

  • George Bailey says:

    I hope and pray that you never discover for yourself how wrong you are and how your so-called reportage aids and abets what amounts to war crimes and atrocities. I was a man in very good health, a high-functioning former college professor, author and journalist who out of a clear blue sky began to experience severe head pain, like a high-tension cable had been released in my skull. Within a few weeks I was having trouble walking and speaking. I had a visit with a psychiatrist who was unable to explain what she called my “profound deterioration.” A neurologist declared that I had “possible irreversible damage.” My brain scan results are consistent with damage found in Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. The impairment has been continual and progressive for more than five years now. Do some actual research into these weapons, they are horrific and very, very real.

  • Dominic Friscia says:

    I’m currently trying to write a book as a subject to this human experimentation. I have the rough draft here. that i update as i go along. Its 40,000 words so. My thought process is not ill. And in this book there’s alot of publicly aknowledged facts about technology that Schizophrenics have talked about for a century.

  • Mr. Rohit Dalmia says:

    Since 1980s there have been Many Protests in the Developed countries (USA, Europe, etc.) against the use of Psychotronics on Civilians.

    In 1991 after the disintegration of Soviet Union, many Confidential documents were Leaked wherein the Mind Control Experiments of USSR were detailed. Subsequently in 1993 the then Security and Interior Minister of Russia had warned that, “the Russian Mafia had got hold of Mind Altering technologies”.

    In January 1999 the European Union’s Parliament passed a Resolution and called for an International Convention to introduce a ‘Global Ban’ on All Developments and Deployments of Mind Control Technologies.

    On 2nd October 2001 in USA’s House of Representatives, the “Space Preservation Act” was introduced to prohibit the use of Electromagnetic Weapons, Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) or Psychotronic Weapons directed at targeted populations or Targeted Individuals (TIs) for Information War, Mind Control, or Mood Management of TIs. Read Section 7(2) of H.R.2977 at,

    To disparage the credibility of TIs, they are often labelled as patients of mental disorders (such as Schizophrenia). Subsequently the (hypocrite) society ignores All the complaints of TIs. Eventually the (corrupt) governments don’t enact and enforce strict legislation to protect the civilians from Mind Manipulation technologies.

  • Zina Antoaneta Darling says:

    Thank you for investing time and effort to write this piece.
    There are literally millions of us around the world victimized by targeting technology.
    Most of us have got here after being designated as persons of interest in the aftermath of 9/11 security dragnet.
    Enclosed is a 2014 Intercept article about the making of Blacklists.

  • Victor says:

    Thank you for article. Thank you especially for considering/ acknowledging that in some percent of responses it seems clear to you that something is, indeed, happening. However, with respect to authors, you are falling into a bias of operating under your official education and training. These are integrated weapons systems that include 1. Implanted wireless body area networks that do not show on radiology or not reported honestly by doctors. Some victims are lucky enough to have had removal surgery of non consensual implants. They are micrometer in size. There do exist even nanometer sized implants. Many targets have experiences of doctors lying and being part of this including myself. Even the public domain is full of material and articles on micro and nano meter sized body area networks. The government, especially military and intelligence agencies, in addition to health services, prisons, “law enforcement”, universities, biotech, hospitals have a long awful history on poisoning people, torturing, mind/ body/ behavior control, biological/ chemical agents on ppl, radiological agents in ppl, implanting ppl, on individuals, communities, institutions on both sitting and more so on unwitting victims. They never stopped. For a quick cursory review check out MKuktra, monarch, Pandora, Edgewood vets, psychosurgery history etc. a select previous few of such victims, I know of the Canadian Mkultra victims at the Allen memorial hospital and the Edgewood vets case, had any luck whatsoever in a legal preceding. Seems a few individual targets who were lucky enough to have medical evidence and a clear origin story of their targeting made some progress legally but we’re talking of a precious, precious few. Going back to the public domain research, you’ll discover that your bio resonance and your DNA can be used as antennas against you. Check out military documents such as The Mind has no Firewall. The government is most certainly at the top of this as they always have been and can stop it all in a day.
    3. Weaponized interfacing electromagnetic spectrum. There’s a ton of information on this as well. The “wireless” of wireless body area network is of course frequencies. Frequencies can be medicinal, curing (though that information is more secret), diagnostic or weaponized. See project Pandora.
    It’s already been established that humans are “hackable” and the military/ agencies have been doing this for going on s century.
    As for the claims of being followed, watched, harassment, sleep torture, please look up zersetzung and cointelpro and trauma based mind control.
    You might not be s deranged soulless psychopath committing crimes against humanity, war crimes (these are war weapons), treason, torture, forced transhumanism etc on people, but those running these programs have s generations long history of it. Dont judge what is or isn’t based on what you know, learned or are capable of yourself.
    These integrated weapons systems, mind control, personality/ behavior control, sensorial/ thought/ mood/ impulse intercepting and control, programmed behavior and compulsions are all real. And they are relentless. The perpetrators are pure evil. The organized stalking and harassment is deliberately made to discredit, the whole operation is deliberately made to discredit. And very many people are in on this. Targeting is an open secret and silent holocaust. People not in on this might come to believe the implants, bio antennas, weaponized frequencies,but the hardest thing yo believe and truth shock through is the massive number of people who know about this and participate. So if a victim mentions ‘the entire community’ or a particular group or celebrity that is not cause to dismiss them as mentally ill. The widespread if silent knowledge of targeting, the massive number of people involved and the overwhelming control technologies that are meant to override human will and capacity, make anything…anything a possibility. If this was even a fraction mental illness, then the statistics of mental illness would be astronomical. They people behind this deliberately manufacture to make the victim and their history and their testimony appear as mental illness. These crimes are pure evil, global and have and continue to destroy lives, destroy families, ruin, asset-strip, murder. They are mass murderers. Take it from the victims. You might not be so evil, you might not be able to believe such evil as I would not have before targeting became overt, but it is true. Not the mental illness and being a victim of these technologies and programs are mutually exclusive, but the far majority of mental illness is not mental illness at all. It’s victims, mostly unwitting, of these programs. The hardest question to answer is not so much The Who, the why you or the what. There are intelligent, fact and history based answers to those. The hardest question is the why. There are some partial answers but nothing complete. They simply are evil. Please don’t remain locked in perspective and bias. Thank you for your articles. I hope they get massive coverage and that you continue to expose and report and investigate. I’ll add that there have been whistleblowers from CIA, FBI, military that tell of all this but don’t get mainstream media news time. The ‘conspiracy theorists’ got mass, weaponized surveillance right and the tin foil batters were right too (not that Tim foul helps but the reason- mind interfacing- is correct). They weren’t weird or crazy. They were ahead of their time, telling the truth and brave to warn others and suffer bad for it.

  • Todd ahh says:

    In regards to fantastical claims made by people… keep in mind that one of the stalkers favorite tactics is to go on sites, blogs, chats, comment sections etc. And purposefully make bizarre claims and tell beyond wacky stories to discredit all T.I.’s.

    When people read a few of those type of stories they quickly dismiss the whole gangstalking as a bunch of nut jobs.

    I have been targeted for almost 4 years that I am aware of. I am not crazy. I cant believe the things that are happening to me either. But they most definitely are.

  • Candy Grandpre says:

    Many Targeted Individuals are blacklisted from society, & we’re fighting to get our lives back. We’re fighting for our rights to live & exist. The narcissistic, predatory gang stalkers try to run us off the planet. We’re fighting for our rights to work, make a living & get back on our feet without being sabotaged. People like me are sick of being forced homeless, jobless & destitute.

    Our livelihoods are at stake. We’re tired of being tortured & suffering. It’s not our next door neighbor’s “authority” to rob us of our rights to go on about our lives, being criminally, illegally & undeservingly stalked, followed & harassed. We’re sick of these predators try to play “God” with our lives. We’re NOT delusional or crazy! Please listen to us!

    This is the most concrete & blatant proof of my gang stalking ever!

    & even other professed targeted individuals still act like they don’t believe me or take me seriously. Sadly, they caved in & sold out. I’m still fighting for the right to survive & exist without selling my soul & becoming a gang stalking perp.

    Here’s more of me fighting to get off the streets & live a normal life.

    This video is 1 example of evidence of me being homeless on the streets.

    I’m fighting for help for any targeted individual who’s in this situation. Please give us our rights back, stop human trafficking & enslaving us, give us reparations, & let us live a peaceful, torture-free life!

    Here’s my petition.

  • Justin Krane says:

    My targeting involves constant harassment by neighbours and cotenants, discrimination by landlords and city housing/homelessness services, and is quite easily provable. Right now, I am facing an illegal eviction with a blatant lack of due process. I am blacklisted, and every avenue to try to get legal help is completely shut off. Other housing situations where I have lived have ended abruptly with me being forced out due to violence from other tenants, collusion with landlords, and housing agencies. Police either colluded or stood by and watched. I am relentlessly smeared in the community, and I have proof.Kim Whiting is obviously being paid to write this discrediting article.

  • Fiona Mehta says:

    How can it be mass mental illness, please research the Targeted Justice multi-billion dollar law suit, the UNs involvement, ICATOR law suit! Sorry, simply not true! We are in pain, we are telling the truth, the media seeks to quieten us! How can millions of people be mentally ill? Just wait till the TI programme surfaces, it’s just like Jews sad demise fully came to light after the 2nd world war, people did not believe such a henious programme of genodice could take place! Well, nothing changes, man is basically evil! …here we are 21st centuary.. guess what …mass genocide/global it what you like!….
    Now are you prepared to say it’s mental illness!

  • Fiona Mehta says:

    How can it be mass mental illness, please research the Targeted Justice multi-billion dollar law suit, the UNs involvement, ICATOR law suit! Sorry, simply not true! We are in pain, we are telling the truth, the media seeks to quieten us! How can millions of people be mentally ill? Just wait till the TI programme surfaces, it’s just like Jews sad demise fully came to light after the 2nd world war, people did not believe such a henious programme of genocide could take place! Well, nothing changes, man is basically evil! …here we are 21st centuary.. guess what …mass genocide/global it what you like!….

  • Fiona Mehta says:

    Also just look at the photographs posted of these poor victims of DEW attacks, still consider it’s mental can’t produce physical evidence such as this, then claim it’s the rantings of a delusional mind!

  • Robbie Rodrigues says:

    I just posted this to Targeted Justice who has a 30 billion dollar lawsuit they just filed. This whole thing is corrupt and law enforcement is at the helm with the Fire Department and community corruption. Its sick.

    right now, at 228am I am sitting in my apartment with someone in the utility room beneath my flooring shooting some sort of energy up at my buttocks as I sit on the sofa and an extremely high pitched frequency non stop sound out of the right side of my ear . Very much like what is described for Havanah Syndrome. This high frequency is not in my head. It is outside within the confines of the apartment and it will go on for hours. Usually it renders our cats nearly comatose. I put an ice pack under my ass so that seems to be helping because I figure the weapon is searching either for moist heat or there is an implant and when I put the ice pack under my ass they seem to have a difficult time focusing the energy on my private parts. When that melts I am just going to go downstairs to sit by the door until their shift is done and wait for them. I also have to deal with the microwave hits that cook me from the inside out off and on all night with the added pleasure of implants vibrating and nausea and nerve prickles. So much fun. The nerve damage is more extensive tonight like a million acupuncture needles hitting my skin. My sleep pattern is way off and when I do sleep its like I am in a coma for several hours and when I wake up I feel drugged and cant get off the sofa. I hate it.
    This is coming from a girl who at one time worked 2 full time jobs and went to school all at the same time. I am so sick of these people behaving like they havent moved in next to me and they are all pretending like we dont all know who is doing what. its stupid, ignorant and unnecessary. This is some of the most immature bullshit I have ever had to deal with. I personally believe a foreign actor is involved because the guy I saw dressed in black installing whatever equipment in the utility room below me did not seem American. Just saying. I’ve been researching about compact kinetic/non-kinetic energy weapons that can be hand held and other forms of directed energy news. I found a list of more companies involved in testing and hiring for positions relating to DEW jobs. Its just idiotic to sit in my apartment knowing their here, they know I know they are here and yet everyone pretends nothing is going on. Its just so stupid and childish. Grown ass people acting like this. There is no way this is science and I just can not reconcile that it is our own government. Bad actors in the government….YES, the actual sanctioned government…. I just dont by it. However, I am open to being wrong because WHY CAN I NOT GET A SINGLE FILE ABOUT MYSELF FROM ANYONE? Out of 8Billion people I cant get anyone to help me….. there is something else going on ….There has to be. I still stand by the NSA running a sex ring within the intelligence community. I am basing that on my own trauma growing up and my step dads connections. Anyway…. having a lovely night. Or morning I should say. Something is going to happen to change everything, I can feel it. I also keep trying to get those fibers out of my foot that have been inserted into my right foot. I managed to get part of a fiber out. It is almost like a hard white plastic. I got like a centimeter piece pulled out but when I try to pull the other one out it really hurts. When I first saw them they looked like they had some sort of silver wire that was similar to a strand of hair. Now it just looks like a piece of hard white plastic or glass. i dont know why they are there or what they are for so I am going to keep trying to get them out before they go through the rest of my body in my blood stream or something. Might have to cut my foot open. It does hurt when I pull on it. Sound like anything anyone else had dealt with? I have also started broadcasting over RNM whenever I am being sexualized or hit with a energy weapon and who is responsible. My landlord is directly involved. this is a fact. Anyone with a brain could start there with an investigation. My son and I went to the movies the other day and since we have been back one of our cats is showing signs of trauma and just woke from a deep sleep hissing and on attack like someone was coming after her. I never like leaving them alone ever. I might start bringing them with us from now on. This whole thing is rediculous. Doesnt matter who is doing it. I think something is about to happen, I really do. I just keep getting that feeling. I also believe that the people who are helping me havent acted on anything yet that I am aware of but I think it is because they found something else much bigger than my little targeting stuff. I can only hope I am right about that. Sorry if I sound like a crazy person. You know how it is. We have all had these nights. Check out my last blog post and you can watch me look like a crazy person in real life. found the one and only adventure into youtube last night and they have altered some of my video I posted and erased a few posts too. I cant believe this is 2023. I will be 60 next month and I cant believe they have black listed me for 30 years and taken the best and most important part of my life and ruined it. So stupid. I should be looking at retirement and relaxation and instead i have to deal with this crap getting sexually molested by energy weapons and sometimes physically and being drugged…. at 60 years old. come on…… seriously

    To the skeptics, I say just because you dont believe me doesnt mean its not happening.

    Something is about to break….. I promise. I can feel it. You wont be a skeptic anymore.

  • Just Another Annoyed TI says:

    I am angered that you would even say something about this being a mental illness! We are dying here this shit has been around forever! For one! It is proven there is absolutely no way, it is extremely rare that two share the same exact delusion! I CANT TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE. You know the shit exists so stop beating around the bush. You can’t investigate something that is being done by the highest levels of intelligence for fuck sake. I hate swearing so I apologize, but I have been going through this my whole life. Since birth!!! So I am so discredited it is beyond fucked up! Don’t you remember in school when we learned about children and their developmental habits. The children that were used in these experiments…. Never thought anything of it did you? Well that is me. I am one of those children that is and was used my whole life as a unwilling test subject. I government Guinea Pig. For trauma and torture. It’s sick and twisted! And awakening to this at age 27 after everything I could use to fight back was taken from me. My loved ones killed that would have never turned on me! Fuck this! And this article! Fuck it all I am so pissed!!! It is so unfair

  • Jonathan Diamond says:

    I think it is time to organize some sort of annual awareness day and start gathering in D.C. demanding the government investigate and respond to these attacks on US soil. If it is not our government it is an act of war. Someone needs to be held responsible for this clear human rights violation.

  • Jack says:

    The bulk of this article is focused on the reporters skepticism. I was glad that she included evidence of the technology in her report. However she seemed intent on reporting her personal sense of skepticism extensively before presenting the evidence for the technology. The sense I got was that she was concerned about protecting her own reputation more than objectively presenting data and testimony and letting the reader decide. If the government has admitted that diplomats were attacked with microwave weaponry (havana syndrome) and it’s well documented that the technology exists (and has for some time), then it’s logical to conclude that civilians are also being targeted. Is the reporter a mental health clinician? She allows herself great authority in diagnosing her subjects as mentally ill. Even if she were a licensed clinician, “diagnosis at a distance” ie without one on one consultation is considered unethical. I wish the article focused more on the evidence and less on her personal and seemingly face saving reaction to the evidence.

  • brother dank says:

    Evidence items given to Sgt. Huval LSP. Sgt. Huval: A plaid shirt wearing “usps guy” handed me this quite uncertified package. sent from a guy who claims to be a state trooper working for the governor calling from +1 225-250-6505. he called me claiming to be a state trooper liaison to the governor.

    the package was an obsolete computer component delivered with a letter promising that the useless box would end my cybertorture, claiming to come from John Bel Edwards. so we have someone possibly impersonating LSP, pretending to act on behalf of governor. or at best, its an insider threat assaulting me with a human intelligence information weapons campaign that says “Enjoy neuroweapons.”

    multiple people at LSP went out of their way to promise and then deliver the harassing package. the gangstalking trooper gave me this number to call for more information about the harassing package which appears to be a state of LA DPS phone number. (225) 925-4133 please file an official report.

    the numbers which called to harass me in the previous months about my neuroweapons torture are:

    Jan phone call from 318 557 3190 I followed up, guy says he himself is a target and that perpetrators used his phone to harass me from Barksdale as I was calling LANG installations. Unsure how they got my number at barksdale, perhaps on a classified or clandestine wireless network of cell phones and/or synthetic telepathy. incoming call was coordinated in real time with my outreach to LANG.

    I later called LANG Gillis Long who called me a “targeted individual” and when I commanded that they protect what matters they say fuck no and hang up. then they call me back from 225 319 4601 to harass me about my neuroweapons torture.

    on April 14 2022 I texted a guy who called himself “sam Johnson FBI.” 504 273 5652 He had called my girlfriend caroline out of the blue just after leaving FBI new orleans to get a case number about the travesty (c.h. (555)
    555-5555) so this guy claims hes gonna solve all our problems meetup at the coffee house. I am not present but over phone he tells me hes fbi. proceeds to sexually assault C.



    I am personally attached to the disclosure at, click EM effects on human body zip folder. I personally attended this event and followed up with Susan Mullen WSP; it’s a real disclosure. where is our military? illustrates US military grade psychological torture old army weapon mainstream news on the threat in portland from 2009 where I got targeted 2013 to 2019. this is the weapon active duty getting hit with what the un calls Cybertorture or no touch torture see inputs received. NIH article about gangstalking my Intel Package indicating emergency response infrastructure down, military interventions required. the doctor who trained the world on schizophrenia was a Nazi.



    337 326 9914

  • Tammy McLoughlin says:

    Tamara S. McLoughlin (Portage, MI):
    Targeted Individual – 14 yrs.

    First and foremost – I wish to thank God for the comfort and knowledge of which I have been shown. Without his strength and guidance…I would be in the same boat as the people who “Do NOT BELIEVE”. I do believe that we (T.I.’s are “Chosen” and what we call “Free Will” is just that…Free will. Free will is going to make or break a person and in 14 year’s I have not met a person of substance to do the right thing. There is never a shortage of individuals needing money, have a clean slate or who have everything. In any instance…I have changed my thought process. They follow me..inadvertently, I lead them. If it is something I covet..then it’s taken away from me. And at the end of the day “I am a person without a Country”. However, I am so strong…I shock myself. My story is true and we have to do something about this.
    Started after my divorce in 2009. I know who did this and have been fighting uphill battle ever since, I am not Mentally Ill, in fact an above average intelligence. I have had multiple :”Gang-stalking – Harassment” incidents/occurrences of which ARE REAL!! I have had to deal with total “Abuses of Power:”, Gas-lighting, Cyber-Engineering, Stalking, 24/7 Surveillance, Home Invasion, Personal Property Stolen, Pet died, Friends/Ex’s all are GAG ordered and cannot speak about what they know. I am waiting intently for the laws to catch up with what horrific things are being done to sabotage our daily lives!! This is no joke..its a very vulnerable and terrifying feeling. Ironically, the very people who are supposed to be protecting us; are the ones harming us. “:I walk one day in my shoes and you will NOT wake up tomorrow. I believe, as much as I love my family and friends; their “free will to choose right from wrong and deciding to just turn the other cheek…is weeding them out unknowingly..because I have been shown things for a reason. In a way…I need to thank them…however, I’m not ready to stop being angry. This has to stop…NOW!


    Last time I wrote about a covert service surveillance though after there was an entry with my name unknown. But there more investigation is gearing me toward a Biometric Covert Surveillance Covert unregulated possibly human experimenting.


    Just commented about Biometric Covert Surveillance and human experimenting is TI. No doubt. Problem is no one will admit and by the way it is still not legal in US yet mostly called LAWS, and if done, is in-regulated.



  • Sabrina Moya-Cowden says:

    There are people who are truly being targeted by the U.S. government, me and my family included. It is a modern-day holocaust of people who are targeted, stalked by mobs, maimed, murdered, pushed to suicide, pushed into poverty and homelessness, and uses as guinea pigs for the U.S. military, with active denial weapons, remote neural monitoring and mind control weapons, directed energy weapons (Havana syndrome) being experimented on us targets. We are watched in our homes 24/7 by most likely the U.S. government, unable to join in society due to slander and blacklisting from being put into the very fraudulent Homeland Security watchlist. Many of us targeted are being human trafficked by criminal gangs, forced into arranged relationships with “honey pots” who systematically destroy us in various ways to include harming any children we bring into this world by targeting them in the same manner. We that are targeted cry out for help for those who are supposed to care (friends/spouse/counselors/lawyers/human rights groups) but they are covertly informed by law enforcement (or whoever is the targeted person’s handler) to deny our stories (gaslighting) and turn their backs and cut off relations with us because we are “under investigation” or mentally ill. THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE. How could I be under investigation since a I was a child when my targeting, stalking, isolation and psyops began? It is because many of us are chosen to be experimented on by the U.S. government, much like the Nazis did to the Jews. There are MANY disinformation agents spread all around, on social media and even news reports to discredit us (Vice’s Targeted Individual report). But that is orchestrated by the U.S. Government to keep their new world order holocaust under secret wraps. This is really happening, it is the God’s Honest Truth. People are being covertly targeted, isolated from society and help, experimented on, suffering and dying and the U.S. government and their contracted “gangstalkers” who carry out their dirty work are responsible.

  • joe hayes says:


  • Ascaredsis says:

    So my older brother has been telling me about this for years I’m so sry I didn’t believe him. Praying for all who is experiencing this

  • Matt Luchi says:

    So glad someone took the time to thoroughly investigate this matter. Thanks for writing this, Kim. Hey, dig this.

  • kaiser1861 says:

    I am a TI from China who has gone through five years of torture. It cannot be said that this matter was done by a certain country, and every country is involved. If you have been abroad, you will know that no matter where you are, you cannot escape the tracking and harassment of local people. This indicates that there is a shadow government in this world

  • Rushton Sedberry says:

    Neural Stintrode Electric Recording Array is being installed in jails and by female spies. They then hook the equipment up to tortureware. This is real. Havana syndrome victims have wires in their veigns. These people are disgusting pieces of garbage. They all sell meth.

  • Karla Bilyeu says:

    The people doing the electronic harassment are Riverside Research Institute. They are paid by the DoD.

  • Pedro says:

    Since 2023 I think it’s due to my faith, I been getting hit with lasers, I’ve seen, Red doted lasers, I been getting hit with some kind of Weapon it burns, even my child got hit with them, all because I Believe in Jesus, iam being silenced no one believes me and I’m still screaming fuck the Government, and dirty people, they enter my House, play mind games, track me, hack my Phone, I’m special for all this to be happening,I wanted to connect with some people, together we are strong Stand with Jesus

  • Richard Holmes says:

    I can assure u that this type of domestic terriorism is actually taking place on US soil n it’s very unfortunate for the targeted individuals whom actually reach out for help n r quickly labeled as having mental health issues, instead of those professionals like the numerous I’ve spoken with whom basically told me I just wasn’t that important n there’s just no way anyone would spend that much time listening, watching n or tracking u n when most anyone thinks about that it most definitely makes sense n I even after being convicted of a terrioristic threat myself, I even believed that n even reached out to help another distant family member by seeking mental health help for her. That was until February of 2023 after a visit from my ex-wife n mother in law came to my mom’s in another state to visit my step dad n my mom. In which, afterwards the very same thing started happening again with very same sexually perverted criminals that destroyed my life back in 2016! I went 3-4 years not being harassed or tortured so I thought but looking back now, it might had still being going on! Since I suffered severe insomnia n absolutely nothing at all could help me sleep but back then I had listened to everyone else n believed it never truly happened, that was till they returned n I saw my 80 year old mothers help declining n she was staying dizzy, confused, naseauated n other symptoms that all fall under electromagnetic field! After more n more research I began piecing the puzzle together especially after strange things began happening in late 2020 right after my ex-wife moved back home. Now the puzzle came together n I’m positive that these domestic terrorist actually exist n looking back I’m unsure whether they were the cause of the severe insomnia I suffered from right after getting out of jail or not but am positive that everything actually started back up after she moved back home in 2020. The individuals that have been toturing n slowly but surely destroying my family n myself are as well sexual perverts / predators whom belong n Hell and r most obviously the sickest psychotic low class white trash useless n worthless individuals. Which I feel sure have nothing to do with our government but most likely due crooked law official in Walton county Ga were recruited by one whom is an authority figure like maybe the sheriff or other related individual? Whom has ran across some low life worthless trash that possibly might be fresh out of prison n or a mental hospital? But since no normal person or individual with any common sense, would ever actually sit around tracking n illegally eavesdropping inside citizens homes as to twist, manipulate n basically do or say anything that might upset, agitate or cause anyone to get upset or angry due to constantly hearing complete ignorance n BS lies as to attempt to pull you in so that they could prevent u from accomplishing anything or completing anything n or as to cause n or create mass confusion that may further isolate u n or create conflict w other family members, cause job loss or do anything that might lead to you seeking out help? Reporting to local police n or anything that may get u labeled as having mental health issues, lead to ur arrest, cause u to commit suicide which if caught would be actual murder by suicide n or anything at all that may completely or totally destroy u in any means whatsoever! While at same time the so called authority figure will continue to build them up, thanking them for a great job n commend them on how well they r doing in destroying ur life, relationship n or job! These psychotic low class white trash worthless individuals that are the actual criminals committing these types of crimes, however were recruited by some authority figure whom are actually the Criminal mind behind this type of Domestic terriorism whom might have learned these types of crimes while in military or from someone else that most likely served in military or may have some means of accessing satellite n or other actual law enforcement means of electronic surveillance whom recruited the trash n continues to give them a purpose or meaningful reason as to exist in this world n making them think n or believe they are extremely important part of the country now, especially since most likely they have never even held a full time job, ex drug addicts, sexual perverts or predators whom they might have caught committing crimes but instead of arresting them, have them an option of trying to redeem themselves by committing these horrendous crimes against innocent citizens of this county?? I don’t have any proof other than just knowing no one in there right state of mind would actually continue to commit crimes against citizens of this county unless again, these types of low life individuals have never ever accomplished anything at all n or especially anything good but since a person of some type authority actual makes them believe they are doing the right thing n or making things right in their own miserable lives by bringing about harm to citizens of this county n actually have no idea as to both the physical n mental issues they might be causing another person or aka targeted individual!!! Especially since they were most likely lied to to began with n or obviously just don’t want to believe they are harming anyone with the electromagnetic weaponry n or radiation they are responsible for causing by these domestic terriorist attacks against those like myself. Which in my case prefer to think I’m a thief, sexual predator myself n or anything at all they can do as to try n beat u down n or bring about mental health issues n honestly most likely have no idea that by the means they are doing these crimes, have no idea the nuclear weaponry involved is in itself destroying these individuals like my mom n step dad whom have suffered severely by these nuclear weaponry attacks. N to those whom are made to believe u r suffering from mental health issues by hearing voices n or buzzing type noises n or even cricket type noises like those whom were attacked in Cuba! Just as I was told on numerous occasions that if u weren’t already diagnosed with schizophrenia at an very early age or n ur 20s? Then it just doesn’t start happening later in life but due to insurance companies they must list a diagnosis that is usually just passed on to any other mental health professional u might see later on n I’m pretty sure the most common might be Bi-polar with auditory hallucinations?? Just know ur not alone n that like many others might say? How could all these individuals suffer the very same mental health issues, like being a Targeted individual with same or similar situations? Even though the perverted low life white trash worthless useless individuals that are most likely the ones committing these types of crimes are the psychopaths n are the actual ones whom I’ve actually felt very sorry for at times, due to the actual ignorance they possess! The ones that actually we’re responsible for destroying my life, my house, my relationship and everything else are most definitely the dumbest criminals that have possibly ever existed but was why it was very easy to figure out how they were most likely recruited? Cause again I just can’t n may never actually imagine anyone at all in their right state of mind, committing these

  • Richard Holmes says:

    Sorry I wasn’t quite finished with my post or comments concerning these horrendous crimes that are actually destroying innocent lives n just as I have reported to the FBI on several occasions, every single time I make mention about the individual I feel may be behind n or responsible for these crimes in my hometown n now at my mom’s in another state? My phone is attacked n that usually wipes out every single thing I had written n or has prevented me from reporting possible crooked law enforcement that most likely was the one originally responsible for destroying the final years of my life before becoming an old man at 61 as my health as continued to decline due to a severe vehicle accident in 1999. Anyway they actually hit my phone with electromagnetic weaponry n the jokes on them, since instead of wiping out my post, it actually posted it before I was actually finished. Which means exactly as I’ve told them numerous times, God is on my side n due to their complete non intelligence n ignorance with severe stupidity they actually posted before I had a chance to review n possibly make a few changes so whomever might read this n didn’t want ur name or identity listed, than old Glenn the pervert n the several other low class trash u most likely recruited yourself. Since stupidity n ignorance usually works its way from the top down! Just don’t ever give up hope on these domestic terriorist aka sexual perverts/predators getting caught n Maybe try to accept n realize that it’s most likely not the Government but just low class white trash trying to feel important like the authority figure makes them feel by them destroying innocent lives n them or they, making them feel important n or possibly accomplishing something for the first time ever in there miserable low class lives. These are most definitely not our Government but maybe a communist type government whom may have other terriorist cells across the USA n or in other countries like Cuba, certain parts of China, Russia n numerous other 3rd world countries n possibly those who experience revolutionary type wars fighting for freedom due to technology falling in to the wrong hands? N it’s very possible that certain parts of our government n or military may very well be responsible for this type of technology and attacks being done, just as it was since the epidemic of methamphetamine came about due our own military during Vietnam war!!! Anything is possible but again most likely low class white trash whom some crooked low life recruited and actually believe they are helping our country by committing these senseless attacks on innocent citizens they determine themselves need to not exists n or they want to destroy due to them just not liking a particular individual n or numerous other reasons? Who honestly knows why any low life trash would actually attack another human beings mind, which is the most delicate n precious part of anyone no matter, beliefs, religions and or issues they may have n or suffer from but that doesn’t give anyone any rights whatsoever to take it upon themselves as to attack n destroy another’s life just as these psychotic perverts have my own n I give them a standing ovation as to doing that to began with but to actually come back again just cause my ex-wife moved back home n or any reason whatsoever which isn’t now now would ever be any of their business no matter whom they think they are n or whom they might be working for? I can only hope that n due time they are all caught n hung like saddam hussein was pubically for the horrendous crimes n lives they are in process of destroying n or already destroyed like my own, yet for whatever unethical reason these pieces of trash actually came back I can only wish the worst on them n as I’m fully aware they will get exactly what they’ve earned n deserve n due time n I’m unsure why the author of this site actually thinks n or believes due to some not making any sense n or may not appear intelligent, just know that until n or unless you have actually experienced these types of vicious crimes by sick psychotic perverted terriorist, then u just may not never ever truly understand what they may be experiencing n or going thru just like myself while just being here w my mom n step dad as to try n help in anyway possible, yet these sick psychotic white trash low life perverts whom I believe reside in my hometown in Walton county Ga are most definitely of pure bred white worthless trash whom have no care or concerns about anything besides their severe mental illnesses and perverted conceded psychotic ways of wanting to please the individual of some type of authority no matter whom they might destroy including innocent bystanders or elderly individuals whom by no means can survive theae

  • Richard Holmes says:

    These screwed up white trash low life perverts actually think n believe they can read someone’s mind n try their best to keep looking for reason n or excuses to continue screwing with someone’s mind especially when they think they’ve been labeled as hav

  • Richard Holmes says:

    Having mental health issues. N again they just hit my phone n it reset this post n posted it before I finished! The sexual pervert that has continued to screw with me keeps telling me that if I’ll join up with them they will allow me to have sex with me ex-wife which they seem to think they have control over. Again I’ve never ever been subjected to such low class white trash worthless low life sexual perverts ever n my life time. It’s truly amazed me as to the ttue definition of sexual predators n perverts whom have continued to claim they will rape my ex-wife over n over again, desperately trying to get my to make threats against the one they claim is behind all this screwed up criminal activity in Walton county Ga that they continue to claim n have claimed since day 1 that the sheriff of walton county Ga is whom sent them to torture n screw with my mind! I honestly don’t doubt it after discovering that he served time I’m military in Cuba so I don’t doubt that at all. Especially since he was arrested n charged as a criminal in Florida in 2017, while I was n jail for making threats against him. Since the main pervert whom goes by the name Glenn has continued to harass n torture me electronically n or up till the night I went to jail. The moment I was inside the jail I no longer heard these sexual perverts but since I had n was honest about it, I was labeled as having mental health issues like most any other that goes thru this. Anyway when I got out I never heard anything at all, that I’m aware of up until 3 years later when my ex-wife moved back in to my house. N I was out of state at my mom’s but went home every month for a week or so n they started back again. Unfortunately this time Ive made numerous post n tips to FBI n Homeland security in hopes that someone will have a way to track n catch these psychotic sexual perverts whom when caught should be hung just like saddam hussein! Domestic terriorist inside the USA will not ever be tolerated due to individuals like myself that will continue to fight back n look for ways to stop them n hopefully catch them so they can spend their miserable lives behind bars for all the severe crimes they have committed n continue to commit. Just like both my Mom n step dad whom have suffered severely due the electromagnetic weaponry attacks that looking back I feel sure they were responsible for her aneurysm due to them using either short wave satellite n or some other means of electromagnetic nuclear weaponry against them n since most older homes have all the particulars needed as to increase an electromagnetic field in which anyone inside suffers severe radiation along with most all the symptoms of electromagnetic field. That includes copper piping, hvac systems that generate electromagnetic field along with extremely long copper piping, n when u have a basement or concrete slab, it has rolled wire n steel rebar for support n if you have a poured foundation, u have lots of steel rebar. Then if u have led lighting, smart devices, basically anything that produces a radio frequency signal including your power meters, gas n water meters n in our case copper gas piping n or if you have steel piping and basically just about any type of electrical power wiring and power producing devices with a motor on top of these domestic terriorist whom utilize any type of wireless signal you may have n it’s even much worse if you have electric heating and or back up electrical heat strips with a heat pump. Please keep in mind that most likely you want suffer any physical or mental conditions unless these psychotic demented low life white trash worthless individuals whom I’m assuming someone with a little authority figure has recruited either directly or indirectly n possibly even lied to as for the one whom actually runs the crew of domestic terriorist whom again are very real n do exists. They will try n make u think you are suffering from schizophrenia but if you listen very closely to these mentally disturbed mongoloids that I’ve been subjected to, you will eventually figure out it’s not your mind, it’s criminal terriorist that are torturing you with nuclear weaponry that will eventually lead to your death n or family members at some

  • Richard Holmes says:

    Point in time n again as I am writing this post that I can only hope gets posted, they continue to knock out my phone n my post stops n it appears to be posted but must be approved by administrator approval for this site. Which I feel sure has never experienced this type of nuclear weaponry attacks. That I have done my best to try n leave a trail in hopes of them being caught at some point in time. Unfortunately these types of attacks that can most definitely cause severe mental health issues as well it does cause not just short term memory lost but long term as well n I’m positive of that n when looking back at the time I actually thought I was no longer being tracked n tortured with this radiation that is omitted due to the electromagnetic field they produce and again depending on your own house it may be less n or much worse like it is at my mom’s house. N now I suffer hypersensitivity to radio frequency electromagnetic fields that are higher when they are here n at times I honestly cannot even hold my cell phone in my hand that they hit with an electromagnetic weaponry that my Dr claims might be carpal tunnel but since it’s my left hand n was the arm my collar n shoulder were broken in a bad motorcycle accident that’s highly unlikely since it’s my weakest arm n is rarely used. Unfortunately there’s no scientific way to prove anything nor this physical damage I’ve suffered, as well the mental health issues that have caused me to not be able to think n it takes everything I have to just try n focus, especially due the severe short term memory loss but due to the length of time these sexual perverts predators whom have been harassing n torturing myself n my family. Since when they attack you it effects everyone inside the house n that’s why they do there best to destroy your relationship with family n anyone and everyone you have contact with so they can continue to try n cause severe mental health issues n hopefully like in my situation get u either committed to a hospital long term by committing a crime n or causing you to actually get arrested n locked up n like in my situation Im a felon due to these extremely sick psychotic sexual perverts aka domestic terriorist. They will constantly look for ways of causing conflict n confusion with anyone inside your residence as to again hopefully get u isolated like I was. Since my wife didn’t understand n told me to just tell them to shut up. So I asked her to leave n moved her out which ruined a relationship id been trying to fix for over 10 years n it was the worst time ever in my life n to know that once I finally got her home, these sexual perverts predators criminals psychotic low life trash had me run her off n just like in 2020 she came home again n even though I was only home a week or 2 they succeeded in running her off yet again so now I’ve finally accepted that our time has come n gone so now I’m again giving up trying to help my mom n step dad whom both have suffered severely by these perverts being inside their home. Since the electromagnetic weaponry, field n radiation that’s omitted attacks any type of inflammation joints n or areas that might be sore n or damaged like arthritic joints anywhere inside your body, the radiation n nuclear weaponry they use attacks these areas n causes severe pain n suffering n just like my step dad n a friend in my home town in Walton county Ga, whom had also suffered very same symptoms that include you loosing your ability to walk and I’m 100% positive of that since I’ve now over past 3 plus months they’ve been back at my mom’s, I can barely get up n even walk across the floor. It takes every bit of strength I have to just stand up n due the severe pain in both of my knees now, since I only suffered pain in one knee but I feel sure that due the arthritis in my good leg that had somehow intensified since they’ve been here n is now most likely due my Pain Dr, thinks they may have to do a knee replacement. Again you may read n or here that these types of nuclear attacks n electromagnetic field they create due to whatever means they are inside your house by satellite im assuming? Anyway just know it will intensify any weakened areas within your body such as broken bones, arthritic joints, damaged tendons such as the one I just woke up one day after a night of their attacks suffering with severe pain down my hand n left wrists that now when they increase whatever nuclear weaponry device they are using, I cannot even hold my phone due to extremely severe pain that burns down my hand n wrist n this again just proves trash like this does exists. As well my 80 yr old mother whom had a very sharp mind and is still very strong willed like myself but is in oxygenator at night n runs a small fan like myself but due to whatever source these sick psychotic sexual perverts are utilizing, she wakes up extremely confused, can barely walk due osteoporosis and numerous major surgeries like myself n unfortunately when I’m not here she does much better cause the sexual perverts are not here harassing n torturing me. They follow me home by tracking something cause I’ve turned my cell phone off and it makes no difference since I have a radio frequency component inside my truck an/fm radio that is set up to receive radio frequency signals that as well produce an electromagnetic field plus the engine running with all the electrical wiring it’s a perfect condition for them to continue their attacks. Again I can only assume they some how have access to a satellite n I even sent a tip to FBI that it might be accessing this thru a neighbor that was an entomologist whom had or has access to state of ga satellite that they may have gained access to n may be using that for these attacks? N or either something crooked law has provided them access to use. I unfortunately am having to leave my mom’s today n have decided it’s best for me not to be here, especially since she’s much better both physically n mentally when I’m not here. I can only hope n pray that on judgement day these extremely sick low life white trash sexual perverts predators criminals whom have succeeded in destroying the final remaining years of my life over the past 7 years plus! Now I’m in my 60s n my health is rapidly declining can barely get around since my pain meds aren’t very effective due to the severe increased pain which I unfortunately cannot explain to my Dr due to how these psychotic low lifes work using technology that’s basically untraceable unless you purchase the right monitoring n recording devices but even then as to trace where it’s coming from would most likely require the military but in due time that may very well happen as soon as the first criminals are caught n convicted n I just wish I would be around to witness that n would love to see them laying on a Gurnee getting a lethal injection for all the pain n suffering myself n my family have been out thru including all the distance they have caused n created within my family including me not seeing my son in I’m guessing maybe 6-7 years which I’m positive is there fault n dealings cause that’s part of what these sexually perverted psycho path low life white trash useless expendable criminals are known for n cause. My step dad is as well a victim of there’s as well I’m sure about that now due to his inability to function n or walk n unfortunately he went thru a simple surgery in which he almost died, it was day by day for several weeks or longer due to septic shock from cdiff colitis which I wouldn’t put past if there was a way they might have caused or spread this that these hardened criminals might as well be responsible for including may dementia or Alzheimer’s that I feel sure may be experiencing some now n who knows what perverts like these might can cause or create to anyone, due the simple nature that they are misfits, low life perverts, whom have most likely never accomplished nor done anything worth while but some ignorant low life perverts whom illegally eavesdrop thru wireless smart meters n or wifi inside your house n or any other means of these sexual perverts white trash may say or do while someone with an authority figure makes them feel important n as if they are doing a great job even though they are 100% responsible for whatever happens these targeted individuals night do or become whenever they are caught but it may take years before that happens but don’t give up hope cause the Chinese have a US patten they are working on that they claim will track the v2k operator n computer equipment or whatever they are using. So I’m sure others will follow n eventually it will lead to these domestic terriorist being caught n hopefully put to death for the crimes they’ve committed to others n for some reason or another the pervert Glenn keeps claiming he’s responsible for the death of mark mccarty, Greg elzey, joseph head, mary head and buck Holmes along with numerous others this sick psychotic low life white trash pervert has claimed to be responsible for their deaths by murder suicide n or by electromagnetic weaponry that cause heart failure n she was as well a victim whom they labeled with mental health issues by hearing voices due to her son’s death but God made her almost deaf so she didn’t hear very much sorta like my mother. Yet it’s extremely sad that I’m being forced to leave my mom this morning along until my brothers figure out how to help them possibly get my step dad home so they can live out there final years together. Right now whatever they are doing is causing severe electromagnetic weaponry field n radiation cause I can’t even hear myself n I feel my skin tingling n crawling due the satellite n or other means of radiating myself n my mother

  • Smith says:

    I can assure you this is real. I know this because my ex had this done to me. He works for the government. They hypnotize through social media and other resources. My husband, my father, sister, son, and DIL have all been targeted. We can’t all have mass delusions together. We are followed. The TBI knew exactly what I was talking about when I went to them. Our phones were cloned. It took me a year to figure out everything going on There is a woman in Houston, a lawyer who has filed a class action suit over this. I learned that a program called MK ultra is a huge part of this. These methods are being used to people of all ages for sex trafficking.

  • JW says:

    Please see,, and for targeted individual related information.
    The organizations have coordinated in class action lawsuits supplemented by hard evidence related to public corruption and human trafficking.

  • Ernie says:

    This month makes it 7 years exactly my family & I have been tortured by the feds DEW directly across from us in a 2 story satellite federal office hiding in our neighborhood as a normal house.
    We’ve been in excruciating painful torture all day everyday 24/7, even when we’re sleeping because I wake up everyday in excruciating pain, especially in my sciatic nerve region in my buttocks. They have my bladder in excruciating pain 8 to 10 times a day, that’s their federal government bladder torture schedule they have me on.
    I’m Apache Indian & part of our religion is the supernatural, we are highly spiritual & believers of the afterlife. The day of my passing, I will not rest until the feds that are doing the torturing to me & my family get what’s coming to them! Until I get my vengeance on them, I’ll be able to come Home to my ancestors & our Creator!
    I have no fear of those cowards!!!

  • chronus333 says:

    This video speaks for itself, with the weapon being used in broad daylight against victims.

  • Ernie says:

    This month makes it 7 years exactly my family & I have been tortured by the feds DEW directly across from us in a 2 story satellite federal office hiding in our neighborhood as a normal house.
    We’ve been in excruciating painful torture all day everyday 24/7, even when we’re sleeping because I wake up everyday in excruciating pain, especially in my sciatic nerve region in my buttocks. They have my bladder in excruciating pain 8 to 10 times daily so I have to run to the restroom at a drop of a dime to go urinate, that’s their federal government bladder torture schedule they have me on.
    Right now as I’m writing this, they read everything I write in real time, their torturing the left side of my neck, bubbling my stomach with explosive diarrhea cramps that always comes out bright florescent green. I’m a 61 yo handicapped, Navy American vet with an amputated right leg that is absolutely no threat to anyone, especially my own country. My grandson had a kidney transplant at the age of 7, I have pictures of him crying, holding his stomach, unable to move because the feds across from us was using their DEW laser particle beam on him! It lasted for about 10 minutes & happened twice after that & never happened again, just so they can punish me, watching him in excruciating pain.
    I’m Apache Indian & part of our religion is the supernatural, we are highly spiritual & believers of the afterlife. The day of my passing, I will not rest until the feds that are doing the torturing to me & my family get what’s coming to them!
    I have no fear of those cowards!!!

  • yd says:

    this is absolutely real I’ve bean 54 when i started suffering from this exact symptoms
    the street theater and all, the accusation of mental issue and all which is false.

  • Nancy Delgado-Fabian says:

    My best estimate Lethal Autonomous Weapons Surveillance testing or Law Enforcement dysfunction or unregulated. Not legal ion USA.

  • Byesha Dorsey says:

    Hello I’ve been going through the same thing for four years I’ve lost my children to CPS multiple jobs I’ve been beat up robbed sexual harassed I’ve also been put in jail the difference is I know who it is but still can’t stop it please help

  • Todd rhomas says:

    I would like to talk to someone about the targeting issue . I would like to tell them some information I may have .

  • Tammy says:

    YouTube video’s to look up and watch

    Gang Stalking & V2K Testimony by Private Security Whistleblower
    Silent Holocaust
    Builder Rejected

    Electronic Harassment: Gang Stalking: Targeted Individuals TI
    Builder Rejected

    I am a O negative Blood Type Targeted Individual Human Trafficking Victim and Whistleblower.

  • Jadon Phillips says:

    Well, I am the most targeted citizen in the US right now, been for about 14 months, i have every law enforcement agency gang stalking me, the fbi, dea, nsa, cia, and all of the local police, this is all because they missed sweeping me in their drug sweep called Operation Twisted Tea, they are very embarrassed by not getting me and they have tried everything, planting drugs in my house that i found, folks throw drugs at my feet while someone else records with their phone, absolutely did not work, wire mods installed in my house along with braided wires added to the power lines to my house and grounded on the weather head to create a very high pitch sound throughout my house, neighbors blast what seemed to be some type of electromagnetic waves at my house, through the wall sensors from neighbors houses and from the sky, drones and airplanes flying overhead every single day and night, vehicles passing by 24/7 and some of them are making noises in which ever way possible, loud music, loud motors, people sneakily pointing their phones at me to get my image, same with vehicle head and tail lights to get my image or take a picture, my house was installed with a type of plastic under the shingles so that the roof could be see-thru, people walking by with Ranger R’s to scan my house, wiretapping with stingrays that i know every single thing of, i know how to spot stingray technology with no devices , all is needed is a cell phone or laptop and i can show how easy it is to locate a dirt box and a wiretapping base, last year May2022, the Houston Police Department tried creating a rape case against me that i immediately crushed because i immediately called my female friend that they claimed filed on me, an absolute lie that she did not do and the young lady is willing to testify in that lied made up against her, i filed complaints about that to all of the government, and nothing, i am still waiting for some type of answers, i even went to city hall and complained out loud about the corruption, and nothing, i am still waiting, i have filed with everyone about all of these matters and i am still waiting, i have all of my proofs to back all of my claims that all agencies and all legal representatives have looked over and are taking their sweet time and have no intention of helping me, this includes the White House that i have all of my emails for, i have even filed complaints with the EPA about these rogues that illegally dug into my water lines for what ever set up they had planned, it didn’t work because i was on to them, so all of these agencies are more afraid of the outcome of this and are in a panic, so, i can go on and on with this stuff but i am pretty sure i said enough.

  • Voicu Albu says:

    I just want to emphasize the logical fallacy: “if they are mentally ill, uncapable of coeherent thought, results they are are not victims of energy weapons”. This is wrong! Many people lose their intellectual capacities, when they are hit with these heinous methods of mental depatterning, when they are assaulted daily by criminals without mercy.

  • Efrain Aldaco says:

    As I’m finding more about this epidemic, my harassers have now been attacking me constantly everyday physically and threatening me that they are going to kill me. From chest pains to side stomach pains. I NEED HELP. I’m from Los Angeles California 3232418911

  • Richard Holmes says:

    I woke up again as I have every single day since March, when I first became aware that these domestic terrorists white trash sexually perverted criminals had came back in to my house yet again n I’m positive now these very same pieces of filthy worthless doped up trash have been using microwave nuclear weaponry against me for years now. The ionizing radiation is slo

  • Darren says:

    I need help

  • Gratia says:

    Physical assaults, daily break-ins. I can’t keep them out. It’s hard for people to believe if they don’t live here. I’m also hit with weapons. They’ve even made what I call sniper nests in my own backyard! They can hide and deploy weapons at leisure. I get strangled often. I think every night, but I’m knocked out, how do I know for certain what’s happening? My neck and body hurt every day and I shake in the mornings and walk very weird. I’m drugged.

  • Cheryl Ingrid gildea says:

    I am going through the same thing.. Plus.. Electronic rapes.. Etc.. My story started at and on the roti farm.. 2021..b4 the end of Feb.. 2 days later.. I left the farm.. And things started happening that night.. At my daughter’s home.. In table view. Cape Town.. A year ago.. We moved.. Was followed.. To 29.fishermans walk. Gie rd. Things still happen daily.. Age happening.. Day. Nite.. Sleep deprivation.. All others.. That has happened to other targets.. Happens to me day. Night.. Drugs used by the victimiser.. 24.7 v2 skull.. Ongoing.. Vulgarity.. Asphyxiation. Electronic rapes.. Deep burning.. Everyday. Nite. The victimiser refer to this as.. Take her off the hologram. Repeatedly.. They have tried to bring me to the brink of.. Heart attack. Paralysis.. Worked my teeth.. Raping every area of my body.. Over and over again.. If I do sleep… It still continues.. Body tremors.. The animals feel it alcoholic.. No drug addict.. No medication.. No medical probs.. All my trauma.. Mars.. Scars.. Has come from these ppl.electromagnetic harassment.. Neuro wave micro. Transmissions. My head as been worked. Day. Night.. All dents incurred by them.. Tinnitus.. White noise.. 3yrs..the animals pick it up.. So far.. We have lost 6 animals.. Experimenting.. Allergies.. Even on the animals. Dazzler 2 the eyes daily.. I’m a mother. Grandmother. When Im alone.. It gets worse.. White noise.. Drug.. 2 keep me out of sleep.. Sound intensifies.. Pure torture.. The one person that could confirmed these things.. Died. Last year.. At the roto farm. Gate6. Silverstroom rd. Mamre. Cape Town.. Where I was 1st targeted.. She had cancer.. Most of the ppl that passes on.. Had a medical problem.. It could always b said.. It was the medical condition.. My case.. Not so.. Center of ceiling. In every room.. Is where they speak from.. Outside. Inside. Shops.. Banks.. Malls. Walks.. Visiting followed.. Every 2nd of day.. Nite.. 24.7 v2 skull. Ongoing.. My phones get blocked. Conversations listened victimized while I’m eating.. Or sitting with my family.. The dazzler is always in use.. Foreign objects inserted. Like thin wire.. Raped from the inside.. And outside.. Via the horrible burning.. Being tortured on a tower.. 4 over an hour.. I felt everything.. Top of head.. To bottom of feet. Soles burned.. Tortured on the tower is their expression. I felt it.. That I’m surprised.. My head did not explode. To others that r going thru this.. My empathy… My family is in danger.. False facebook. Because iD. Theft. Watched in the shower.. All family members. Suffice to say.. We r being trafficked. White noise Continuous.. Overflowing Into the neighbour’s homes.. Street. Malls.. In my walls.. I’m hooked up.. I hear it.. Much more has occurred. Pls refer me 2 ppl that has knowledge of this.. Low flying helicopters. Drones.. Was heard.. Over the farm.. Where I stayed.. I think someone told someone about this place.. Lots of ppl.. Lots of ppl that had no dependants.. My case.. That was my Wendy.. Bought by my children.. I wS still in touch with my family.. I’m now 4 3 years. Lodging with my daughter and her partner. Have recently told them everything..all our phones have been raped.. Watsapps. Etc. B anking details. Wifi passwords.. The woman victimiser they refer 2 as a Samantha. I’d theft. To open Facebook.. Incur debt.. Taking out policies on the targets. Everything radiation.. NeurowVe. Electro magnetic harassment. Trans.missions etc.. This is the 1st tym I reached out to tell my story 2 outsiders. Pls refer me to someone that could enlighten me more.. Something like this should b exposed.. Thanking u.. Miss Cheryl gildea

  • Amanda Gilbert says:

    There is a phychatrist in Eastern Canada who admits that this is real and people are being targeted. Nurses in Calgary, Alberta broke gag orders online in 2020 and admitted that hospitals like The Peter Lougheed in Calgary were using Mk ultra on patients, and that the military and government were targeting innocent people.. the post later was removed from Facebook, but at least 1000 people saw it. They said way more info, and there are now doctors coming forward online confirming what the nurses said. Phychatrist all over the world know about this and covering it up. But 1 whistleblower in Eastern Canada admits this is going on. If you want more info, please feel free to email me. Thank you!

  • M says:

    I been targeted when i first moved to apt. that i thought was ok to live at in central FL. The first week i noted it was not normal here and something odd going on. I tried to leave lease; and, ever since years now i always have something happening to control me to stay in this region. It usually financial; or bad car repairs; however, they have done things to me i have to say are “alien” or possibly NASA. Remember all those space flights that they have been doing research? No one ever says what they did in space either. To make it short all these people most likely are describing what i call Mkultra, targeting individuals, and, alien science that cannot be described. They can take thought control of your mind, put their thought into your mind, freeze you then turn away when they release you. If u think em is great you may want to read what he likes to experiment on or his next project. He not only one i been figuring out who behind alot of these capers. As far as weather goes google Dane Wigington site. He can show you who doing this. The spraying is not helping any of this they putting stuff in air that many others have tested; and, it an assortment of not good stuff. Some “truthers” are dead at an early age. I also believe this town which is considered rural is probably one of the first test cities under the smart cities stuff. Nearby, is a town where a person who was pushing cashless society stuff lived he passed from old age; however, i read he had a group of similar belief persons. There a bunch of stuff going on; and, alot of it comes from the community u are living in. I been fighting this like the others we are not crazie; however, that is also one of their goals to break us down. I could write a book. I pray to God everyday to do something this is real no doubt about it. Too much other research out there by way Covid was pre-planned so if u doubt this stuff research covid and how they flip-flop where it came from. You are being played. That what alot of early speeches said by those who tried to warn decades ago. I do not use my name and avoid email because where i live at apt. they hack via the cable companies…they also can brain wash you via tv especially tv news programs that are live. The news media is owned by the hierachy that is part of many organizations; but, owns all of them. Alot of info is now out there u just have to research. After every disaster google “is there trafficking kids or any of that stuff in area” You will find blogs that indicate yes there is a pattern. Could be a cover-up of more of their evil nonsense.

  • M says:

    I briefly read above comments of 10 things they do…most of that stuff been done to me. I am an older senior; and, i believe that why they take various aged test subjects. I have had all of the above nonsense speed driving not following the driver’s handbook rules, the internal heat is if they in car (this done to me) driving i believe a low flying satellite can damage or target your internal organs while driving. It happened to me just a mile or two from apt when i was going out. It came in thru front side window it had to have been thru air there is a field there and nothing there other than swamp land had to be a laser from a low flying satellite. My internal organs felt like they were melting i turned around and went back to apt and stayed inside for a wk wondering if this time they had killed me off. Alot of other stuff has happened which is totally illegal and harmful. What ever happened to the court case “Crimes against Humanity” I don’t know out the window i suppose. There so much. I would say to those not familiar stay away from cell towers, and, surveillance cameras, etc. For a small town they have more surveillance than carter has liver pills. What for i never seen a robbery? I could go on; just wanted to confirm the internal heat is most likely a laser if the person survived then most likely they were saved. There alot i could say additionally; but, i would need to write a book; and, they would come against me even worse. Try to be careful if u email friends or family. I very alone and separated that what i think they do as well pick people they find that are alone more than most. It difficult because of fear that they will harm someone u care about so that why the separation of being alone. It all psychological. Also, in this pip-squeak or any town that does not seem normal i find there a behavioral small clinic. Why that is i do not know could be part of this scam. They push people beyond their limits. A handful of people when i first moved to this evil town told me they would never come back here again; however, they did not inform me what problem was if they had i never would of moved here. Alot of people if they are able and financially able do move away it the rest of us who remain victims. The hurricanes have made prices rise so for senior people it not easy to move…a few will talk and say they don’t go out much during week; maybe once or so because they say something different that they don’t like. Those who been victimized don’t like to speak anything about this because of fear of being further victimized. Alot of businesses are in on this too. I have suffered greatly; and, i am afraid of these insidious types who i call controllers they put fear in people or cheat them. Not all are like this so that the confusion why doesn’t the remainder of population demand they stop this because it usually is done mostly by the communities you live in. The other stuff Dane Wigington can explain on his website. Bless everyone who is writing on here because i believe you and you have been victimized inhumanely and so have I.

  • M says:

    One last comment i never experienced any of this what i call criminal crimes against humanity until i lost job 10 or more years ago. The area i lived in did not do any of these things. Since then i been finding info that that former area now has alot of trafficking problems. I just wonder if the two co-relate some how. For sure, i now suspect disasters could possibly be connected to trafficking areas. Just guessing. Some comments recently confirmed my suspicions. I think if u are suspected of being knowledgable of local crimes going on they will target that person even more; and, it could be lies and deceit from those who do not know you; but, live in these apt. places that are part of the abuse and scams. I have one that lives above me. I tried to move; never seems possible. Best is to physically move away from that location. I read a story of a Canadian person who was on east coast area; had same problems with ringing in ears and other problems…moved to north interior of Canada and posted a note on a site that after a week she felt like her old self. Problem is this stuff is starting to happen in most states we being taken over so it goes back is it the New World Order? Best wishes to everyone stay strong and fight back; however, do not use any violence as that is what i think the other problems are with an increase in crimes. I believe alot of those are insidous crimes and both the victim and the criminal persons are mind controlled.

  • Sarah Mitchell says:

    My husband and I became targeted individuals after having been exposed to the constant pulsating microwave transmissions, after giving and interview of what happened and evidence of the device’s being used we began to experience attacks from Military drones, satellites, cell towers, 5G electric grid, torture, the technology is horrifying, the smart grid is without a doubt a huge part of the torture machine using 5G wireless transmissions, these use a movable phantom energy, this is why you hear ringing in the ears, it’s been 7 years we are still being experimented tortured through these systems, we sleep in a faraday cage, and I use a Dave case CD. We are hostages, similar to atom bomb, we are in death camps, please See Missouri Smart Meter Injury episode 1 and 2 see the evidence, transponder on our pole, these devices are just as powerful as a large cell tower but on your electric pole, I encourage all targeted individuals to have your smart Meters removed, and go analog with as much as you can. Keep Prayerful.
    God Bless
    Sarah Mitchell

  • Sarah Mitchell says:

    The system that pulsating microwave energy transmissions are Smart Meters the electric grid along with cell towers, satellites, drones, are all under the DOD DARPA NSA FBI the new Nazi fourth Reich to under Patriot act, NDAA Mundt act to allow torture on innocent American citizens, the ACA was nothing but a classified intelligence gathering mechanisms to retrieve the population blood DNA for mapping, and frequencies attacks.

  • WayneO says:

    Over 5yrs of the hearing and 7 weeks of the burning and laser shots plus my appliances started messing up a week or two ago . I have over 500 pics of stuff that’s been done to me . It’s a HELL nobody should have to be subjected to or live in . Pure murdering terrorists evil people . The ones that do this to me or anybody should receive the same treatment as much as I hate to say , really I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but they need to be shut down and put away for what they do . This is pure evil and even as I’ve contacted different agencies like the FBI , CIA , NSA , US

  • WayneO says:

    Marshall’s Office and local police nothing has been done as far as help . Over 8 yrs ago experienced it then it stopped and returned a lil over 5yrs ago and goes on 24/7 . Couldn’t even finish writing the submission for getting hacked and disrupted . Tonight it’ll probably be worse as it always is when I report it . Wake up people . We need help and recovery if possible from this terrorism and torture will be almost impossible. All I can do is keep my faith in my GOD .

  • M says:

    I have to make another comment…i read a little of above if u don’t understand this being done by DARPA; and, those what they call ABC agencies; and, i figure others who have capabilities beyond what we know. I basically, it alot of military darpa involvement. One thing i am now heart-broken i don’t have much of fam anymore the seniors all passed; and, now i am a senior. I never in my previous life encountered any of this..i lived in a huge s. FL metro area so this all new when i moved to central rural FL (not really so rural). My one sib thinks i belong to jim jones crazie cult or something; will never understand; another sibling i been trying to protect from this; but, other sib has that sib convinced i a jim jones type. When u targeted by the bad ones u cannot ever return normal it impossible. I not sure if any of u ever been downloaded; but, i know that i have. I try in vain to withstand alot of this; however, i have to remember there is a good side and a dark evil side which i believe is military connected. Just google who did or does torture techniques in Army; and, u should come up with some info. I not saying more it too dangerous even to say anything. Just remember there is a good side who unfortunately; has to learn this science in order to fight back the disgusting other ABC agencies who are doing this to alot of us. I have read comments by a canadian woman who lived on east coast who was tortured moved to upper north Canada and said within a few days she felt normal again. Sometimes, u have to move if it does not stop; however, the problem is finding a place. Covid now has complicated that again displacing people that u do not know. I have to remind myself all the time there is a good side to all this craziness it the bad elements that are attacking us because they do not like the good side they want evil…fight against this and always keep the Lord in your heart. Sorry, i am so sad my siblings do not understand nor ever will they think a jim jones freak. I had to google what is a cult the other day just to be sure what going on. I not a cult i dont light candles i don’t wear witch costumes or any of that stuff.
    What i wish would be a real convention somewhere that everyone who been tortured could attend; however, it would have to be in secret because if a bunch of TI’s got together they probably would really blast all of us. That why it better to stay sort of in the dark. I am not the dark side; but, that is what they want for us to sucumb. I very unhappy this has really ruined me because i am finding there really is more evil out there than what we are aware of. Just google on Bitchute: Catherine Austin Fitts explains Land and Real Estate Stealing Tactics on Lahaina and Elsewhere” 9/6/23 She did alot of interviews on bank cartel stuff; however, u taking a risk to even listen to discussion. It could have been taken down by now. Just posted. I think this is why some of us are targeted i don’t know why i not part of any bad anything; however, if it the good side they really need to figure out a better way.

  • M says:

    I read some of others comments it appears most are in agreement it DARPA & military (the dark side); and, other stuff going on. I agree with the cell towers and frequencies. There alot of info on that some yrs ago i found a pdf file on how the frequencies from cells are causing alot more cancers. They had done referenced diagrams so it was reputable article. I couldn’t print it out or i would have. U can’t go to the local copy center to do research either because there always some stranger standing around to see what u doing. Anyhow, the pdf was a long report it still could be out there somewhere. Basically, frequencies from cells while driving bounce thru driver’s head out the windows and as far as other cars that are nearby your car. It was a frightening pdf. If anyone has time it could still be out there somewhere. Where i live there are so many towers and surveillance cameras one would think we lived in San Diego. That the first sign of trouble all these towers everywhere not sure what technical name is i have had memory problems since this happened it not alheizmer’s it all these frequencies which also are emitted from live tv programs all the tv media are owned by the high-up bad ones most people targeted already know their names. They not really elite they are the controllers who carry out all this DUMB stuff Google DUMB it also is an organization. I found it by dumb clicking. I think the dangerous towers are called array’s. By way, a truther from Calif. disappeared used to go around in vehicle taking shots of all the arrays to warn people…no one knows where she at i think she moved probably more attacks. Most truthers get attacked worse for saying the truth. Above Ground Weather guy from central US state passed away this past yr. Some think they sprayed him to death he used to report all the jets spraying over his place. It not good to say alot; but, i am so abused at this point i decided to join in and write because nobody out there will believe anyone who posted on here. Like Walter Conkrite used to say, “and, that folks is the way it is”. I don’t know if he was one of them or not; but, if he was he could of helped to stop what we now are living. It fear to speak the truth. Best wishes and never forget Our Lord and Saviour that what they want to destroy all religions because we are trying to fight back as best we can.

  • Tony says:

    Wow, lots of comments.
    I get electronicly fudled with sexually by a man, Im a man and its beyond disturbing. I see invisible hallograms that telepathically communicate information by body movement while mimicing my body movement and done by a hallogram of a living local person. When its disagreeable I do the opposite movement and its always disagreeable.
    I walk a little weird for that reason.
    For me it first started in 1985-1986.
    Car horn started talking to me in my head a regular morning, a car door closing conversation accompanied that conversation often. Electric body jolts, microwave burning, it was San Diego, Ca. off of Market street. There was also a serial killer on the loose, it took FBI years to identify him as a fire fighter at the Santee Ca. fire department. The atmosphere was bizarre a jadded killer on the loose close and no one knows who that is for too long, a number of years.
    A year earlier 1984 the San Ysidro McDonalds gun massacre happens up the street from me in San Diego, and all 21 shot died and 19 injured.
    I had one experience that someone with me wrote in black marker capitol letters in the palm of my hand. So someone had time with me asleep and I didnt wake up.

    After all this time I think if its not connected to Alien invaders or, advanced artifical intelligence, although aliens may use G.A.I. to control everyone, for me personally its that or otherwise I have had mental illness most of life and it seemed completely real.

    Boy its still hard after all these years.

  • targeted person says:

    From the article, ‘And from another TI, “It was not until the summer of 2022 that I first found people with similar experiences and saw the term ‘Gang Stalking.’ Nobody put in my head that these things happened, and I honestly believed my situation (the gang-stalking) was isolated.”

    Me too.

    The answer to the question is simple. It’s yes this is really happening to people, And there are some mentally ill people who learn about this and use it to explain some of their paranoid symptoms. Also, there are disinformation agents who work to cover and discredit the program by writing fake and crazy sounding things so real targeting isn’t believed.

  • Anonymous says:

    BONER: another word for an Enemy Target.

    YELLOW MEAT: Criminals, as opposed to “Concerned Citizens” and refers to criminals recruited into the syndicate.

    XXXXXXXX (verb): to Xxxxxx somebody is to run them over or chase them with a car.

    GIGOLO-BOP: to make sexual advances to an unattractive target, term mainly used by “nipple kisser” deviants.

    CANCELLING: causing a miscarriage.

    CRASH TEST DUMMY: a practice target.

    HANG-JOB: the experience of having a target that one has enjoyed tormenting suddenly commit suicide. Term used mainly by nipple kissers/nyunkias.

    COUSIN NANCY: a police unit sent to tail a crew and arrest them before an unchained police unit can do it.

    XXXXXX NECKTIE: a death threat made with no intention of it being carried out.

    GENERAL LEEING: randomly chasing after a target and threatening to rape them before immediately running away.

    XXXX’S LAW: a police department that is thoroughly under the syndicate’s control.




    DEJA VOOOO: doing the same skit over and over again.

  • G says:

    Two things can be true simultaneously. I feel like the overwhelming number of people who have developed an interest in this topic are manufacturing a false dichotomy where it has to be explainable either by psychogenic illness or targeted harassment, without properly considering that both of these things can exist concurrently.

    I understand that even the most articulate of these reports are highly unusual, but it is imperative that the general public takes their head out of the sand. I have been tortured by a remote electronic weapon for the last four and a half years, which is used to blast me with electromagnetic pulses almost every time I fall asleep. It is literal torture, and whoever is doing it clearly intends that to be the outcome. The only real reasons mental illness is considered a blanket explanation for these thousands of remarkably similar cases is because the technology being abused is relatively new and intended for stealth. There is no mental illness which can repeatedly blast you out of bed while you are in a deep sleep. The entire premise of mental illness is that it is mental, not physical. It can’t produce physical sensations such as pain.

    These weapons have been in existence for at least twenty years, and the people who have them are completely and entirely out of control. They absolutely must be stopped. While the more generous members of the press want to sit down and have a detailed debate about whether or not this is really happening, in the meantime people are literally being tortured into early graves. That is literally what is happening.

  • Mike says:

    I read your first article and all the attachments from T.I.’s. What led me to the second was the attachments. This recent article was similar to the first. It’s a public shaming. You mock and ridicule us for being victims of genocide. Comparing our situation with a group of 6th grade students is a clear display of incompetence. To say we feed off other T.I. statements and feedback is unprofessional. When it happens one has no idea what is going on, who is behind it nor how did it happen. The most common question I hear is, “Why are they after me?” I’d been stalked 7-8 years before I overheard a conversation an individual, who was in fear of his life, speaking with another man. The details they were sharing absolutely left me in shock. The reason being, is that is exactly what was happening to me. The second individual, a veteran, said “You are being Gangstalked.” My research on the topic began 10 minutes later. I received more answers that day than the previous 8 years. Go to U.S. government declassified programs. Just enter words such as gangstacking, groupstalking, V2k, Direct energy weapons, surveillance, remote neural monitoring, etc. They all appear in many programs. I don’t think you’re going to be surprised at the amount of programs we have going on. There is a huge amount of work, at the Federal level, surrounding mind control. As you research it, take into account the goals they are seeking and the results they are finding. Please don’t base your article on opinions. Find the facts. The government is not hiding them. T.I.’s will have their day.

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